Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

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When Sylvia had me up to full size, she pulled back and went to her back beside Donna with her legs together like Donna’s had been and said, “Fuck me like you fucked my baby sister.” Donna smirked at me. She hated to be referred to as ‘baby sister’. I looked to Donna for permission and she nodded at me. I moved over Sylvia with my knees outside her thighs. Sylvia had an ear to ear grin as she watched me get into position above her. The first thing I noticed was that this was going to be ‘Fuck’. This wasn’t spontaneous like it had been with Donna. There was no passion. Donna had been smoldering in passion.

As I pushed my hard cock into Sylvia’s pussy to a long groan that stopped when I hit her depth, I realized that Donna’s experience was not going to be duplicated by Sylvia. I know that’s what Sylvia wanted. Donna’s experience was driven by Donna’s passion. I was a tool. I could give that tool to Sylvia but she would do something completely different with it. I fucked Sylvia the exact same way that I’d fucked Donna and Sylvia was getting into it but I could tell that she was disappointed that it wasn’t the same. I’d forgotten, over the years, that Anna sometimes liked to just fuck, but she was in her glory when we made love. I think it’s a lesser difference for guys, but I knew the difference. I was experiencing that difference right now as I fucked Sylvia into two orgasms before my balls released another load of cum into her clenching pussy. We were both gasping for air as Donna watched with a smile on her face. Her fingers had worked between the towel and her sex and she was fingering her clitoris. The smile evaporated and she groaned into her own self-induced orgasm. The groan grew into a high-pitched wheeze as she tensed. Her free hand went to her tits and worked her hard nipples. Sylvia watched Donna’s orgasm roll through her. She grinned up at me as her own clenches began to dissipate.


When our breathing returned to normal and I inched my spent cock out of Sylvia’s pussy. She sat up and kissed Donna and then me. She said, “Well, two orgasms are great but I was shooting for what she experienced.”

Donna just grinned at me and then said, “That was more than just sex. Way more.” I could tell that those were just words to Sylvia. She scooched herself to the edge of the bed and stood up. She shoved one hand into her crotch and reached for the towel between Donna’s legs and pulled it free. She went back to her room with the towel between her thighs. I watched as her magnificent ass disappeared from the room. Donna crawled her body up onto mine and kissed me. I held her full body weight on me for a long time and then we got up and took a quick non-sexual shower and dried each other off and slipped in under the covers.

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