Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

I woke once in the night to rhythmic movement from the other side of the bed. Divi was obviously masturbating and when she rolled into her orgasm, she softly groaned and whimpered as sharp, pulsing throbs vibrated through the mattress. I didn’t reveal that I was awake and in moments I wasn’t.

When I woke again, I was lying on my left side facing the wall. Divi was jabbing my shoulder blades. I glanced at the digital clock on my nightstand. It was 5:28 AM. If the sun wasn’t up it would be soon. Divi jabbed me again and then she pulled herself up to my head and whispered in my ear. “There’s a naked woman standing in the doorway to the bathroom.” My immediate thought was, ‘Sure there is.’

Divi nudged me again and I thought, ‘Fuck. Is it Brie? It couldn’t be Ashley. Divi knew her.‘ I opened my eyes and lifted my head and looked. I dropped my head back on my pillow and muttered, “Fuck.” It was Janet. I lifted my head again to see if Mom was there too. She wasn’t.

Janet walked in and lifted the covers and pushed herself in beside me forcing me to move toward Divi. Divi said, “What the fuck? Who are you?”

Before Janet could say anything, I introduced Janet to Divi and vice versa by names only. I didn’t elaborate on Janet’s connection to me. I let Divi think Janet was just some other woman that I met around the lake. God knows there had been a few.

Janet examined Divi leaning on my shoulder looking down at her with a disapproving glare. She turned her attention from Divi to me and said, “Wow Jack. She’s beautiful. Is she old enough?” The sparks flew as Divi came up on her knees and glared down at Janet.

Not knowing my relationship with Janet, she unwittingly said, “Who is this old broad? Is she your mother? Grandmother maybe?” I just groaned. The cat-fight was on.

Janet came up on her elbow to achieve a more equal height with Divi. Janet was about to go to battle stations and I sat up to block her view of Divi. I said, “Janet. Leave it alone.” Janet’s eyes were ablaze and I repeated my command, “Leave it alone. Why are you here?” as if I didn’t know. “Where is, ummm, your partner in crime.”

Janet laughed and said, “Seriously. Do you mean Mo…?” I cut her off in mid-sentence with a finger to her lips and a glare that would melt granite. She rephrased her question, “Do you mean mmmy sister.” I grinned at her and she grinned back.

“Ummm. She’s back at the camp. We’re going home today. We had a great time with Cousin Rita and Frank. Mo… ummm, my sister wanted to come this morning but then she didn’t and then she did. I gave up on her and came alone. I know you get up early and I wanted to get here before you were up and out.” She glanced toward the dull gray windows and groaned, “Fuck, it’s early. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten up this early.”

When Divi heard Janet say ‘Rita and Frank’, she tried to get a word in and finally said, “You know Rita and Frank?”

Janet looked past me to Divi and then back at me and said, “Oh Jack. You didn’t. You took Miss India here to one of Rita’s parties? Wow, Frank must have been in heaven.” I glanced away from her. I was embarrassed to admit that I had.

I said, “Unwittingly. We thought it was just a house party. I was kind of baby-sitting.” I knew, as soon as I said it, that I’d made a big mistake.

Divi threw a fit about the baby-sitting comment and Janet started laughing and commented that ‘baby-sitting’ was about right.

I couldn’t win, so I got up on my hands and knees and climbed across Janet to the floor. Janet commented on my limp dick, “Wow Jack. I’ve never seen your junk so… so ‘unusable’.” I ignored her comment and went to the bathroom and closed the door leaving Janet and Divi to duke it out. It started out quite loud as they yelled at each other. Divi was giving as much as she got. I sat there on the toilet smiling to myself. Then things quieted down significantly. Then I heard moans and groans and I knew immediately that they weren’t arguing any longer.

I fought off my curiosity and went to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine and popped in a pod. In less than a minute, I was sipping on a hot cup of coffee. I sat down on the loveseat in the living room and listened to Divi and Janet groan nearly constantly. I was familiar with the groans of each of them and I was also familiar with their orgasms and I listened as they each had two. My cock responded and I was sitting there, naked, with a hard-on of all hard-ons sipping coffee. I slowly stroked my erection and after a while the bedroom became quiet.

Janet called me from the bedroom and I got up and walked in with my boner preceding me. Janet smiled at my erection and said, “Your girlfriend here is a great ‘cunt-licker’ but I think we’re both here for cock. I guess we got the dessert in before the main meal.” I saw Divi frown when Janet used her distasteful descriptor of her cunnilingus skills. I wasn’t fond of the use of that word either, but Janet was just being Janet and I let it go without comment.

Divi let it go too and grinned at me as she wiped Janet’s juices from her face with the back of her hand. Janet licked her lips and smacked her tongue back into her mouth. Divi was staring at my boner as hard as Janet was. I set my coffee cup down on the triple-dresser and crawled on hands and knees up from the bottom of the bed and sat back on my feet and motioned them to side by side doggy positions. Divi looked at Janet and grinned. They gave each other high-fives and spun around and braced their arms and shoulders on the headboard. Divi wagged her ass and grinned back at me. She was ready first and I moved in behind her.

I ran my hand through Divi’s sex to make sure she was ready. As expected, she was soaking wet from her encounter with Janet’s skilled tongue. I laid my cock down in the crack of her ass and pulled back slowly. I applied pressure to it with my hand as it dragged down across her anus to her pussy. She flinched as my glans hesitated at her anus and she looked back with a sultry expression. I bypassed her pussy and found her clitoris. One of her hands came off the headboard and her fingers went to her sex. She found my cock and pulled it up firmly against her clitoris and rocked herself back and forth on it for a moment as she groaned hard.

Janet was getting anxious and said, “Alright all ready. Get on with it.” Janet had never liked the preliminaries. Divi did, but she relented to Janet’s urgency and guided my cock back to her pussy. When I pushed the knob inside her, she dropped her face to the headboard and let out a loud groan as she rocked her hips to a position that suited her best. Janet grinned at Divi’s reaction. I gripped Divi’s left hipbone and reached my free hand into Janet’s sopping wet pussy. Janet’s grin morphed into long moan as I pushed my middle finger all the way in.

I got in a rhythm with my hips fucking Divi and my finger fucking Janet. They were both groaning and all three of us were breathing like we’d just run a marathon. Divi wasn’t moving as I plowed forward and back. Janet was gripping the headboard and rocking her body to drive herself on my hand.

I fucked Divi for a couple minutes and then I eased my cock from her. She whimpered and complained for a moment and then she pushed her fingers back into her sex to keep the action going. I moved in behind Janet and she removed her hand and grabbed at her tits. I pushed my slick cock in under her sex and dragged it up along her clitoris and pushed into her pussy. She immediately emitted a long groan that stopped when I was pushing on her depth.

Janet turned to look at me and said, “Fuck me little br…” She stopped herself before she finished the word ‘brother’. She glanced at Divi to see if she had noticed but Divi was busy driving three fingers in and out of her pussy and gasping for air. I gripped Janet’s hips and drove my cock in and out of her as she began chanting, “OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD,” with each penetration. She started pushing back wanting more and she flinched a few times trying to get every inch of me inside her. She muttered, “God damn Jack. Way better than Frank. I love your cock. Always have.”

Divi picked up on the ‘always have’ and she looked back at me with confusion on her face. I knew right away what she was thinking, ‘What the fuck does ‘always have’ mean. You supposedly just met her here on the lake.‘ Divi didn’t press the matter. I knew she would get into it later on. Right now, she was rapidly approaching an orgasm and she blurted out, “Jack. I need you in me. I’m gonna cum.”

I eased my cock out of Janet to her displeasure and moved back in behind Divi. The second my cock made contact she drove herself on and she didn’t wait for me to pick up a pace. She was immediately forcing herself on and off. She began whimpering as her orgasm rolled over her like a Tsunami. Janet watched and smiled back at me as Divi’s body went spastic. Her hips literally snapped forward and back as her torso slithered in undulating motion in opposition to her hips. Her fucking motion became erratic and I took it over as she screamed, “OH fuck Jack. YES. OH MY GAAAWWDDD. YOUR KILLING MEEEEEE.” Her shoulders were bouncing off the headboard as she frantically tried to get her hips back in the action. I continued to fuck Divi until she settled down from her climax.

I was struggling to keep my orgasm back. I still had to satisfy Janet and she would be madder than a wet hen if I had cum in Divi and left her hanging. I had no doubt that even if I had cum in Divi, I’d still have a hard cock to finish Janet off. I eased back away from Divi and extracted my cock from her randomly clenching pussy. She whimpered in complaint and tried hard to hold on to my cock with her pussy.

I moved back to Janet, who was grinning back at me. Divi turned her head on the headboard to watch me fuck Janet while she gasped for oxygen. Janet’s palm was working on her sensitive clitoris as all four fingers strummed her pussy. I pushed my cock in to take their place but she grinned at me as she pushed my cock back and pivoted her hips down. The message was unmistakable. She wanted me to fuck her ass. Divi couldn’t see Janet’s fingers pushing me toward her anus but she could see the sultry grin on Janet’s face.

My cock was slick from Divi’s juices and I gently placed my glans on Janet’s anus. She immediately pushed back as I pushed forward. The impish expression on Janet’s face disappeared and she gritted her teeth and pinched her eyes shut. Divi looked from Janet’s expression to my face and then grinned and said, “Fuck her ass Jack.” I nodded and pushed a little harder.

Janet pulled her hand from her sex and reached both hands behind her to spread her ass cheeks as she balanced her shoulders on the headboard. Janet was groaning from the pressure and when my cock eased inside, Janet’s constant groan changed to “Jesuuuus.” I stopped to let her adjust for a moment. She was the first to move as she gripped the headboard and pushed back at me. She was careful and my cock slowly disappeared in her ass.

Divi couldn’t stand it anymore and she turned and dropped to the bed and scooched in behind me on her back. I spread my legs further to accommodate her. Moments later, Divi was sucking on my balls and pushing them around with her tongue. When I started fucking Janet’s ass, Divi had to abandon them. She just pushed herself further underneath me and attacked Janet’s clitoris and pussy. Janet screamed at this combined action and joined the fucking motion and in less than a minute, Janet was screaming into her orgasm. I could hear Divi slurping up Janet’s juices. I continued fucking Janet’s ass. The pressure and heat on my cock was incredible and I could feel my balls boiling. My cock hardened and Janet knew I was about to blow. She really started slamming her ass back at me. Every muscle in my body seized tight as the pressure built. I realized that I was gritting my teeth and when I felt myself going over the top and my muscles released, it was the most glorious feeling as cum exploded from my cock into Janet’s ass. I groaned out, “UUNNNGGGAAAHHH,” followed by a wheezing sound that sounded like “FUUUUCCCCKKKK.”

Janet, who was already in her own orgasm, responded to mine with a loud scream, “OH MY GOD JACK. GIVE IT ALL TO ME. OH GOD.” I had pumped three shots of cum before Divi pulled my cock from Janet’s ass. The fourth blasted across Divi’s face before she locked her lips over my glans and accepted all the rest.

Janet wasn’t too coherent but she mumbled, “Divi. Don’t swallow it. I want some. Okay?”

When Divi was satisfied that I was done, she slithered out from under us with pursed lips and chipmunk cheeks. She had a big load of cum in her mouth. Janet collapsed to her side and looked at Divi hoping that she had something for her. Divi smiled around her load and moved over to kiss Janet. I sat back on my feet to watch them. On one kiss, Divi pushed the entire load into Janet’s mouth. She gagged a little and initiated a second kiss to push it all back in Divi’s mouth. Then they shared and broke their embrace to show me and then they smiled at each other around their loads and swallowed at the same time. Divi giggled at their coordinated effort. Janet pushed in and kissed Divi with considerable passion that was instantly returned by Divi.

We all piled into the shower. It was tight quarters and we all had to press our bodies together and turn as a unit to share the showerhead. Divi and Janet wrestled with each other to get control of my limp dick, but nothing further happened and we dried each other.

Janet said that she had to go. They had a long drive back to the city. I said, “Tell, ummm, your sister that I, ummm, well you know.” I glanced at Divi to see if she was picking up on my cryptic statement. She had a smile on her face. Either she had figured it all out or she had no clue. It was hard to imagine Divi not having a clue. Janet dressed in the kitchen, where she left her clothes when she arrived. We kissed and hugged and Divi and I watched naked from the front door as Janet drove out of the driveway.

As I turned to go back inside, Divi grabbed my flaccid cock and said, “That was fucking awesome. The only thing that would have made that better is if you’d fucked my ass too.” That would have to be another time. I knew that she had to get going too, to be home before her mother got up. Regardless, Divi jerked me off for a few moments just to see if she could get me up again. I was trying hard to make sure she wasn’t successful and she abandoned the idea and pulled on her clothes that she had piled up in the corner of the bedroom when she arrived the night before.

Divi climbed on the bed again and wagged her gorgeous ass as she moved toward me on her hands and knees. She kissed me and said, Thank you Jack. I needed that.” She kissed me again and with an impish grin said, “Tell your sister thanks too. I’m sorry I missed your mom.” I just looked at her and shook my head. There was no use trying to keep anything from Divi.

I kissed her again and said, “I’ll tell them.”

With a sultry look she continued, “I’d love to meet your dad.”

I chuckled and said, “Well, so would I. I just found out this week that he was likely killed when I was three. I don’t remember anything about him. From what I heard from Cousin Rita, he wasn’t a very good person.”

She grinned and said, “How about that. Cousin Rita. Wow. You keep it pretty much in the family, huh?” She moved back off the bed and was almost to the bedroom door when she stopped and turned and said, “Mom had better get some of that too or she’s going to simply explode. I’ve never seen her this way; even when Dad wasn’t here for months on end.” She frowned as she thought about what she’d said and turned back to leave.

I said, “She knows where it is and it’s ready for her any time she wants.” I heard Divi laugh as she pulled open the sliding glass door to the deck. A thought came to me and I yelled out, “Hey Divi?” I listened to see if I had caught her before she’d closed the door. A moment later, Divi reappeared in the bedroom doorway. I said, “Tell your mother that it doesn’t have to be anything more than physical.” I felt totally stupid for saying that to a teenage girl but I couldn’t think of any other way. Sex with Priya had been amazing when she was married and we were just a physical distraction for her.

Divi grinned at me and said, “I don’t know how I would tell her that, but I’ll find a way.” She tossed me an air-kiss and left. The slider gently closed and Divi was gone. I dropped off my elbow to my back and my mind went to Priya. I missed her beautiful face and her incredible body. I missed her voice and her laugh. I missed the curves of her hips as my fingers traced over them from her slender waist. I missed her sex.

I forced myself to get up. The coffee cup on the triple-dresser was stone cold. I drank it anyway and went to the kitchen to make another. I pulled on a pair of athletic shorts and took the cup out to the deck. I stood at the railing and surveyed the mirror surface of the lake. There wasn’t a puff of wind. My flags hung as limp as my dick. The sun was bright in the east, but clouds were moving in from the west. It was likely going to be an overcast day. I couldn’t complain too much; we hadn’t had many this summer.

The weather stayed the same for several days. I just spent the time lying in bed reading and napping. I was anxious to get back out in the sun again. On Thursday, I woke to bright sunlight and was sitting in my chair on the deck sipping a cup of coffee contemplating whether or not I should go to the diner for breakfast. I would see Donna tonight. I wished we could go out more often but she worked every night at the Inn Restaurant except Thursday. More than once I had thought, ‘she has more than seventy-five million dollars and she acts like she has seventy-five dollars.‘ I guessed it was because, until she had a child to pass on the family fortune to, she probably had seventy-five dollars to count on.

The phone rang and I went inside to answer it. By the time I got there, it had rung several times. As I reached for the receiver, I glanced at the caller ID screen. It read ‘caller unknown’. A male voice said, “Hey Jack-O, guess who?” I didn’t recognize the voice right away but the use of the nickname ‘Jack-O’ told me everything I needed to know. It was my childhood friend, Eddie.

I smiled to myself as I said, “Hey Eddie. It’s been ages. You still in the Air Force.” I was trying to remember the last time I’d heard from him. He was always stationed somewhere around the world but never close enough for us to get together. We’d talked on the phone but I couldn’t remember that we’d done even that since I moved here ten years ago.

“Nah. I just retired. Just finished up my twenty. Jesus, Bro, it’s been a century since we talked. I ran into Frankie yesterday. Jesus, Bro, she is fucking hot. She was just a kid when I left. She reminds me so much of Anna. Anyway, we had coffee and chatted about things and life. She gave me your phone number. I didn’t have it for your new place.”

I interrupted, “It’s not new anymore Eddie. I’ve been here ten years.”

Eddie said, “Fuck. Has it been that long. Anyway, that’s a good segue into why I called. I just got out yesterday…”

I interrupted Eddie again, “You make it sound like you just got released from prison.”

“In a lot of ways, it was just like that, but I kept re-upping for the bonuses and the fact that I had nothing going on the outside anyway and then I had so many years in, it would have been stupid to leave the military pension on the table. Anyway, I called because I was hoping you could put me up for a few days while I look for a place to live.”

“You want to look for a place to buy or rent out here? I never pegged you for anything but a big city guy,” I said.

Eddie replied, “Yeah, well, I never pegged you for a country-bumkin, either.” He had me on that. If Anna hadn’t died, I’d still be running on the hamster wheel back in the city, thinking that was all there was.

“It’s a huge adjustment Eddie. You sure?” There was a hesitation from Eddie and I continued, “Anyway, come out and visit a few days and see what you think. It’s not for everyone. I’ve come to like it but I volunteered to throw myself into the darkest hole I could find.”

Eddie was quiet for a few moments and then he said, “I know man. The whole thing was awful. You needed to get away before your friends killed you.” We both laughed. “Anyway, I have your address from Frankie so my GPS will find the way. I’m leaving soon and I’ll stop somewhere for lunch so we can just drink and visit when I get there. See you in a few, Bro.” He didn’t even wait for my acknowledgment before he hung up.

Eddie had always called me “Bro”. He told everyone that we were brothers from different mothers. We had been best friends since grade school. We were basically two peas in a pod. We were the same height and weight all the way through school and we played all the sports. At six foot two, we both started as forwards on our basketball team. We did okay and made the playoffs our senior year. I smiled as I remembered that Eddie had a crush on Janet but he was just a kid to her and she was into men.

Eddie gave me the nickname, “Jack-O”, when we were twelve. Eddie had caught me masturbating to a polaroid photo that I had secretly taken of Janet in her underwear. I risked life and limb to take that photo. When Eddie saw it, he went nuts and grabbed it from me. We sat there on my bed jerking ourselves off as we passed the photo back and forth. Even our dicks were basically the same size. I was pissed off at him because he kept the photo. His justification was that I could always take another one. Anyway, because my name was Jack, my nickname became “Jack-O” which was short for ‘Jack-Off’. From that moment on, I became Jack-O to Eddie. He was the only person that called me that.

I checked my refrigerator to see how my beer stock was doing. Jacob and I had put a major dent in it. I pulled a tee shirt and sandals on and drove down to the corner store to get more. A lot more. Eddie had been a big drinker back in high school. He was totally wasted at my wedding. He passed out before he could give the best-man’s toast. He even got drunk at Anna’s wake, but fuck, so did I. It was the only thing that lessened the pain. I assumed he was still a big drinker.

When Eddie arrived in a cloud of dust, I was just pulling the mail out of the box. I waited as he got out waving at the dust in the air. “Jesus,” he said, “Is it always like this?” He faked a coughing fit and we man-hugged. I noted that he had put on about twenty-five pounds since I’d seen him last at Anna’s funeral. He looked trim then in his Air Force uniform and I remembered that all the women seemed to like the looks of him. He was a good-looking guy.

Eddie had always been on the prowl in high school. He didn’t have much more luck than me. Like me, he was sure that his cock scared the girls off. He hadn’t changed in that regard as we barely made it inside and popped our first beer before he was raving about stopping at the diner for lunch down-town and how smoking hot his waitress was. He didn’t get her name even though the two waitresses working there had their names stitched on their apron. I didn’t need any more information. The only other waitress was the owner’s wife and she was over sixty years old and wearing the extra weight around the middle that often comes along with the years.

I smiled at Eddie and said, “That’s Donna. She is pretty hot. I have a date with her tonight.”

Eddie nearly spit a mouthful of beer in my face as his eyes went wide. “Damn Jack-O. Does she have a sister?”

I laughed and said, “I see you haven’t changed at all when it comes to the fairer sex. In fact, Donna does have a sister and she’s just as hot as Donna, if you like blondes.” I was pretty sure that all it would take was a phone call to set up a double-date for tonight but I wanted to screw with Eddie for a while.

Eddie just sat there with his beer inches from his lips staring at me waiting for me to suggest a double-date. I didn’t bite and changed the subject. “How’s your Mom?” I knew Eddie’s ‘stay-at-home’ mom well as I had seen her everyday during summers and nearly as often during the school year. I’d met his dad but he worked a couple jobs to make ends meet and he was almost never there when I was.

Eddie ignored my question and said, “Jesus dude. Help me out here. Do you think you could set me up with her sister tonight?”

I was enjoying myself as I faked a few hems and haws and said, “I don’t know Eddie. Donna and I haven’t been dating for long and I’ve only met her sister once.” So, I lied about the once. I was pretty sure Sylvia would jump at the invitation to go out with someone who wasn’t a local. Donna hadn’t said so or even insinuated, but I figured that it was possible that Sylvia had already fucked her way through the population of local guys. I’d strung Eddie along long enough and I relented and told him I’d call Donna and ask. He stayed on me until I called.

I texted Donna and asked her to call me when she had a minute. She called me right back. I told her about Eddie and that we had been friends since first grade. Eddie was trying to hear both ends of the conversation but I kept moving around the living room and kitchen. I asked the question and Donna’s immediate answer was absolutely, Sylvia would love to go out on a date. I teased Eddie some more by responding, “You don’t think so?” She was confused by my response and then she got what I was doing.

She said, “I get it. This is guy busting guy stuff, huh? Okay, you just continue the conversation on your end and I’ll just listen.”

I said, “Yes. That’s right. He’s a pretty good-looking guy, if I can say that without sounding gay. He was just in there for lunch. You probably served him.” I hesitated like she was saying something. “You weren’t impressed?” Eddie was dying right in front of me. Donna was laughing so hard from my antics that Eddie heard her over the phone and then he knew that I was just busting him. I said to Donna, “Yeah. I’m busted. He heard you laughing. I’ll tell him we are on for a double date. Tell Sylvia to behave herself. We’ll pick you up at seven-thirty. See ya.”

When I hung up, Eddie said, “You’re an ass-hole.” I nodded and started laughing. He knocked his beer can against mine and joined my laughter. I showed Eddie to the spare bedroom and he unpacked his duffle-bag. We slowed down the drinking. I was putting my stamp of approval on him for Sylvia. I didn’t want him to embarrass me by turning into a sloppy drunk before we even got through dinner.

We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with the years. There wasn’t much for me to say that he didn’t already know. I had basically lived the life of a monk until this summer and I left out all the recent news about my sudden flood of sexual encounters. I was afraid he’d never leave if he thought he’d get in on that.

After some ironing of Eddie’s rolled up civilian clothes we climbed into my Nissan and drove to Donna’s house. When we pulled into the driveway, Eddie whistled as he looked up at the massive house. The BMW and Jaguar sat in the driveway. Eddie looked from the house to me and said, “Jesus Jack-O. You’ve really slipped in it this time.”

I laughed and got out. Eddie followed as he scanned the house from end to end. Donna met us at the front door. As usual the ‘Clark Kent’ waitress had morphed into her superhero alter-ego. She was stunning and Eddie whistled again when he saw her. She giggled at Eddie’s antics and took my hand and kissed me. I introduced Donna and Eddie to each other. Donna said that she was glad to meet him, again. Eddie took her hand and kissed her on the knuckles. Donna giggled again. “Come in. Sylvi will be right down.” She led us to the study that was just off the foyer and leaned in close to me and whispered, “This will be the first date Sylvi has been on since her operation. She fought me on it but I won; this time. She’s been a ‘cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof’ all afternoon. She’s been into the booze a little.”

Eddie went straight to the bar as he looked around the huge room with twelve-foot coffered ceilings and mahogany paneling. Donna whispered to me again, “Since last week’s foray into sex with you, she has gained confidence that she can enjoy sex. Even though the doctors said that nothing would be different after her hysterectomy, she was convinced that she would never be satisfied by sex again. So, if she becomes a sex maniac again, it’s your fault.” She discreetly squeezed my crotch and went to the bar to provide Eddie with assistance.

I had to adjust my erection and had my hand on it through my pants when Sylvia walked in. She grinned at me and came over and said quietly, “Every time I walk in here, your frigging with your dick.” I chuckled and went with her to the bar. She was even more stunning than the last time I saw her. Donna was right about the booze and I suspected that it was a bit more than a little. She was acting a little giddy, which was better than her usual disposition.

I introduced Eddie to Sylvia and vice versa. I had to whisper, “Eddie. Reel your tongue in. You’re embarrassing me.” I was exaggerating about his tongue and he frowned at me.

Eddie moved in close to me and whispered, “Fuck, Bro. She’s gorgeous.” I just smiled and looked back at Sylvia and Donna who had moved off to the side of the bar and Sylvia leaned into Donna and whispered. I was closer to them than Eddie and I heard Sylvia say how hot she thought Eddie was. I had a feeling that this was going to be a night to remember. Donna smiled at me and poured herself a glass of Perrier. I poured myself a Perrier too. I was driving and an afternoon of drinking beers with Eddie wouldn’t go too well if I was pulled over.

We had our one drink and then got in my car. Donna road shotgun while Sylvia and Eddie got in back. We had an hour drive to the restaurant. I kept checking on how Sylvia and Eddie were doing in the rearview mirror. They were engaged in their own conversation and both seemed very comfortable with the other. Donna and I carried on our own conversation. Talk of her pregnancy never came up in front of Eddie. I was thankful for that because I didn’t want Eddie carrying on and teasing me about it. He could be brutal if he found a thread to pull on.

We were almost there when I looked back in the rearview mirror and Eddie and Sylvia were kissing. ‘Wow, that was fast,’ I thought. Donna leaned across the center console and whispered, “Eddie is a hit. They’re back there kissing already.” I nodded and glanced in the mirror again. Donna’s hand came off the console and slid across my crotch. She found the contours she was looking for and pinched my dick and it responded instantly. She gripped the outline and grinned at me when I glanced over at her. She giggled and said, “My ever-ready bunny.”

I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot close to the front door. Donna took one final opportunity to run her hand down my cock through my pants. I leaned over and kissed her as she stretched up to meet my lips. Donna and I got out and closed our doors and started toward the front door. There was no hint that Eddie and Sylvia were following so I turned around and went back to the front of the car and banged my fist on the hood. The flood lights in the parking lot revealed that they were in a heavier embrace. I banged on the hood again and I heard Eddie mumble, “Okay. Okay.” Their doors opened and they got out. Sylvia’s face was flushed red and her lip-gloss was smeared. She was working on getting her clothes straightened out. Eddie was stooped forward as he came down his side of the car. I knew, from my own experiences, that he had an erection that he was he was trying to get under control. Thankfully, I had already gotten my own erection under control.

Once we were inside in the light, Donna saw Sylvia’s disarray and led her off to the lady’s room to get her straightened out. While we waited for the Maître ‘D, Eddie came over and said, “Fuck Jack. I think I’m in love.” I knew he was serious because he called me Jack and not Jack-O. He only called me Jack when he had something serious to say to me and Eddie was rarely serious. He was still reorganizing his junk when Donna and Sylvia returned.

We were seated at our table and the wine steward appeared. I ordered a bottle of Champagne without looking at the wine list. That turned out to be a mistake. The steward poured four glasses. While Eddie and Sylvia were engrossed with each other, I quietly ordered a Perrier in the same Champagne flute for Donna. Eddie never noticed the switch. I don’t think he took his eyes off Sylvia all evening.

The other tables were mostly empty. I was guessing that Thursday nights weren’t big nights here. Because they were so slow, we got a lot of attention; especially after I ordered the $400 bottle of Champagne. Even with Eddie’s and Sylvia’s infatuation with each other we tried to engage them in a four-way conversation. Donna was interested in Eddie’s story and so was Sylvia. He was a little embarrassed but I prodded him along and before long he was telling funny stories about his experiences in the Air Force. He could be very charming when he wanted to.

As Eddie talked, I noticed that Sylvia face was flushing red again. Her upper lip was moist with perspiration. She’d had a couple glasses of the Champagne and if not for the sultry expression on her face, I’d have thought that she was just getting buzzed. I noticed that she was fidgeting in her chair and when Eddie stopped talking to take a sip of his Champagne, Sylvia leaned toward him and whispered something in his ear. A grin formed on his face and then he looked at her and nodded.

Almost immediately, Sylvia said that she needed to use the rest room and she stood up and wobbled from side to side as she struggled to get control of herself. Donna started to get up too but Sylvia motioned for her to sit back down. That was the first time I’d ever seen a woman decline an offer to accompany her to the lady’s room. As Sylvia staggered away, Eddie started fidgeting in his chair. He sat there completely silent for a couple minutes and then said, “I’d better use the rest room too. Those beers are coming through.” He started to get up but sat back down and obviously started adjusting his erection in his pants. Satisfied, he stood up and headed in the same direction that Sylvia had gone.

When he was out of sight, Donna looked at me and started laughing. She said, “I guess they are getting on even better than we thought.” I chuckled and lifted my flute to toast Eddie and Sylvia. Donna raised her flute of Perrier water and tapped my glass. The waiter came over and asked if I’d like another bottle before ordering. I declined.

A few minutes later, Donna leaned over and placed her hand in my lap and it didn’t take long for her to find my instant erection. She had a lascivious expression on her face and said, “Let’s join them.” She smiled up at me and squeezed my cock. Blood was pounding through my ears. I could feel the heat growing in my face. I couldn’t believe where this evening was going. I reached down and lifted her hand off my cock and adjusted its position as I stood up. I offered my hand to Donna. She was grinning broadly at me as she took my hand.

As we headed for the rest rooms, I noticed our waiter grinning at me. He gave a thumbs-up signal and then looked away. I checked in the men’s room but no one was there. A faint, muffled, “AH… AHH.. AHH” was coming from the lady’s room. Donna tried the door-knob but it was locked. Donna lightly knocked on the door and a moment later we heard a breathless Sylvia say, “It’s occupied.”

Donna pushed her face close to the door and softly said, “It’s Donna. Open the door.”

A moment later Sylvia groaned and then said, “I’m kind of busy at the moment. Oh fuck. Yes. Right there.” Donna giggled at Sylvia’s response.

“Jack’s here too. Let us in.” Sylvia’s muffled voice said, “Shit. Hold on a second. Eddie, don’t you move.” Donna giggled as she envisioned what was going on behind the locked door. My cock was as hard as a steel rod as I envisioned the same.

A guy in a suit came down the hall and pushed past us to the men’s room. He looked at us with an amused expression on his face. Donna’s face was pressed to the lady’s room door and I was standing behind her waiting for Sylvia to open it. We heard the lock click and when the door opened a crack, Donna grabbed me by my crotch and pushed her way inside.

Sylvia was moving her gorgeous naked body back to the double sinks. Eddie’s pants were at his feet as he was jerking on his cock. Sylvia quickly moved back into her position bent over the counter with her legs spread and as Eddie moved back behind her to continue fucking her in a standing, doggy style, she said, “Lock the door behind you.” As Eddie pushed back into her pussy, she groaned, “Oh my gawwwddd Eddie. I love your cock.”

Donna was on fire after watching her sister and Eddie for a moment. She turned around and quickly unbuckled and unzipped my pants. As always, I was dressed commando and my hard-on launched out into her hand. She didn’t waste a second as she immediately began jerking me off for a few strokes and then went to her knees to bury my cock in her mouth. She was already gasping for air. She was in a frenzy as she pushed me back against the counter. Sylvia looked up at me. Her face told me that her orgasm wasn’t far off. Her teeth were clenched as she seethed air through them. Her eyes were open but they were glazed over. Her face was nearly pressed against the mirror as Eddie’s momentum propelled her forward and back. She was groaning constantly, “AHH.. AHHH.. AHHH,” with each thrust.

Donna pulled her lips off my cock and stood up. She was on fire as she turned to join Sylvia and bent over as she pulled her dress up over her hips. She was dressed commando too. She grabbed my cock and pulled it in behind her. I moved over beside Eddie as he continued thrusting his cock into Sylvia. He looked at me for a moment as if to acknowledge my presence and then returned his attention to fucking Sylvia. She was going insane and getting louder.

I pushed my cock forward and Donna guided it into her pussy. She groaned loudly as I pressed all the way into her. She yelled out, “Jesus Christ. I love your cock.” I pulled all the way back out and then pushed back in to the same reaction from Donna. I fucked her for several cycles and then pulled all the way out again and pushed it back in again. Donna yelled out again, “OH MY GAAAWWWDDD, Jack.”

Sylvia’s head rolled toward Donna and then she groaned hard and exploded into her orgasm. Donna watched her big sister for a moment and then turned back to me and grinned. Her head snapped back around to face the mirror as I changed my attack to the short-stroke piston-fuck as I gripped her hips firmly. Donna’s reflection in the mirror revealed that she was in a soundless scream. Her beautiful eyes were blank. Her mouth was open and she was so close to the mirror that fog was forming on the mirror from her gasping exhalations.

Eddie groaned his way into his orgasm as he drove his cock into Sylvia’s pussy with each salvo. He was gasping for air and started chanting, “Oh God. Oh God.” Sylvia groaned hard from each of Eddie’s thrusts. Their orgasms spurred me higher and when Donna’s body went rigid with the arrival of her orgasm, I let myself go and launched shot after shot of cum deep in Donna’s pussy. She clenched on my expanding cock and yelled out, “OH MY GOD, JACK. FILL ME UP. JESUS CHRIST.” Sylvia got laughing and her pussy pushed Eddie’s cock out. She tried to get him back but when Eddie’s cock fell from her, she really got laughing at the whole scene. Eddie was watching the final throws of Donna’s and my orgasms and he got laughing too.

They both settled down and got themselves back together again as Donna and I came back to the world. Donna got laughing as she felt cum drooling from her pussy and then we were all laughing. Sylvia took her neatly folded clothes off the counter and pulled them on and then dropped to her knees to suck Eddie’s softening cock into her mouth and used her tongue to clean him up. I back away from Donna and cum dropped to the floor. She grabbed a wad of paper towels from the dispenser and shoved it between her legs. She sagged to the floor and turned and cleaned my cock off the same way Sylvia had cleaned Eddie’s.

As we all got ourselves cleaned up and put back together again, Sylvia got laughing again and Donna hugged her and joined in her laughter. Eddie stuffed his soft cock back in his pants and gave me a high five. I intentionally missed his hand and he got laughing and turned on the faucet and washed his hands. I did the same after stuffing my cock back in my pants.

When we were all ready, I unlocked the door and was pulling it open just as a woman pushed on it from the other side. She staggered into the bathroom and her eyes went wide when she saw two men and two women standing near the door. We smiled and left leaving her staring at us as the door shut behind us. I wondered how long it would take her to figure out what we were doing in there. The closed space reeked of sex but it wasn’t our problem.

When we made it back to our table our waiter was poised to renew his service. He gave me a thumbs up and came over to take our order. Sylvia got giggling. Her face was red from embarrassment because she knew that the waiter knew. How could he not know? We’d all disappeared toward the rest rooms for forty minutes. I doubt that he thought we were watching the ball game in the lounge. Regardless, Sylvia couldn’t look up at the waiter for the rest of the evening. She talked to the menu to place her order. Donna got laughing at Sylvia’s embarrassment.

The food was amazing. Eddie and I agreed that we should come back. Sylvia kept shaking her head and saying, “No. No. No.” Donna got laughing so hard that Eddie and I joined her. Sylvia’s face reddened even more. We declined dessert and Eddie and I split the bill. I paid for the Champagne separately.

We took a table in the piano-bar and ordered another round of drinks. Donna and Sylvia sat in cushioned chairs across the knee-high table from Eddie and I with their backs to the bar. It quickly became clear why they had maneuvered the seating that way. Neither of them was wearing panties and they were sitting with their legs spread as they pulled the hems of their dresses up higher until we could see their pussies. We made it a point to look and the girls got laughing at the exaggerated expressions on our faces.

We all agreed that we were wasting possibilities sitting there so we paid the bill and returned to the car. I had barely got out of the parking lot before I heard Eddie’s zipper. I adjusted the rearview mirror so I could see Sylvia drop her head into his lap. She pushed her head down and Eddie mumbled, “Oh my God,” as his head fell back against the headrest. Sylvia’s head began bobbing up and down in Eddie’s lap and his hands moved to the top of her head. Eddie was groaning non-stop and Sylvia was making that “AAAWWWKKK.. AWWKK,” noise as she shoved her open mouth down his cock.

Donna turned in her seat to watch Sylvia sucking Eddie’s cock. The fingers of her right hand went to her pussy and she leaned on the console and reached her left hand to my crotch and pulled down my zipper. Eddie heard my zipper and sat up and said, “Just don’t kill us man. I doubt that heaven could be better than this.” Sylvia giggled around Eddie’s cock and he fell back against the headrest.

Donna pulled my cock from my pants and scooched up higher on the console and pushed her head down between my body and the steering wheel. I slowed down and started paying particular attention to the road as Donna’s lips pushed down my shaft. I pressed my back into the driver’s seat to give her more room and to prevent me from dropping my head back against the headrest and loose concentration on the road. Donna used her tongue and lips to work my cock.

I was sharing my concentration on the road with my view of Sylvia’s head bobbing in Eddie’s lap. Then Eddie pulled his head off the headrest and lifted his hips and exclaimed, “Fuck baby. Here I come.” She didn’t even slow down until Eddie had fired his many shots of cum into her mouth. She gagged once but didn’t pull off. She gave no indication that she was swallowing, but she must have. When he was done, she pulled off his cock and sat up and looked at my face in the mirror as she ran her tongue around her lips and wiped her chin with her fingers and then stuffed them in her mouth.

Sylvia leaned forward and looked over the front seat to watch her sister sucking my cock. She said, “Suck that big cock baby sister.” Donna got giggling and had to pull up off my cock and collect the wad of saliva that came with it. She smeared the saliva around my shaft and pushed back down again. Sylvia leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Give her a big load Jack. She loves cum.”

I slowed down further as my balls began to boil. I was so close and I wasn’t trying to hold it back. It built higher as my muscles seized. I had to consciously pull my foot off the accelerator as my legs went stiff. Then I groaned hard and blew my load into Donna’s mouth. She kept blowing me until my last salvo was deposited. My muscles relaxed and I could control the accelerator again. Donna held my spent cock with her lips and began lashing it with her tongue. She finally pulled back and said, “Yumm. She noticed Sylvia leaning over the seat watching and Donna stretched up and kissed her sister and pushed cum into her mouth. Sylvia accepted it willingly and then sat back and swallowed my load. She grinned at my reflection in the mirror.

Sylvia sat back and put her inside foot up on the seat and started strumming her fingers through her sex. She pulled one hand out and sucked her fingers into her mouth. Eddie moved his knees down to the floor and pushed his face between Sylvia’s thighs. She spread them wide and then gasped and expelled the sudden surge of air in her lungs. Eddie had his head buried deep and I couldn’t believe it when I heard him motor-boating Sylvia’s pussy. Sylvia exploded in laughter but she held on to his head. He did it again and Sylvia burst out laughing again. Eddie pulled back and I could hear him laughing too. Then the laughing stopped and Sylvia was moaning from Eddie’s attack on her clitoris and pussy. She had an incredibly sultry look on her face as she pushed her hips up at Eddie’s face. Donna turned in her seat to watch. I had a good view in the rearview mirror.

Eddie continued slurping and sucking as he flicked his tongue all around her sex. Sylvia muttered, “Oh fuck. YES. I’m gonna cum again. OHHHHH JESSSSUUUUSSSS.” She thrusted her hips at Eddie’s face. The pace of the slurping and sucking noises increased. Sylvia’s facial expression locked tightly in a grimace like she was in intense pain. She grabbed her tits through her dress. Her teeth were clenched tight and her hips pulsed strongly against Eddie’s face.

It was neat to watch Sylvia’s face morph from that grimace to one of pure serenity. She slowly settled back in her seat and Eddie pulled his face out of her sex and then kissed her clitoris and she surged forward as air exploded from her lungs again. Eddie sat back in his seat and I could see Sylvia’s juices glistening on his face as we passed street-lights. I grinned at Donna and noticed that she was strumming her sex under her dress. She noticed me glancing at her and I said, “I guess I owe you one.”

She grinned back at me and said, “I’ll take what I can get, as often as I can get it.” I turned onto her street and parked next to her BMW. I shut off the engine and other than the rapid ticking from the hot engine, it was completely quiet and no one moved. In stereo, Donna and Sylvia both said, “Can you come in for a night-cap?” I didn’t need another drink, but I knew what ‘night-cap’ could be code for. I looked in the rearview mirror and Eddie’s eyes were pleading with me to say “Yes.” He obviously knew the code too. Eddie and I both responded with a simultaneous “Okay” and that got everyone laughing.

Sylvia and Donna both played the ‘night-cap’ ruse to the hilt and led us back to the study to the bar. Sylvia turned to Eddie and said, “What can I make for…” Eddie cut her off in mid-sentence as he circled his hands around her slim waist and pulled her to him. Their lips were all over each other in a frenzy. Their passion was leaking over to Donna and she looked at me with a sultry expression and without a word took my hand and led me out of the study and up the circular staircase to her bedroom. We didn’t make it to the bed before we were all over each other in a frenzy of our own.

While still in a passionate embrace, Donna yanked open my belt and unzipped my pants. Before they hit the floor, Donna’s hand was stroking my hard cock. My hands were all over her body as our lips searched. I found her neck and she moaned hard and pulled her head back. I nibbled on her ear for a moment and exhaled my passion and Donna moaned again. She was frantically trying to get her dress down her arms. When the flimsy material dropped, she was standing there completely naked except for her high-heels. The no panties, I already knew. I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were as hard as nails.

Still in our embrace, I tenderly caressed her tits while she continued jerking me off. We collapsed on the bed as we heard Sylvia and Eddie careening down the hall toward Sylvia’s bedroom. They were obviously still entwined in passionate embrace. A door slammed and Donna was maneuvering her lips onto my erection again. She was breathing so hard that she could only take one cycle on my cock before she had to surface again to suck in oxygen. She was frantic and my cock hardened further. Between breathes, she mumbled, “Oh my God, I love your cock.” She plunged down again and pulled back up and gasped for air.

I maneuvered her around so her sex was moving toward my face and then she got what I was trying to do and that made her even hotter. She pulled off my cock and swung one leg across my head and settled her pussy down on my face. She looked down between her dangling tits to watch my tongue push into her. Her head snapped back as her hips dropped. She immediately groaned out, “Oh Jesus.” I couldn’t breathe and I had to lift her hips up. I took a huge breath and she understood the issue. She went back to my cock and I was driving my hips up to meet her descent.

I heard Sylvia wailing and I realized that her bedroom must be right next door. I was too involved in my own ecstasy to pay much attention but the sounds of Eddie’s and Sylvia’s sex did add to the atmosphere. I was sure that our noises raised their passion too.

I drilled my tongue in Donna’s pussy and flicked the tip on her Clitoris and I even gave her a rim-job even though she had previous indicated that she didn’t do that. She groaned hard on my cock and pulled off all together as she screamed loud and long. I could feel the tension building in her and then she pulled back and screamed as she frantically began rocking and rolling her sex on my face. She flooded my face with her juices as she went silent and gasped. Then she held her breath for what seemed forever as her pussy pulsed on my tongue. When she started her descent, I flicked my tongue on her clitoris and her wail matched her sister’s.

My hard cock was left on its own for too long and I flexed it hard. It slapped Donna in the face and brought her back to the moment. She giggled and grabbed it and her lips forced their way down my shaft. I groaned hard and gently lifted my hips. As fantastic as her mouth felt at that moment, I was thinking that I’d like to roll her over on her back and fuck the living daylights out of her.

I heard the constant “OH.. OH.. OH’s” from Sylvia’s room and I knew they were fucking. I flicked my tongue through Donna’s pussy again and she came up off my cock in a groan. I took the opportunity to roll her off me and with her on her back with her head at the foot of the bed, I rolled up onto her. She was thrilled with this sudden turn of events and she tried to spread her legs, but my knees were outside her legs so she couldn’t. Her hair was spread out across the bed and she looked like an Angel with that lascivious grin on her face as she looked up at me. I held my body weight off her with my arms between hers and her chest. She raised her arms above her head and grabbed the footboard as she lifted her hips up searching for my cock.

I bent down to gently kiss her. Her lips had much more passion. She was in heat and she sucked my lips to hers and her tongue probed my lips and ran along my teeth. My tongue joined hers as they entwined. Donna moaned into my mouth and when I pulled back, Donna followed my lips up and then she muttered, “Oh God Jack. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” She tried to spread her legs again indicating that I should get between them, but I had other ideas.

I sat up and gazed down at her gorgeous face and body and pulled my raging hard cock down toward her sex. She watched me as she gasped for oxygen. She lifted her hips toward my cock and I guided the velvety crown, sloppy with saliva to the top of her sex and pushed it down over her clitoris and into her pussy. Her hips pulsed with the contact on her clitoris and then she let out a low pitched, demonic groan as I pushed inside her. With her legs pressed together, the sensation was different; for both of us. She moaned out, “Oh fuck, Jack. That’s … Oh my God. Yes. Yes. Right there. Oh Jesus. Yes.” I rolled my hips to drive my cock in and out of her as I gazed down at her haloed face. Her eyes were shut and her mouth had formed an “O” as she moaned continuously as I plowed her depths.

I was distracted for a moment when Sylvia, next door, screamed into an orgasm and Eddie was right behind her with a loud, “UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH.” Even in her state of bliss, Donna smiled up at me when she heard Sylvia and Eddie. I flexed my cock hard to get her back with me and she groaned and flexed her vaginal muscles in response. She grinned at me and then her grin was gone and replaced by an odd expression as she ever so gently rolled into her orgasm. I watched in amazement as her head and torso seemed to levitate off the bed. Every muscle in her body clenched tight. I couldn’t even begin to describe the look on her face. She definitely wasn’t looking at me. It was like she was looking past me at God himself. She held her last gasping gulp of air in her lungs. Her torso suddenly dropped and her hips pushed up with enough force to lift me with them. I kept on fucking her even though she appeared to not notice.

Then her hips collapsed and she exhaled explosively and gasped another breath in and held it only for a moment and then expelled that too. Her eyes suddenly became aware of me and she let out a frighteningly loud scream and her pussy began clamping hard on my cock. She yelled out, “OH MY GOD. FUCK ME. HARD. GIVE IT ALL TO ME. NOW.” I ramped up my pace and I was pummeling her. She grabbed my ass-cheeks and tried to force my hips to work faster. I’d never experienced anything like this before. She was gasping air in and out at a furious pace. She had a frantic look on her face and then I suddenly exploding cum up my shaft.

Donna felt it coming and her torso lifted again, dragging her head with it. She screamed again, “YES. YES. OH MY GOD. YES.” She yanked my hips up and down until I had expelled my last shot. Her pussy continued to clench as she continued to suck air into her lungs. With my cock still imbedded in her, I gazed down at my angel as she grinned up at me and said, “Oh my ggaawwdd. What an incredible fuck. It was like I’d come out of my body to watch. Amazing.”

I leaned down and kissed her frantically searching lips and then said, “I’ve never seen anything like that.” I chuckled as a thought came into my mind, ‘Donna had left the building.‘ I kissed my way down to her neck, which elicited another groan, and then down to her tits. They were flattened on her chest and her nipples were amazingly hard. I flicked my tongue around each of them and Donna responded by pushing her hips up at me again. She giggled as she felt my semi-hard cock still in her.

Suddenly, the bedroom door flew open and a naked Sylvia ran in and leaped onto the bed. She said, “Jesus Donna, are you alright. I heard that scream and thought Jack was killing you.”

Donna looked over at Sylvia and giggled before she said, “I don’t know Sylvi. I might have died. It was the most incredible experience of my life.” She flexed her vaginal muscles and I let out another groan. Donna giggled and flexed again. This time I flexed back and she let out a groan. Sylvia had an odd expression as she looked at Donna and then at me.

Sylvia looked back down at Donna and said, “Do you mind if I join you guys?”

Donna said, “You didn’t get enough from Eddie? It sure sounded like it from here.”

“He was great. I had a huge orgasm and his cock was great but he fell asleep right after he came. I had other plans for him.” She put on a fake frown and stuck out her lower lip for emphasis.

Donna looked from Sylvia’s frowning face to me and said, “Do you have anything left for Sylvi?”

Frankly, I had no clue if I could go another round with Sylvia but I was sure that with these two gorgeous women working on me, I could get my cock back up again. Just Donna’s flexing pussy was keeping me semi-erect. I pulled my hips back and Donna groaned hard as my cock exited her vagina. A flood of cum and juices followed me out. She shoved her hand down to stem the flow. She inched her way out from under me and ran to her bathroom and came right back with a towel between her legs. Donna climbed up on the bed and sat cross-legged, Indian style and watched her sister, on hands and knees, furiously sucking my cock back up to full-size.

Donna and I looked at each other. She smiled which gave me permission to do the same. Donna was totally content with sharing me with Sylvia. They had an odd relationship. Donna, the younger sister, was the adult in their relationship and she was the giver. Sylvia, the elder, was needy and she was a taker. She outwardly projected confidence but she actually had very little. Donna projected very little confidence, yet she had a lot. I knew that Donna felt sorry for Sylvia’s situation and was ever mindful of Sylvia’s needs.

When Sylvia had me up to full size, she pulled back and went to her back beside Donna with her legs together like Donna’s had been and said, “Fuck me like you fucked my baby sister.” Donna smirked at me. She hated to be referred to as ‘baby sister’. I looked to Donna for permission and she nodded at me. I moved over Sylvia with my knees outside her thighs. Sylvia had an ear to ear grin as she watched me get into position above her. The first thing I noticed was that this was going to be ‘Fuck’. This wasn’t spontaneous like it had been with Donna. There was no passion. Donna had been smoldering in passion.

As I pushed my hard cock into Sylvia’s pussy to a long groan that stopped when I hit her depth, I realized that Donna’s experience was not going to be duplicated by Sylvia. I know that’s what Sylvia wanted. Donna’s experience was driven by Donna’s passion. I was a tool. I could give that tool to Sylvia but she would do something completely different with it. I fucked Sylvia the exact same way that I’d fucked Donna and Sylvia was getting into it but I could tell that she was disappointed that it wasn’t the same. I’d forgotten, over the years, that Anna sometimes liked to just fuck, but she was in her glory when we made love. I think it’s a lesser difference for guys, but I knew the difference. I was experiencing that difference right now as I fucked Sylvia into two orgasms before my balls released another load of cum into her clenching pussy. We were both gasping for air as Donna watched with a smile on her face. Her fingers had worked between the towel and her sex and she was fingering her clitoris. The smile evaporated and she groaned into her own self-induced orgasm. The groan grew into a high-pitched wheeze as she tensed. Her free hand went to her tits and worked her hard nipples. Sylvia watched Donna’s orgasm roll through her. She grinned up at me as her own clenches began to dissipate.

When our breathing returned to normal and I inched my spent cock out of Sylvia’s pussy. She sat up and kissed Donna and then me. She said, “Well, two orgasms are great but I was shooting for what she experienced.”

Donna just grinned at me and then said, “That was more than just sex. Way more.” I could tell that those were just words to Sylvia. She scooched herself to the edge of the bed and stood up. She shoved one hand into her crotch and reached for the towel between Donna’s legs and pulled it free. She went back to her room with the towel between her thighs. I watched as her magnificent ass disappeared from the room. Donna crawled her body up onto mine and kissed me. I held her full body weight on me for a long time and then we got up and took a quick non-sexual shower and dried each other off and slipped in under the covers.

I was expecting that Donna would want another round before she went to work, but I woke to her kiss on my cheek. I started to get up but she pushed me back down. I could see that she was dressed for work. She said, “Stay as long as you want. Next week?”

I came fully awake and sat up. I mumbled, “Absolutely.” She sent me an air-kiss and she was gone. I sat there for a while and then remembered that Sylvia and Eddie were next door. I hadn’t heard a thing from them. Normally, I would just get dressed and go, but I had Eddie with me so I laid back down expecting to wait until I heard some kind of activity from them. I fell back asleep but was woken again. I don’t know how long I’d been asleep, but Sylvia was chanting, “OHH. OHH.. OHH,” in the obvious throws of sex. Her headboard was rhythmically banging against the wall and my cock was at attention in moments.

I had a moment’s thought that I should go over and join them and I was certain that Sylvia would have been all in. I was just as certain that Eddie would not be. Eddie and I had always been competitive in all things, except girls. We both were terrible with girls. I got up and dressed and rummaged around in the kitchen looking for some way to make coffee. I finally gave up and wandered around the house to amuse myself. The rooms that I hadn’t been in before were just as spectacular as the ones I’d seen. If I could pick the house up and take it to the city, I could sell it for tens of millions of dollars. Here; they would be lucky to get one.

I went back to the kitchen to make another run at figuring out which of the appliances made coffee. I was looking at a promising candidate when I heard bare feet padding across the tile floor. I turned to see Sylvia, dressed in a floor length, chenille robe. Her face was still flushed with sexual exertion. She said, “Oh, hi Jack. Good morning. Let me guess, you’re looking for coffee. She came over and pressed herself against me and stretched up and kissed me on the lips. I gently kissed her back. “What a night, huh Jack? I’m sure Donna told you that I haven’t dated much since my operation. I guess I wasted a lot of time. I should have trusted the doctor.”

As she was saying that, she reached behind me to an appliance that I had been looking at when she came in. “It’s an espresso machine. It took me forever to figure out how to use it and make a cup that was drinkable. Donna is better at it than me. She uses the same machine at work so she has a lot more practice.” I watched her prepare and decided that a tiny little shot of espresso was certainly not worth the effort.

I heard Eddie in the foyer yelling, “Where is everyone?”

Sylvia giggled and yelled back, “We’re in the kitchen.” Moments later the hinged door from the dining room opened and Eddie stuck his head through the gap. He smiled when he discovered that he’d found the right room. He came in and kissed Sylvia as she hustled around the kitchen. “Espresso?” Eddie grinned and nodded.

Eddie and I were both dressed as we took seats on the barstools on one side of the island. Eddie couldn’t take his eyes off Sylvia as she worked. To break the silence, Eddie said, “This is an incredible house. I got lost.”

Sylvia had her back to us as she pushed some handled gizmo into the machine. Eddie was staring at her ass as Sylvia said, “I’ve lived here all my life so I kind of take it for granted.”

Eddie’s eyes broke away from Sylvia’s ass and he looked around the modern kitchen. He said, “This kitchen is a contrast with the rest of the house which is like one of those ghost story houses. Is this house haunted?”

Sylvia giggled and turned around to face us. “I guess it’s normal for people to assume houses like this are haunted because of the movies. This house was actually used for external shots in a movie about a haunted house. I’ve seen and heard strange things over the years but I never felt frightened.” She pushed two tiny cups of espresso across the bar and smiled at both of us. She leaned forward and put her elbows on the island and watched to see how we liked it. Her robe separated and we both had a full view of Sylvia’s breasts. She noticed where we were looking and she looked down. She pulled her robe back together but she didn’t hurry. She said, “I guess you’ve both seen these, so no big deal.”

Eddie took a sip of his espresso and chuckled as he responded, “They’re spectacular if you don’t mind me saying.”

Sylvia giggled and flashed her robe open and then closed it just as quickly and said, “If you want to see them again, you’ll have to ask me out again.” Eddie nearly choked on his espresso.

“Fuck. Uhh. Sorry. Damn Sylvia. When? Right now, is good for me.” Sylvia burst out laughing at the urgency expressed by Eddie’s voice.

“Let me recover for a few days. I’m not used to this.”

Eddie turned to me and with the same urgency said, “When do you see Donna again? Next Thursday? Fuck, I can’t wait that long.” Sylvia and I both got laughing. Eddie was frantic. His eyes flashed from Sylvia to me trying to figure out what was so funny.

Sylvia walked around the bar and pushed her body to Eddie and stretched up to kiss him. She said, “How about Saturday. We’ll figure out something to do.” She had a sultry smile on her face. His face was still red with embarrassment at whatever it was that got us laughing. He grinned back and bent down and they kissed again.

We finished our espressos and I patted Eddie on the back and said, “We should go.” I didn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do but I didn’t want to overstay our welcome. I could tell that Eddie didn’t want to go and I totally understood why, but I headed for the hallway to the foyer and Eddie reluctantly followed. Sylvia reached out and grabbed both of our crotches as we went by. She giggled when Eddie let out a groan.

On the drive home, Eddie raved non-stop about Sylvia. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t get an opportunity to say anything. In the close confines of the car I could smell the sex on him. When we got home, I suggested that he might want to shower. His face turned red again and without a word he disappeared up the stairs to the spare bedroom and moments later, I heard the shower come on. I had showered when I got up but I sniffed myself just to be sure.

When Eddie came downstairs, I had two plates of scrambled eggs, toast and sausage ready. He sat down at the bar and nearly inhaled his plate. He chuckled and said, “You’re going to make somebody a good wife someday.” It was a sexist remark for this day and age but we both laughed. Neither of us were particularly PC.

We fished off the Pontoon Boat until early afternoon and then I mentioned that he needed to get out there and find his own place. I liked Eddie. He’d been a great friend, but I didn’t want to live with him any longer than absolutely necessary. Eddie wasn’t much interested in doing anything other than what he was doing. He was disappointed when I started the motor and made our way back to my dock.

As Eddie readied to grab onto the piling as I eased to the dock, he spotted Divi and Priya in their bikinis stretched out in their lawn chairs enjoying the sun. I thought his eyes would bug right out of his head. He turned to me and said, “Fuck, Bro. You’ve lived here for ten years like a monk with this stuff all around you. Holy shit.”

I pointed at the piling as it came within Eddie’s reach and said, “You should see the woman on the other side. She’s a stripper in the city. She comes up with her boyfriend occasionally. Eddie wasn’t interested in the one in the bush, when he had two in the hand. He grabbed the piling and stared over at Divi, who had sat up in her chair smiling at us, and Priya, who seemed oblivious to our presence.

I shut off the motor and tied us up while Eddie continued staring back at Divi. As we headed across the yard to the stairs up to my deck, Eddie said, “Fuck. I’d be a constant walking hard-on if I lived here.” I chuckled at his comment but I didn’t reply. When I thought about it, I had just about been a walking hard-on for the past many weeks.

Eddie powered up his laptop and searched on-line for possible rentals on the lake. It was summer so camps were being used by their owners. Come fall, there would be a ton of them available to rent. He made a few phone calls and then headed out to look at one that was promising in town.

I returned to my usual entertainment: reading and napping and since it was Friday, I powered up my laptop and did my weekly on-line banking to pay my bills. It didn’t take long. I don’t have many bills and only the cable/internet bill was due. I logged out of the banking application and closed the laptop. I sat back in the chair with my hands behind my head reminiscing about last night. Donna had been on fire and it was even more than that. I couldn’t describe it but I’d witnessed it many times before with Anna. In spite of the thought of Anna, my dick hardened and tented my athletic shorts. In my mind, Donna and Anna became the same person and I was engaged in the same ultra-hot sex as last night.

I pulled the leg of my shorts up to release my erection. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t be distracted from my reverie as I started masturbating in long slow strokes. In a few minutes I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I wasn’t far off. Then I felt a presence behind me and opened my eyes and looked to my right. Eddie was standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat. I immediately stopped jerking myself off and held my hard cock down against my stomach. Eddie laughed and said, “What are yuh thinking about Jack-O?”

I laughed too and with considerable effort tried to get my erection back under the leg of my shorts. I answered his question honestly, “It’s a funny thing. I was thinking about last night, except both Donna and Anna were there. Not separately though. They were the same person. One moment she was Donna and the next she was Anna. It was weird. I think of Anna all the time but never in connection with anyone else.”

Eddie sat down across from me and said, “Maybe you’ve never thought of anyone else like you thought about Anna. Maybe you’ve never loved anyone else like you loved Anna. Maybe you’re falling in love with Donna like you were in love with Anna.”

Eddie’s words hit me like a sledgehammer to the chest. My lungs seized in my throat. Tears burst from my eyes. I was embarrassed to cry in front of Eddie. I knew he’d tease me about it. I turned away from him and resisted wiping my eyes with my hands as that would be a dead give-away.

Eddie was quiet for several moments and then he said, “It’s okay Bro. Anna was beautiful and brilliant and there will never be anyone to replace her. You’ve spent thirteen years grieving her loss. She would never have approved of this. Maybe it’s time to put all that energy into loving someone again. I think you’re telling yourself that person just might be Donna.”

I knew Eddie was right. The conjoined personas of Anna and Donna in my reverie about last night’s sexual encounter was probably telling me something. I knew that I was consciously evaluating my relationship with Donna but maybe I’d already subconsciously concluded that assessment. I still felt a reluctance to trust that assessment. We’d only had a few dates and my natural analytical tendencies were screaming at me. I hoped that I could reason with those tendencies. I was on a slow boat heading toward Donna and I would get there when I got there.

I gathered myself and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. Eddie felt the tension and tried to change the subject. “Good news. I think I’ve found a place to rent short term and then I’m going to rent a place up the lake for the winter. There’s no way I’m going back to the city after meeting Sylvia. I’m gonna stick around to see if there’s any chance there.”

I welcomed the chance to divert the conversation away from me. Eddie told me about how Sylvia had explained that she’d had a hysterectomy a couple years ago and she obviously couldn’t have kids. He could tell that I already knew. He said, “I was about to suggest that she could adopt, but I got the sense that she either didn’t want kids or she thought she was too old to start. I’m not hard over on kids so I was glad I hadn’t said something to make her think I wanted kids and she didn’t. I really like her Jack-O.”

I was happy for him. He was on cloud-nine, at least for the moment. By Eddie’s own admission, he had flitted from romance to romance. Some just ended like many romances do and others were ended by a transfer to some other Air Force base around the world. None came close to marriage. He was always envious of my relationship with Anna.

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