Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

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When Divi heard Janet say ‘Rita and Frank’, she tried to get a word in and finally said, “You know Rita and Frank?”

Janet looked past me to Divi and then back at me and said, “Oh Jack. You didn’t. You took Miss India here to one of Rita’s parties? Wow, Frank must have been in heaven.” I glanced away from her. I was embarrassed to admit that I had.


I said, “Unwittingly. We thought it was just a house party. I was kind of baby-sitting.” I knew, as soon as I said it, that I’d made a big mistake.

Divi threw a fit about the baby-sitting comment and Janet started laughing and commented that ‘baby-sitting’ was about right.

I couldn’t win, so I got up on my hands and knees and climbed across Janet to the floor. Janet commented on my limp dick, “Wow Jack. I’ve never seen your junk so… so ‘unusable’.” I ignored her comment and went to the bathroom and closed the door leaving Janet and Divi to duke it out. It started out quite loud as they yelled at each other. Divi was giving as much as she got. I sat there on the toilet smiling to myself. Then things quieted down significantly. Then I heard moans and groans and I knew immediately that they weren’t arguing any longer.

I fought off my curiosity and went to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine and popped in a pod. In less than a minute, I was sipping on a hot cup of coffee. I sat down on the loveseat in the living room and listened to Divi and Janet groan nearly constantly. I was familiar with the groans of each of them and I was also familiar with their orgasms and I listened as they each had two. My cock responded and I was sitting there, naked, with a hard-on of all hard-ons sipping coffee. I slowly stroked my erection and after a while the bedroom became quiet.

Janet called me from the bedroom and I got up and walked in with my boner preceding me. Janet smiled at my erection and said, “Your girlfriend here is a great ‘cunt-licker’ but I think we’re both here for cock. I guess we got the dessert in before the main meal.” I saw Divi frown when Janet used her distasteful descriptor of her cunnilingus skills. I wasn’t fond of the use of that word either, but Janet was just being Janet and I let it go without comment.

Divi let it go too and grinned at me as she wiped Janet’s juices from her face with the back of her hand. Janet licked her lips and smacked her tongue back into her mouth. Divi was staring at my boner as hard as Janet was. I set my coffee cup down on the triple-dresser and crawled on hands and knees up from the bottom of the bed and sat back on my feet and motioned them to side by side doggy positions. Divi looked at Janet and grinned. They gave each other high-fives and spun around and braced their arms and shoulders on the headboard. Divi wagged her ass and grinned back at me. She was ready first and I moved in behind her.

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