Secretly Sharing Wife

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Doug was been married to his wife Nancy, and had a couple of kids as well. Nancy and Tammy used to get along years ago, but since Tammy had changed so did their friendship. Don’t get me wrong, Tammy has her good moments too, they are just a lot more rare than they used to be… I don’t mean to paint her as completely insufferable, although Doug would argue that it’s the case. One day while at work, Doug and I were messaging back and forth about the upcoming football game Sunday, and I was sending him some stats I had saved on my phone… and as I saw my wife’s pics, a dirty thought hit me, and I decided to tempt fate by “accidentally” sending a pic of Tammy. I wasn’t sure how he’d react due to his dislike of her, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

I found a pic that didn’t show to much… she was nude, but positioned to where you could see her side and shape, but not really more than that. Her arms were raised so that her nipples were hidden, and only the side of her ass was on view. Without much more thought, I quickly sent the pic with two other stat pics… I wanted it to look like I clicked on it by accident while sending multiple pictures. There was silence for a few minutes, and no response. My heart was beating, and I was nervous… not unlike when I share anonymously online, but I was anxious to see what he said. I sent another message that said “OMG I didn’t mean to send that picture! Please delete it before Tammy kills me!”. Doug responded with “LOL I was zooming in on the pic and realized it was Tammy. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything “. I replied “she has no idea I have taken pics of her like that, so thank you for keeping quiet”. I wanted him to know I had more pics… I wanted him to want to see them.

That Sunday Doug was over to watch the game, and Tammy had left the house to go to an after church function… not before rudely huffing and rolling her eyes at Doug, who had made an attempt to politely greet her when he arrived. Doug cracked open a beer next to me in the couch when he said “after seeing that picture you sent, I can tell she has a nice body… but man is she mean”. I chuckled and said “sorry about that… she is a hotty though” before stopping in my beer. Doug waited a few seconds and then asked “she has no idea you have pics like that of her, does she?”. I laughed as I answered “Hell no… she would never allow me to take pics of her undressed… shit, she’d have my head if she knew I even had any”. Doug said “as much as she hates me, she’d really be pissed if she knew I saw the picture you sent”. I smiled, happy that he was bringing it up and wondering if it was going the directing I thought it was. Doug then added “feel free to accidentally send me pics like that anytime!”.

I shrugged my shoulders slightly and said “if I knew for sure no one else would ever know, I’d let you see her pics… if you wanted to”. My heart was in my throat as I said that, wondering if I was about to share her body with someone she knows… someone she hates… my best friend. Doug looked at me with a bit of a shocked look and said “really?… you know I wouldn’t tell a soul if you did”. I nodded as I said “I know I can trust you”. I noticed that his attention was no longer on the game, but with me and my phone when he said “just to make it fair… if you show me Tammy’s pics, I’ll show you some pictures of Nancy she has sent me… but it has to stay between us… deal?”. I could feel my heart racing, and my cock growing as I realized I was not only going to show off my wife, but see Doug’s wife as well! “Deal”, I said as I picked up my phone, happy he was obviously eager to see Tammy in all her naked glory.

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