Secretly Sharing Wife

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I spent the week fantasizing about what would happen if we did knock her out… having complete control over her body, and allowing Doug to do the same… both of us taking pictures of her up close and personal… eventually I was seduced by the idea, and with a strong anxious feeling in my chest, I sent him a message telling him we should do it. I know it was wrong, I’m not the good guy here… but at the time the idea was just to enticing. We planned a night where my kids would be staying with Tammy’s parents… don’t want to have to worry about them catching us or interrupting the fun. Doug will come over for drinks, I’ll let Tammy know I got her some cheesecake (she never refuses cheesecake) … which would have the anesthesia in it, and then it’s a short waiting game. Doug suggested I give it to her in bed if possible, as it doesn’t take long for it to kick in. When the night came, my nerves were shot, despite trying to appear normal. Doug noticed, but assured me that there’s nothing to worry about… I don’t know if he was just excited to get to see her completely, or it was a sense of revenge after years of her treating him shitty, but Doug was visibly excited. He asked me if I was OK with him touching her, and I assured him I was OK with anything… but he told me “I’m not going to fuck her though… I don’t want to cheat on Nancy”.

We hung out in my man cave, drinking beers to help calm our nerves, until later that night when Tammy messaged me to let me know she was going to lie down and read before sleeping (normal routine for her)… it was the moment of truth, and my heart was racing… Doug smiled at me as I stood up and headed toward the kitchen to get the already prepared and laced cheesecake. I felt like I was on auto pilot as I walked up the stairs and toward our bedroom. My hand shook as I opened the door and saw Tammy lying in bed in a black nightgown… she had her reading glasses on as she stared at her book. I did my best to nonchalantly say “I forgot I got this cheesecake for you… I don’t want it to go to waste”. It’s rare that I see her smile, but she quickly sat up while putting away her reading glasses, and said “wow, thanks”… and as she took it from me and took her first bite, I felt guilt wash over me… I started to doubt what I had done, but that thought was to late as I watched her continue to eat the bait. She was over halfway through it when she said “wow, I’m really tired… it just hit me hard out of no where”. She put her plate down on the nightstand next to her, and all the sudden passed out.

I quickly checked on her to make sure she was ok, and once I was assured she was I tried to wake her up… but despite how much I called out her name and shook her, she wasn’t waking up. My heart raced as I realized this was really happening, as I picked up my phone to message Doug to come up. It didn’t take long for him to walk into the door, smiling from ear to ear with his phone out ready to take pictures. He looked at Tammy and told me “See?… no problem… nothing we can do that will wake her up now”. She looked so peaceful, still sitting up, but with her head resting against the headboard… Doug got on the bed next to her and lifted the blanket off of her… she laid there with nothing on but her nightgown and panties, and her panties were already revealed to us. Doug was now laying down next to her and started to slowly rub his hand on the side of her face, as he looked up at me and said “are you sure you’re OK with me touching her?”… I was still stunned, but incredibly horny as I nodded, and Doug dropped his hand to her chest and started groping her… first above her nightgown, and then I watched as he worked his hand inside and started rubbing her left tit. My cock jumped and the butterflies in my stomach started going crazy, as all the fantasies I’d had of watching my wife get fucked flashed before me.

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