Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

Eddie was anything but a master of the English language but his personal take on my erotic reverie about Donna and Anna as the same person had powerful implications to me. Sylvia had told me that Donna was falling in love with me and Donna herself, while acknowledging our short dating history, said that ‘the heart knows what the heart knows’. Now my analytical mind was asking, ‘Could Donna be taking Anna’s place in my heart?

I had been thinking that I had to hold my heart open to Priya in hopes that we could start our relationship over again. Priya was the one, and Donna was, ‘Well. Let’s see what happens.’ Had they reversed positions in my mind? Donna was open and sweet and caring and loving and she was carrying my child. My relationship with Priya had turned into a battlefield, fraught with land-mines to be carefully negotiated and Divi didn’t make things any easier. If my relationship with Anna was any kind of a barometer, Donna was certainly more like her. Still; Priya made my blood boil like no one had before. Was that just lust? I was answering my own questions.

Eddie sat quietly, allowing me to think through my dilemma. He got up and went to the kitchen and came back with a beer in each hand. He handed one to me and I took it and slugged down half of it in one gulp. Eddie reached his bottle out and tapped the neck of mine and said, “To you and Donna.” He smiled and tipped his bottle back and took a sip. I did the same.

I raised my bottle and said, “To you and Sylvia.” Eddie grinned hard and guzzled the rest of his beer and I followed his example. I was about to get up and shake the cobwebs from my mind when my computer dinged. It was the email application notifying me of incoming mail. I looked at the name of the sender of the new mail and it was from Cousin Rita. I opened the message and it read, ‘Having a party tonight. Bigger group. Hope you and Divi can CUM. Let me know either way. We missed you when your mom and sister were here.

I chuckled at the message and looked over at Eddie. He said, “Anything important?”

I said, “Do you want to go to a party tonight? It’s a swinger’s party here on the lake.” I left out the fact that the hostess was a first cousin.

Eddie’s face broke into an ear-to-ear grin and then his expression turned quizzical as he said, “Seriously Jack-O. You’re doing swinging parties now. Not bad for a monk. I’m all in.” I hit the ‘reply’ icon and typed, ‘Sounds fun. Divi is out. I’m still in dog-house with her mother. Bringing a long-time friend. Male. Let me know if another male is acceptable.‘ I hit the send button. I knew that last part was a bit sarcastic. Given the average age of the presumed attendees, Rita and the other women would welcome more men.

I didn’t have to wait long for her reply, ‘Bring all the male friends you can find. The ladies will be thrilled to have new meat. They’re still raving about you. Frank is very disappointed that Divi’s not coming. He says to invite her mother too.‘ I chuckled at that last part.

Eddie was staring at me as I typed the original reply and as I read Rita’s reply. When I chuckled, he moved over beside me and leaned in to read the email. I realized too late that he was reading about Divi and he said, “Who’s Divi? That’s a nickname for an Indian female. He thought for just a moment and said, “Your neighbors look Indian. Did you take one of them to one of these parties?”

The look on my face answered his question. I had no choice but to explain, “The daughter, Divi. She’s eighteen. I was kind of baby-sitting her while her mother was out of town. Divi begged me to go. We didn’t know it was that kind of party until after we got there. Her mom found out and she’s still really pissed at me. I don’t blame her.”

Eddie laughed and said, “Some baby-sitter you are, but I get it. She’s smoking hot. So’s her mother by the way.” I smiled and nodded and left it at that.

Rita hadn’t mentioned a time, so I assumed it was at eight o’clock like last time. When we pulled up to the dock, there were already several boats rafted up on both sides of the dock. I tied onto the last one and we crossed over each of them to the dock. We walked up the sloped yard and up the stairs to the deck. It was a hot evening and all the windows were open. We could hear the music from the dock and as we came up on the deck, we could hear the moaning and groaning of couples having sex. My cock was at full dimensions when we slid back the sliding screen door and entered the living room. There were more people there than at the previous party and couples were fucking in every position imaginable.

Rita was getting fucked doggy style with her feet planted on the floor and her torso laying across the dining room table. The guy was probably Frank’s age. She had a sex induced glaze in her eyes when she spotted me and Eddie standing there watching.

Rita pushed her torso up from the table and yelled, “Jack and his friend are here.” A moment later came a cheer from the women who didn’t have a cock in their mouths at the time. The guy behind Rita didn’t slow down and Rita’s head bobbed forward and back from his momentum and then she scrunched up her face and exploded into an orgasm just as the guy’s face did the same. He forcefully pumped his load into Rita’s pussy. Eddie already had his cock out jerking himself off before Rita’s orgasm washed through her. Then the guy pulled back and headed for the kitchen for a drink.

Rita pulled herself off the table and scrambled around to give me a hug and kiss. I introduced Eddie and Rita to each other and leaned down to Rita’s ear and whispered, “Eddie doesn’t know we’re cousins. Don’t say anything. Okay?” She giggled and ran her fingers along her lips like she was zipping her lips shut. She reached down and unzipped my fly and pulled my rock-hard cock out in the air and went to her knees and sucked it into her mouth. She noticed Eddie’s big cock and took it from his hand and started stroking it with her right hand as she fondled my balls with her left.

I was watching Rita sucking on my cock and didn’t immediately notice another woman come up behind Rita until she said, “Rita, darling. You can’t have all of them at once.” I looked up and it was Miranda, the owner of the Marina. She looked at me and said, “So, Jack. We’re finally going to hook-up.” She was a fairly attractive woman but I had no idea that her body was as spectacular as the naked body standing behind Rita. Her breasts were big and firm. She had a slight stomach pouch, probably from childbirth. I introduced Miranda to Eddie. He nodded at her but his attention was on Rita’s hand.

Rita pulled off my cock and said, “Hi Miranda. He’s all yours for the moment but I want him back.” Rita shuffled her knees toward Eddie and replaced her hand with her lips and Eddie’s head rocked back on his neck as she pushed down his shaft.

Miranda reached down and took my saliva-soaked cock and said, “Let’s find someplace more comfortable.” She led me through the maze of bodies spread across the floor and furniture. Frank was on his knees driving his cock into a younger woman’s pussy sitting in a chair with her legs draped across the arms. I didn’t know her. She wasn’t at the previous party. She was really enjoying Frank’s cock. He waved as I went by. I dutifully followed Miranda’s lead. The only vacant spot available was in the middle seat of the three-cushioned sofa. A woman, who I recognized from before, but I couldn’t remember her name, sat on the left end with a guy’s face buried in her pussy with her hands planted firmly on the back of his head. A guy sat on the other end with an older woman’s lips attached to his cock. I noticed that Jimmy and Rachel weren’t there. Rita had mentioned that he had been banned because of his violent tendencies.

Miranda pulled my shirt off over my head and then unfastened my belt and yanked down my pants as she pushed me down on the cushion and dropped to her knees. She spoke to the guy eating out the woman’s pussy. He just grunted an acknowledgment. Miranda reached over and grabbed his erection and jerked on it a few times. That got his attention. He pulled out of the woman’s pussy and said, “Hey, Miranda. Great party,” and then he went right back to work.

My cock was bobbing out in front of Miranda and she sat down on her feet and pushed my cock between her ample tits. She let a long string of saliva drop from her lips to her cleavage for lubrication and then pushed her tits together with the heels of her hands and folded her fingers in to hold her tits and my cock in place. She grinned at me and started an amazing tit job. She bent her head as low as she could so she could drop her lips over my glans each time it came out of her cleavage. She looked up at me and said, “Jesus Jack. Your cock is even better than I imagined.” I smiled at her as she dropped her chin down to resume her tit job and blow job combination.

The guy sitting beside me getting his knob polished was watching Miranda’s ministrations and moments later he blew his wad in the woman’s face who had just pulled off to get a breath. She took two shots to the face before she could get her mouth back on it again. She swallowed with each shot as the guy held her head down tight on his cock as he gritted his teeth and humped up his hips with each shot. She didn’t object and when he was done, he released her and she pulled back with a huge grin on her face as she smacked her tongue around her lips and pushed what cum she could find on her face into her mouth with her fingers. Then she turned to watch Miranda working my cock.

The woman said, “Hey Miranda. Do you mind?” Miranda pulled her head up and looked into my eyes as the older woman pushed her head down between Miranda’s face and my stomach and sucked my glans into her mouth as it came up out of Miranda’s cleavage and then popped off the end as it disappeared back between Miranda’s tits. The sensation was incredible and I let out a long, loud groan that amused Miranda.

The woman beside me, who had been grinding her sex into the guy’s face was suddenly all over the place as she was rocked by her orgasm. The guy moved back away from her and a long stream of squirt followed him back. He was trying to catch her fluid in his mouth. That was enough for me and my orgasm charged in at full steam and I let loose of many powerful streams of cum. The older woman sucking my cock took what she could handle and pulled back. The rest splattered off Miranda’s chin and sprayed everywhere. Miranda kept up her attack with her tits and let out a screech of delight as she was covered with my cum. The woman sitting beside me got covered too and she was laughing as she rubbed my cum into her skin like it was body lotion.

I took the moment of downtime to check on Eddie. Some new guy had moved in behind Rita and was fucking her doggy style. She was groaning and had abandoned Eddie’s cock. Another woman took the opportunity and led Eddie to the kitchen. She slid up on the bar and was hanging her head over the edge as Eddie fucked his cock down her throat while fondling her mega-tits. A younger guy came over and spread her thighs and was tongue fucking her. She was writhing all over the bar. Eddie looked over at me and grinned as he gave me a thumbs-up signal.

I smiled back just as a woman crawled over the top of Miranda and stepped up on the sofa to stand with her feet on either side of my cushion and shoved her pussy to my face. It was Bonny, from the previous party. I had fucked her on the bar, as I recalled. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her and rotated her hips as she ground her pussy on my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in even harder as I drilled my tongue into her. She shrieked and dropped her tits down on my head as she folded. Her legs started to give and I had to hold her up.

I felt someone’s lips push onto my semi-erect cock but I couldn’t see who. A tongue lashed around my ridge and then pushed all the way down my shaft as my glans pushed into the throat. To say the least, I was instantly fully erect. Miranda was the most likely candidate. She was in position when Bonny crawled over her. Fuck, it didn’t really matter. Whoever it was gave fantastic blow jobs. Then the lips pulled off and after some jostling, I felt a pussy slide on. Then I felt a presence only inches from my tongue and realized that whoever was riding my cock was rimming Bonny’s anus at the same time. I tried to look between Bonny’s thighs to see who it was but I couldn’t get that low.

Whoever was on my cock was gyrating her hips around as she rocked them on and off my cock. I let go of Bonny’s thighs and reached for the mystery woman’s tits in hopes that I could make an identification that way. They were pert and firm. I traced my hands down the firm, trim body as I continued to drive my tiring tongue into Bonny’s pussy.

The person on my cock had to be much younger than the average person at this party. My tongue was giving out and I pulled it out and flicked the tip across Bonny’s clitoris and she screamed as her hips went into spastic pulses and her torso did the same in the opposite directions. The tongue in her anus pulled back and the hips in my lap ramped up the pace.

I could feel new people take the seats next to me and one of them helped Bonny’s writhing body roll off my face and down into his lap as he maneuvered her quaking pussy onto his cock. I glanced over and it was Eddie. He said, “Let me give you an assist Jack-O.” I didn’t respond; I wanted to know who was on my cock.

It was Ashley’s friend, Meg, from the sunset cruise. I remembered that she and her friend Laura were locals. She grinned at me and said, “Hey Jack. Nice to see you again.” She was red faced and breathing hard as she rolled her hips on and off my cock. She was much more in control than the last time I saw her.

Bonny got our attention as she screamed into another orgasm on Eddie’s cock. As I was turning to look at Eddie, a hand from the person on the other side of me pulled my face around. It was Laura, Meg’s friend. I guess these two never went anywhere without the other. Laura leaned over and kissed me just as Meg’s body tensed and rolled into her orgasm. She groaned hard as her body throbbed spastically on my cock. Then she stopped moving and the only action on my cock was Meg’s pussy spasms. Laura and I watched a myriad of expressions wash across Meg’s face as her orgasm passed through her.

When she recovered, she frowned and said, “I didn’t get you off.” Then she smiled and looked at Laura and said, “I bet Laura can get you off.” Laura grinned and as Meg lifted herself off my cock and moved back to a standing position, Laura took her place. Her head rocked back on her neck as she pushed herself down and flinched a couple times until she found her depth. She let out a groan and then glanced to her left and said, “Hey Bonnie. Great party.” Then she went to work on my cock.

Meg and Laura, both in their early twenties, were hot commodities at this party. I’d guess that Eddie and I, at thirty-eight were the next youngest people there. As Laura leaned forward with her hands on my chest to support her thrusting hips, another unknown guy, who was smearing petroleum jelly on his cock, squatted down behind Laura and pushed his cock to Laura’s anus. She yelped in surprise and turned to see who it was. She said, “Oh, hi Max.” She was accepting of his advances as she leaned further forward and stopped fucking my cock. Her face was on fire. She was already gasping for air.

When Max pushed forward forcing his cock into Laura’s ass, she gritted her teeth and her eyes pinched shut as she let out a groan. Eddie let out a groan at the same time as he began launching his hips up into Bonny who was grinning down at him.

I felt Max’s cock slide past mine, separated by the thin membrane. The pressure was intense and I knew I wouldn’t last long with our cocks sliding past each other like that. Once he was in, he stopped and let Laura take up the action. Her face relaxed and after a few moments of inaction, Laura cautiously began rocking her hips, taking in Max’s cock and then mine. As she got her rhythm, she increased the pace. I cupped Laura’s tits in my palms and rolled my index finger and thumbs on her hard nipples. Meg sat down where Laura had been and moved in to kiss Laura, who was concentrating on her rhythm. I released one of Laura’s tits and began fondling Meg’s tits.

I could tell that Max, who was probably in his late forties, wasn’t going to physically last long squatted down like that behind Laura. Unfortunately, his solution was to lift Laura’s ass up higher so he could stand up. That pulled Laura off my cock and it slapped forward to my stomach. Max dropped down to his knees, taking Laura with him as he continued fucking her ass. Laura didn’t object and went to her knees in front of me. She immediately grabbed my sloppy, wet cock and shoved her mouth on it. Max was happy, I was happy and Laura certainly looked happy. Meg’s lips were left hanging when Laura was pulled away to the floor. Undeterred, she slid down my body to kiss my shaft when Laura’s lips came up in response to Max’s momentum pushing Laura’s lips on and off my cock.

Laura pulled her lips off my cock and Meg’s lips pushed on. Laura went lower and sucked on my balls. As she rocked forward and back, driven my Max’s momentum, she stretched out my ball-sack each time she moved back. I pulled Meg’s body to me so I could get my tongue on her pussy. She readily assisted my efforts. She was giving me a vigorous blow job when Laura released my balls and dropped to her elbows as Max let out a loud groan, “YYYUUNNGGGHHHAAAHHH.” Laura let out a whimper as her hips began thrashing everywhere. Max had several humorous expressions wash over his face as he deposited his load in Laura’s ass. I wasn’t far from my own as Meg’s head became a blur, as she fucked my cock with her mouth.

Eddie looked over at me with wonder in his eyes. “Jesus Christ. She must be a hellion in the sack.”

I mumbled, “You have no idea.” I launched my hips upward driving my cock deeper in Meg’s mouth than she could handle and she gagged and began coughing and she wasn’t ready when cum exploded up my shaft. She tried to keep her mouth on my cock but she couldn’t and had to pull off. She was coughing and gagging as many rockets of cum covered her face and hair.

Meg rocked hard into her orgasm in the middle of mine and her hips were pulsing so violently that I couldn’t keep my tongue in her sex. I did catch her clitoris on one swing by and she screamed hard getting the attention of others close by.

After that, things settled down. Max extricated himself from Laura’s ass and backed away. Laura curled into a fetal position on the floor gasping for oxygen. Meg was busy trying to wipe the cum from her face and hair. She cleaned her fingers off in her mouth as she maneuvered back in her seat. My cock had softened considerably but with all the sex going on around me, it didn’t go completely soft.

Bonny had just got up and moved on in search of other cocks. Eddie sat beside me slowly stroking his semi-erect cock while he surveyed the room. He looked at me and said, “Best party ever Bro.” I got up and waded through the moaning and groaning couples to the kitchen. I needed a beer and I needed to take a break, if that was even possible. Eddie and I were the youngest guys there and the women were keeping a close eye on our availability. Eddie was already being pulled to the floor by a woman who went to her back and lifted her ankles to Eddies shoulders. Eddy didn’t hesitate as he pulled her plump ass up onto his thighs and pushed his cock into her as she yelled out above the din of the others, “OH FUCK. YES.” Her big tits rolled like Jell-O toward her armpits and flopped around as she tried to get her hips moving.

Rita spotted me kind of hiding out in the kitchen and she extricated herself from a guy fucking her missionary style. She hurried into the kitchen and pushed herself up on the counter and spread her legs. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair was soaking wet. She was gasping for air as she looked at me and spread her labia with her fingers. She touched her clitoris and her head dropped to the counter top as her hips snapped upward. I took a long sip off my beer and moved over to her. I lifted her ankles to my shoulder and dragged my cock through her sex a few times. She lifted her head off the counter again and said, “Fuck Jack. Stop teasing me.” I pushed inside and Rita’s head dropped as she groaned out, “Oh gawwdd. Yes.” Her hips lifted as she pulled with her legs. It wasn’t long before she was chanting, “Yes. Yes. Yes.” She was already getting close as I drove my cock in and out of her. I wasn’t close this soon after my last ejaculation. Rita suddenly thrust her hips up as she pulled with her legs and pulled me down. I grabbed her tits to brake my descent. I felt her vaginal clenches and I kept fucking her until she just collapsed under me and lay sprawled across the counter like a rag-doll. She was gasping for air as her tits rose and fell with each breath. I pulled my rock-hard cock from her and bent down and kissed each of her erect nipples. She didn’t react.

I got another beer and pushed my thighs back between Rita’s thighs. I didn’t push my hard cock into her. I was faking like I was fucking her with occasional hip movements. I was just looking for a little reprieve. I looked back into the living room to see what was going on. The sex had diminished considerably. Eddie was just pulling his cock from the woman under him and she curled up in a fetal position. There was one sixty-nine going on with two moaning women. Other women were sucking on cocks trying to get them back up. Given the average age of the men, that might take a while. Some of the men were face deep in a pussy making up for their limp dicks.

One woman, that I had noticed earlier, entwined with another woman, was watching me as I lazily moved my hips between Rita’s thighs, as she laid there completely inert. The woman was much taller than the other women. My guess was that she was in her early forties. She was very attractive in the face. Her eyes were large, dark and captivating. They reminded me of Priya’s and Divi’s eyes. She had long, straight dark brown hair, parted in the middle. Her long body was thin with narrow hips and waist but with all the right curves. Her abdominal muscles were ripped and she had small, A-cup breasts with long hard nipples. Her skin was milk chocolate brown that was only revealed as a tan when she stood up and I could see the tiny white patch around her completely hairless sex where her thong bikini bottom had been. There was no hint of tan lines anywhere else.

I couldn’t take my eyes off hers as she stood. Her legs were impossibly long. She provocatively swung her hips while stepping over bodies on her way to the kitchen. Her long legs seemed to flow. She walked up beside me and examined me from head to toe. Then she bent down and kissed Rita and in an Australian accent said, “Rita, love. You okay, mate? You ‘aven’t moved in a while.” Rita responded to this woman with a simple kiss back.

Rita said, “I’m fine, Sarah. I’m better than fine, actually. How’s Michelle? Are you enjoying the party? Have you tried on Jack yet?” Rita nodded at me as she squeezed her thighs together. “He’s got a magnificent cock. It’s to die for.” Rita giggled and reached her hand down into her sex and dragged a fingernail across her clitoris and shuddered in response.

Sarah giggled at Rita and said, “Slow down mate. “Michelle’s rippers. A lot of sheilas here for her. I’m stoked. Ta for inviting us. A bit unexpected out here in woop woop; and nah, I ‘aven’t cracked onto Jack yet, but I ‘eard the stories.” She scanned me up and down again and said matter of factly, “We’re gonna root soon.” I didn’t get most of what she’d said but the sultry expression on her face indicated she had plans for me and soon. One of the few words she’d said that I understood was ‘stoked’. That was a fair description of how I was feeling at that moment.

Sarah moved over close to me and said, “You got a tinny for me? I must have had a perplexed look on my face. She nodded at the beer in my hand so I figured that tinny meant beer. I pulled my hard cock out from between Rita’s thighs and stepped back to the refrigerator, taking my hard-on with me. I pulled out a beer and popped the tab and handed it to her. She reached for the beer but she was staring down at me cock. She looked back up at me as I placed the beer in her hand. She nodded at my cock and said, “Wow. That’s some boomer.” She pushed her slender body against me and pressed her lips to mine. She had to stretch up a little, but not much. She broke the embrace and grinned as she said, “I’m gonna need that it my moot and clacker.” She was obviously having a lot of fun speaking her so called English language with every Australian slang she knew. I had no idea what she had just said, so I pulled out my best Australian accent and said, “Yaa. ‘Wotts’ a moot and clacker?” She grinned at my awful accent and then burst out laughing.

Rita overheard the whole conversation and said, “She wants you to take that big cock and fuck her pussy and anus.”

Sarah looked at Rita and then back at me and said, “‘Wott’ she said.” She wrapped her long fingers completely around my cock and led me over to a vacant overstuffed leather chair. She pushed me down in the chair and dropped to her knees and looked up at me as she spit on my cock and began jerking me off. She grinned and said, “Let’s start with a gobby.” I was in, whatever a ‘gobby’ was. It turned out to be a blow job and she had an amazing set of skills. I figured that since her partner was a lesbian that she wouldn’t have many opportunities to practice on cocks but when her lips pushed up against my balls and flicked her tongue on them, I let out a loud groan as my head pushed back into the chair and my hips pushed forward. She held my cock in her throat for a few moments and then started an amazing blow job. I looked down at her face driving on and off and noticed that most of the sex in the room had stopped and most everyone was watching us, including Eddie, who had Meg’s lips frantically blowing his cock.

Sarah knew I wouldn’t last long and she pulled her lips up my shaft taking a hard vacuum as her cheeks caved in and then when I came free, a loud pop came out of her mouth. She grinned up at me as she stood and turned around between my spread thighs and leaned forward and pulled my cock down as she sat on my stomach. She dragged my rigid cock through her sex and her body spasmed when she touched her clitoris. She lifted herself and pushed her pussy down my shaft and groaned all the way down and so did I. Her pussy was tighter than I expected. Sarah’s partner, Michelle, moved between my knees and pushed her face into Sarah’s pussy and gently sucked her clitoris between her lips. Sarah’s head snapped back and she let out a moan. Michelle was very careful not to touch my cock with her mouth.

Sarah began fucking her pussy up and down my shaft and was soon chanting, “OH.. OH.. OH.” She shook her head and muttered, “Root. That’s big.” Her pussy had a tight grip on my cock and I couldn’t help but get in on the action by rocking my hips to her motion. Michelle flicked her tongue on Sarah’s clitoris again and she writhed in my lap and then she was cumming hard as she wheezed out a scream. Then she was holding her breath and she didn’t make a sound as her back arched and shuddered. She was holding Michelle’s face in her sex.

When she slowed down and started breathing again, she lifted herself up my shaft and grabbed my cock before it flopped back on my stomach. She dropped herself slightly lower and sat her anus down on my throbbing glans. I pushed my hips up and held my position as Sarah used gravity to help push her ass onto my cock. Her groan increased in volume and pitch until I pushed inside. Her groan evaporated into a hard exhalation as she continued down my shaft.

Michelle now had total access to Sarah’s pussy and she took full advantage as she drilled her tongue into Sarah’s vagina. I could actually feel Michelle’s tongue on my cock. I reached around Sarah and cupped her pancake tits and palmed her nipples. Her hands came off Michelle’s head and pressed mine hard onto her tits. She was gasping for air as she raised herself with her legs and let gravity slam her back down again. She was frantically fucking her own ass. There was little I could add to the motion.

From across the room, Eddie groaned into another orgasm and everyone turned to watch him launch his jizz into Meg’s mouth. She couldn’t hold it all and she was forced to pull off. All of Eddie’s remaining shots splattered across her chest where she had aimed his cock when her lips came off. Laura was right there scooping cum off Meg’s tits and sucking her fingers clean.

It wasn’t long before I felt Sarah’s sphincter clamp hard on my cock and knew that she was having an anal orgasm and her grip literally yanked my climax out and I blew cum up my shaft into Sarah’s bowels. She screamed and I groaned hard. Michelle pulled back to watch Sarah gyrating through her orgasm. My hands released her tits and went to her hips to hold her in place. She was throbbing and pulsing everywhere in my lap.

Apparently, the hot scene between Sarah and me raised a few erections and the party was back in swing again. I wrapped my arms around Sarah and held her tight as she came down. Sarah didn’t move her ass off my softening cock for some time and eventually, my limp dick came out of her.

I was fucked out and I hoped that Eddie was too. I helped Sarah to her feet and she helped me up. She pressed her body against mine and she kissed me with passion. Michelle didn’t seem to like that as a frown formed on her face. Eddie got my attention and gave me the thumb, which meant that he was ready to go. I broke my embrace with Sarah.

We dressed and tracked down Frank and Rita and thanked them for their hospitality and then we loudly exclaimed a “Good night” to the rest of the room. Many responded but others were engaged in sex again. We made our way over the boats and untied mine and slowly cruised back to my dock. Neither of us said a word. I was tired. I assumed he was too.

Back in my living room, Eddie collapsed on my loveseat and said, “Holy shit, dude. That was incredible. I’ve never been to anything like that before. He cupped his balls and bent down and actually spoke to them. “Hey buddies. Great job. You didn’t embarrass me once.” I laughed at his one-way conversation.

“I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted.”

Eddie pulled his weary body up from the loveseat and said, “Me too. See you in the morning.” He was massaging his balls with his hands down in his pants as he headed for the stairs. I reached down and fondled mine too. Considering the workout, they felt fine. I chuckled to myself as I thought, ‘I wonder if the cum-making part in my balls can get exercised like a muscle to make it stronger.‘ I decided that was a stupid thought.

I took a quick shower and as I stepped in and pulled the shower curtain, I noticed the scent of Sarah’s perfume. I took a deep breath to savor it and then the water cascaded down over my face and the scent was gone. I found myself envisioning Sarah’s long, lithe body. Her tits were small but I decided that they were perfect for her slender frame. I could envision my hands wrapped completely around her tiny waist; thumb to thumb and middle finger to middle finger. That was an exaggeration but not by much. I loved her accent. I could listen to her string of Australian slang all night. My cock lifted as I thought of her. I gripped it in a tight fist of soapy bubbles and jerked on it a few times.

After vigorously drying myself off, my erection and I got under the sheets. I laid there for a moment and then stuck my head under the covers and wafted the air around my body with both hands. The scent of Sarah’s perfume was gone. I replayed our sexual encounter over in my mind until I drifted off to sleep. I woke several times in the night to realize that I was dreaming of the party in general but no one had a face. Each time I’d roll over and drift right back into that same dream of the faceless women fucking and sucking my cock. Just me and faceless women. I couldn’t shake it.

I finally fell into a deep sleep but for how long, I didn’t know. Way far off in my subconscious mind was a soft crunching noise. By the time I came to, the noise had stopped. I figured that it must have been part of a dream. I had a woody tenting the covers as I laid there on my back. It was still very dark out and the only illumination was from my digital clock on my nightstand. I drifted back into my dream as I took one stroke down my shaft to my balls. I came to again when I felt movement in the bed. I was initially startled but I quickly thought, ‘Divi is back.’

I was sure that the change in my breathing pattern had revealed that I was awake but I didn’t move a muscle. My erection was tenting the covers in anticipation. I waited to see what would happen. There was movement again. Then fingers wrapped around my cock and they started stroking up and down my shaft. The combination of the facts that the fingers wrapped completely around my cock and that perfume scent that I smelled last night, wafting out from the under the covers, revealed that the person in my bed wasn’t Divi. It could only be Sarah. She was the only one I knew that had fingers long enough to wrap completely around my girth. I had no idea how that happened but I was sure I’d find out.

I let out a muted moan and the body in my bed rolled over against me and came up on one elbow to kiss me. It was in fact Sarah and she whispered, “I didn’t want to knock you up,” like she was whispering so she wouldn’t wake me. She pushed her body up on top of me and moved my thighs apart with her knees and pushed her legs down between mine. My cock was pressed firmly between our stomachs. She was content, for the moment, to just kiss me with a lot of passion. I got caught up in it and started to respond in kind. She had released her grip on my cock when she rolled up on me and she was frantically running her fingers through my hair as her lips were all over my face and neck. She groaned and whimpered in her passion. Her kisses didn’t stay in place for long because she had to break the embrace to gasp for air.

I ran my hands down her spine to her incredible ass and pressed my middle finger into her anus. She immediately pulled her lips off mine and her head snapped back as she groaned, “Oh my God. Yes.” She gasped in air and plunged her lips back down on mine as she pushed her ass up at my finger. I pushed in deeper. Her slender frame allowed me to penetrate deeper than usual and she wanted everything I could give her.

My cock wanted more than just the pressure of her body lying on top of it and it flexed hard reminding her that it was there. She slid her body over mine toward the headboard until my cock was on her sex. I took the opportunity to suckle her hard nipples and she groaned hard again as she reached between us and maneuvered my cock to her pussy.

She pushed herself back down my body and let out a long, “AAAAHHHHHH” as my glans pushed inside. She held herself there for a moment as she bent forward and kissed my neck and then my lips. Between gasps she tried to explain how she came to be there. She had left the party by boat with her partner Michelle. They got home to their rented cabin and Michelle exposed her ‘green monster’ as she was pissed off about the sensual kiss that Sarah had given me. As Sarah explained it, Michelle knew that Sarah was bi-sexual and she was okay with that until there was a cock in play. Then she struggled with her feelings for Sarah and she did okay even with that but the sensual kiss to a man tipped her over. Anyway, they got in an argument and Sarah left in a huff. When Eddie and I left the party, she asked Rita where I lived and Rita gave her my address. She used her car’s GPS to find me. The soft crunching of her tires on my gravel driveway was the noise that I’d heard. She loved the fact that I didn’t lock my doors. It reminded her of home back in Australia.

I was getting bored with the explanation and I flexed my cock hard in her pussy and she giggled and said, “It’s time to root. That’s fuck in your English. Root my klacker with your fingers while I root this boomer with my moot.” I had to think back to Rita’s explanation to understand what she’d just said. It didn’t matter whether I understood her words. She immediately drove her pussy or moot (pronounced like foot) down my boomer and her pace ramped up quickly.

She reached behind her and grabbed my wrist to remind me to keep finger-fucking her ass. She groaned hard when both fingers and cock were in synch. I joined with her rhythm and was driving my hips up when she was coming down. She flinched a couple times and she adjusted her fucking motion to revel in the pressure without the pain. I moved my middle and index fingers into her ass and she yelled, “Oh root. Yes.”

We fucked each other like that for several minutes until she groaned hard and her muscles tightened. When I felt her release, her pussy began clenching hard and fast on my cock. My own climax was closing in on me but I wanted to drive her into a second orgasm with a short-stroke piston fuck in the missionary position. Without even waiting for her to recover, I rolled us over to my right. She was too oblivious to resist. Her thighs were still between mine and that just made for a tighter connection. I pushed my torso up on my locked arms and looked down at her beautiful face illuminated by my clock and I glanced at it. It was only a little past one AM. She was still clenching on my cock and she pulled her torso up to kiss me. In American English, she whispered, “Fuck me, Jack.”

I fucked her hard and then gently. She liked it both ways and groaned hard with each transition. She was trying hard to drive her hips up to get even more. Sensuality radiated off her. She was intoxicating and my cock grew harder as she mumbled, “Fuck Jack. Give it all to me. Jesus Christ.” So, I did. I gave her everything I had while still being cautious not to cause her any pain. She screamed so loud and shrill, the neighbors would have called the Police if I had any close enough to hear.

Her tight pussy was pulling my orgasm up to join hers and they both crashed over us at the same time. Sarah screamed again when my first salvo of cum launched into her. Her eyes flew open wide and her dark eyes were huge. Her lips opened for a moment and then she clenched her teeth as she seethed air between them. She clenched rapidly on my cock as I poured shot after shot of jizz into her pussy.

Then I heard thundering footsteps pounding down the stairs from the second floor. I had completely forgot about Eddie. He would have certainly heard Sarah’s blood curdling screams. Sarah heard the footsteps too and quickly pulled herself together enough to say, “Oh my God. I didn’t know anyone else was…” She stopped in mid-sentence and cringed when my cock spasmed at the same time as her pussy did. “Root,” she said as she gritted her teeth again.

Eddie was at the bottom of the stairs and crashed into an end-table with lamp in the living room and then the bedroom ceiling light and fan came on as Eddie burst into the room. We all had to squint from the sudden bright lights. Sarah seemed to ignore the intrusion as she slowly rolled her hips up and down to milk every last drop from me. We had the covers over us from the waist down and my body completely concealed Sarah’s torso and head. She peeked past me to see Eddie standing there at the doorway, totally naked with his cock steadily rising from the erotic scene in front of him.

Sarah visibly relaxed when she recognized Eddie from the party. She giggled and looked up at me and said, “I don’t suppose you two would be up for a three-way? I don’t get many opportunities like this.” She grinned as she watched Eddie’s cock lift to full size and bob up and down well above horizontal.

Eddie moved down the bed so he could see Sarah better. He smiled when he recognized her. “Your Sarah, the Aussie, right?” Sarah smiled at him with a really sultry smile. His cock jumped and he gripped it with his right hand.

She looked down at his cock and grinned and said, “Nice boomer.” Her eyes were on fire when she looked up at me. “Can I get you back up again Jack? As much as I love getting my arse reamed, I’ve never been DP’d before.” She looked over at Eddie and said, “Are you blokes up fer it?”

Eddie was nodding like a bobble-head doll and he stroked his rigid cock as he moved in closer and Sarah replaced his hand with hers. As if to remind her of her question to me, I flexed my cock hard in her pussy and Sarah groaned and then said, “I was hoping that would be your answer.” Eddie moved closer in hopes that Sarah would push her lips on. That was a little too close for me and I pulled my knees up Sarah’s body and sat up straight. Her nipples were incredibly hard and long. Her small tits were like pancakes on the griddle.

Sarah rotated her torso toward Eddie and sucked her lips onto his glans and Eddie threw his head back and let out a groan, “Oh my God. Fuck.” She didn’t attempt to go any further down his shaft. She stroked his cock gently while she locked her lips on the ridge of his glans. She certainly wasn’t interested in getting him off. She wanted his cock to be as hard as she could get it. Watching her suck Eddie’s cock caused mine to harden further and Sarah groaned and pinched her eyes shut as I flexed it inside her pussy. It also told Sarah that she had two cocks ready to go and she pulled her lips off Eddie’s cock and pushed me back so she could get up.

I rolled off of her, pulling my cock out. She groaned as I came free but she was moving to get everyone in position. She was nearly frantic as she pushed Eddie down on the bed and then pulled his legs back to hang over the edge. Then she climbed up on the edge of the bed to stand over Eddie with her legs on either side of his waist. She squatted down and pulled Eddie’s cock up to her pussy. She pushed down and fucked Eddie’s cock several times and then dropped her knees to the bed beside Eddie’s hips and bent forward presenting her ass to me as I stood on the floor behind her awaiting her instructions. Eddie was driving his hips up and down and Sarah was getting into his fuck as she moaned, “AHH AHHH AHHHH,” with each of Eddies’ thrusts.

Sarah looked back at me and motioned me closer. I knew what she wanted and I positioned my glans on her anus. She immediately flinched and moved forward and then pushed back and held her position as I pushed my cock into her ass. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and then she went back to her, “AAAHHH AHHHH,” chanting. I pressed forward, ever ready to stop if Sarah gave any indication that she was in pain. I didn’t have to stop and Eddie and I were fucking Sarah relentlessly. She screamed loudly but not in pain. She was in-heat and throwing her head from side to side as our cocks slid past each other over and over again.

Sarah was quick to burst into an orgasm and we didn’t slow down. Before that climax finished, she was into another one. She was screaming, “YES… YES.. YESSSSSS. ONE MORE. OH GOD. GIVE ME ONE MORE.” She was frantically trying to get into the action and she got her hips moving onto Eddie’s cock and off mine and then the opposite. This saved Eddie and me. Our cocks weren’t sliding along each other anymore. That pressure was driving me to my orgasm but at the last moment I got a reprieve as we both stopped and let Sarah fuck herself into delirium. She got her third orgasm at the same time as Eddie and I exploded into ours. I could feel Eddie’s cock alongside mine as he blew his load. I’m sure he could feel mine too.

Sarah collapsed forward onto Eddie’s chest and pulled her ass off my cock. She groaned and yelped when I came free. Cum fell from Sarah’s gaped-open ass and ran down Eddie’s balls. We were all gasping for air as Eddie wrapped his arms around Sarah’s back and held her tight. I went to the bathroom and got a wet facecloth to clean my cock and then pressed it to Sarah’s dripping ass. Her sphincter was still gaping but not as big as before.

Sarah laid on Eddie’s chest for quite a while. I watched his spent cock flop out of Sarah’s pussy. I moved the wet facecloth down lower to catch all the cum falling out of her pussy. She was done. I had been wondering if we had enough manpower to finish her off. She was insatiable. I was amazed that another woman, even as sexy as Michelle, could keep Sarah satisfied with a tongue and scissor action or dildos. Sarah seemed to adore boomers.

Sarah asked if she could use my shower. She didn’t want to go back to Michelle smelling of sex. She and Eddie kissed and he gave me a high-five as he went back upstairs wiping his cock clean with the wet facecloth. I looked at the clock and we had been at it for two and a half hours.

Sarah finished her shower and came back into my bedroom fully dressed. She crawled up on my bed and kissed me hard and with passion. She said that she and Michelle would be leaving in the morning. Rentals were usually from Saturday to Saturday. She kissed me again and then she was gone.

I got up and turned the ceiling light and fan off and crawled back in bed trying to find a dry-spot. I laid back and thought, ‘Wow. What a night.’ I chuckled to myself as I had a weird thought, ‘I hope Eddie is ready for Sylvia tonight.’ That was my last thought before I was asleep.

I woke to bright sunlight. I got out of bed and pulled up the shade. Ashley’s car was in Jacob’s driveway but Jacob’s truck wasn’t there. I didn’t think too much of it and stepped into the shower. As I walked past the open bathroom door, I saw Eddie sitting at the bar sipping on a coffee cup. He waved and I waved back. After the shower I contemplated dressing to go to the diner for breakfast, but I was feeling a twinge of guilt about Sarah and the swinger party last night. This was even more confirmation that I was getting attached to Donna. I shook off the uncomfortable feeling but I still opted not to go to the diner.

I came out to the kitchen dressed in a tee shirt and athletic shorts. I put a cup and a pod in the coffee machine. Eddie was standing at the dining room table looking out the window toward Jacob’s property. He turned to me and said, “Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve got that next door?” He pointed toward Jacob’s yard with his coffee cup. I walked over to see what he was talking about. Ashley was doing her thing again. She was on her yoga mat on her dock doing her yoga exercises. She was dressed in her usual Spandex outfit that barely covered her nipples and exposed amazing amounts of cleavage. The material amplified her every curve.

I’d seen this scene many times and I turned and returned to the kitchen nonchalantly saying, “Oh. That’s Ashley. She’s the next-door neighbor’s girlfriend. She’s pretty hot, isn’t she? The boat parade should start any moment now. I don’t know how the word gets out but men and women alike come out to watch her.”

I grabbed my coffee cup and shut off the machine. We both went out on the deck and watched the show. I had an extra pair of binoculars and I handed them to Eddie. He laughed and said, “So, you’ve become a voyeur now.” I laughed too and lifted my binoculars to my eyes to scan the boats that slowly passed by Ashley’s dock. I had seen way more of Ashley than she was showing as she did her yoga routine. Eddie was fascinated with Ashley and he trained his binoculars on her. He let out a whistle and said, “Mother fucker. That is an amazing body.”

I responded with a simple, “Uh-huh.” Then I said, “She’s a stripper in the city.”

Eddie lowered his binoculars and looked at me and said, “No shit? I’d pay money to see her naked.” I didn’t respond.

I said, “Check out the pontoon boat that’s pulled out of the parade and stopped.” Eddie looked with his naked eyes and then trained his binoculars on the boat. A young woman in a bikini was lying on her back on the padded sundeck to the left of the captain’s chair. Standing behind the captain’s chair was a young guy. To anyone looking from shore it was an innocent scene. With the binoculars we could clearly see that the woman’s head was hanging over the edge of the sundeck close to the standing guy. He was driving his cock down the woman’s throat. He was massaging her tits inside her bikini top. We were too far away to hear anything. The breeze was blowing away from us anyway.

Eddie said, “Awesome. I see why you have the binoculars.” Then the guys body pulsed forward and he braced himself against her tits to keep from falling and then he pulled his cock back from her mouth and started jerking himself off as he shot jizz all over her face and chest. Eddie said, “Fuck, that’s hot.” I didn’t respond. Eddie’s binoculars turned back to Ashley as she was rolling up her yoga mat and stood. She waved to her fans and cat-walked across the yard and up to her deck.

I said to Eddie, “Find a spot through the leaves and watch what she does now.” He grinned and did as I suggested. As usual, Ashley pulled the top of her yoga outfit down and flashed the boat parade to beeping horns and hoots and howlers.

Eddie said, “What an incredible set of knockers. They look real but I doubt that they are.” I shrugged. I’d been up close and personal and I wasn’t sure either. Suddenly, Eddie pulled his binoculars down and said, “Fuck. She made me. She just grinned at me and pushed her tits up together at me and threw me an air-kiss.”

I chuckled and said, “Don’t worry about it. She catches me looking all the time. She’s a show-girl. She loves the attention.” I was half expecting that Ashley would be ringing my doorbell to check out the new guy but she didn’t show.

I told Eddie that he could do his thing but I wanted to get back to my routine. I was tired of entertaining him.

Eddie nodded and said, “That’s fine.” He looked over at Jacob’s house but Ashley had gone inside. He spotted my Kayak and said, “That Kayak looks fun. Can I take it out?”

“Sure. Knock yourself out. Do you think you know the lake well enough to get back?” He looked at me with a smirk and headed down the stairs to the yard. I watched as he gingerly eased himself into the kayak and then started paddling toward the channel that would lead him past Frank and Rita’s house. I wasn’t surprised. That was the only part of the lake he had been on.

I picked up my e-reader and laid back in my chair. The sun was hot and the humidity was high and I started sweating just sitting there. I stripped off my tee shirt for a little more comfort. As usual, my eyes grew heavy and I dozed off. I hadn’t put on my watch so when I came awake, I didn’t know how long I’d been out. Eddie wasn’t back yet so I figured it couldn’t have been very long. I got back into my book and an hour later, Eddie still wasn’t back. I was getting a little concerned. He wasn’t an experienced Kayaker. If he turned it over, they’re very hard to get back into again.

I decided to take the pontoon boat to check on him. It didn’t take long to find him, or rather, find the Kayak. It was tied up to Frank and Rita’s dock. Their car was not in the driveway. I shut off the motor and drifted to a stop twenty feet off their dock. Everything was quiet and then I saw Eddie’s head just over the deck-railing. He was obviously sitting in a chair. He wasn’t moving and he didn’t seem to realized that I had showed up. I got out the set of binoculars that I keep on the boat and scanned Rita’s deck. With the naked eye, there was nothing going on. Eddie was just sitting there. With the binoculars, I could see between the balusters and Rita was kneeling between Eddie’s legs with her head furiously bobbing up and down in his lap. I could see his hands on the top of her head. The closely spaced balusters blocked much of the action but I got the jist.

I was certain that Rita would have loved for me to join them. She absolutely adored younger cock. I kicked the engine over and eased away and slowly passed Jimmy and Rachel’s house next door. It didn’t appear that anyone was home so I continued slowly on down the shoreline to the house that Mom and Janet had rented. There was a pontoon boat tied to the dock. The current renters of the cabin had probably rented the pontoon boat too. It was a beauty. Brand new and top of the line. It had a bar at the stern. I was admiring the boat and then an arm flopped up on the padded sundeck and then another. Then Rachel’s head appeared. I was twenty feet away. Rachel was in total disarray. Her hair was everywhere. Her lipstick was smeared across her cheek. I shut off the engine and almost immediately came to a stop. Apparently, Rachel hadn’t noticed me. She was gasping for air.

Rachel’s torso appeared as she stood up. She was naked at least from the waist up. She let out a screech as she looked back behind her. Whatever she was looking at was out of sight from my position. I glanced at the binoculars but I was so close already, I opted not to use them. My cock was pushing on my shorts and I pulled up the leg and started stroking my erection.

Rachel’s torso dropped down on the padded sundeck and then I saw someone standing up behind her. It was a well-muscled young guy, no older than eighteen or nineteen. He was concentrating on Rita and didn’t notice me either. He grabbed her hips and thrust his hips forward. Rita cried out, “Oh Jesus. Yes. Yes.” Her fingers were trying to get a grip on the Naugahyde upholstered sundeck. Her eyes were closed tight, which explained why she didn’t see me. Her face was pointed straight at me. Her mouth was open as her lips formed an “O”. She was chanting, “OHHH OHHH AAAH. OHHH,” as the kid pummeled his cock into her in a standing doggy position. His eyes were closed tight too as he gasped for air.

From my position, I couldn’t actually see the penetration but I didn’t need to. It was an extremely erotic scene and the fact that I couldn’t see the kids cock pumping in and out of Rachel’s pussy or ass, I couldn’t tell which, kind of made it even hotter.

The kid grunted and groaned and then wheezed out, “I’m cumming.” He slowed as his ejaculation started. Apparently, Rachel hadn’t got hers and she took over the action my slamming her ass back against him as she turned back to face him. She said something to him but I couldn’t hear. When she turned back toward me, her eyes were still closed tight but she yelled out, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She was obviously displeased that she hadn’t got off yet.

The kid’s hips stopped and he pulled back away from her. Rachel’s eyes opened and she was looking right at me. She wasn’t shocked. She just gave me a sultry smile and flexed her index finger at me. She couldn’t see my cock over the boat railing, but she could clearly see my arms moving as I stroked on my cock.

The kid opened his eyes and immediately dropped to his knees when he saw me. I plainly heard him yell, “Fuck. How long has he been there?”

Rachel turned her head slightly to answer his question in a voice loud enough so we both could hear, “I don’t know, but I know he has a cock that can get me off.” She wagged her index finger at me again. I shook my head to decline her invitation.

I yelled over, “Thanks for the invitation Rachel but I can’t. Your boy-toy will be up again in a minute if he even got soft. No worries, mate.” I chuckled to myself as I realized that Sarah’s Aussie accent had gotten into my brain. She turned around and pulled the kid to his feet and made a big show of sucking his still hard cock into her mouth. She turned her face toward me with his teen-aged every-ready cock pushed into her cheek and gave me a thumbs-up signal. I finished myself off in a wad of paper-towels and turned the boat around and headed for home. I came upon Eddie paddling the kayak in the same direction. I slowed and asked if he wanted a lift. He declined and I continued on home. Fifteen minutes after I tied up to the dock, Eddie eased up to the dock.

He figured that he’d just stand up in the kayak and step onto the dock. I could see it coming as the kayak began rocking under him and he went into the water. He came up spitting water and stood up in the shallow water, wiping water from his face. The kayak was still upright and floating away. He grabbed it and tied it to the dock like he had found it. He came up on the deck dripping wet and said, “Well, that was refreshing.”

I pointed at a big plastic box with a hinged lid behind me and said, “Towels in there.” He lifted the lid and pulled one out. He stood behind me and stripped down naked and was about to wrap the towel around his waist to dry off when Ashley’s voice from next door yelled out, “Nice cock.” He turned and realized that he was standing in a gap in the leaves along the back wall of my garage that looked right over onto Jacob’s deck. Ashley was sprawled out on her lounge chair watching between the balusters of her deck. She stood up and walked into her kitchen. She was completely naked and Eddie’s cock lifted in response to that vision. He waited as he dried off, hoping that Ashley would come back out. She didn’t and he gave up and went to his room for another set of clothes.

When he came down, he asked if Ashley had come out again. I wasn’t paying attention and I shrugged my shoulders. Eddie muttered, “You’re no help.” He went back in the house and came out with a couple beers. I readily accepted it but I had no interest in sitting around drinking all afternoon and since he was taking Sylvia out tonight, I thought it better if he stayed sober.

Later, in the early evening, Eddie came downstairs dressed very nicely. I told him Sylvia would be dressed elegantly. I didn’t tell him anything about Sylvia’s and Donna’s financial situation. It wasn’t my place. I didn’t say anything about Donna being pregnant, let alone that it was mine. He asked me if I thought he was dress appropriately and I gave him a thumbs-up. I was planning on a simple night of popcorn and the Red Sox game on TV. I liked watching them when they were playing well. Not so much when they weren’t. They were having a good season. I guess I’m a fair-weather fan.

Eddie had been gone an hour and the game was into the third inning. It was getting dark out. The tell-tale sound of knuckles knocking on the glass slider startled me. I couldn’t see who it was so I lowered the power foot-rest, which takes forever, and struggled out of the seat. I turned on the outside light and opened the door. It was Divi. She was dressed nicely but when she turned to face me, she had a frown on her face. She was near tears and I motioned for her to come in. She stepped into the living room and burst out crying.

I calmed her down by holding her tight to me. When she stopped, I said, “Okay. What’s wrong.”

She said, “It’s Mom. She just left on a date. I told her she was making a mistake but she just dismissed me. She needs to be with you Jack and she knows it. I even stayed away from you in case that was the problem. Well, I stayed away as best I could anyway.”

I calmed her down again and said, “Divi. Your mom has her life to live. We haven’t really had our chance but it’s her call. I’ve hoped that we could make a go of it but every time things look hopeful, somehow, I screw it up. I don’t want to live from moment to moment. I don’t blame her for any of the drama. I guess the Gods are against us. She needs a man in her life, especially when you go off to college. You know she won’t be good alone.” Divi looked at me and nodded as she wiped her eyes on the back of her sleeve.

Divi said, “I suppose you’re right but I hope this guy is a major jerk. My first impression is that I don’t like him, but I guess it may be just because he isn’t you. I still think you two were made for each other, but what do I know. I’m just a kid.”

I pulled her to me and held her tight and said, “Divi, your everything but just a kid.” I changed the subject by asking her about her preferences for college and where she had applied. She moved to the loveseat and I returned to the sofa across from her. We talked a long time about what she hoped for in her life. We had never talked about such things and it turned out that neither had she and her mother.

She grew quiet and then said, “Thank you Jack. I feel a little better but I’m still hoping for you.” I smiled as I thought, ‘Not very long ago, I was hoping the same thing. I hadn’t even realized it, but I had given up on that hope.’ I knew I was careening off in another direction.

Divi got up and turned toward the slider. I got up and followed her. At the door she turned and pushed herself to me and hugged me and kissed me. I kissed her back without passion. She hugged up to me and spoke into my chest, “If Mom doesn’t want you. I do.”

I chuckled and said, “Divi, I’m honored but that’s not going to happen. You’re leaving for college in a few weeks. Your life starts there. Don’t look back. Always go forward. I kissed her forehead and she pulled back. She had tears in her eyes but she wasn’t crying. She gave a half-hearted smile and she was gone. I stood by the door for a while until I was sure she was back in her own yard and then I shut off the deck light and returned to my seat. The ballgame was still on but I couldn’t concentrate on it. I was thinking about how doors of opportunity open and shut. One door had apparently just shut and I was strangely feeling okay with it. My thoughts turned away from Priya to Donna.

I heard foot scuff sounds on the deck and then the slider slid open. It was Divi again. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her. She didn’t move any further. I stood up and said, “What’s up?”

She said, “I just wanted to tell you that I’m having my friends for an end of the summer sleep over before we all go our own ways. I don’t know when exactly but you have to be here. You just have to. Okay?” I didn’t respond right away and she repeated her statement, “You have to be here. Please?” In the flickering light from the TV I could see her eyes glistening as they brimmed with tears.

I felt bad for her. She was trying desperately to hold her current life together; with her friends and with me. From our earlier conversation, I could tell that she was afraid of the pending transition to college and whatever lay beyond. She was overwhelmed. She’d be on her own, which excited her like it does all teenagers, but she was afraid too. She was afraid of making bad choices. She had giggled when she’d said that and followed that up with, ‘It seems that making bad choices are in my genes.’ I told her that if she was living her life, she’d make good and bad choices. We all did.

Regarding her sleep-over party, I knew what she had in mind and I had to admit that I was aroused by it. I told her that I wouldn’t miss it. She grinned so hard that the tears in her eyes broke free and rolled down her cheeks. She wiped her cheeks with her sleeve and said, “I love you Jack.”

I had to be very careful about my response; both in action and words. I smiled at her and moved slowly to her and offered my arms. She pushed herself to me. I patted her on the back and rested my cheek on the top of her head. She whispered, “I love you.”

I kissed her forehead and pulled back when she lifted her face to kiss me back. The last thing I wanted to do was disrespect her feelings. I said, “I know. I will always be here for you for anything you need. Okay?” I pulled back and we separated. I knew she wanted more but that wouldn’t have been wise. I said, “Let me know in advance when your party is. Okay?”

Divi grinned and I could tell she was already planning the details as she said, “Good night Jack and thanks for everything.” I threw her an air-kiss and she returned it as she closed the slider behind her. I returned to the game. It was in the ninth inning and the Sox were winning. I shut off the TV and took a quick shower before climbing into bed. I laid there with my hands behind my head staring at the ceiling fan. There must have been a full moon and it was bright enough to read by.

I laid there for a long time thinking about Divi and Priya and how they had come into my life. I developed an erection as I thought about them. My erection grew harder as Divi’s friends flashed through my mind. Women’s faces and bodies flashed faster and faster and then everything instantly stopped as I thought of Anna. This is when I always got morose and I braced myself for it. Then, my mental vision of Anna morphed into Donna, with her beautiful face, her ever-present smile and easy-going disposition. Then I realized that I was smiling. I relaxed my facial muscles and continued to relax with each breath until I drifted off to sleep.

I woke to the sound of tires on gravel and then the rumble of a throaty exhaust as the engine shut off. It wasn’t Eddie’s car. That was a certainty. I listened as two car doors opened and then quietly shut. I heard a female voice speak in a volume too low to make out and then a male quietly laughed. The front screen door creaked open and then quietly latched shut. It had to be Eddie and Sylvia. I listened as I heard them softly giggling through the living room and then slowly climb the stairs to the second floor. Then I heard what must have been heavy men’s shoes followed by lighter women’s shoes hit the floor.

A muffled female voice said, “Fuck, Eddie. I’m so horny right now.” She must have said that pretty loudly up there for me to hear anything one floor below, even though the spare bedroom was directly above me. The bed in the spare room was not of high quality. In fact, it was kind of rickety. It was here when I moved in. I put a new mattress on it and that was it. Now, I was finding out just how rickety it was. The headboard banged against the wall and apparently only three of the four legs were on the floor at the same time and the fourth was banging on the floor. I could hear them laughing. Then the moaning and groaning took over for about ten minutes and then the banging slowed and then stopped. Then the laughter started again and after the upstairs toilet flushed and the sink ran, I heard the female voice clearly say, “Good night Jack,” and then more laughter. I chuckled to myself and with everything completely quiet, I drifted back to sleep.

At first light I slowly came to consciousness. I had been dreaming of Sylvia and Donna and me in bed together. In the dream, we were all naked and my cock was rock hard. I was getting into position between Donna legs and as I looked down, it was Sylvia. Then it would loop back to start over again. I never finished the dream. It just looped over and over again. As I came more awake the dream began to fade and I realized that my cock was as hard as it had been in the dream. It almost hurt, it was so hard. I moaned and ran my hand down the shaft as I came fully awake. I tried to go back to the dream but something wasn’t right. I was lying on my left side facing the wall. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It read 5:42 AM. I was about to turn over when a hand came down gently on my right pectoral muscle. It startled me and I flipped over to my right side so quickly that the hand on my right chest was now trapped under me. I found myself face to face with Sylvia. She was grinning at me as her eyes flashed from my lips to my eyes and back again. She pushed forward and kissed me passionately on my lips. I pulled back away from her and she frowned at me as her lips pouted.

She pulled her hand out from under me and reached down under the covers and grabbed my raging hard cock. She smiled at me as she started jerking on it. I pushed her hand away and she pouted her lips again. I said, “For God’s sake Sylvia. Where’s Eddie?”

She just smiled and said, “He’s upstairs asleep.”

I sat up and said, “So, why aren’t you upstairs waking him up?” She just smiled and reached for my cock again. I moved back away from her.

Sylvia sat up and the covers dropped to reveal that she was naked. Her nipples were rock hard and she noticed that I was looking at them. She cupped both tits in her palms and ran her index fingers around the erect nubbins. She looked down at the tented blanket and she said, “You and Eddie both have nice big cocks but you know how to use it better than him. I’m kind of jealous of my sister.” She looked up at my face with a pleading expression and said, “She doesn’t mind if I use it every now and then.” She rolled the palm of her hand on top of the tented blanket.

I had suspected that Sylvia was a brick shy of a load but right then I wondered if it was worse than that. I quietly said, “Sylvia. Go upstairs and wake Eddie. He’ll take good care of you. Okay?” She was staring down at the tent pole and didn’t answer. When I moved her hand away, she seemed to come to again.

In a firm voice, she said, “I’ll go upstairs and wake Eddie, but not before you let me suck you off.” She set her jaw giving every indication that she meant what she said. I had many options to deal with her obstinance. I could have got out of bed and left her there. I could have picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming upstairs. I could have just moved her to the living room and closed the bedroom door, but the door didn’t have a lock so she’d just come back. I opted to yield to her demand. My little-head was all in on that decision.

I let her pull down the blanket and wrap her fingers as far around the girth as she could while she examined the expression on my face. She kept watching my face as she began stroking it from glans to balls and grinned when I unintentionally displayed pleasure. She stopped jerking me off and pressed my cock down to my stomach and leaned down and rolled her lips onto my glans and right back off again to kiss and lick her way down my shaft and then she sucked each of my balls into her mouth, one at a time. She stretched out my scrotum and then released my balls with a pop. She watched my reaction as she ran her lips up the shaft again and rolled her lips back on the crown and pushed down over the glans and held her position there while she rapidly stroked my shaft with her right hand while she fondled my balls with her left.

I leaned back with my arms behind me and watched Sylvia change from hand job to double-twisting hand job to a full depth blow job to a furious open mouth blow job that was accompanied by, ‘AAAWWWKKKK.. AWWWWKK.. AWWKKK.” My head fell back on my neck as I groaned from her attack. She closed her lips up tight on my shaft and started bobbing her head as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive spot at the base of my glans and my balls boiled over and cum blew up my shaft.

Sylvia grinned around my cock when she knew that she’d gotten what she wanted. She continued her blow job as each shot blasted into her mouth. Her grin disappeared as she struggled to handle the load. She swallowed several times and didn’t lose a drop. When I was done, she pulled her lips off my glans and said, “I bet I can get you again.”

I said, “Sylvia, I’m sure you can, but a deal is a deal. Now go upstairs and get yourself off with Eddie’s dick.” She pouted with her lower lip thrust out. With that look on her face, she rolled to her right and stood up. She put both hands in her sex and spread her labia for me to see, hoping that I’d change my mind. She was sopping wet. I looked from her sex to her face and said, “Go.” She left in a huff and I heard her stomping up the stairs like a spoiled child.

I laid flat and thought, ‘That was an incredible blow job.’ There was no denying that Sylvia had skills. I could feel my cock softening in increments. When it was completely soft, I threw my feet to the floor and went to the bathroom. I noticed Sylvia’s Jaguar XKR in the driveway. I pulled on my shorts and went to the kitchen. I was making a cup of coffee when I heard Sylvia screech, “YES. YES. FUCK. OH MY GGGAAAWWWDDD, GIVE IT TO ME.” Even in the kitchen, I could hear their headboard slamming against the wall. Their activity was raising my cock again and I carried my coffee cup out to the deck to give myself a break.

I looked next door to Jacob’s. It was too early for Ashley’s yoga antics. She probably wasn’t even up yet. It was all quiet over there. I sipped my coffee and noticed that one maple tree right on the opposite shoreline was turning from green to peach colored leaves. Every year, that one tree was the first to announce the waning days of summer. I loved summers on the lake but hated winters. I didn’t ski or snowmobile to entertain myself and I didn’t enjoy reading inside as much as reading outside in the sun. I had no idea why there was a difference but there was.

The family of Loons were just off Priya’s dock to my right. The chick was nearly the same size as the parents but was still easily identified by the dark brown colors versus the parents black and white. I smiled as the chick was still pestering the parents for food. When the parents ignored the chick’s still high-pitched wheezing, the chick dove under and came up a minute later with its own fish. It wouldn’t be long now before the chick would be learning to fly. The parents weren’t graceful in the air and it was always humorous to watch the adolescent flapping across the lake struggling to get in the air. Over the years I had seen several young Loons get left behind to freeze in the ice.

The slider slid open and Sylvia and Eddie carried coffee cups out on the deck and sat beside me. Sylvia was dressed elegantly in last night’s clothes. Her hair was wet and air-drying so they had taken a shower. Eddie wore a tee shirt and shorts and his hair was wet too. They were both taken in by the natural silence and no one spoke as we sipped our coffees and watched the Loons as they swam behind my boat heading toward the cove beyond Jacob’s dock.

Sylvia was the first to speak, “I should be getting home.” She looked at Eddie and continued, “I’ll drive you back to your car.” Eddie got up to get his sandals and Sylvia leaned over to me and whispered, “Thanks for this morning.”

I chuckled and whispered back, “Thank you.” She giggled and got up and handed me her coffee cup as she turned and headed for the breezeway. Eddie met her there and I listened to the well-tuned grumble of the exhaust from her Jaguar as they drove out. I could still hear the low-pitched grumble for quite awhile and then everything was silent again. There wasn’t even the whisper of leaves in the trees.

I used the silence to think and examine my life – past, present and future. The future part was new. I hadn’t thought about a future for a long time. There was just a past, that I had dwelled in and a present to be endured from day to day. As I sat there, I decided that I’d dwelled in the past long enough. The present was to be enjoyed and the future? I smiled when I thought about the future. It had Donna’s face all over it. But not yet. It had been an amazing summer of sex that had yanked me out of the past. Everything seemed to just run together in my mind. All those events over the past several weeks were also in the past. I was making plans but I realized that I still had some itches that needed to be scratched; things left undone. They were simple things that were simply stuck in my mind. I resolved to scratch those itches and finish those things and then plan for the future.

The first thing I did was gather up the myriad of photos of Anna that I had everywhere as shrines. I gathered them all and put them in a box except for one. It was of Anna in her wedding dress just before she walked down the aisle at the church. I took that one and put it in my dresser drawer under my socks. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the others, so I put the box in the basement. Tears poured down my cheeks through the entire process. I was back at the funeral again.

As I climbed the stairs from the basement, I whispered to myself, “I love you Anna. I always will.” A thought came to me as I opened the door at the top of the stairs. It was a line from the movie, Shawshank Redemption: ‘Get busy living or get busy dying‘. I had been dying for thirteen years and that was long enough. I had one more thing to do regarding Anna and I had to go to the city to do it.

It was Sunday. Donna worked at the diner every day. I wanted her to slow down and take care of herself and the baby she was carrying. She had said she would after she got through the first trimester. She felt that after that the danger of a miscarriage would be lower. Her logic seemed backwards to me but I didn’t challenge her.

I dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt and dress shoes, packed a bag and drove to the diner. Donna’s grin when I walked in was like a ray of sunshine. She finished taking an order and then pushed herself against me and stretched up for a kiss. She wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest when a table of teenagers began hooting at us. One yelled out, “Get a room.”

Donna motioned for me to take my usual booth and I was about to sit down. I smiled as I thought, ‘I’m not going to sit there anymore,’ and I asked her for a table instead of the booth. She looked at me oddly but didn’t say anything. She showed me to a table in the center of the diner. There were a few customers other than the loud table of teenagers but the diner wasn’t very busy at the moment. I was watching the teens to see if I knew any of them when Donna appeared and asked if I wanted my usual. I was about to say ‘yes’ and then I smiled at her and said, “No. I’ll have two eggs over easy with wheat toast and hash-browns.”

Donna looked at me with that same odd expression and said, “Are you okay? You’re acting strangely. Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve always sat at the booth by the windows and ordered the same Ham and Cheese Omelet and a glass of milk.”

I grinned at her and said, “I’m changing things in my life and I’m starting right here.”

In spite of the smile on my face, Donna frowned and said, “I like you just the way you are. I hope you aren’t changing us.”

I leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back and lingered there and then she pulled back with a smile on her face. I had plans to change us too, but that was for later so I bypassed her comment and said, “I have to go to the city to take care of some things. I expect to be back for our Thursday night date. I’ll call you if I can’t make it.” She searched my face for anything that would reveal what was going on with me. I knew I was being cryptic, but I had plans and I wanted them to play out properly. Donna delivered my breakfast and then sat and visited when she could. I finished eating and paid the bill. We kissed again at the front door and I braced myself for the long ride to the city.

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