Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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Bonny got our attention as she screamed into another orgasm on Eddie’s cock. As I was turning to look at Eddie, a hand from the person on the other side of me pulled my face around. It was Laura, Meg’s friend. I guess these two never went anywhere without the other. Laura leaned over and kissed me just as Meg’s body tensed and rolled into her orgasm. She groaned hard as her body throbbed spastically on my cock. Then she stopped moving and the only action on my cock was Meg’s pussy spasms. Laura and I watched a myriad of expressions wash across Meg’s face as her orgasm passed through her.

When she recovered, she frowned and said, “I didn’t get you off.” Then she smiled and looked at Laura and said, “I bet Laura can get you off.” Laura grinned and as Meg lifted herself off my cock and moved back to a standing position, Laura took her place. Her head rocked back on her neck as she pushed herself down and flinched a couple times until she found her depth. She let out a groan and then glanced to her left and said, “Hey Bonnie. Great party.” Then she went to work on my cock.


Meg and Laura, both in their early twenties, were hot commodities at this party. I’d guess that Eddie and I, at thirty-eight were the next youngest people there. As Laura leaned forward with her hands on my chest to support her thrusting hips, another unknown guy, who was smearing petroleum jelly on his cock, squatted down behind Laura and pushed his cock to Laura’s anus. She yelped in surprise and turned to see who it was. She said, “Oh, hi Max.” She was accepting of his advances as she leaned further forward and stopped fucking my cock. Her face was on fire. She was already gasping for air.

When Max pushed forward forcing his cock into Laura’s ass, she gritted her teeth and her eyes pinched shut as she let out a groan. Eddie let out a groan at the same time as he began launching his hips up into Bonny who was grinning down at him.

I felt Max’s cock slide past mine, separated by the thin membrane. The pressure was intense and I knew I wouldn’t last long with our cocks sliding past each other like that. Once he was in, he stopped and let Laura take up the action. Her face relaxed and after a few moments of inaction, Laura cautiously began rocking her hips, taking in Max’s cock and then mine. As she got her rhythm, she increased the pace. I cupped Laura’s tits in my palms and rolled my index finger and thumbs on her hard nipples. Meg sat down where Laura had been and moved in to kiss Laura, who was concentrating on her rhythm. I released one of Laura’s tits and began fondling Meg’s tits.

I could tell that Max, who was probably in his late forties, wasn’t going to physically last long squatted down like that behind Laura. Unfortunately, his solution was to lift Laura’s ass up higher so he could stand up. That pulled Laura off my cock and it slapped forward to my stomach. Max dropped down to his knees, taking Laura with him as he continued fucking her ass. Laura didn’t object and went to her knees in front of me. She immediately grabbed my sloppy, wet cock and shoved her mouth on it. Max was happy, I was happy and Laura certainly looked happy. Meg’s lips were left hanging when Laura was pulled away to the floor. Undeterred, she slid down my body to kiss my shaft when Laura’s lips came up in response to Max’s momentum pushing Laura’s lips on and off my cock.

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