Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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In a firm voice, she said, “I’ll go upstairs and wake Eddie, but not before you let me suck you off.” She set her jaw giving every indication that she meant what she said. I had many options to deal with her obstinance. I could have got out of bed and left her there. I could have picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming upstairs. I could have just moved her to the living room and closed the bedroom door, but the door didn’t have a lock so she’d just come back. I opted to yield to her demand. My little-head was all in on that decision.

I let her pull down the blanket and wrap her fingers as far around the girth as she could while she examined the expression on my face. She kept watching my face as she began stroking it from glans to balls and grinned when I unintentionally displayed pleasure. She stopped jerking me off and pressed my cock down to my stomach and leaned down and rolled her lips onto my glans and right back off again to kiss and lick her way down my shaft and then she sucked each of my balls into her mouth, one at a time. She stretched out my scrotum and then released my balls with a pop. She watched my reaction as she ran her lips up the shaft again and rolled her lips back on the crown and pushed down over the glans and held her position there while she rapidly stroked my shaft with her right hand while she fondled my balls with her left.


I leaned back with my arms behind me and watched Sylvia change from hand job to double-twisting hand job to a full depth blow job to a furious open mouth blow job that was accompanied by, ‘AAAWWWKKKK.. AWWWWKK.. AWWKKK.” My head fell back on my neck as I groaned from her attack. She closed her lips up tight on my shaft and started bobbing her head as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive spot at the base of my glans and my balls boiled over and cum blew up my shaft.

Sylvia grinned around my cock when she knew that she’d gotten what she wanted. She continued her blow job as each shot blasted into her mouth. Her grin disappeared as she struggled to handle the load. She swallowed several times and didn’t lose a drop. When I was done, she pulled her lips off my glans and said, “I bet I can get you again.”

I said, “Sylvia, I’m sure you can, but a deal is a deal. Now go upstairs and get yourself off with Eddie’s dick.” She pouted with her lower lip thrust out. With that look on her face, she rolled to her right and stood up. She put both hands in her sex and spread her labia for me to see, hoping that I’d change my mind. She was sopping wet. I looked from her sex to her face and said, “Go.” She left in a huff and I heard her stomping up the stairs like a spoiled child.

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