Sheetal: A true confession

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I said, come sit on my lap. He sat and I hold his cock in my right hand and started giving blowjob and with left hand I started rubbing his chest. I whispered in his ears, Mmm… do you like that? He said yes please do not stop keep doing like that. I started kissing on backside of his ears. He was getting fully aroused and making very very sexy noises. I thought he will cum if I continued, so, I stopped. He moaned oh Sheetal didi please do not stop. I said let us do different. I told his to lay on back and I came in 69 pose. I took his rod in my mouth and started moving tongue around the base of his rod’s tip. I said, Nandan fuck me with your tongue. He inserted his tongue in my love hole, I moaned ahhhhhh goooood. I saw the precum on the tip of his penis and put my tongue on that and said, mmmmm… it is so good baby. I said, rub my clit. Now he was moving his tongue very fast in my pussy and with one hand rubbing my big clit. With that I was about to cum and within seconds I said I am cumming baby oh yes baby yes I am cumming and shoot my cum. He drank every drop. I was satisfied.

After few minutes I became horny again. Nandan was lying on the bed. I put my legs around his hips and hold his rod in hand and lowerd my pussy and guided his penis to my hole. Slowly I lowered me and give push. His tip enterd and I said ahhhh. Nandan was enjoying a lot. I was giving pushes slowly till whole rod entered in my sweet cunt. Then I stared moving my big butts up and down at fast rate. His whole cock was coming in and out. Nandan closed his eyes and enjoying a lot. After sometimes I stopped, he opened his eyes and asked what happened? I said, grind me from behind? I love doggy-style, can you give it to me hard and fast? Come on fuck me from behind. I came in the doggy style. Nandan got very aroused when he saw me in this pose. I asked what happened. He said Sheetal didi you are looking very sexy, your big heavy butts are wonderful, I think I will come without insertion. I smiled and said, kiss my ass. He licked. I moaned, yes baby lick my ass, do you like my back hole. He said yes, a very arousing smell is coming out from your ass. I asked, did you like my ass. He said, yes I liked it very much and he tried to insert his tongue in my ass hole. I became horny, oh yes oh yes do it like that yes baby. My pussy was leaking, I wanted his hard dick in my pussy. I said, come over here and ride me hard! He stopped licking and put his penis tip on my pussy. I whispered, oh, that feels so good, please fuck me harder, baby. He hold my big butts and said, what a sweet sexy ass? I smiled and he started pushing his hard dick in my pussy. Soon all the eight inches were inside me. It was so hard and hot. I said, I love your hot cock, you are so big! You have the nicest cock, it is much bigger than my hubby’s. It feels so good when you’re deep inside me. Your cock fits me perfectly baby. Oh that feels so good! Your cock feels huge! Please fuck me fast.

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