Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

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Once we were inside in the light, Donna saw Sylvia’s disarray and led her off to the lady’s room to get her straightened out. While we waited for the Maître ‘D, Eddie came over and said, “Fuck Jack. I think I’m in love.” I knew he was serious because he called me Jack and not Jack-O. He only called me Jack when he had something serious to say to me and Eddie was rarely serious. He was still reorganizing his junk when Donna and Sylvia returned.

We were seated at our table and the wine steward appeared. I ordered a bottle of Champagne without looking at the wine list. That turned out to be a mistake. The steward poured four glasses. While Eddie and Sylvia were engrossed with each other, I quietly ordered a Perrier in the same Champagne flute for Donna. Eddie never noticed the switch. I don’t think he took his eyes off Sylvia all evening.


The other tables were mostly empty. I was guessing that Thursday nights weren’t big nights here. Because they were so slow, we got a lot of attention; especially after I ordered the $400 bottle of Champagne. Even with Eddie’s and Sylvia’s infatuation with each other we tried to engage them in a four-way conversation. Donna was interested in Eddie’s story and so was Sylvia. He was a little embarrassed but I prodded him along and before long he was telling funny stories about his experiences in the Air Force. He could be very charming when he wanted to.

As Eddie talked, I noticed that Sylvia face was flushing red again. Her upper lip was moist with perspiration. She’d had a couple glasses of the Champagne and if not for the sultry expression on her face, I’d have thought that she was just getting buzzed. I noticed that she was fidgeting in her chair and when Eddie stopped talking to take a sip of his Champagne, Sylvia leaned toward him and whispered something in his ear. A grin formed on his face and then he looked at her and nodded.

Almost immediately, Sylvia said that she needed to use the rest room and she stood up and wobbled from side to side as she struggled to get control of herself. Donna started to get up too but Sylvia motioned for her to sit back down. That was the first time I’d ever seen a woman decline an offer to accompany her to the lady’s room. As Sylvia staggered away, Eddie started fidgeting in his chair. He sat there completely silent for a couple minutes and then said, “I’d better use the rest room too. Those beers are coming through.” He started to get up but sat back down and obviously started adjusting his erection in his pants. Satisfied, he stood up and headed in the same direction that Sylvia had gone.

When he was out of sight, Donna looked at me and started laughing. She said, “I guess they are getting on even better than we thought.” I chuckled and lifted my flute to toast Eddie and Sylvia. Donna raised her flute of Perrier water and tapped my glass. The waiter came over and asked if I’d like another bottle before ordering. I declined.

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