Family camping trip : Part 2 – An RV vacation continues as pleasure increases

Dad had his coffee, mom was sitting in the passenger captains chair up front, David was eating breakfast, (Read part 1 Family camping trip : Part 1) and I was horny, naked, and bored. We were on our way from our home to a camping destination somewhere across the state as a nude family, I had been fucked by my dad with mom’s blessing, eaten dad’s cum from my own pussy and shared it with my mom, gotten myself off first thing this morning and now I’m sitting here in a recliner, bored. What’s a girl to do?

My recliner is directly behind dad’s and David’s is across from me, behind mom with the table setup. I’m watching him eat and his dick is still hard from this morning’s wood, I think that’s what he called it. My mind drifts back to last night and I wondered if he and mom fucked. Looking at his dick, I start thinking about what it would be like if it was in me. I remember the full feeling of dad and in my mind replace dad’s face with David. Before long, I realize that I’m fingering myself and to top it off, David is watching me while he’s finishing breakfast. This heightens my pleasure factor as I feel an orgasm coming on. With the recliner laid back, I spread my legs a bit so he can see me and I insert two fingers in my wet lips. My other hand is massaging my breast while my thumb and finger twirl my nipple. All of this self pleasure and brother watching brings me to an orgasm. I lay my head back, close my eyes and pant rapidly as my orgasm rushes through my body. My thumb swirls around my clit as my stomach muscles spasm, causing my body to jolt a bit. I bite my bottom lip so as not to scream out and cause dad to wreck the RV. Oh the sheer pleasure as I stop all stimulation while my orgasm washes over me like a gentle rain.


As I recover, I open my eyes and see David stroking his dick as he watches me. “Enjoy the show brother?” I asked as I stretch my limbs out. He nods and keeps stroking his dick. “Let’s go to the back and I’ll take care of that for you” I say as I drop the recliner back to sitting mode and stand. I walk back to the bedroom door and turn back. David is collecting his dishes to the sink, dick in one hand. He then joins me as we climb up on the bed.

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David lays on his back and I lay next to him on my side, facing him, and gently take his hard dick in my hand. It feels warm as I lightly stroke it and he takes a deep staggered breath. “Oh yea” he says as he closes his eyes and puts his free arm up behind his head. I reposition myself down so I can take his dick in my mouth. When I place my tongue on the head, David releases a long “oh.” Pre-cum eases out of the slit and I work it around the head with my tongue then I slip the head in my mouth. David tastes like dad and this adds to my thoughts of pleasure as I work extra hard with my mouth to please him. I suck him long and slow, slip my tongue down then back up his shaft. I suck on each of his balls when I reach his shaft base. As I move back up his shaft, I kiss and tongue him while I caress his balls with one hand. His slick head has more pre-cum so I suck it off then slip the tip of my tongue in his slit. I suck his head hard as I stroke his dick with one hand and caress his balls with the other. It doesn’t take long for his balls to tighten up then I feel his load hit the back of my mouth. I let a couple of shots hit my mouth before swallowing only to have more shots follow. David raises his pelvis in thrusts as each shot enters my mouth. My hand keeps stroking his dick to milk his entire load in my mouth. I can feel dis dick muscle pulse as each shot passes through. It feels amazing as I submit to each of his thrusts in my mouth.

As his thrusts subsides, David lies still as I clean the remaining cum from his dick slit. His breathing is rapid but subsides as well. I look up at him with his dick in my mouth and see him smiling at me. “You are a great dick sucker sis!” as he strokes he face. I smile as best I can with his dick in my mouth then give one more hard suck on his head before letting it pop out of my mouth and land on his stomach. David winces from the stimulation then uses his free arm to pull me up to meet him in a kiss. I don’t know if he had ever tasted himself but he didn’t seem to mind at all as our tongues danced in a slow kiss.

“I can’t wait for my wet pussy to enjoy your dick as much as my mouth did” I told him as we ended our fantastic kissing session. I must be turning into a nymphomaniac, I can’t get enough dick now. If I could, I’d have dad’s or David’s dick in my mouth all the time, I love their dicks. “Well sis, you are almost as good as mom” David said as we rolled on our sides facing each other. He caressed my breast as I slow stroked his semi hard dick in order to bring it back to life. “Now if you can fuck nearly as good as she fucked me last night, then I see a greater relationship between us developing.”

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“Really?!” I asked in a very mischievous voice. “So tell me about you and mom last night.”

“Well, after you and dad started fucking, I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep from the noise and the pictures it created in my head. So I started stoking my dick. Mom was reading in your recliner but she must have been distracted too because before long, I heard moans coming from her as well. After that, she got up, came over to where I was and slipped into bed with me. Immediately she grabbed my dick, straddled me, then took my dick in her wet pussy as she sat on my stomach. She rolled her hips in a way that I have never felt before. Her tits were right over my face so I did all I could to kiss, fondle, suck and massage them. Her hip action had a mind of their own as she rolled them up then down. It felt like her pussy was sucking me like your mouth did, I felt my dick head reach bottom out then slip into what felt like another pussy in her pussy. That new feeling caused me to cum like never before. My body tensed up as I shot my load deep inside mom. I felt mom’s body tense repeatedly as she had her orgasm and we kissed like long lost lovers. Sis, it was amazing.” David recalled. His recall made his dick get hard again.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to have his dick in me so I rolled him to his back and straddled him. I inserted the head of his dick between my wet pussy lips then slowly sat on him. His dick eased into me and I could feel every bump and curve as I bottomed him out inside me. I rotated my hips to see if I could find my pussy inside my pussy as David had described. With a little bit of gyrating, I found where the entrance to my womb was at then I thrust down on it. That must have been what David was describing because when I sat harder and his dick head entered it, his eyes sit open and he looked at me with his mouth hanging open. “Is that it?” I asked as I tightened my muscles around his shaft. “Fuck! That’s it!” His exclaimed as he put his hands on my hips and we grinder our pubic bone against each other. This was new to me but I can tell you it was like nothing else. I was in control of our fucking session and with his explanation, David had shown me a new area of myself that adds greater pleasure during sex that I previously knew nothing about. I had mom to thank for that.

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