Sheetal: A true confession

Sheetal: A true confession

Today I am going to confess one truth of my life. My name is Sheetal Sharma. I have been married since last 9 years, my age is 34 years. Me and my husband work in a same private organisation in Ahmedabad. I am having a figure like 36-28-40 and height 5’7″. I get complements for my beauty where ever I go.

I am having a good sexual life with my hubby. We have one child.

Last month I got an invitation card of marriage of my distant cousin sister Komal. Marriage was after six days. My hubby was out of station for two months. So, I was to go alone. My school going child stayed with my in-laws.

Any way I went alone to Mount Abu, my aunt’s house. I caught Mount Abu bus and reached there in the evening. My cousin Nandan (he is cousin of Komal also. Infact their mothers are sisters and live in same city Komal is three years elder that nandan. He calls her didi) came to bus stand to receive me. I hugged him and asked how are you handsome? I am fine Sheetal didi, how was the journey, he asked. I said, not bad.

Nandan is around 22 years old. I said, Nandan you are looking very handsome and smart. He said, thanks, you are also looking very beautiful. In fact I met him after five or six years. In few minutes we reached home. Aunt was very happy to see me. Komal hugged me tightly and said, kaya Sheetal didi itni late aayin hain?

I took bath and had breakfast. Later, I was told to do the makeup of Komal, as I had done beautician course also and I am very good in doing makeup. We went to first floor in a bedroom so that no one disturb us. Komal was in lahanga choli. I looked at her and I was really impressed with her beauty, she is having a face like a heroine. Lahanga choli was giving her a very nice look and she is having really very nice figure. While looking at her I thought she does not need any makeup. She had a face with pointing nose. Her lips were very red and soft. I said, Komal, you do not need any makeup, you are looking very beautiful. Komal sharma gayi and said, aapse se sunder bhi koi hai? I smiled. I took foundation first and applied on her cheeks she is having very smooth cheeks. Then I applied all cosmetics items. I told her, Komal, I have to do waxing to remove extra hairs on your body. She said, ok didi kar do. She told me very politely. But for that you will have to remove your lahanga else it will get spoiled, I told her. I told her to sit on the bed and I closed the door from inside. Didi ap apni waxing khud hi karti hain ya parlour jati hain, she asked me while removing lahanga. I go to parlour, I told. She said aap kitni sundar hain. But you are very beautiful too, your hubby will be very lucky man, I replied her in the same manner. You must go to parlour regularly, be cautious about your looks, I advised her. I was doing the waxing.

Kya apke wahan hairs hain, she asked me in a very low voice, indicating place between my legs. You mad, every woman has hairs there, I replied her. So do you wax them too, she asked me. I use veet, usse easily nikal jate hain, I told her. After completing waxing, I also became ready. Suddenly Nandan came there and his mouth remained open when he saw me, wow Sheetal didi you are looking so beautiful, just like an actress. I looked at him and said thanks for the complements, you too are looking very very handsome and smart. He just smiled. As usual, it was a very busy night. Marriage function was over and Komal went to her sasural. I was fully tired. I wanted to sleep and went to bed after taking breakfast. Afternoon I waked up. Now I was feeling fresh. I took bath and became ready to go to Ahmedabad. But my aunt told no no Sheetal you can not go. You came here after a long time, you have to stay here at least for a week. She said very strongly and I could see a lot of love in her eyes. I could not say no. I informed my in-laws and my office and took leave for a week.

In the next three days all customs were over and relatives had gone. Now only four members, including me were there.

At night after dinner we all were gossiping. At eleven o’clock mausi told let us go to bed now, it is late now. There were four bedrooms in the house. She told me to sleep in one bedroom but I told I have no habit of sleeping alone in a room. Nandan told Sheetal didi you sleep in my bedroom. Aunty told it will be good. We entered the bedroom. It was a study cum bedroom. One big double bed was there. Nandan said Sheetal didi you sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor. But I told, why, bed is very big we both can easily sleep on bed. He switched off the light. I said, Nandan please put on night lamp, I can not sleep in dark. I was not feeling sleepy, so, I told Nandan to come close to me, so that we can talk slowly, others will not get disturbed. He came close to me. We were talking about so many things, as we met after more than five years. Suddenly he said Sheetal didi you are very beautiful. I smiled and said, earlier also you told me the same. Am I really so beautiful. He said, I swear. I laughed. He said after marriage you have become more beautiful, what is the reason? I said, that you will come to know when you get married.

He was surprised and said what do you mean? I said that means you do not know any thing till know. He asked please do not confuse me, tell me clearly. I put my index finger on his chest and said when a man loves a woman, both become beautiful, now understood ? He was not getting me. I was moving my finger on his chest and then I started doing comb in his hairs with my fingers. He was looking very handsome. His cheeks and lips were very nice. Nandan was enjoying my touch in his hairs and on chest. Nandan said, Sheetal didi your lips are very nice, you looks even more beautiful when you smile. Nandan was taking much interest in me, many times he told me that I am very beautiful. I asked, do you have any girlfriend. He blushed and said no. I said oh I see, that’s why you are taking that much interest in me. He blushed again and said I am sorry. I said, ok no need to say sorry. It is quite common. You can say anything to me whatever you like. I hold his hand and put on my cheeks, he shivered. I asked what happened ? He said your cheeks are very smooth and soft. I smiled. Mischievously, I asked, do you want something more? I started teasing. He did not answer. I went closer to him and kissed his cheeks. I was seeing his face expessions, he bowed and whispered some words, I could understand, he got excited. I also got little excited. Then slowly I hold his hands and put on my boobs. He shivered and me also. I smiled and asked how do you feel? He whispered nice. I knew whatever was happening was not good but I was getting some excitement. With a wicked smile I said, squeeze them. He surprised and followed what I said. I was enjoying his touch. I closed my eyes. My heart was beating fast. Now I was feeling itching between my thighs. I opened my eyes and kissed on his lips. He moaned, oh Sheetal didi you are so good, I kissed again his lips, he closed his eyes.

Suddenly I saw between his legs, there was a big bulge. He was wearing a bermuda. Slowly I started moving my hand from his chest to down and I touched on the bulge. Nandan opened his eyes. I said, Nandan you have grown up. He smiled with a shyness. I asked in a very lovely voice, can I see your manhood. He said nothing. I touched again and with a surprise said, it seems very big, please show me. He ashamed and said no no Sheetal didi. I said, ok you see my body and I removed my blouse. His eyes opened wide when he saw my firm boobs in bra. I removed my bra also. He said wow and he touched them. I shivered and my pussy started pulsating. I said lick them. He started and I started moving my fingers in his hairs. I was enjoying. My blood was striking to my mind. I was very wet now. I looked at bottom. The bulge was much bigger now. I shivered and said, now it is your turn, let me see your’s. And I removed his bermuda. He was wearing a frenchie. I could guess the size easily now. It was much bigger than my hubby.

I said, wow you have a special tool and saying that I removed his underwear. And then I saw the most special thing of my life, oh my God !!!! one big snake was moving up and down between his legs. Can a penis be so long and thick??? I was hypnotized looking at it. The tip of his penis was so big. It was having all veins and it was really very thick. Even at such a young age he was having a penis much bigger than my hubby, just double. My eyes widened fully with a great surprise, Oh my Goddddd ???? Nandan, it is very big. Nandan said, what are you saying Sheetal didi. I said yes, I swear, I never thought of this much big size. You are much bigger than my hubby, Oh God and put my both hands on my mouth. It was not less than eight inches and thick like my wrist.

I was looking at his dick continuously. Then, with my shivering hands, I hold his tool, it was so thick that my fingers and thumb could not meet. It was fully covered with foreskin. Slowly I pulled the foreskin, Oh my God!!!! his tip was uncovered and it was shining, ohhh it was so big, it was like a shining ball. I said, Nandan tera lund to bahut bada hai. Oh God! kitna mota hai tera lund, yeh, meri muthi mein nahin aa raha hai.He surprised to listen such a vulgar word from my mouth. I smiled and then I lowered my head and kissed on the tip of his tool. He moaned aahhhh ooooohhhhh Sheetal didi you are sooooo goooood oh my Godddd!!! Oh Sheetal didi you are very nice oohhhh aaahhhh and he pressed my head, his tip went inside my mouth. I started moving my tongue around his penis tip. Soon I found his precum in my mouth, it was so good. I tried to insert some more length of his tool but could not take more then three inches. It was too thick. I asked, has any girl seen your penis. His face turned red. I asked again then he whispered, first swear you will not tell to anybody.

I said, I swear it will be between you and me. He said, Komal didi ne dekha hai. I was surprised, what? He again said, please do not tell it to anyone. I was eager to listen full story and said I swear, tell me everything. He told, in school days, many times I used to stay at night at Komal didi’s house for study. During night time during studying Komal didi used to touch my bermuda and starts laughing. Sometimes she pulled it down and touch my little penis. One day I asked her to show her penis. She laughed and said you fool we girls do not have penis, we have a small hole. I said, please didi show me. Then after many requests she pulled down her panty. I was very surprised to see, she was having curly hairs there but no penis. I asked, why do you have hairs ? She said, you will also have after few years. Komal didi used to touch my penis many times and it gets erected and then she starts laughing. But I felt her touch very nice.

One day Komal didi took a tape and measured my penis, it was three inches that time. She said it will grow to four or five inches when you become young.

After school, Komal didi went to college and these activities were stopped. After three years I also went to college. He kept quite. I asked what next. He said, last year one day, I came here, except Komal didi no one was there. I stayed there for a night. In the morning Komal didi took bath and told me to take bath she will prepare tea. I went to bathroom. I saw Komal didi’s panty and bra there and got excited but then ashamed, she is my didi, I should not think vulgar about here. Whatever she did earlier that time we were child.

Anyways, I forgot carry my underwear in bathroom. So, I came out in towel. Komal didi was sitting in the room with tea. Suddenly towel opened and Komal didi saw me naked. She got surprised and laughingly said oh my God Nandan you have grown up. Tum to bahut bade ho gaye ho. Maine kaha, kya matlab ? Komal did said, tumhara lund kitna bada ho gaya hai! Main Komal didi ke munh se yeh shabad sun kar harain ho gaya. Mere dil mein Komal didi ke liye kuchh kuchh sexy thoughts aane lage. Komal didi mere pass aa gayi aur mere penis ko touch karne lagi. Komal didi ke sparsh se main excite ho gaya aur mera penis full erect ho gaya. Komal didi ka munh khule ka khula rah gaya aur bol padi, oh my God, yeh to aur bada ho gaya. Wo turant tape le kar ayi aur mera penis napa. Komal didi hairaini se boli, he bhagwan, Nanadan tumhara lund to 8 inch ka ho gaya hai. Komal didi mere penis ko dheere dheere sahlane lagi aur phir achanak se is par kiss kar diya aur boli, tumhara lund bahut lamba aur mota ho gaya hai. Yeh to choot ko phad kar rakh dekha. Komal didi ki baton aur touch se main bahut excited ho gaya aur bola, Komal didi please jor jor se sahlaiye. Komal didi hanste huye jor jor se sahlane lagi aur phir kuchh hi seconds me mera virye jor se nikal pada, seedha samne wali diwar pe ja gira. Komal didi said, oh my God itna sara niklta hai tumhara.

I was fully wet, my pussy was leaking badly. I asked him, tumne Komal ko choda. He blushed and said, no it never happened. I said, mujhe chodega? He said nothing I removed my saree, peticot and small underwear. He was surprised to see my naked body. I removed his all clothes. We both were fully naked. I asked, do you see the porn movies. He said yes. I said, then lick my pussy like a porn star. I spread my legs and guided his head towards my pussy. He immediately started licking my pussy, I was in heaven. I was crying in pleasure, yes yes please put your tongue in my hole yes please yes yes. He put his tongue in my love hole and stared fucking my pussy with his tongue. I started rubbing my half inch long clit with finger. It was not controllable now, I cried, I am cumming yes yes yes move your tongue fast and hard baby yes I am cumming oh yes oh yes oh yes aaahhhhhhhhhh….. my gooooooooooodddd oh yesssssss…….sssss. And I threw my hot cum in his mouth. He licked every drop. I was relaxed. His tool was moving up and down. Oh God it was so big, can I take it in my little pussy? But I decide to take every inch in my pulsating pussy.

I kissed on his lips. I could feel the smell of my pussy coming out of his mouth. I became too horny. I said, please fuck me with your big tool. He was confused, I smiled and said yes It is your first time but I will guide you baby and asked him to come between my legs and I spread my legs wide. As my butts are very big, so my pussy raised up. I hold his penis in one hand and opened my pussy lips with other hand. I put his tool on my love hole. As soon as it touched my pussy I shivered, it was very thick and my love hole was very small. Nandan also observed the same and said, Sheetal didi your hole is very small, will it go? I said you have to insert, I can not bear now. I put my saliva on his rod and then asked him to push. He pushed a little, I felt my pussy is tearing. I asked him to give a big push and raised my hips up. With force, he pushed. I cried with pain and pleasure, his whole tip went inside. Nandan asked, what happened? I said, tera lund bahut mota hai, mera hole bahut chhota hai. He tried to pull it back. But I said no no do not pull it back. Just stop for sometime. I told him to give pushes again. He started and I could feel his big thick rod going in my pussy. I was just travelling in space. Almost four inches went inside. I lost control and said, daal do apna mota lund meri choot me or phaad do esay. Bana do isko bhosda.

Nandan was surprised to listen these type of words from my mouth but I did not care. I wanted to enjoy fully. Meri is harkat se Nandan ko josh aa gaya or usne ek jordar dhakka mara. Aur pure ka pura lund meri chhoti si choot mein ghuse gaya. Meri choot ne lund ko kas ke jakad liya. I cried and said oh my God your dick is so big and hard. Oh my God your dick has gone so deep, Oh my God. After some times I told him to give big pushes. He started fucking with big pushes. His big, thick rod was going in out of my small pussy. I was in heaven. After sometimes he stopped giving pushes. I whispered in his ear, don’t stop… harder… harder… I’m so close… yeah… Oh… God. Faster! deeper! harder! oh God oh God. Yeah, ruin my pussy. Take it. Keep going, stroke harder! Oh God! That feels so good. Please Nandan fuck me hard I cumming baby I am cumming. I saw the expressions on Nandan’s face changed and he said, Sheetal didi I am cumming oh yeah oh my God I am cumming and he shoot his load with a great force in my pussy. I felt like a warm water fountain started in my pussy. It    felt like he is peeing with a force. I hugged him tightly and cried oh God that feels so gooood I lifted my hips up and came with a loud ahhhhhhhhhh. We both were taking breath at fast rate. I kissed him and asked how was your first experience. You lost your virginity to me. I am lucky. He said, it was wonderful, can not be explained in words, I love you Sheetal didi and he kissed me on lips. After few minutes we got up and went to bathroom. I saw, my love hole became very wide. As soon as I sat on the bathroom floor, lot of hot cum came out. I was surprised to see the quantity. I peed there and washed my pussy very well and asked Nandan to wash his penis, then I said, let me wash your penis. I hold his rod which was limp now. I very well washed his rod. I saw, it was again becoming hard. I told him to pee. He started peeing, oh God his pee was falling at least three meters away. My hubby never threw his pee more than one metre away. I was holding his rod and moving it here and there. After getting fresh we lay on the bed. He started kissing me. I said let us sleep now. He said can we do it again, Sheetal didi. I smiled and said no no I am here for other three nights. We shall do tomorrow. And we go to bed.

Next day Nandan behaved like nothing happened yesterday night. I also did the same. We go to market in the evening and purchased some items and did not talk not even a single word regarding what we did yesterday. After dinner we saw a serial with family and at around eleven o’clock mausi told ok Sheetal go to bed it is late now. I and Nandan went to bed. He immediately locked the door. I laughed at his fast action. He came to bed and said oh Sheetal didi how eagerly I was waiting for the night. I said yes I was also waiting. Pura din tumhare mote lund ke bare mein soch rahi thi. I hold his face and kissed his lips. While kissing I made him naked. His snake was moving up and down. I smiled to see that. He removed my clothes and made me naked. I was getting turned on with his eagerness to fuck me.

I said, come sit on my lap. He sat and I hold his cock in my right hand and started giving blowjob and with left hand I started rubbing his chest. I whispered in his ears, Mmm… do you like that? He said yes please do not stop keep doing like that. I started kissing on backside of his ears. He was getting fully aroused and making very very sexy noises. I thought he will cum if I continued, so, I stopped. He moaned oh Sheetal didi please do not stop. I said let us do different. I told his to lay on back and I came in 69 pose. I took his rod in my mouth and started moving tongue around the base of his rod’s tip. I said, Nandan fuck me with your tongue. He inserted his tongue in my love hole, I moaned ahhhhhh goooood. I saw the precum on the tip of his penis and put my tongue on that and said, mmmmm… it is so good baby. I said, rub my clit. Now he was moving his tongue very fast in my pussy and with one hand rubbing my big clit. With that I was about to cum and within seconds I said I am cumming baby oh yes baby yes I am cumming and shoot my cum. He drank every drop. I was satisfied.

After few minutes I became horny again. Nandan was lying on the bed. I put my legs around his hips and hold his rod in hand and lowerd my pussy and guided his penis to my hole. Slowly I lowered me and give push. His tip enterd and I said ahhhh. Nandan was enjoying a lot. I was giving pushes slowly till whole rod entered in my sweet cunt. Then I stared moving my big butts up and down at fast rate. His whole cock was coming in and out. Nandan closed his eyes and enjoying a lot. After sometimes I stopped, he opened his eyes and asked what happened? I said, grind me from behind? I love doggy-style, can you give it to me hard and fast? Come on fuck me from behind. I came in the doggy style. Nandan got very aroused when he saw me in this pose. I asked what happened. He said Sheetal didi you are looking very sexy, your big heavy butts are wonderful, I think I will come without insertion. I smiled and said, kiss my ass. He licked. I moaned, yes baby lick my ass, do you like my back hole. He said yes, a very arousing smell is coming out from your ass. I asked, did you like my ass. He said, yes I liked it very much and he tried to insert his tongue in my ass hole. I became horny, oh yes oh yes do it like that yes baby. My pussy was leaking, I wanted his hard dick in my pussy. I said, come over here and ride me hard! He stopped licking and put his penis tip on my pussy. I whispered, oh, that feels so good, please fuck me harder, baby. He hold my big butts and said, what a sweet sexy ass? I smiled and he started pushing his hard dick in my pussy. Soon all the eight inches were inside me. It was so hard and hot. I said, I love your hot cock, you are so big! You have the nicest cock, it is much bigger than my hubby’s. It feels so good when you’re deep inside me. Your cock fits me perfectly baby. Oh that feels so good! Your cock feels huge! Please fuck me fast.

He started pumping fast. I screamed, that’s so good… you’re going to make me cum, yeah… fuck me baby, you have the most beautiful cock, your penis drives me wild! I love feeling your hard cock deep inside me… stretching my pussy when you thrust like that, your cock is stretching me out. Nandan’s speed increased and he cried, ahhh Sheetal didi I can not hold now, you are so sexy, your big butts are very beautiful, I want to fill your love hole with my cum ahhhh yessss I am cumming. I also lost my senses and cried, aaahhhhhh yesssss please fill my pussy, I am cumming, phad dal apni Sheetal didi ki choot sale bahen chod ahhhhh yeahhhh, main jharne wali hoon, pel jore jore se pel sale chod chod, oh my God, Nandan tera lund kitna mota hai, ahhhhh Nandan please fuck me hard harder louder ohh yes ahhhh, fuck me with your big lund ahhhh oh my God what a big cock it is, my hubby is nothing. Nandan got much excited and said oh my God yeahhhh I am cumming and with that he fire his gun in my hot choot, I felt his hot lava going in my cunt. I came very strongly and cried ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh yessssssss and I fell down on bed.

Nandan was over me. I was fully satisfied. Nandan said, your butts are very very big and round and so beautiful that I could not hold for long, you are so sexy Sheetal didi. I said, I was talking dirty, did you feel bad. He said, no no, not at all, in fact those dirty words coming out from your beautiful mouth made me so horny. I smiled.

Next day also we enjoyed a lot. Whole week we fucked in different styles. I said, Nandan your rod is really very big, thick and beautiful, your wife will be very lucky. On last day he came to bus stand to see off me. Me and he both were very sad. I said, Nandan, I can never forget these nights which I spend with you. He said, me too, I will always remember that I did this all with such a beautiful and horny lady.

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