My mom fuck in journy by Muslim man

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Hii i m abhi again presenting a new story of my mom fuck by a muslim man . In my family we live my dad Rajesh Paul , maa komola paul and me we live in medinipur in a small house. Here all locality a Hindu but after our locality all Muslim family leave here . We do not have much interaction with them.

My dad Rajesh was a buisness man and he maximum time went to Delhi for work.. my mom is a house wife stay at home and i study at school. My college is in muslim locality so i usaly have muslim friend more ..


But i do not bring them home . We all gather together after callege talk some sexy stuff … In one day we a topic that which man has fuck other women maximum time…

It is very intresting topic … I get to know all Muslim man fuck many Hindu women…as there husband do jobe out of town . And there penis is also small .. so Hindu women got seduce my muslim man and muslim man r hund big black penish . They fuck hard … So Hindu women enjoy much more thn there husband.i get to know there here a man named mohommod Ali… Has a car he run his car to travel pessanger ..
Friend talk about him that he is the most honey man in muslim locality … He has fuck about 50 Hindu women and 20 muslim women . I got excited by this topic… Friend sayes that Ali has a tippical choice he fuck maximum married women .. and moms …
There in friend a friend name Redan say he is Ali neighbour … He goes to Ali house and … He get to know that Ali like more Hindu mom …. Becz there donot get sex from a long time . And his dick is so huge that one women see that … Women will get attracted … And we laugh..thn i came back to home..

Mom was waiting for me … Mom give a good news that dad call us next day as college summer vacation is there so dad told us tu go to Delhi from there we will go to Agra to visit Taj Mahal.. i got very happy and went to my room and packet my luggage .. thn i came to mom .
Mom said abhi there is no train ticket for Delhi for today night i said no problem we will book a car… Mom said by so long journey.. in car . We call dad dad said … Yes came by car i will give him money so ..
We called our locality a car driver which was hindu … But he told that he has to go to Bangalore with patient … Thn we called another he was also busy …. We do not get any option thn i remember that Redan told about Mohommod Ali is also a car driver … I told mom without thinking any other things

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