Secretly Sharing Wife

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Doug suddenly sat up and quickly rubbed his cock up and down her pussy while still holding her leg up… and then he quickly slid inside of her for a few pumps, and then quickly pulled out while looking toward the door again… and then quickly started fucking her again and then stopped again. I could hear myself breathing heavy, and I had to stop touching myself to prevent myself from blowing my load. I watched him do it one more time before I decided it had been long enough, and I went to flush the toilet and then washed my hands, giving him plenty of warning I was coming back in the room. I took one last peek and saw he was back to taking pictures, and I walked back into the room… acting oblivious that I knew he had licked and fucked my wife’s pussy. “Sorry” I said “I think I got over excited and it made me feel uneasy… but I’m OK now”. Doug showed me how he had Tammy’s legs pulled up to show her pussy and asshole, and you could see her pussy was gaping open… I knew why, but acted naive as I took some pictures of the scene. Doug lied through his teeth as he told me “If I wasn’t married, I’d fuck her right now and let you watch”.

Things had already went way past anything more than I had expected, but I was eager to see how far things could go… this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to take full advantage of it. I put my phone down and walked over to where I was standing by Tammy’s head… I reached out and rubbed her breasts as I asked Doug “will you take some pictures of her with my dick in her mouth?”. Doug smiled and said “sure, no problem” as he got up and got next to me, pointing the camera to her face. I was a bit nervous about undressing in front of Doug, but I figured I had already seen him stroking his cock… and it’s not like he was going to say anything… but to beat the nerves I quickly took off my shirt and shorts, leaving myself completely nude, and then quickly placed my cock at her lips. Doug told me “be careful not to choke her, it might wake her up for a few seconds… but if it happens just stop and let her pass out again”. I didn’t want to worry about it, so I just placed the head of my cock in her mouth and began giving little thrusts as Doug watched and snapped pictures.

It wasn’t a good blow job, it wasn’t even really a blow job… but it was the closest thing I had to one in a very long time… and knowing that I was doing it on front of my best friend, while he documented it for future masturbatory use, just made it that much better. My mind couldn’t stop running the images of Doug using my wife’s body… seeing what he would do if he thought no one would ever know… and although he didn’t fuck her for long, he now knew he had fucked her… but I still wanted more, and I knew Doug wanted more as well. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and I got over between her legs… they were still spread unnaturally wide as I placed the head of my dick into position, and watched as I slowly glided inside of her… where Doug was recently, and with great pleasure started fucking her with long deliberate thrusts, enjoying not having to be careful of waking her up, like normal. Doug took photos of me fucking her as he told me “fuck that uppity bitch”… and I could tell that he was not only enjoying getting to fully explore her body, but feeling like he was getting a form of revenge on her too… for every time she was rude and disrespectful to him, for every time she gave him a nasty look or an eye roll… for every time she acted like she was better than him.

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