Hottest sex encounter with aunty in Bangalore

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Hello Everyone this is Tarun and I am basically from Bangalore and i had couple of sex experience in my life. I am going to pen down one of such encounter. Please feel to provide your comments/feedback

Coming to my story i use to chat a lot on sex chat room and luckily i found a ping one fine day from this lady whom should i call Deepthi(name changed). We started chatting and then we exchanged our number. we use to talk a lot on phone and there i came to know that she is married and have one kid, but she is not satisfied in her sex life. Her Husband has left the job and she is earning to feed their family.

We started chatting on Skype and use to do video chat. I started sex chat on Skype and she use to show me her assets, oh i forgot her asset is 34B-26-34. I am also a good looking guy at least what i heard from girls during my college days.

We didn’t met for at least one month, we use to chat and do video calls on Skype, but once we got an opportunity to meet when her husband was going to his home town in Vijaywada with his kid. She was left alone and then we decided to meet and go to Mysore.

We boarded our Bus from Majestic and headed towards Mysore, guys we had a wonderful bus journey. We started smooching each other and she was out of control, she did not had sex from last 2 years and was sex starved.She started touching my dick above pants and i was scared of some one seeing us, but no one was there at back seat and it was already dark. She was holding my dick and giving a good massage to it. I also got courage and started playing with her boobs and ass. I inserted my one hand from back into her ass hole and started fingering her. This continued for 2 hours till we reach Mysore.
Once reaching Mysore we booked a Business hotel and she paid for it too. Once we reach the hotel room we started scratching our clothes and smooching each other like mad.I threw her on bed and removed all her clothes in one go, i was just in underwear and my dick was popping out on her pussy.

We smooched and ate each other saliva, she was stroking my dick and pulled it out of my undies.I continued to kiss her on neck shoulder, her boobs and then to her navel.I bought my dick on her mouth and she told she has never done it, so we lied on each other arm and started smooching again. We smooched for almost 5 min.

Now she was pulling my shaft up and down i was out of control.I pushed her on missionary position and placed my Dick on her love hole and was rubbing on the entrance for couple of minutes and then finally i pushed it deep inside, there was soft moan from her and she started scratching my back.

She was raising her hips for more hard pump, i grabbed her boobs on both hands and started giving hard stroke. She was making sound like ahh, ohh and all that.

I kept pumping her harder and harder and was sucking her boobs in between.It was already 10 minutes of Fuck and i was about to cum but my brain wanted more, i pulled my cock out of her pussy and laid her on stomach and enter from behind in her vagina. She was raising her hips indicating she wants more, i kept on pumping for some more time before i discharge inside her.We turned around and had long smooch, she was holding my dick which was getting smaller now.
Then we went to bathroom and had a bath together, she was applying soap on me this made my dick erect again.I started kissing her again in standing position and she was rubbing my dick on her hole, i turned her around and was pressing my dick on her ass cheeks.She started moaning and was saying something in Telugu which i did not understand.Then I laid her on the bathroom floor and came on top of her and started inserting my dick.Due to soap my dick was easily going inside and there was gapp gapp sound coming whenever i use to pump hard.She enjoyed this a lot and told that she never had such sex experience with her husband.

Then we went to downstairs and had a Dinner, came back to our room and was watching TV, she told me she is not satisfied in her married life. We again started our foreplay and end up having Sex one more time, tears was coming from her eyes because of satisfaction.She then did something which i didn’t expected she hold my limp dick and stated sucking hard. My Dick got erect again and was ready for another session, but before that i wanted to lick her vagina and suck it.

So we changed to 69 position and started giving pleasure to each of us.She was doing deep throat sucking. She told me that she has never done this to anyone even her husband. She was playing with my balls and licking it and sometime she use to enter her finger in my ass hole.This was making me crazy and i couldn’t hold long and turned her round and enter her in doggy style. I was slapping her ass and fucking her hard.We fucked for almost 15 min and i cummed her on ass.I lied on her back and was kissing her body length from top to bottom.

Our fucking session continued for whole night and i fucked her almost whole night.We stayed in Mysore for 2 days and came back Monday morning.After that encounter we had several which i will share with you on my next story.

Till then please drop your comments and feedback considering my story on my id and also if any ladies in Bangalore looking for fun reach out to me.

Thank You.

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