Sheetal: A true confession

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I was fully wet, my pussy was leaking badly. I asked him, tumne Komal ko choda. He blushed and said, no it never happened. I said, mujhe chodega? He said nothing I removed my saree, peticot and small underwear. He was surprised to see my naked body. I removed his all clothes. We both were fully naked. I asked, do you see the porn movies. He said yes. I said, then lick my pussy like a porn star. I spread my legs and guided his head towards my pussy. He immediately started licking my pussy, I was in heaven. I was crying in pleasure, yes yes please put your tongue in my hole yes please yes yes. He put his tongue in my love hole and stared fucking my pussy with his tongue. I started rubbing my half inch long clit with finger. It was not controllable now, I cried, I am cumming yes yes yes move your tongue fast and hard baby yes I am cumming oh yes oh yes oh yes aaahhhhhhhhhh….. my gooooooooooodddd oh yesssssss…….sssss. And I threw my hot cum in his mouth. He licked every drop. I was relaxed. His tool was moving up and down. Oh God it was so big, can I take it in my little pussy? But I decide to take every inch in my pulsating pussy.

I kissed on his lips. I could feel the smell of my pussy coming out of his mouth. I became too horny. I said, please fuck me with your big tool. He was confused, I smiled and said yes It is your first time but I will guide you baby and asked him to come between my legs and I spread my legs wide. As my butts are very big, so my pussy raised up. I hold his penis in one hand and opened my pussy lips with other hand. I put his tool on my love hole. As soon as it touched my pussy I shivered, it was very thick and my love hole was very small. Nandan also observed the same and said, Sheetal didi your hole is very small, will it go? I said you have to insert, I can not bear now. I put my saliva on his rod and then asked him to push. He pushed a little, I felt my pussy is tearing. I asked him to give a big push and raised my hips up. With force, he pushed. I cried with pain and pleasure, his whole tip went inside. Nandan asked, what happened? I said, tera lund bahut mota hai, mera hole bahut chhota hai. He tried to pull it back. But I said no no do not pull it back. Just stop for sometime. I told him to give pushes again. He started and I could feel his big thick rod going in my pussy. I was just travelling in space. Almost four inches went inside. I lost control and said, daal do apna mota lund meri choot me or phaad do esay. Bana do isko bhosda.

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