Sexy TV Channel – Wife becomes exhibitionist on TV as husband watches

There are things in life we can change and there are things we wish we could change. My wife and I have been married for almost seventeen years when we experienced an amazing change.

My name is Stan and my wife’s name is Sara. I am the manager of a local equipment rental store that is part of a national chain. Due to the amount of equipment I work with I’m a pretty fit individual. At the end of the work day, I’ve done enough lifting of equipment parts to equal several days of work outs at a gym. I’m five feet ten inches and weigh about two hundred twenty five pounds. I keep my hair cut short so it doesn’t get in the way as I work plus shorter hair is easier to keep. All in all I’m in pretty good shape.

My wife Sara works at the local salon creating hair fashions the locals bring to her from various magazines. She creates just about any style and stays booked for weeks in advance. Sara is about five foot six inches and weighs about one hundred and twenty pounds, give or take a pound or two. She keeps a tan courtesy of the tanning bed at the salon and she stays in shape by going to the gym across town every day. Her hair is black and in a ‘pixie cut’ as she calls it. I’d say it’s just like Kaley Cuoco, the star on the TV show “Big Bang Theory.” Now that I think about it, she looks identical to her except with black hair.

Like I said, we’ve been married for almost seventeen years and our sex life has been phenomenal. We have sex at least four or five times a week and we are open to new toys and positions. After all these years, we like to keep things hot and interesting in the bedroom. We talk about bringing in someone to enhance things more but that’s about as far as we get and we end up humping like rabbits for hours.

Monday evening, after a very hard day at work for both of us, we were sitting in the TV room talking and the topic of a provocative photo shoot came up. Seems that Sara had a few of the ladies’ hair styles done in order for them to attend a private photo shoot. These ladies told my wife they were doing it for their husbands and the thrill they got from posing in various stages of nude. When my wife told me that, I perked up and encouraged her to attend as well. Sara is not one to be modest or shaken by giving a free look every once in a while so she welcomed my approval. This talk led to some of the best sex ever later that night. I’m sure it was due to the fact that she agreed to get some nudies taken for me.

Tuesday flew by and just before I closed up shop, Sara called and said she had booked an appointment later that day for her shoot. She asked if I would take her and stay while she had her pics made then we could go home and have wild sex. Needless to say, I agreed.

I drove like a madman home so I could shower and be ready to leave when she got home. When she walked in, her hair was fixed as was her makeup. She had spent the last part of her day working on both. “I have to change, get a few outfits, then we have to go. I have to be there in thirty minutes and his location is north of town” Sara said as she rushed past me towards our bedroom. After some shuffling sounds from the bedroom, Sara headed towards the front door, “Are you going to take me?”

“Hell yea!” I said, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Wow you look beautiful.” I noticed she was wearing a short low cut skin-tight dress with no bra and her nipples were poking out. Now her nipples only poke out like that when she is cold or horny and it’s about ninety degrees outside today. The ride to the location seemed to last only seconds. Upon arriving, we knocked on the locked front door of a plain unmarked metal building.

When the door opened, a chiseled, shirtless, well-groomed form of a man greeted us. “Welcome Sara, you must be Stan?” he said as he extended his hand. “My name is Carl and I’m the photographer. Please come in and make yourself at home.”

Carl is about six foot, very toned and tanned young man, probably ten years younger than us. He has medium brown hair with the latest style that the ladies love. His smile and demeanor are very inviting and his voice puts you at ease immediately. I noticed he has pale blue eyes and that my wife is sort of mesmerized by his looks.

The outside of the studio is nothing compared to the inside. The inside, however, is furnished with many photographic settings and photographic lights that appeared to be very expensive. Carl pointed to a changing room that Sara disappeared to after a quick kiss for me. I was shown a waiting area near the front door for me as Carl said “there is anything you could want in there to snack on. Please make yourself at home while we get started. There is also a TV in the corner that will display photos as I upload them to the computer. There are numbers on each picture so be sure and jot down the numbers you like. We will talk after the shoot, enjoy” and with a thud from the door I was inside.

I scouted around and ran across some beer and pretzels. I gathered my snacks, found a pen and some paper in front of the TV and waited for the slideshow to begin. After about fifteen minutes, some conservative pictures appeared of my wife, mostly from the neck up then they started including her upper body then progressed to assorted pictures of entire body in various poses. I jotted some numbers down before scavenging around for more snacks. This waiting area truly had everything you could ask for to snack on.

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When I returned to the couch, I noticed the pictures were heating up with poses of Sara wearing a very revealing lingerie outfit. I stared at the screen as she was captured in her lacy top that was almost transparent, forgetting to write down numbers I know I wanted. I noticed the setting had changed to a claw foot tub in a bathroom. Picture after picture revealed more and more of Sara, eventually with her nude and posing in and out of the tub water. The drops forming on her hard nipples as she appeared to exit the tub was so hot.

The next set of pictures were of her laying across a bed with a white bedcover bunched around her. More pictures appeared with her body uncovered then it heated up more with her hands in very strategic places. I noticed on a few pictures that a finger was inserted in her slit. My cock was straining to be released and these pictures did it. I dropped my shorts and underwear allowing my six and a half inch cock to spring to attention. Before I knew it, I was slow stroking it as I watched the pictures of my wife sucking her fingers that were just in her wet slit. I watched her face and could tell she was really in the moment. The next few pictures she was cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple as she inserted a big black dildo in her slit. It appeared to be about twelve inches long and about three or four inches in diameter. Sara’s body was in various positions and the photos were beginning to be very up close.

As the pictures continued to roll by, I was stroking my cock till I felt my load rocket across the coffee table in front of me. Shot after shot of my spunk covered my paper and snacks but I didn’t care. I was focusing on my hot wife in the TV screen.

After my load was finished, I noticed that my wife was sucking on what appeared to be a life-like cock and she appeared to be looking up to the camera. This cock looked to be a good eight inches or more and thicker than mine. As she backed off to the tip of the cock, my cock got hard again. Watching her appear to suck anther man off was a big fantasy for me.

The way that the photographer was framing the shots made it appear that she was actually sucking another man’s cock was very sexy. Sara’s hand stroked from its base to the head, which was in her mouth. As she sunk the cock in her mouth in one picture, I noticed there was a small tuft of hair just above the base. Wait, was that a real cock? Was Sara really sucking somebody’s cock on this TV!? Did she know I could see these pictures?

I wanted to go out there and watch my wife but I couldn’t take my eyes off this hot vision on the TV. I was frozen to this fantasy of mine coming true. Then the truth appeared in the next picture. The hand of the photographer was resting on the back of Sara’s head as he held her with his cock sunk to the back of her throat. The next few pictures were kind of jumpy but it showed Sara backing off his cock.

I was numb at the next picture. It showed Sara’s mouth open as a rope of cum was frozen between the tip of the cock and her mouth. In her mouth, however, there was cum pooling around her tongue and a small amount just exiting the side of her mouth. It was true, she had just sucked off the photographer. The last picture in this set showed her mouth open and the cum gone. That’s all it took as I shot my second load across the table in front of me.

For what seemed like a few minutes, the screen displayed the empty mouth picture. I sat in shock at what I watched on the TV. Suddenly, a video appeared on the screen. It was Sara back on the bed laying on her back, legs spread and her hands stroking her wet slit and breasts. I reached for the remote to turn up the sound so I could hear what was being said. “Your cum tasted so good but now I’m horny and need that big cock in me” Sara said as she sunk three fingers in her slick slit. “I would love to be able to show some of those pictures to Stan but we didn’t talk about how far I could go before the session so I’m not sure he would be okay with it” she added.

Carl reassured her that I was probably watching and drinking beer in the waiting room. “I can go get him if you want and he can watch in here if you want” but Sara dissuaded him with her little girl face.

“Not just yet” she said. “He can wait his turn.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. It will give me time to fill that wet hole.” Stan said.

Sucking on a finger, Sara shook her head no then motioned the photographer to move closer. Her hand disappeared at the bottom of the screen as the photographer moved closer. Sara took a quick, deep breath as she appeared to be inserting something in her wet cunt. That part of her was off screen so I can only assume. “Oh fuck…your head feels so big and warm…in my cunt” assumption gone. “Slow baby, I don’t want it to hurt me” she said as the camera panned down to her crotch.

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There it is, the photographer had his cockhead in my wife’s wet cunt. She was cooing and kneading her breasts as more and more of this big cock disappeared inside. It wasn’t until that small tuft of hair touched my wife’s swollen clit that she opened her mouth and let out a long moan as she exhaled.

The photographer slowly pulled out to show the slick film of my wife’s juice coating his cock. “No no no” Sara pleaded, followed by “yes yes yes” as his cock filled her back up. Slowly and methodically, he repeatedly pulled out and pushed in slowly as Sara was being driven crazy with lust. If there is one thing that I know, slow sex with my wife gives her the most pleasure and greatest orgasms. This photographer was very intuitive. He was watching her for reactions and he was working off that.

Sara started pulling her nipple with one hand and massaging her clit with her other hand. The photographer reached around her thigh and circled her anus with a finger. Sara took a quick breath and pushed her ass towards the finger. He inserted his finger in her ass and that was it, Sara started convulsing in one of her best orgasms.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” was all she could say as her taut stomach flexed then relaxed repeatedly as she orgasmed hard on his cock.

As she was in the throws of cumming, I noticed his breathing increase and I knew he was close. “Fuck Sara, I’m cumming. Do you want me to pull out?” he asked as he rammed his cock as deep as he could. He was gyrating his pubic bone against hers as the camera moved aimlessly around.

“Fuck, keep it on her cunt!” I screamed at the TV. My cock was oozing cum at this point and I was slow stroking it. I had to see what she decided for him to do.

Sara’s eyes went wide open she heard him say pull out. “No! Give me your cum! I want to feel you give me your seed deep in my womb. My husband has never been this deep. You feel so good.” Her legs wrapped around his ass and held his cock buried deep in her.

The camera jumped a little but refocused on the union of sex as Carl deposited his load in Sara. A low guttural moan could be heard in the background, clear evidence of his orgasm. At the same time I shot a third load of my own cum across the table. I was spent as I fell back on the couch I had been sitting in earlier.

“Oh baby, that was mind blowing” Sara said as Carl withdrew his shrinking cock from my satisfied wife’s dripping slit. The video ended with the image of his cock exiting Sara’s cunt. I sat and stared at the image on the TV wishing I was there watching.

A few minutes pass before the door opens and Carl steps into the room. His face is still slightly flushed from fucking my wife but he has a shit-eating grin on his face. “So, I see you liked it so far” as he looked down at my cum all over his table. I wanted to play it down so he didn’t get the big head but I really couldn’t considering he caught the evidence of my approval on the table.

“I forgot to write down a bunch of the numbers, I got distracted” was all I could get out of my mouth.

“That’s okay, we have one more session I think you will like just as much as you have so far, if not more. It should last for about an hour” Carl said with a wink. How did this fucker do it?! When he talked, you just listened and agreed. Like you had no choice. “Okay then, sit back, eat, drink, and keep enjoying the show” he said as he backed out of the room and closed the door. For a second, I thought I heard him lock the door but my mind may have been playing tricks on me.

I was okay with another hour, my mind not putting all of the puzzle pieces together yet. I grabbed more beer and snacks and went to the TV. I sat them on the couch, went and grabbed some paper towel, then cleaned up the mess I had made earlier. Once I had finished, I settled back on the couch and waited.

It wasn’t long before the next episode began. It starred my wife and she was laying over some wedge-shaped pillows and a beautiful young black lady was massaging her back. This lady had very short hair and a body that was built to perfection. Her areoles were small dark circles and her nipples were small and perky, about the size of a pencil eraser. She had a cute round ass and a clean shaven pubic mound.

Slowly she worked oil over Sara’s shoulders and back while she sat straddled across her ass. This put her slit even across Sara’s ass. The camera shots this time seemed to be multiple cameras. As the action moved, the camera angle changed instantly. Carl had quite the camera setup going. I don’t know this lady’s name so I’ll call her, Monica. She looks like a Monica.

I noticed that Monica would lay her body over Sara’s back as she rubbed her shoulders and arms. This allowed Monica’s nipples to slide across Sara’s oil-covered back. It didn’t take long for both ladies to have a coating of oil on their perspective bodies. Monica repositioned herself after some time so that her pussy was now on Sara’s lower back and she was facing her feet. More oil was applied and thoroughly rubbed in. Monica rubbed Sara’s legs in a very sensual manner.

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When Monica reached Sara’s inner thighs, Sara seemed to spread her legs for easier access. Monica applied oil to her thighs then worked the oil over the outer lips of Sara’s pussy and asshole. As Monica worked her fingers gently around both holes, Sara began to move her ass up to get more attention from the fingers stimulating her holes. It was pretty obvious that she was getting aroused.

Monica gently sunk several fingers in Sara’s slit and stimulated her g-spot. Sara responded by raising her ass to meet the motions of Monica’s fingers. As Sara was being finger fucked, Monica placed her thumb over Sara’s puckered asshole and gently sunk it in. Sara’s fingers spread out as this thumb invaded her ass. She was clearly in the moment. As I watched this all unfold on the TV, I was stroking my cock that oozed more pre-cum. I’m not sure how long this massage went but just as Sara was about to cum, Monica removed her fingers and instructed Sara to roll over.

Once on her back, Monica straddled Sara so that their pubic bones were touching. Sara was so horny at this point, she reached up and massaged Monica’s tits without a word. Monica gyrated her pubic bone into Sara, keeping Sara worked up. Sara pursed her lips as Monica returned the tit massage she was receiving. It became clear at this point that A, this photo session was no longer about taking pictures to share, and B, my wife was the hottest woman on the planet. She was doing things on this TV that she had only fantasized about.

Then it hit me, Carl must have asked her about her fantasies in order to make this all happen. Then I wondered, is me watching her participate in these fantasies was also a fantasy? I concluded it as a yes, partially to justify what I was watching and to rationalize it in my head that this is what she wants.

After some thought, I returned my focus to the TV where the ladies had repositioned into a sixty nine positioned. The close up shots revealed that each lady was tongue deep in the other lady’s dripping wet slit. It wasn’t long before the Sara came as Monica sucked on her clit. Wetness oozed out of Sara’s slit and across Monica’s top lip. Monica moved her mouth over Sara’s slit to receive her juice. Monica returned the favor by orgasming on Sara’s face. Sara expertly licked her clean then Monica moved around and they shared each other’s juices in a passionate kiss.

The TV froze on a picture of Carl’s business card so I am guessing the session ended. I came one more time during the massage session and I was spent after that. About fifteen minutes later, Carl came back into the room Where I was and said Sara was taking a quick shower then she’d be done. I thanked Carl for the viewing and asked if Sara had requested that I watch this all take place. “She has no idea that you know what she did” he said as he patted me on my shoulder. “I’ll leave that to you.”

“Listen, I’ve got to go upload the sessions for editing and processing. It was great to meet you and Sara, look forward to working with her again soon,” Carl said as he shook my hand and turned to leave. Sara walked in as he was leaving, “Sara, I was just telling Stan here that you did great and the proofs will be ready to view tomorrow. Maybe you’d like to have another session when you come in to view this session?”

Sara smiled, hugging Carl “that would be great!”

“Would you mind honey?” She asked as she moved to me and wrapped her arms around me. She was totally oblivious to the fact that I had just watched her entire first sessions with Carl.

“If that’s what you want babe” I said, looking into her beautiful eyes. Looking up at Carl, he smiled and said he would schedule her session late on tomorrow evening so he could spend more time getting more poses. Sara smiled knowing what he meant, I knew what he meant and smiled as I looked forward to the next session. We left shortly after our goodbyes and drove home. During the drive, Sara went on and on about how Carl put her at ease during the session. “I think I’d like to try to be a bit more provocative next session. I feel more confident now” Sara beamed. Her talking made my cock strain against my shorts.

When we arrived at home, Sara couldn’t wait to get inside before she striped, had my shorts off and was sucking my cock. She was bobbing my cock like bobbing for apples at Halloween. At didn’t take long for me to shoot my load down her throat. Sara loves the taste of my cum and tonight, she was starving for it.

Once I recovered, we moved to the bedroom where we fucked like rabbits for hours. When we could fuck no more, I snuggled next to her naked body and was asleep in no time.

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