Janet & Divi meet and childhood friend visits – Part 9

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Donna pulled her lips off my cock and stood up. She was on fire as she turned to join Sylvia and bent over as she pulled her dress up over her hips. She was dressed commando too. She grabbed my cock and pulled it in behind her. I moved over beside Eddie as he continued thrusting his cock into Sylvia. He looked at me for a moment as if to acknowledge my presence and then returned his attention to fucking Sylvia. She was going insane and getting louder.

I pushed my cock forward and Donna guided it into her pussy. She groaned loudly as I pressed all the way into her. She yelled out, “Jesus Christ. I love your cock.” I pulled all the way back out and then pushed back in to the same reaction from Donna. I fucked her for several cycles and then pulled all the way out again and pushed it back in again. Donna yelled out again, “OH MY GAAAWWWDDD, Jack.”


Sylvia’s head rolled toward Donna and then she groaned hard and exploded into her orgasm. Donna watched her big sister for a moment and then turned back to me and grinned. Her head snapped back around to face the mirror as I changed my attack to the short-stroke piston-fuck as I gripped her hips firmly. Donna’s reflection in the mirror revealed that she was in a soundless scream. Her beautiful eyes were blank. Her mouth was open and she was so close to the mirror that fog was forming on the mirror from her gasping exhalations.

Eddie groaned his way into his orgasm as he drove his cock into Sylvia’s pussy with each salvo. He was gasping for air and started chanting, “Oh God. Oh God.” Sylvia groaned hard from each of Eddie’s thrusts. Their orgasms spurred me higher and when Donna’s body went rigid with the arrival of her orgasm, I let myself go and launched shot after shot of cum deep in Donna’s pussy. She clenched on my expanding cock and yelled out, “OH MY GOD, JACK. FILL ME UP. JESUS CHRIST.” Sylvia got laughing and her pussy pushed Eddie’s cock out. She tried to get him back but when Eddie’s cock fell from her, she really got laughing at the whole scene. Eddie was watching the final throws of Donna’s and my orgasms and he got laughing too.

They both settled down and got themselves back together again as Donna and I came back to the world. Donna got laughing as she felt cum drooling from her pussy and then we were all laughing. Sylvia took her neatly folded clothes off the counter and pulled them on and then dropped to her knees to suck Eddie’s softening cock into her mouth and used her tongue to clean him up. I back away from Donna and cum dropped to the floor. She grabbed a wad of paper towels from the dispenser and shoved it between her legs. She sagged to the floor and turned and cleaned my cock off the same way Sylvia had cleaned Eddie’s.

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