Jack realizes he’s falling in love with Donna – Part 10

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At first light I slowly came to consciousness. I had been dreaming of Sylvia and Donna and me in bed together. In the dream, we were all naked and my cock was rock hard. I was getting into position between Donna legs and as I looked down, it was Sylvia. Then it would loop back to start over again. I never finished the dream. It just looped over and over again. As I came more awake the dream began to fade and I realized that my cock was as hard as it had been in the dream. It almost hurt, it was so hard. I moaned and ran my hand down the shaft as I came fully awake. I tried to go back to the dream but something wasn’t right. I was lying on my left side facing the wall. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It read 5:42 AM. I was about to turn over when a hand came down gently on my right pectoral muscle. It startled me and I flipped over to my right side so quickly that the hand on my right chest was now trapped under me. I found myself face to face with Sylvia. She was grinning at me as her eyes flashed from my lips to my eyes and back again. She pushed forward and kissed me passionately on my lips. I pulled back away from her and she frowned at me as her lips pouted.

She pulled her hand out from under me and reached down under the covers and grabbed my raging hard cock. She smiled at me as she started jerking on it. I pushed her hand away and she pouted her lips again. I said, “For God’s sake Sylvia. Where’s Eddie?”


She just smiled and said, “He’s upstairs asleep.”

I sat up and said, “So, why aren’t you upstairs waking him up?” She just smiled and reached for my cock again. I moved back away from her.

Sylvia sat up and the covers dropped to reveal that she was naked. Her nipples were rock hard and she noticed that I was looking at them. She cupped both tits in her palms and ran her index fingers around the erect nubbins. She looked down at the tented blanket and she said, “You and Eddie both have nice big cocks but you know how to use it better than him. I’m kind of jealous of my sister.” She looked up at my face with a pleading expression and said, “She doesn’t mind if I use it every now and then.” She rolled the palm of her hand on top of the tented blanket.

I had suspected that Sylvia was a brick shy of a load but right then I wondered if it was worse than that. I quietly said, “Sylvia. Go upstairs and wake Eddie. He’ll take good care of you. Okay?” She was staring down at the tent pole and didn’t answer. When I moved her hand away, she seemed to come to again.

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