Sheetal: A true confession

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Nandan was surprised to listen these type of words from my mouth but I did not care. I wanted to enjoy fully. Meri is harkat se Nandan ko josh aa gaya or usne ek jordar dhakka mara. Aur pure ka pura lund meri chhoti si choot mein ghuse gaya. Meri choot ne lund ko kas ke jakad liya. I cried and said oh my God your dick is so big and hard. Oh my God your dick has gone so deep, Oh my God. After some times I told him to give big pushes. He started fucking with big pushes. His big, thick rod was going in out of my small pussy. I was in heaven. After sometimes he stopped giving pushes. I whispered in his ear, don’t stop… harder… harder… I’m so close… yeah… Oh… God. Faster! deeper! harder! oh God oh God. Yeah, ruin my pussy. Take it. Keep going, stroke harder! Oh God! That feels so good. Please Nandan fuck me hard I cumming baby I am cumming. I saw the expressions on Nandan’s face changed and he said, Sheetal didi I am cumming oh yeah oh my God I am cumming and he shoot his load with a great force in my pussy. I felt like a warm water fountain started in my pussy. It    felt like he is peeing with a force. I hugged him tightly and cried oh God that feels so gooood I lifted my hips up and came with a loud ahhhhhhhhhh. We both were taking breath at fast rate. I kissed him and asked how was your first experience. You lost your virginity to me. I am lucky. He said, it was wonderful, can not be explained in words, I love you Sheetal didi and he kissed me on lips. After few minutes we got up and went to bathroom. I saw, my love hole became very wide. As soon as I sat on the bathroom floor, lot of hot cum came out. I was surprised to see the quantity. I peed there and washed my pussy very well and asked Nandan to wash his penis, then I said, let me wash your penis. I hold his rod which was limp now. I very well washed his rod. I saw, it was again becoming hard. I told him to pee. He started peeing, oh God his pee was falling at least three meters away. My hubby never threw his pee more than one metre away. I was holding his rod and moving it here and there. After getting fresh we lay on the bed. He started kissing me. I said let us sleep now. He said can we do it again, Sheetal didi. I smiled and said no no I am here for other three nights. We shall do tomorrow. And we go to bed.

Next day Nandan behaved like nothing happened yesterday night. I also did the same. We go to market in the evening and purchased some items and did not talk not even a single word regarding what we did yesterday. After dinner we saw a serial with family and at around eleven o’clock mausi told ok Sheetal go to bed it is late now. I and Nandan went to bed. He immediately locked the door. I laughed at his fast action. He came to bed and said oh Sheetal didi how eagerly I was waiting for the night. I said yes I was also waiting. Pura din tumhare mote lund ke bare mein soch rahi thi. I hold his face and kissed his lips. While kissing I made him naked. His snake was moving up and down. I smiled to see that. He removed my clothes and made me naked. I was getting turned on with his eagerness to fuck me.

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