Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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I couldn’t take my eyes off hers as she stood. Her legs were impossibly long. She provocatively swung her hips while stepping over bodies on her way to the kitchen. Her long legs seemed to flow. She walked up beside me and examined me from head to toe. Then she bent down and kissed Rita and in an Australian accent said, “Rita, love. You okay, mate? You ‘aven’t moved in a while.” Rita responded to this woman with a simple kiss back.

Rita said, “I’m fine, Sarah. I’m better than fine, actually. How’s Michelle? Are you enjoying the party? Have you tried on Jack yet?” Rita nodded at me as she squeezed her thighs together. “He’s got a magnificent cock. It’s to die for.” Rita giggled and reached her hand down into her sex and dragged a fingernail across her clitoris and shuddered in response.


Sarah giggled at Rita and said, “Slow down mate. “Michelle’s rippers. A lot of sheilas here for her. I’m stoked. Ta for inviting us. A bit unexpected out here in woop woop; and nah, I ‘aven’t cracked onto Jack yet, but I ‘eard the stories.” She scanned me up and down again and said matter of factly, “We’re gonna root soon.” I didn’t get most of what she’d said but the sultry expression on her face indicated she had plans for me and soon. One of the few words she’d said that I understood was ‘stoked’. That was a fair description of how I was feeling at that moment.

Sarah moved over close to me and said, “You got a tinny for me? I must have had a perplexed look on my face. She nodded at the beer in my hand so I figured that tinny meant beer. I pulled my hard cock out from between Rita’s thighs and stepped back to the refrigerator, taking my hard-on with me. I pulled out a beer and popped the tab and handed it to her. She reached for the beer but she was staring down at me cock. She looked back up at me as I placed the beer in her hand. She nodded at my cock and said, “Wow. That’s some boomer.” She pushed her slender body against me and pressed her lips to mine. She had to stretch up a little, but not much. She broke the embrace and grinned as she said, “I’m gonna need that it my moot and clacker.” She was obviously having a lot of fun speaking her so called English language with every Australian slang she knew. I had no idea what she had just said, so I pulled out my best Australian accent and said, “Yaa. ‘Wotts’ a moot and clacker?” She grinned at my awful accent and then burst out laughing.

Rita overheard the whole conversation and said, “She wants you to take that big cock and fuck her pussy and anus.”

Sarah looked at Rita and then back at me and said, “‘Wott’ she said.” She wrapped her long fingers completely around my cock and led me over to a vacant overstuffed leather chair. She pushed me down in the chair and dropped to her knees and looked up at me as she spit on my cock and began jerking me off. She grinned and said, “Let’s start with a gobby.” I was in, whatever a ‘gobby’ was. It turned out to be a blow job and she had an amazing set of skills. I figured that since her partner was a lesbian that she wouldn’t have many opportunities to practice on cocks but when her lips pushed up against my balls and flicked her tongue on them, I let out a loud groan as my head pushed back into the chair and my hips pushed forward. She held my cock in her throat for a few moments and then started an amazing blow job. I looked down at her face driving on and off and noticed that most of the sex in the room had stopped and most everyone was watching us, including Eddie, who had Meg’s lips frantically blowing his cock.

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