A grieving man gets help from his Mom and Mother-in-law

A grieving man gets help from his Mom and Mother-in-law..  It was two-thirty in the afternoon when John Birch’s bleary eyes watched the brown Cadillac pull into his driveway and park where his wife Kathy use to park her car. Hers was no longer there, nor would it ever be again. What was left of it was sitting in old man Sprietzer’s wrecking yard where it had been for the last seven and a half months. Kathy had been broadsided by a semi on her way home from work one evening killing her instantly. Her parents had flown in from upper Manhattan for the closed casket funeral but his own mother wasn’t able to make it due to a bad case of the flu. She did tell him she’d try and make it out soon but he told her not to worry about it. Even though she couldn’t come out they did talk on the phone for hours at a time over the next few months. Donald Cutter, Kathy’s dad, had business overseas that required his presence so they hadn’t stayed long. Helen Cutter had told him that she’d try and come spend a few days with him just to make sure he was okay. Since he hadn’t heard anything from her he’d completely forgotten about what she’d said. But true to her word he watched as she stepped out of the car, stretched and gave the rambling four-bedroom house a measured look. She hadn’t shown up empty-handed either; she’d apparently swung through Illinois and brought his mother Madison, she preferred Madi, with her.

During the eight years he and Kathy had been married Helen and Madison had met on several occasions, usually around the holidays. Although it appeared as if the two women got along well John sensed an uneasy friendship between them from the very beginning. To him it felt more like they were rivals. It was immediate to all that with a small stretch of the imagination the two women could easily pass as sisters. Both women were tall; standing about five-ten, and neither weighed more than one thirty-five or so. They each had baby-blue eyes and shoulder length hair; Madison’s was the same bottle blonde color as Kathy’s while Helen was a brunette. The two women also had fairly large breasts, long toned legs that went on forever and shapely round butts that could make any man’s tongue wag. At fifty-three Madison was a year older than Helen.

He had met Kathy while in college at Stanford where she was studying political science while he pursued a degree in architectural design. One of the reasons he’d been attracted to her in the first place was because she looked so much like his mom had at that age. Once he got to know her he fell in love and the rest was history. From the first time their families had seen Madison and Kathy together there had been whispered jokes among them how John had subconsciously married his mother. They weren’t funny jokes but they did have a certain ring of truth to them, at least for him they did. John had always been attracted to his mother.


Aside from their physical resemblance however Madison and Helen were total opposites. Where Madison was quiet and introverted, Helen on the other hand was boisterous and flirtatious. She reveled in making people, especially men, uncomfortable around her just to see what kind of reaction she could get. On several occasions she’d plopped herself down on John’s lap in plain view of her husband and asked him if she were too heavy. As soon as his face turned beet-red she’d leap up and laugh. Mr. Cutter seemed to get a kick out of her antics.

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Sluggishly he rose from the comfort of his overstuffed recliner, and after almost tripping over the empty bottle of Jose Cuervo on the floor he made his way to the front door. The fact that he was dressed in just a pair of boxers didn’t register until he’d swung open the door and saw the amused look on his former mother in-laws face. His mother didn’t appear to be quite as amused.

Madison stood there appraising her son. She wasn’t happy at what she saw. His brown hair was unkempt, his blue eyes blood-shot and the curly hairs that covered his broad chest looked sort of matted. The boxers he was wearing didn’t appear to be too fresh either. Stepping into him she whispered her condolences while fighting against the nausea that crept over her. She could smell the sweat and alcohol oozing out of his pores. She held the hug as long as possible before backing away and sucking in some fresh air. Apparently Helen didn’t have a problem with bad smells, she threw her arms around John’s neck and plastered her body against his. Madison was a little shocked as Helen’s already short skirt rode up revealing most of her ass to the world. The black thong she was wearing left her tanned cheeks out in the open. Madison turned her head away from the spectacle afraid she’d tell Helen to get her mitts off her son.

John saw Helen’s breasts bounce under her blue silk blouse as she rushed forward and crushed herself to him. When she did he felt her tits mash into his chest and he also noticed that her pelvis was pushing inward against his crotch. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. The four inch black heels she was wearing put her on an even stance with his six-foot two frame and he could feel her nipples scraping against his chest as she hugged herself to him. He knew from past experience that she could be a flirtatious minx, but this was pushing the boundaries even for her. As subtle as he could he put his hands on her hips and gently pushed her away. Her face looked a little flushed and he could see the two points of her nipples pushing the fabric of her silk blouse out. For some ungodly reason John felt his cock start to expand in his boxers. What he didn’t know was that his mother had seen the bulge too.

“John, uh, why don’t you put some pants on and bring our bags in for us,” Madison said as she stepped past him into the cluttered front room.

Helen followed, but as she stepped past him she “accidentally” let the back of her hand slide across the front of his boxers. A small wicked smile spread across her lips when she felt his dick twitch.

John and Kathy had purchased the house for a song; the previous owners had fallen on hard times and accepted the first offer they received. Two of the bedrooms were in the process of being remodeled, and had been since before Kathy’s death. Since John’s room had a separate bath he told the women they could share it and he’d stay in the one down the hall. After moving his clothes into the other room he took a shower while they settled in.


Freshly shaved and dressed in clean clothes he almost felt human again as he went into the front room. Madison was busy tidying up the place while Helen sat on the sofa drinking what looked like a screwdriver. Well, so much for my vodka he mused as he took a seat in his recliner. He felt a stirring in his groin when Helen uncrossed her shapely legs and leaned forward on the sofa. For the briefest of moments he had an excellent view up her skirt and between her toned bronze thighs as she moved.

“You know John, I’ve never been able to figure out why you and Kathy bought this place. What is it, twenty miles to town?” Helen asked, her eyes twinkling with mischief when she saw where his eyes were looking.

“It’s eight miles actually,” he mumbled, his eyes straining to get another peek up her skirt.

“Oh, well that’s nice. Madi dear, would you like some help?” she asked in a condescending voice while watching him as she slowly opened her legs a fraction.

“I could use some help,” Madison replied noncommittally.

Leaning back on the sofa and recrossing her legs Helen said, “John, be a dear and help your mother.”

While they straightened up the front room Helen went into the kitchen to see what kind of food John had on stock. There was one good thing about Helen; she was an excellent cook. After going through the fridge and the pantry she came to the conclusion that some one was going to have to go to the store. She knew exactly whom she would send. Scribbling down a list of items on a piece of paper she found near the wall phone she went out and took several bills from her wallet. Madison was flabbergasted when Helen handed her the money, the list and her car keys then asked if she minded going into town.

“Since you’ve been here before and know where the stores are, I’ll keep John company while you’re gone,” Helen said, picking up her drink and heading for the kitchen to refill it without waiting for an answer.

Madison fumed all the way to town. She thought about not getting some of the items on the list, especially the tequila and vodka, but knew that would only create a situation with that pretentious bitch. Better to keep the peace than stir the pot.

John knew his mom was pissed. Hell, a blind man would’ve been able to see that. But apparently Helen couldn’t, or wouldn’t. For thirty minutes he sat there listening to her ramble on about how good it was to see him again, and how good things were going for her husband and her. She managed to throw in a few mournful “I miss my daughter” remarks while letting him have longer looks up her skirt. By the time she said she was going to freshen up he had the beginnings of a hard-on. He watched her ass sway provocatively as she strutted down the hallway, throwing him one last look over her shoulder before disappearing into the master bedroom. He didn’t hear the door close behind her.

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Stripping out of her clothes Helen went into the bathroom leaving the door wide open and turned on the shower. While waiting for the water to warm she ran a finger gently through the slit of her bald pussy while thinking about her son-in-law’s eyes gazing lustfully up her skirt. She wasn’t surprised by how wet she was. She’d always envied her daughters luck in finding a man like John. Tall, well muscled, good looking, and well hung judging by the feel she had when she’d brushed against his boxers. Whether he was hung or not was something she planned to find out. Stepping into the shower she rapidly lathered up before opening the shower door and calling out to John.

“John, I need your help.”

At first he didn’t hear her, he was too immersed in thought about the creaminess of her inner thighs to hear anything other than the beat of his own heart thumping in his chest. When she called out again he snapped out of his daze and went to see what was wrong. As he reached the open doorway he glanced inside and didn’t see her anywhere in the bedroom.

“I’m in here,” Helen called out.

Turning toward the sound of her voice he noticed the bathroom door was wide open and he could hear the shower going. Hesitantly he stepped over to it and peeked inside. Helen was holding the fogged glass door to the shower open just enough for her to stick her head out. He could make out her silhouette through the glass.

“What’s wrong Helen?” he asked, his voice breaking as she leaned her body up against the glass.

“I don’t have anything to scrub my back with. Would you be a dear and wash it for me?”

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” he stammered, his cock growing in his pants.

“You don’t have to get in with me silly, I’ll leave the door cracked and you can reach around it and soap up my back,” she laughed.

“Uh…okay, I guess that would work,” he replied stepping up to the shower door and taking the soapy washcloth she was holding out.

Awkwardly he reached around the door and felt her back up into his hand. Slowly he began running the cloth over her back starting at her shoulders and working his way down. When he reached the small of her back he lost his grip on the slippery washcloth and dropped it on the shower floor. The palm of his hand slid over her soapy skin and his cock reacted positively to the feel of her slick flesh.

“Whoops, dropped something. I’ll get it,” she giggled and bent over to pick up the cloth.

When she bent over the movement caused John’s hand to slide lower. It traveled down across one cheek, the tips of his fingers gliding through the crack of her ass until they were nestled against her slit.

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