Secretly Sharing Wife

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Secretly Sharing Wife

I was in my early thirties, married with three kids and living a pretty boring life. It was just work, home life, and sleep… rinse/repeat. My sex life was near dead, as I was lucky to get it once a month. My wife, Tammy, had lost her sex drive and had become an over all prude. She was a heavy sleeper though, and would encourage me to fuck her while she was sleeping… she didn’t care as long as I didn’t purposely wake her up…. I guess she preferred it that way so that she didn’t have to wait for me to finish, as if sex was torture she was able to avoid suffering through. When her sex drive left, she also grew to be more insufferable with extreme mood swings, and would often vent toward me or the kids.

Doug was my best friend, and had been since high school. We’ve had our ups and downs, and even a couple fist fights… but there’s no one I could trust more in the world. Doug was married now as well, and had two kids of his own. We didn’t get to see each other often, but usually once a month or so due to busy lives, but we always stayed in touch via texts. About a year prior, I had confided in him that I liked the idea of another guy fucking Tammy. Doug was confused at first, asking me “you mean you’re one of those cuckold that gets off on being humiliated?”. I laughed and told him “No… I just think it would be a turn on to see someone else enjoy her body… it would be even hotter if she was into it as well”. Doug still seemed confused when he asked “Have you ever talked to Tammy about it?”. I looked off as I answered “yeah… but of course she’s not interested… she called me a pervert and looked at me like I was disgusting”.

Tammy and Doug didn’t get a long… she seemed to absolutely hate him, saying he was “Crass” and “Rude”. Doug didn’t like her because she was “Uptight” and “A Bitch”. It used to bother me hearing him call her a bitch, despite me saying it about her many times… but he was right, she was an uptight bitch. I think I was just hoping someday she would change, but it was becoming more and more evident that wouldn’t be the case. I think if it wasn’t for the kids, I would have looked into getting a divorce already… but as is, I just try to ignore her and live my life. I did find her sexually attractive still, despite her not ever wanting sex. I would watch her get out of the shower and get dressed, all while acting like I wasn’t paying attention… if she caught me staring she might go on one of her rants about me being a “disgusting perv”… I started to secretly take pictures of her on my phone while acting like I was surfing online… and it was arousing knowing she was unknowingly posing for me as I silently snapped pics of her naked and exposed.

Tammy’s an attractive girl (5’7, 130lbs, long brown hair, D cup breasts with prominent nipples, with just a little sag and stretch marks due to childbirth), and honestly it’s just her attitude that holds her back. She only seemed interested in church and planning things to do with the kids, and the Tammy I married with an adventurous sex drive was long gone. Now my sex life was mostly masturbation while fantasizing about a guy exploring her naked body before penetrating her pussy, just using her for his gratification as he fully uses her… it’s something I fantasized about a lot, but I knew would never come to fruition. I started sharing some of her pics on online forums, with her face censored of course, and it always gave me a nervous but excited feeling… I knew I was doing something I shouldn’t, but it just turned me on so much hearing guys tell me how they jacked off while looking at her tits and ass.

Doug was been married to his wife Nancy, and had a couple of kids as well. Nancy and Tammy used to get along years ago, but since Tammy had changed so did their friendship. Don’t get me wrong, Tammy has her good moments too, they are just a lot more rare than they used to be… I don’t mean to paint her as completely insufferable, although Doug would argue that it’s the case. One day while at work, Doug and I were messaging back and forth about the upcoming football game Sunday, and I was sending him some stats I had saved on my phone… and as I saw my wife’s pics, a dirty thought hit me, and I decided to tempt fate by “accidentally” sending a pic of Tammy. I wasn’t sure how he’d react due to his dislike of her, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

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