Dad, Di and me

This is amit from delhi. Me dad and sister live in my house which is 2 bhk . It’s usual from my childhood relatives regularly come to my house. So still at 22. I work in mnc.I sleep with my di and dad . Dad is 40 and di is 24. My di has fair white complexion. She has bomb figure of 38-28-36.She is extremely white with brown hair pink lips.i call my di maa because my mom died in my childhood. It was hot summer afternoon. I was making joke They started laughing.Di had a habit of wearing short nightgown. We sleeps such that I sleep in between and dad on right and di on left.

Dad was horny that day. I slept on left side. In the night I opened her gown. Dad was so horny. He was not in state to think what is right or wrong. He woke up and started kissing her. She wokeup and and shocked. Dad put his penis in her vagina and was kissing her. Di was in extreme pain.He dry humped her for 30 minutes and ejaculated in her. He slept in same state. She came out of room. And started crying. I went behind her and hugged her. She cried on my shoulder. She was in pain.

She had lost her virginity to dad. I calmed her down. Then we slept in next room. When we woke up in morning. We saw dad was gone with his stuffs. We didn’t know what should We do now. I got transfer a d came to kochi. She was pregnant. I said we have only one way. We need to get married. She hesitated but she has no other choice. We did a ritual of marriage far from city In one party people saw sister and thought she is my wife a dance competition started and I have their name.

They won. In the end host surprised by saying couples will kiss. We were embarrassed now. We came home. We were somewhat drunk. And went to sleep. I was sleeping in corner. And di in between. Di use to sleep in mini gown. They are heavy sleepers. I removed her clothes and we were nude now. I kissed her and put my penis in her and dry jumped her.i fucked her brains out for 30 minues. Shebwoke up in between and was enjoying. And I put her in my arms and slept.

Di screamed in morning. I immediately wake up and hugged her. She asked me what happened. I said you were having cold and this wa only one way. After sometime gave birth to baby boy. Still we asleep together. Di started calling me as one call her husband. One night I was sleeping and when I woke up I saw di is sleeping nude. I started fucking di mercilessly. She woke up with smile. She was saying you are my brother and started teasing me mercilessly.

How can you do this to me. I still fucked her mercilessly. She was moaning , she was moaning so loudly our neighbours would have woken up. He was caresing her boobs. Now I smooched he. She was enjoying and moaning baby fuck me hardly. Aanh baby harder. She is again pregnant now. I also fuck her daily in sleeping.

After some day we were watching movie. She came and sat on dads lap. She put his penis out and took in her vagina. Dad said amit is here. She said I don’t care. Fuck me. . Now she has 2 child. One with dad and 1 with me. I put my penis in her vagina and dad was ramming her ass mercilessly. She was moaning heavily aaj ooh fuck me you bastard. Fuck me harder. I fucked her till 11:00 next day. She was so tired she went to sleep. We took care of baby.

She was having problem while walking for next few weeks. 15 years passed now we have two girls. I still kiss my wife in front of my kids. She gets angry with me we should nt do this in front of kids. I have habbit of walking in towel. One evening I came from office very horny. My wife was in bra and towel wrapped around. as she was going for bath. I removed my clothes and changed to towel.They were just chatting. I went and hugged her. She gave me a kiss. My elder daughter said dad is in romantic mood. You guys should go and have a bath. I took her in bathroom and started fucking her. She ws moaning loudly.

Aaj ooh baby kids are awake. I said let them hear how horny her mom is. We came from bathroom and I took her by surprise and fucked her on dining table while my daughters were watching TV. Some time my daughter say now we don’t need to watch porn. Little one say. She said with cunning smile. Dad whenever you are going to fuck mom. Just tell us. We will masturbate.we all started smiling. Later that night we all were sleeping in same room. In night ibwas in half sleep. I can and slept beside my elder daughter. She was not wearing panty. I started kissing her and dryly humped her.

After sometime she also started moaning aaj ohI ejaculated inside her and slept. My wife woke me up in morning and said what you did in night. I said I fucked you, she said you fucked your daughter. She is crying. I went and hugged her I said sorry kiddo I said I thought it was your mom. She said dad it’s paining. We take her to a doctor. She said she has lost her virginity very young age. She gave pill and some ointment. We came home and my daughter hugged me tightly.

She said thank you dad.

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