Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

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A few minutes later, Donna leaned over and placed her hand in my lap and it didn’t take long for her to find my instant erection. She had a lascivious expression on her face and said, “Let’s join them.” She smiled up at me and squeezed my cock. Blood was pounding through my ears. I could feel the heat growing in my face. I couldn’t believe where this evening was going. I reached down and lifted her hand off my cock and adjusted its position as I stood up. I offered my hand to Donna. She was grinning broadly at me as she took my hand.

As we headed for the rest rooms, I noticed our waiter grinning at me. He gave a thumbs-up signal and then looked away. I checked in the men’s room but no one was there. A faint, muffled, “AH… AHH.. AHH” was coming from the lady’s room. Donna tried the door-knob but it was locked. Donna lightly knocked on the door and a moment later we heard a breathless Sylvia say, “It’s occupied.”


Donna pushed her face close to the door and softly said, “It’s Donna. Open the door.”

A moment later Sylvia groaned and then said, “I’m kind of busy at the moment. Oh fuck. Yes. Right there.” Donna giggled at Sylvia’s response.

“Jack’s here too. Let us in.” Sylvia’s muffled voice said, “Shit. Hold on a second. Eddie, don’t you move.” Donna giggled as she envisioned what was going on behind the locked door. My cock was as hard as a steel rod as I envisioned the same.

A guy in a suit came down the hall and pushed past us to the men’s room. He looked at us with an amused expression on his face. Donna’s face was pressed to the lady’s room door and I was standing behind her waiting for Sylvia to open it. We heard the lock click and when the door opened a crack, Donna grabbed me by my crotch and pushed her way inside.

Sylvia was moving her gorgeous naked body back to the double sinks. Eddie’s pants were at his feet as he was jerking on his cock. Sylvia quickly moved back into her position bent over the counter with her legs spread and as Eddie moved back behind her to continue fucking her in a standing, doggy style, she said, “Lock the door behind you.” As Eddie pushed back into her pussy, she groaned, “Oh my gawwwddd Eddie. I love your cock.”

Donna was on fire after watching her sister and Eddie for a moment. She turned around and quickly unbuckled and unzipped my pants. As always, I was dressed commando and my hard-on launched out into her hand. She didn’t waste a second as she immediately began jerking me off for a few strokes and then went to her knees to bury my cock in her mouth. She was already gasping for air. She was in a frenzy as she pushed me back against the counter. Sylvia looked up at me. Her face told me that her orgasm wasn’t far off. Her teeth were clenched as she seethed air through them. Her eyes were open but they were glazed over. Her face was nearly pressed against the mirror as Eddie’s momentum propelled her forward and back. She was groaning constantly, “AHH.. AHHH.. AHHH,” with each thrust.

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