Aunt moves in sparks fly between her and her nephew

Ross Parker stood alongside his mother at the party, they were celebrating his aunt Megan’s 40th birthday. Megan’s sister and Ross’s Mum, Jayne had just been through a bitter divorce and thanks to Ross she came out of it quite well. His mother was 41 and looked a lot younger, she has a slim figure with nice sized breasts. Her high cheekbones and long dark wavy hair gave her face a youthful look, Jayne often got admiring glances wherever she went.

Ross thought back to a few months ago and how he came home from work early one day feeling unwell, as he walked to his bedroom he heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex. Peering around the door frame into his parent’s room he froze when he saw his Dad and two women fucking, he recorded about ten minutes of the action and then crept quietly to his room.

Knowing his parent’s weren’t getting on he suspected a separation was on the cards, when the mud-slinging started Ross’s Dad Gareth got his brother to say that he had sex with Jayne. Ross knew this was a lie as his Mum Jayne hated him and wouldn’t have fucked him if he were the last man on earth. One day Gareth and his brother were at the house bullying Jayne, Ross asked his father if he could talk with him privately and they stepped outside.

Ross knew what his father was trying to do and he called his bluff by showing him the video.

“Now Dad I will show this to Mum and her solicitor unless you get your shithead brother to retract his statement!”

Gareth agreed and turned to go back indoors. “Hang on Dad I’m not done yet! Apart from that condition I want to ensure Mum gets the house and enough money each month so she doesn’t have to work two jobs!”

“Now don’t push it Ross!”

“Okay Dad have it your way and we will see what happens when the video goes public, particularly as I know both of those women are prostitutes!”

Ross got his wish and Jayne never knew why her ex-husband caved in at the last minute, since the divorce it had been just the two of them and this was the first time they had gone out. Ross wasn’t keen on going to the party as his Dad’s brother would be there as well as some other family members who had a few unkind word to say about his Mum during the divorce.

Jayne and Megan were talking with a small group of old friend’s when Ross stepped outside for some fresh air.

“How’s Mummy’s boy doing these days?” his uncle slurred as he walked past.

Ross grabbed him by the collar and slammed him backwards into the wall. “You call me that again or say a word about my Mum and I will beat the shit out of you! Now keep quiet and get the fuck out of my face!”

Jayne had spotted the altercation and asked Ross what it was about, he said he would explain another time and they should just enjoy the party. He danced with his Mum and Megan grabbed him for a slow dance towards the end of the evening, Megan’s husband Jim was sitting in a chair passed out drunk. When Ross mentioned it she laughed and said it was his fault that he missing all the fun.

Megan was similar to her sister with the exception of her legs, Megan had always been the taller of them and her legs seemed to go on forever. Ross stared as his aunt walked off after the dance, she turned around and caught him looking. Ross blushed and Megan smiled before continuing on her way.

The following morning after breakfast Jayne asked Ross what happened at the party, he recalled the whole sorry incident to her including how he got his Dad to cave in over the divorce.

“Wow! I knew someone had got to him I just didn’t know who, I never thought it would have been his own son!” Jayne laughed.

“Yeah well he deserved it Mum and as for his brother well you know how that went over!”

Jayne was proud that her son had taken it upon himself to stand up for her although she never publicly praised him, she thanked Ross and apart from a few close friends nobody else knew. About a month after the party Ross arrived home and his mother said she needed to talk to him, confident he wasn’t in trouble Ross sat opposite his mother and waited for her to start talking.

“I know it’s just been the two of us since your Dad and I divorced but I have something to tell you!”

“Oh here we go, Mum’s got a boyfriend!” Ross thought, not that he would have minded so long as it wasn’t some worthless idiot.

“Your aunt Megan needs somewhere to stay and I told her she could come and stay here, I hope you don’t mind?” Jayne asked.

“I don’t mind Mum! After all she is your sister and I get along with her really well, as this is your house you didn’t really need to ask me but I appreciate it all the same.”

“Now here comes the catch! Would you be willing to help move her stuff here this weekend? Her husband will be away so we have two days to shift whatever she wants to keep!”

“Yeah sure Mum, I don’t have anything planned” Ross assured her.

When Ross and his Mum arrived at Megan’s house on Saturday he was pleased to discover most of the larger items of furniture we staying, It took them a few hours to get everything loaded into the cars. Megan playfully teased Ross about how big and strong he was as he carried the heavier boxes, his Mum just laughed at the two of them having fun. As Ross carried a box outside his aunt was bent over putting something in the car.

“God what an arse!” He thought as he stopped and stared at his aunt’s curvy backside clad in a pair of shorts, he couldn’t see a panty line but as she was wearing a bra he assumed she had panties on underneath.

“One more box and we are done!” Ross announced as he lowered his eyes and continued towards the car.

“That can go on the back seat!” Megan exclaimed as she walked back indoors.

Ross followed her inside and watched as she and his mother did a final check to make sure they had everything, satisfied she had all of her possessions Megan ushered them outside and locked the door.

“You okay Meg’s?” Jayne asked as she put her arm on his sister’s shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine! I can’t believe after all the years I spent in this house with that arsehole and it comes down to this! Still no use worrying about it” she sighed as she put the key through the letterbox.

“Do you think aunt Megan will be okay?” Ross asked Jayne as she drove back to their house.

“She will be! It might be strange for her at first but knowing Megan she will be okay. We just have to make her feel welcome for however long she stays with us!” Ross smiled and nodded then looked out of the window.

Ross carried the parts for his aunt’s bed upstairs getting it ready to assemble. “If you have this bed then what’s Jim sleeping on?”

“The fucking floor for all I care!” Megan exclaimed as they all laughed.

When Ross had the bed built up and in place her carried up some other small furniture, leaving his mum and aunt to put whatever she didn’t need straight away in the garage.

“I hope you put the bed together properly, I don’t want to end up on my arse when I get in it later!” Megan joked.

“It’s safe! Ross assured her then muttered “Bet that bed’s seen some action!”

“Not as much as you would think!” Ross blushed realising his aunt had heard him.

“I bet your bed has seen more action than mine!” Megan said as she ruffled Ross’s hair.

“I don’t even have a girlfriend!” he exclaimed. “My point exactly!” Megan smiled.

Ross stared at his aunt as she walked away feeling his cock start to chub up, he shook his head and carried on moving boxes. From where he was standing he heard his Mum and aunt talking.

“That boy is so easy to wind up!” Megan giggled.

“Now you be nice Meg’s and don’t tease the hell out of him! Ross really likes you so please don’t spoil it!” Jayne playfully scolded her sister.

“I’m only teasing him and I don’t mean no harm by it! You are so lucky Jayne, you have a hunky son who gets most of his traits from you and not his father. That boy will make some girl happy one day!”

Jayne smiled and the two of them headed upstairs to unpack some boxes.

“I’ll leave this bit to you” Ross announced.

“Aww you don’t want to help me unpack? You can do that box it’s only my lingerie!” Megan giggled as Ross blushed. Jayne playfully slapped her arm.

“No it’s okay! I don’t want to spoil the vision in my mind by seeing your underwear!” Ross winked and walked into his bedroom.

Jayne roared out laughing realising her sister was lost for words.

Over dinner that evening they chatted about how things would be different and Jayne reminded Ross he would be sharing the bathroom with his aunt, he assured her it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Yeah so no leaving your dirty underpants everywhere young man!” Megan teased.

“And you don’t go bringing any boys back here when you think we are asleep!” Ross replied playfully wagging his finger at his aunt.

Jayne nearly choked on her food as she laughed, inwardly she was pleased Ross had accepted her sister’s warped sense of humour.

“Jayne you need to let me know how much money you want for me staying here!”

Jayne nodded “We can talk about that later!”

It had been several weeks since Megan moved in and apart from Ross losing his seat on the sofa he hadn’t really noticed any major changes, his aunt helped out around the house and very rarely went out. Ross was bored and as his mother and aunt were wrapped up in their own world talking to each other he said goodnight and went to take a shower, inside the bathroom he stripped off and dumped his clothes in the laundry basket. He spotted a pale green bra and panties and lifted then out he sniffed the crotch before putting them back, the bra was a 36DD. Hearing a noise Ross dropped the bra and placed his laundry on top of them and got in the shower, he wanted to masturbate but thinking the noise could be his aunt he showered quickly and left the room wrapped in a towel.

On Friday evening Ross went to see his on/off girlfriend Sarah, actually they were more like friend’s with benefits more than a couple. Sarah wasn’t feeling too well as she had her period and some bad stomach cramps, Ross sat with her for a short while then made his way home. Horny and needing to cum he went to take a shower.

His head was tilted back with his eyes closed as Ross stroked his cock to orgasm, he was lost in the moment and with the noise of the water he didn’t hear Megan open the door. She peeped in and gasped when she saw her nephew’s cock, it was average in length but hell it was thick. Closing the door quietly she rubber her crotch then staggered to her room. Ross groaned as his cum spurted from his cock and ran down the wall.

In her bedroom Megan stifled a squeal as her fingers teased her clit, she came with the image of her nephew’s thick hard cock in her mind. Stripping off Megan dumped her clothes on the floor and slid into the cool bed falling asleep immediately.

Ross spent the better part of Saturday with his friends, when he arrived home he went in through the back door and heard his Mum and aunt talking.

“So your telling me you haven’t had sex since before your divorce?” he heard Megan say.

“No and not for a few months before that as well!” his mother replied.

“Don’t you miss it Jayne?”

“Sometimes! I didn’t want to start dating or bringing men home, If I get that horny I use my toys or my fingers!” Ross was stunned then realised his mother had needs and masturbated the same as anyone else.

“I’m with you on that! Jim used to roll on pump a few times roll off and fall asleep, trust me my best orgasms have been by my own hands or toys for years!” he smiled at his aunt’s comment.

“If you got that horny I’m surprised you never jumped on Ross!”

“Megan please! For god sake he’s my son!” Jayne exclaimed.

“I know I was only kidding. It’s because he’s my nephew I haven’t jumped his bones either!”

“Meg’s what the hell has got into you?” Ross was smiling as he silently listened to his Mum and aunt talk like he had never heard them before.

“If I tell you something will you promise not to tell Ross?” Megan asked and Jayne nodded.

“I watched your son in the shower and trust me that boy is all grown up and in the right places!” Megan giggled as Ross silently mouthed “What the Fuck!”

Jayne gasped in shock “When? How?”

“Last night! He was in the shower and I peeped in the door, that boy has an impressive cock!

“You didn’t?”

“I did! Don’t tell me you haven’t taken a look!”

“Not since he was about 9 years old! He’s my son I don’t think of him like that!”

Ross had heard enough so he called out he was home and closed the door behind himself, he looked at his aunt and mother as he strolled into the lounge.

“Sorry did I interrupt something?” he smirked looking at their guilty faces.

“Nothing!” Jayne replied.

“Just girl stuff, nothing special!” Megan added and winked at her sister.

“Oh okay. What’s for dinner Mum?”

“Pasta bake. It will be ready in an hour!”

Ross lay on his bed thinking of his aunt, sure he knew she was an attractive woman but as she was his aunt he never thought of her in a sexual way. Until now. He wondered if what she had said about him downstairs was her idea of fun or was she being serious, then he thought about what his mother would do if she ever found out.

The rest of the weekend passed normally, apart from Ross wondering if his aunt did want to fuck him or not. On Sunday night his mother and aunt went to bed as he watched the end of a movie, when Ross went upstairs he listened at his mother’s bedroom door. Not hearing anything he crept across to Megan’s door, he heard her in a voice just above a whisper.

Megan’s fingers teased her clit “Oh God! Fuck me Ross! Fuck me with that fat cock! Cumminng!”

Back in his room Ross fell asleep knowing his aunt thought about him as she masturbated, did she want more but how or when would it happen?

Megan was cooking dinner when Ross arrived home on Monday evening, she explained his Mum would be late as she had a meeting to attend. When Jayne walked in she looked surprisingly happy for someone who had to attend a late meeting at work.

“Someone had a good meeting!” Megan said as her sister smiled.

“The company are restructuring and some new jobs have been created, yours truly has been promoted to department manager as our current manager opted to take early retirement.”

“Wow Mum that’s great news!”

“I know! The only downside is I will be on a training course next week so you two will have to manage without me!”

“Oh my! What will we do without you?” Megan whined playfully.

Over dinner the talk was all about Jayne’s new job and the extra money she would be earning, she knew that earning a lot more meant she wouldn’t get a penny from her ex-husband. Jayne reasoned it was a small price to pay for finally having nothing to do with him.

Naturally Ross spent a lot of time thinking about a week alone with his aunt, he hoped he was right about her but worried as to how he could initiate anything between them. Strangely Megan was having similar thoughts and hoping it wasn’t obvious to her sister. The week dragged by for both of them, luckily for Ross his friend with benefits Sarah called over on the night his aunt and Mum had gone out together.

Within minutes of her arrival they were in Ross’s room naked, Sarah loved to suck cock and she knelt in front of Ross leaning forward to kiss the tip. Ross groaned loudly as she swirled her tongue around the end of his cock, Sarah used her mouth on him then suddenly stopped.

“Come on Ross I need a fuck! We can do this another time!”

Kneeling between her legs Ross pushed a finger into her wet pussy, Sarah grabbed his arms and pulled him close. Gently he eased his cock inside Sarah, feeling the wetness he started to fuck her slowly. Sarah moaned as Ross filled her pussy “Fuck me Ross! Fuck me hard!”

Ross pounded into Sarah as she writhed beneath him, pushing him back Sarah knelt on all fours and looked over her shoulder. “Do it! Do it hard and fast!” she pleaded.

Ross was slamming into Sarah’s cunt as she howled and screamed, her hands gripped the bedclothes as their flesh slapped together. Sarah was making so much noise neither of them heard the front door open and close, Megan and Jayne stood and stared at each other.

“Well some lucky bitch is getting it good!” Megan giggled quietly.

“That’s Sarah! God knows what he does to her but she’s always howling and screaming!”

“Lucky bitch!” Megan hissed.

“Let’s go back out. I don’t want to be here when they come downstairs!” Jayne suggested.

“Oh! I wanted to see his face when he walked downstairs and sees us sitting there!”

The sisters drove around for a while, Jayne checked the time and headed for home. Megan was thinking about what she had heard and felt a warm damp feeling in her crotch. When they walked indoors Ross was watching television in the lounge.

“Everything okay?” his mother asked.

“Yeah fine! Just another boring night in front of the television!”

Megan stifled a giggle and wished she had been the recipient of her nephews “quiet night in”

That night in bed Megan got herself off using her fingers and her trusty vibrator, as she pumped it into her cunt she dreamed of Ross fucking her senseless. Luckily she had put a towel on the bed as she and the towel were soaked, drying herself Megan dumped the towel on the floor and slid into bed.

When Ross arrived home from work on Friday Jim was there drunk and arguing with his Mum and aunt, he stayed back but kept an eye on things. It started to get really heated and Jayne asked him to leave.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Jim yelled as Megan kept her distance from him

Jayne put her hand on his arm and pleaded with him to leave.

“Fuck off!” he slapped Jayne across the face.

Ross dashed into the kitchen and punched Jim, he howled and raised his hands over his face. Ross led him to the door and threw him out.

“Get the fuck out of here! You come back again and I’ll finish the job!” Ross hissed as he looked down at Jim.

The door slammed and Ross went to check on his mother, her face was red but apart from that she was unhurt. Megan apologised for him coming round saying she didn’t ask him over, Jayne assured her it was okay. Ross ran some cold water on his hand as his aunt and mother talked quietly.

That weekend Ross never left the house in case Jim decided to return, thankfully he never showed up and the three of them had a peaceful two days. On Sunday Jayne packed for her week away on her training course, her main concern was leaving Megan alone in case Jim called around.

“Don’t worry Mum I’ll be here!” Ross assured her.

“Please if he causes any trouble just call the police and let them deal with it!” Jayne pleaded knowing she was wasting her time.

Jayne left earlier than usual on Monday as she had a 2hr drive to the hotel, Megan left as Ross was putting his shoes on.

“See you later!” she called out.

“Yeah later!” Ross called back.

When Ross left work he dashed home knowing that Megan would already be there, she was cooking dinner and had obviously changed out of her work clothes. Ross stared at his aunt dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a t shirt, the way her nipples poked out it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Ross showered and slipped on a t shirt and loose shorts “If you can’t beat them, join them!” he mumbled. Megan smiled when she saw how he was dressed, tonight she planned to tease her nephew but maybe it was time for more than teasing. As they ate Ross could hardly keep his eyes of his aunt’s nipples, Megan did nothing to discourage him either. They washed and tidied away the dinner things before going through to the lounge to watch television, Megan sat with her legs tucked under her knowing Ross was looking at her backside.

“You okay Ross?”

“Hmm. Yeah I’m fine!”

“Listen I wanted to thank you for throwing Jim out the other night!” she said as she cuddled up to her nephew.

“No worries, he had it coming!”

“I also want to say thank you for what you did for your Mum.”

“What was that?” Ross asked.

“When you got your Dad to back down during the divorce! She told me what you did and I have to admit I laughed when she told me, it was good of you to look out for her Ross!”

“I didn’t realise Mum had told you about it!”

“Your Mum and I talk a lot more than you think?” Ross smirked.

“What’s that smirk for?”


“Nothing my arse! Why did you smirk when I said your Mum an I talk about stuff?”

“Oh shit!” Ross sighed. “Okay a few weeks ago I got home and you two were talking, I heard you discussing your sex life with Jim!”

“What else did you hear?” Megan asked wide eyed.

“Pretty much everything! I know Mum hasn’t had sex in ages, you have but it was shit! I know you watched me in the shower as well!”

“I’m sorry Ross!”

“What sorry you watched me or sorry I found out?”

“Both, but more that you found out!” Megan replied putting her hand on his thigh.

Ross gently held his aunt’s chin and looked at her. “Don’t be sorry, I’m not! So long as you liked what you saw I don’t mind!” surprised at his new found confidence.

“Oh I liked what I saw alright! It’s a shame you are my nephew though!”

“Why’s that a shame?” Ross asked knowing he was treading on thin ice if this all went horribly wrong.

“Because you are my nephew and we can’t do anything, apart from what would people think it’s also illegal!”

“Okay so it’s illegal but if nobody knew then they can’t do anything!”

“Ross Parker! What are you suggesting?”

“I’m suggesting what you are thinking! Tell me I’m wrong and I won’t say another word!”

Megan stared at her nephew in silence, she couldn’t deny what he had just said and she didn’t want to either. Ross leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. “I didn’t think so!” Megan put her hand on Ross’s head and pulled him close kissing him deeply, his lips parted when he felt her tongue.

“Wow that was some kiss!” Megan gasped. “Let’s go upstairs!”

Ross followed his aunt upstairs and into her bedroom.

“We are about to find out if you put this bed together properly or not!” Megan giggled as she removed her t shirt and shorts, she gestured for her nephew to undress as well.

Standing naked in front of his aunt Ross was hit by a sudden attack of nerves, his mouth went dry as her stared at her naked body.

“So how do you want to do this?” Megan asked.

Ross muttered “Huh?”

“Do you want to make love nice and slow or just fuck me like a slut?”

“I. I err I don’t know!”

“Okay then I’ll choose! Tonight I am your slutty aunt and you are going to fuck me! Now come over here!”

Megan knelt in front of her nephew and took hold of his cock, she kissed sucked and licked it stopping every so often to look at Ross.

“You like this? You like your slutty aunt sucking your big cock?”

Ross nodded his mouth to dry to speak. He watched as Megan licked the underneath of his cock from scrotum to the tip and back again, Ross had got some good blowjobs from Sarah but they were nothing compared to what his aunt was doing. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and gently stroked it with her tongue, she made a popping sound when she let it out of her mouth.

Megan sucked her nephews cock as she caressed his balls, her head bobbed up and down and she felt his balls churn. Keeping her mouth on the tip of his cock she stroked it until it twitched sending rope after rope of cum into her, unable to swallow it all Megan stroked his cock as the last ropes of cum hit her chest and tits.

“You like that? You like that your slutty aunt swallowed you’re cum and covered her tits with it?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Good now come and fuck me!” Megan laid back on the bed her legs apart.

Ross could see she was dripping wet and pushed his cock in to her.

“Oh Fuck! Stay still let me get used to it!”

Megan rocked slightly “Okay now fuck me! Show me how much you want to fuck me!”

Ross pounded his cock into Megan’s cunt as she screamed at him.

“Stretch me! Fuck me Ross! Fuck your aunt like she deserves to be fucked!”

“Fuck! Fuck!” Megan wailed as she arched her back. “So hard, came so hard!”

Megan wrapped her legs around her nephew’s waist as his cock pumped her cunt hard and fast, Ross wiped the sweat of his brow and looked at his aunt. They could see the lust in the other’s eyes

“Yes! Cumming! Cumming on your big cock!” Megan screamed.

Ross grabbed her legs and pulled his cock out of her, he dropped to his knees and buried his face in his aunt’s crotch.

“Lick me! Lick my slutty cunt! Megan humped her body at his face.

Ross found her clit and flicked it with his tongue. “Ooh fuck yes!” Megan gasped.

“Lick me! Lick my clit! Make me cum! Megan wailed.

Ross sucked her clit hard between his lips and flicked it with his tongue, he pushed his finger into her puckered arsehole.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed as she covered his face with her cum.

Ross stood and watched his aunt gasping for breath, her chest and face a deep pink colour.

“Please fuck me!”

Ross shook the sweat off his face and buried his cock back inside her cunt.

“Yessssssssssss! Hard and fast! Fuck me hard and fast!” Megan hissed.

Ross watched her tits bounce around on her chest as he slammed his cock into his aunt, Sarah was a noisy energetic fuck but Megan was on a different level. She writhed around gripping the sheets and cursing as Ross fucked her, he grabbed her ankles spreading her legs and raising her arse off the bed.

“Cumming for you!” Megan screeched as her fingers flicked her clit.

As Ross plundered his cock into her cunt her was rubbing her g spot.

“Oh fuck Rossssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Megan screamed she came harder than she could ever remember.

“Aargh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Ross roared as he filled his aunt with cum.

Covered in sweat and gasping for breath Ross knelt down, he looked up at his aunt, her chest rising and falling as she panted heavily. His cum leaked out of her well fucked cunt.

“Oh fuck! I don’t think I have ever been fucked like that!” Megan gasped.

“I’ve never fucked anyone that hard!”

Megan slid off the bed and knelt in front of her nephew, she took his head in her hands and kissed him.

“Thank you! Thank you Ross that was just what I needed!”

Ross smiled not sure what to say.

“We had better get cleaned up and get some sleep, we both have work tomorrow!” Megan sighed as she stood up. “Want to shower with me?” she smiled as Ross stood up and followed her to the bathroom.

They showered and washed each other, Megan turned off the shower and they dried each other and left the bathroom.

“You can go to your bed tonight or neither of us will get much sleep!” Megan giggled as she walked into her room before stopping abruptly.

“Jayne what the hell are you doing here?”

“Mum!” Ross spluttered as he stepped backwards onto the landing.

“Ross Parker get your arse back in here now!” Jayne called out.

“I won’t ask what you two have been doing! The beds a mess and this room smells like a whorehouse!”

“But you’re supposed to be away for the week!” Ross blurted out.

“I knew if I said I was going away for a week you two would end up in bed! It was a day seminar and I got home about an hour ago!”

“Oh God! Megan sighed.

“Oh God indeed! What the hell were you both thinking off?”

“It’s my fault Mum” Ross lowered his head and stared at the floor.

Megan avoided any eye contact with her sister until Jayne burst out laughing. “You two are so gullible. I knew this would happen and I let it so you both got it out of your system!”

“You’re not angry?” Ross asked nervously.

“No not angry! Just tired and you will sleep in your own bed tonight because I am not listening to a repeat of the last hour while I try and sleep!”

Megan opened her mouth but Jayne raised her hand to silence her. “You are both adults and you know what will happen if people find out about this, all I am saying is try to keep the noise down and be discreet! I am off to bed Jayne play slapped her son on the backside. “Bed now stud and no arguing!”

Jayne turned to look at her sister, “We need to talk tomorrow and sort this out, you are not having all the fun!” she winked then smiled walking to her bedroom closing the door behind her.

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