Secretly Sharing Wife

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I knew I hadn’t fucked her that long, and so some of those memories she had of getting railed aggressively was Doug… I knew the marks on her neck were from him too. I asked Doug about it, just to see what he’d say, but he just denied anything happened… even going as far as saying he left shortly after I got in the shower. Although the memory of that night has gave me multiple orgasms, I did become a little jealous that Doug had fucked my wife… you could see it in his cocky face whenever Tammy was around… but at least it made it easier for him to deal with her being rude toward him. Doug continued to share pics that his wife sent him or let him take (under the assumption he would be the only one to see them), and although it was nice to get to see Nancy’s spread hairless pussy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fuck her like Doug had my wife… Doug would share pics, but would never allow me to do anything with her… and I realized that was why he didn’t fuck Tammy in front of me… he didn’t want me to think I should be able to fuck his wife too.

Doug and I continued to share pics and talk about that night, and I often wondered if anything like that would ever happen again… or if I could possibly convince him to let me see Nancy the same way he saw Tammy (and maybe allowing myself to take advantage of her too)… but in the meantime, at least I have the memory of that night. I continued to share her pics on the forum as well, including many from that night… glad I could now share good graphic pictures of her pussy with others online.

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