I let my bullies use my wife Part 2

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It has been 3 days since the incident, when my bullies, Hunter and Chris, mouth fucked my beautiful wife in front of me. I haven’t seen them in the apartment since. Maybe they are busy with their work or something, as they work during the night and We work during the day.
Lilly was truly horrified by that experience. And wanted to move away from that building. But that thought have to be let go as Chris had already shared a video of them violating my wife’s mouth. Apparently, when I was busy looking down to the floor with humiliation, Chris managed to take a video of Hunter and Lilly. That was very humiliating. Lilly used to work as a kindergarten teacher. They threatened to share it with her colleagues as well as my college students and professors as well if we tried to get away from here. I guess we are stuck in this hell hole.
It was Saturday evening when we heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and to my dismay, it was Hunter, Chris and some other men I didn’t know.

Before I could say anything, Hunter pushed me to the side and welcomed himself inside. “Hello mate, these are our friends, Terry, Kevin, and Danny” They all walked past me saying nothing. Just staring at me. These guys were black guys. At least 6’3″, well-built, athletic body. They were carrying beer cases in their hands. “What.. what are you doing here?” I asked Hunter with a suspicious voice. “Guess what? Today is our day off and me and my mates thought, what place is better to have fun than our Jimmy boy’s flat” Hunter said with a grin on his face settling himself on the couch.

“So where’s your wife? won’t you introduce her to our friends?” Chris said opening the bear bottle with his hands. Before I could contemplate what was going on, Lilly came out of the bedroom to investigate what was going on. She was getting ready for our weekly date night. She just stood there stunned to see so many men in her living room. She looked amazing by the way. She was wearing a little black dress with a shimmer to the cloth. It was a form-fitting outfit complimenting her curves. The length was around 8 inches above her knees. With a little bit of cleavage on top, she was looking stunning. She caught everyone’s attention immediately

“Well, speak of the devil” Hunter stood up with a beer in one hand and went close to Lilly. With one hand behind her lower back, he escorted her close to the couch where everyone was sitting. He then introduced her, as if she was his property.
“Gentlemen this is Lilly, and she is here to entertain us and please us in any way we want,” Hunter said with authority over Lilly. What, she is my wife you cannot treat her like she is your sex slave. I thought in my head but didn’t have the guts to say anything.
“Isn’t it Jimmy?” Hunter turned to me and I was again looking down at the floor. I just nodded in agreement. “Well, what are we waiting for Lilly? start dancing for us.. come on” Hunter pushed her forward to the center of the circular sitting arrangement we had. “Oh yeah” and “That’s some fine meat” Were the comments coming from the new participants. Lilly’s eyes were already in tears. “Please, I’ll do anything for you both, but don’t ask me to be a sex slave for these Niggers” Yes, Lilly was raised in a very conservative family and they despised black people. Hunter sapped her head from behind. “Well too bad, now they are your masters and you need to obey them”. So she started to dance, or rather move left to right in one place. “Come on, you can do better than that.” Hunter came from behind and hit her on her ass with a huge smack. The trust was so hard she almost fell forward. She maintained her balance and started to dance shaking her butt and hair. They played some music and started to rub their crotches. I was still standing near the door watching all this. “Lift that dress up you mayonnaise monkey bitch” Kevin said in a scolding voice. Lilly lifted her dress to reveal her black lacy thongs. “Oh yeah now turn around for us” Terry joined in. She obeyed. “Now bend over and shake that booty” Lilly bent over and shook that ass, left and right. It was an amazing view. My dick was getting hard.

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