Aunt moves in sparks fly between her and her nephew

Ross Parker stood alongside his mother at the party, they were celebrating his aunt Megan’s 40th birthday. Megan’s sister and Ross’s Mum, Jayne had just been through a bitter divorce and thanks to Ross she came out of it quite well. His mother was 41 and looked a lot younger, she has a slim figure with nice sized breasts. Her high cheekbones and long dark wavy hair gave her face a youthful look, Jayne often got admiring glances wherever she went.

Ross thought back to a few months ago and how he came home from work early one day feeling unwell, as he walked to his bedroom he heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex. Peering around the door frame into his parent’s room he froze when he saw his Dad and two women fucking, he recorded about ten minutes of the action and then crept quietly to his room.


Knowing his parent’s weren’t getting on he suspected a separation was on the cards, when the mud-slinging started Ross’s Dad Gareth got his brother to say that he had sex with Jayne. Ross knew this was a lie as his Mum Jayne hated him and wouldn’t have fucked him if he were the last man on earth. One day Gareth and his brother were at the house bullying Jayne, Ross asked his father if he could talk with him privately and they stepped outside.

Ross knew what his father was trying to do and he called his bluff by showing him the video.

“Now Dad I will show this to Mum and her solicitor unless you get your shithead brother to retract his statement!”

Gareth agreed and turned to go back indoors. “Hang on Dad I’m not done yet! Apart from that condition I want to ensure Mum gets the house and enough money each month so she doesn’t have to work two jobs!”

“Now don’t push it Ross!”

“Okay Dad have it your way and we will see what happens when the video goes public, particularly as I know both of those women are prostitutes!”

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Ross got his wish and Jayne never knew why her ex-husband caved in at the last minute, since the divorce it had been just the two of them and this was the first time they had gone out. Ross wasn’t keen on going to the party as his Dad’s brother would be there as well as some other family members who had a few unkind word to say about his Mum during the divorce.

Jayne and Megan were talking with a small group of old friend’s when Ross stepped outside for some fresh air.

“How’s Mummy’s boy doing these days?” his uncle slurred as he walked past.

Ross grabbed him by the collar and slammed him backwards into the wall. “You call me that again or say a word about my Mum and I will beat the shit out of you! Now keep quiet and get the fuck out of my face!”

Jayne had spotted the altercation and asked Ross what it was about, he said he would explain another time and they should just enjoy the party. He danced with his Mum and Megan grabbed him for a slow dance towards the end of the evening, Megan’s husband Jim was sitting in a chair passed out drunk. When Ross mentioned it she laughed and said it was his fault that he missing all the fun.

Megan was similar to her sister with the exception of her legs, Megan had always been the taller of them and her legs seemed to go on forever. Ross stared as his aunt walked off after the dance, she turned around and caught him looking. Ross blushed and Megan smiled before continuing on her way.

The following morning after breakfast Jayne asked Ross what happened at the party, he recalled the whole sorry incident to her including how he got his Dad to cave in over the divorce.

“Wow! I knew someone had got to him I just didn’t know who, I never thought it would have been his own son!” Jayne laughed.

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“Yeah well he deserved it Mum and as for his brother well you know how that went over!”

Jayne was proud that her son had taken it upon himself to stand up for her although she never publicly praised him, she thanked Ross and apart from a few close friends nobody else knew. About a month after the party Ross arrived home and his mother said she needed to talk to him, confident he wasn’t in trouble Ross sat opposite his mother and waited for her to start talking.

“I know it’s just been the two of us since your Dad and I divorced but I have something to tell you!”

“Oh here we go, Mum’s got a boyfriend!” Ross thought, not that he would have minded so long as it wasn’t some worthless idiot.

“Your aunt Megan needs somewhere to stay and I told her she could come and stay here, I hope you don’t mind?” Jayne asked.

“I don’t mind Mum! After all she is your sister and I get along with her really well, as this is your house you didn’t really need to ask me but I appreciate it all the same.”

“Now here comes the catch! Would you be willing to help move her stuff here this weekend? Her husband will be away so we have two days to shift whatever she wants to keep!”

“Yeah sure Mum, I don’t have anything planned” Ross assured her.

When Ross and his Mum arrived at Megan’s house on Saturday he was pleased to discover most of the larger items of furniture we staying, It took them a few hours to get everything loaded into the cars. Megan playfully teased Ross about how big and strong he was as he carried the heavier boxes, his Mum just laughed at the two of them having fun. As Ross carried a box outside his aunt was bent over putting something in the car.

“God what an arse!” He thought as he stopped and stared at his aunt’s curvy backside clad in a pair of shorts, he couldn’t see a panty line but as she was wearing a bra he assumed she had panties on underneath.

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“One more box and we are done!” Ross announced as he lowered his eyes and continued towards the car.

“That can go on the back seat!” Megan exclaimed as she walked back indoors.

Ross followed her inside and watched as she and his mother did a final check to make sure they had everything, satisfied she had all of her possessions Megan ushered them outside and locked the door.

“You okay Meg’s?” Jayne asked as she put her arm on his sister’s shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine! I can’t believe after all the years I spent in this house with that arsehole and it comes down to this! Still no use worrying about it” she sighed as she put the key through the letterbox.

“Do you think aunt Megan will be okay?” Ross asked Jayne as she drove back to their house.

“She will be! It might be strange for her at first but knowing Megan she will be okay. We just have to make her feel welcome for however long she stays with us!” Ross smiled and nodded then looked out of the window.

Ross carried the parts for his aunt’s bed upstairs getting it ready to assemble. “If you have this bed then what’s Jim sleeping on?”

“The fucking floor for all I care!” Megan exclaimed as they all laughed.

When Ross had the bed built up and in place her carried up some other small furniture, leaving his mum and aunt to put whatever she didn’t need straight away in the garage.

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