When Husband’s Away, curious teen sneaks into neighbor’s shower

When Husband’s Away, curious teen sneaks into neighbor’s shower, Here I was, a 18 year old high school senior, standing in my hot neighbor’s dark bedroom peering between the cracked bathroom door at the stunning figure behind the frosted shower door glass. Steam from the shower filled the small room and I knew today was the day.

I had done this a dozen times before, each time getting more and more confident in my actions. It was always the same routine, 7 am: her husband gets in his jaguar, sips his coffee, and pulls out of the driveway. 7:15 am: she walks out the front door in her robe and slippers, opens the mailbox by the door and flips through, searching for anything important. The robe was never tied completely tight, and glimpse of her beautiful c-sized cleavage poked through, although she never saw me. 7:30 am, the upstairs bathroom light flips on, the window shades close and the glass begins to fog.

I’m able to see everything from my bedroom next door, and I’m lucky enough to have a window that faces their house. It didn’t take long for me to rub one out every morning before school, and realized it was an every-day sort of thing.

It began with my padding my way across the wet grass one morning, through the fence that separated our properties, and up the wooden deck. The sliding glass door wasn’t ever locked, as they always had bar-b-que’s and parties with their socialite friends, so I was able to push it open easily and slip inside.

I heard the sound of a television upstairs, and the running of water. Growing bolder, I heard the water click off and I panicked. Running downstairs as quietly as I could, I flung open the sliding door, catching it before it make a sound, and pulled it closed. Sprinting across the lawn, I dove back inside my garage, my heart beating out of control and my lungs gasping for air. A smile grew across my face. I was hooked.

I repeated my sneaking several times throughout the week, just before the school bus turned the corner and came barreling down my quiet street. School was important to me, my grades would get me into college, but this was so much more so. Each sneak I would get farther and farther to glimpsing her in full glory. The last time I was able to sneak a pair of her panties into my pocket, realizing later that her feminine scent was all over them. I came many times into them, imagining them around her hips.

Once, I was able to sneak a peek at her bra, which she left carelessly on her bedroom floor. It was a Victoria’s Secret black lace, with a “36 C” on the tag. I rubbed one out right there, 10 feet around the corner from the bathing beauty. I cleaned myself up with tissues and pushed them far down in the trash can by her bedside desk.

The last time, while peering into the bathroom, I dropped my pants completely and came simply by fingering my balls, cum splashing all over the bathroom tile. I didn’t bother cleaning it up, secretly hoping she’d find my cream and wonder where it came from.

Today was different. My parents had flown to Toronto for the weekend to see my aunt who was really pregnant and needed “sister time” to get through the final weeks. I woke up and made my mind to skip school and see how far it could get before she freaked out and called the police. Sure, I could end up arrested but I couldn’t take it anymore. Just like every morning, I stood in that dark bedroom peering between the cracked bathroom door at the stunning figure behind the frosted shower glass. Her bedroom smelled a heavenly tonic of perfume and feminine juices. I crouched down and found a pair of moist panties by my feet. Smelling my fingers, they were sticky and the aroma was intoxicating. My cock grew to full mast and my balls swelled. She had just masturbated!

I was able to push the door open a few inches, the ceiling fan disguising my movements, and took a step into the bathroom. The radio was on, with some terrible country song singing about a long-lost love. She hummed along, hands on her head as she massaged the shampoo into her amber hair. I was able to slide my pants down before entering, and pulled my t-shirt up and over my head.

It hit me. I was standing at full attention, completely naked, in my smoking hot neighbor’s bathroom, while she bathed in the shower 5 feet away, the only thing between us was a fogged up glass door. I began to tremble as I stepped another foot closer to the door, pausing slightly as she leaned over into the water to wash the conditioner out. Her humming grew louder, and I knew this was my chance.

She was facing the water, away from me as I silently unclipped the shower door and stepped in. The steam hit me right away, and the hot water felt amazing on my tingling skin. I could see her in all her glory now, her glistening skin of her back and ass now just inches away from my protruding dick. I caught my breath and realized how hard I really was. Even showered with steaming hot water, my cockhead was turning purple and as big as a plum. My balls ached for release, and I realized she had her eyes closed as she ran her fingers through her long hair. Here we go.

Taking a quiet breath, I reached out with both hands to her hips and finally touched that angelic skin. She jumped and cried out; spinning around quickly and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. Her beautiful slippery breasts were mashed against my chest, her dark nipples pushing into me like two bullets. Her eyes were the most beautiful crystal blue-green, and quickly the air of fear gave way to acceptance.

She recognized me, the boy next door, the same one who mowed her lawn in the summer and shoveled her driveway in the winter. A small smile came upon her face, and she seemed to relax in my arms. I leaned in close, expecting her pull away. I expected her to smack me and run out of the room and call the police. Instead, her lips met mine and we kissed under the steam of hot water.

My cock was at the perfect height to rub her wet slit, still soapy from the body wash she applied the moment before, and she began to gyrate around it, the tip of my cock brushing her growing clit. A soft moan escaped her lips onto mine and I knew I had her.

I reached around and my hand slipped down her back to her ass, lightly grabbing her perfect cheek. She stood on her tipsy toes to give me better access and reached down between us, lightly sliding my cock between her closed fist, pumping it against her belly.

I looked deep in her eyes, without saying a word, and turned her away from me. My cock bobbed between her ass cheeks and she leaned over, grabbing the handrail and looking back at me. Her fingers were already toying her clit, and she opened her lips with both hands. I saw the most beautiful pink pussy I could imagine, and positioned my bulging dick at it’s entrance. She rubbed some body wash on her hands, reached behind her, and massaged my cock with it.

Sufficiently slippery enough, she pushed back at me. Her tight cunt grabbed my cock like a vice grip and she screamed out, her head snapping back and my whole body shook. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back onto my member over and over, my pace quickening and her breathing quickened. I knew she was just as close as I was, the excitement turning this fuck into a quickie. I took a handful of her hair, pulled back on her head, and impaled her one last time, my dick growing huge and pulsing, and exploded stream after stream of my hot cum into her pulsating pussy.

She milked my dick over and over, her whole body shaking, her orgasm washing over her again and again. More cum spilled out of me, filling her cunt completely and poured out of her, down my legs to the shower floor. I held myself in her, our juices mixing together, her orgasm sucking my hot sperm deep into her womb. She reached behind to my hips and held me there, her head dropping as low as it could, and the hot water cascaded down our bodies.

I slid out of her, she turned around and almost fell, but I caught her, my cum oozing out of her slit, thick and white. Under the water, she fingered her cunt, pulling rope and rope of white cream from her. I freaked. I didn’t know what she would do. What if the cops came? I’d be ruined. College? Over. My parents! What would they think?!

I snapped back to reality as she took my quickly deflating dick in her hand, with a twinkle in her eye, and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. There, on her knees, she sucked and licked and popped my dick into her mouth. Instantly I knew it would be okay. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her face, shoving my seven inch cock down her throat, her eyes closed as she moaned loudly. I could see her nipple stand at attention, and she played with her pussy as the other hand grasped my thick cock. I knew I wouldn’t last again and forced my dick all the way in before pumping another round of salty cum down her throat. She almost choked, but fingered herself to another orgasm and was able to explode herself all over the shower floor.

The sound of the school bus turning made me realize this could be a daily routine, maybe I could have my cake and eat it too…

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