Secretly Sharing Wife

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Over the next 15 minutes I watched as Doug would move Tammy around so that he could fuck her from different angles and positions, and he even took pics of himself doing it (although I knew he wouldn’t ever show me those pictures). At one point he even rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her ass up so that he could fuck her from behind… I watched as he spread her ass checks and stared at her asshole and hairy pussy while slamming into her… I thought about walking out there and surprising him, catching him in the act as he defiled my wife… but my heart was jumping to hard, my nerves were shot, and I was enjoying the show to much. I was starting to enjoy knowing he would never know that I knew what he did… both of us keeping a secret from the other… of course my secret, was that I knew his secret. I wondered what he was thinking about as he continued to fuck her, knowing she would never know… and more importantly, how much she would hate it if she did know.

I could tell Doug was getting close to finishing, and it looked like he was going to cum inside of her… he was laying behind her while she was on her side, and he had his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her body down to meet his thrusts up… I could see him mumbling in her ear, and her tits heaving up and down as he savagely pounded his cock inside my wife’s hairy cunt… and then his face started straining and turning red, as he let out a grunt and started to cum… without even rubbing my cock, I started cumming to, despite trying hard not to… and I tried hard to control my heavy breathing as I watched him slide out of her and quickly get up to find something to clean up the mess he left in her. He looked toward my door and then back at Tammy, as he used his shirt to try to mop up all the cum that was leaking out of her, and I figured I should probably stop the shower to give him some motivation to rush… because despite cumming already, I was anxious to fuck her too! I looked back through the gap and saw him frantically start having his clothes, and then walk out of the room… leaving my naked and well fucked wife alone.

I waited a minute after the door was closed before walking into the bedroom, and went to lay down next to Tammy on the bed… I knew what I had allowed to happen was wrong… and I knew there was no justification for it… but at that moment, I didn’t care as I slid my cock inside of her cum filled cunt and started using her just as I had watched Doug do… my mind still reeling about what I had witnessed, when I saw Tammy’s eyes flutter a little and she muttered “hurry up already”. My heart jumped and I started flooding her pussy with my cum as she drifted back to sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep for hours after… the adrenaline was still running through me as I continued to repeatedly recap everything that happened that night. I made sure her panties and nightgown were back on her, and covered her up with the blankets… I was a bit nervous about when she woke up in the morning… would she remember anything, would she be upset? But the next morning she woke up as usual, took a shower as usual, but as she was getting dressed she said “you were really rough with me last night… Thankfully I still slept well, but I know you were being really aggressive… I have marks on my neck to, what got into you?”. I’m simply apologized and said “I’m sorry… I just still find you incredibly attractive”… and with that she smirked and said “It’s OK… it just seemed like it went on for a long time, and you know how important my sleep is”.

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