Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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I smiled back just as a woman crawled over the top of Miranda and stepped up on the sofa to stand with her feet on either side of my cushion and shoved her pussy to my face. It was Bonny, from the previous party. I had fucked her on the bar, as I recalled. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her and rotated her hips as she ground her pussy on my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in even harder as I drilled my tongue into her. She shrieked and dropped her tits down on my head as she folded. Her legs started to give and I had to hold her up.

I felt someone’s lips push onto my semi-erect cock but I couldn’t see who. A tongue lashed around my ridge and then pushed all the way down my shaft as my glans pushed into the throat. To say the least, I was instantly fully erect. Miranda was the most likely candidate. She was in position when Bonny crawled over her. Fuck, it didn’t really matter. Whoever it was gave fantastic blow jobs. Then the lips pulled off and after some jostling, I felt a pussy slide on. Then I felt a presence only inches from my tongue and realized that whoever was riding my cock was rimming Bonny’s anus at the same time. I tried to look between Bonny’s thighs to see who it was but I couldn’t get that low.


Whoever was on my cock was gyrating her hips around as she rocked them on and off my cock. I let go of Bonny’s thighs and reached for the mystery woman’s tits in hopes that I could make an identification that way. They were pert and firm. I traced my hands down the firm, trim body as I continued to drive my tiring tongue into Bonny’s pussy.

The person on my cock had to be much younger than the average person at this party. My tongue was giving out and I pulled it out and flicked the tip across Bonny’s clitoris and she screamed as her hips went into spastic pulses and her torso did the same in the opposite directions. The tongue in her anus pulled back and the hips in my lap ramped up the pace.

I could feel new people take the seats next to me and one of them helped Bonny’s writhing body roll off my face and down into his lap as he maneuvered her quaking pussy onto his cock. I glanced over and it was Eddie. He said, “Let me give you an assist Jack-O.” I didn’t respond; I wanted to know who was on my cock.

It was Ashley’s friend, Meg, from the sunset cruise. I remembered that she and her friend Laura were locals. She grinned at me and said, “Hey Jack. Nice to see you again.” She was red faced and breathing hard as she rolled her hips on and off my cock. She was much more in control than the last time I saw her.

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