Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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After vigorously drying myself off, my erection and I got under the sheets. I laid there for a moment and then stuck my head under the covers and wafted the air around my body with both hands. The scent of Sarah’s perfume was gone. I replayed our sexual encounter over in my mind until I drifted off to sleep. I woke several times in the night to realize that I was dreaming of the party in general but no one had a face. Each time I’d roll over and drift right back into that same dream of the faceless women fucking and sucking my cock. Just me and faceless women. I couldn’t shake it.

I finally fell into a deep sleep but for how long, I didn’t know. Way far off in my subconscious mind was a soft crunching noise. By the time I came to, the noise had stopped. I figured that it must have been part of a dream. I had a woody tenting the covers as I laid there on my back. It was still very dark out and the only illumination was from my digital clock on my nightstand. I drifted back into my dream as I took one stroke down my shaft to my balls. I came to again when I felt movement in the bed. I was initially startled but I quickly thought, ‘Divi is back.’


I was sure that the change in my breathing pattern had revealed that I was awake but I didn’t move a muscle. My erection was tenting the covers in anticipation. I waited to see what would happen. There was movement again. Then fingers wrapped around my cock and they started stroking up and down my shaft. The combination of the facts that the fingers wrapped completely around my cock and that perfume scent that I smelled last night, wafting out from the under the covers, revealed that the person in my bed wasn’t Divi. It could only be Sarah. She was the only one I knew that had fingers long enough to wrap completely around my girth. I had no idea how that happened but I was sure I’d find out.

I let out a muted moan and the body in my bed rolled over against me and came up on one elbow to kiss me. It was in fact Sarah and she whispered, “I didn’t want to knock you up,” like she was whispering so she wouldn’t wake me. She pushed her body up on top of me and moved my thighs apart with her knees and pushed her legs down between mine. My cock was pressed firmly between our stomachs. She was content, for the moment, to just kiss me with a lot of passion. I got caught up in it and started to respond in kind. She had released her grip on my cock when she rolled up on me and she was frantically running her fingers through my hair as her lips were all over my face and neck. She groaned and whimpered in her passion. Her kisses didn’t stay in place for long because she had to break the embrace to gasp for air.

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