Secretly Sharing Wife

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Doug was coming around more often, and the way he looked at Tammy when she’d walk by… looking her up and down, knowing all her details underneath… it was both fun and erotic. He did tell me that he wanted to see some close ups of her pussy… maybe some with her pussy spread… but unfortunately It was hard to get those pictures. I felt like I was disappointing him, especially since he showed me such detailed pictures of his wife’s shaved pussy. I attempted to try to take some pics under the blankets while she was sleeping, but they never turned out well. I began trying to hold the phone down low while walking up to her naked… quietly snapping pictures… with some decent results, but nothing great. Unfortunately one day she asked “why are you holding your phone like that?” as I stood next to her. I quickly turned it off and told her “I forgot I was even holding it” as I put it away… unfortunately, I think she might have started to suspect something was up, because from there on out she took clothes with her into the bathroom to shower, and kept the door closed as she dressed afterwards.

So now not only could I not get more pictures, but I couldn’t even see her myself! I tried to find a way to peep in to the bathroom, and eventually noticed I could peek in on each side of the door where it meets the wall. One side by the upper hinges gave a view of the bath/shower (but I needed to stand in something to see in it), and the lower end of the other side of the door gave a view of in front of the sinks. Now I had to resort to peeping on my wife just to get to see her naked, which is pathetic… and to add insult to injury, I couldn’t take pictures via my new peepholes, so I was still left without new nudes of the wife. I explained the situation (without mentioning the peepholes) with Doug, and I could see the disappointment on his face before he said “what about hidden cameras? We can get some online”. I told him “I’ve already been looking into it… but even then it’ll be difficult to get the pussy shot that I want to get”. Doug was silent for a minute and said “you said she’s a deep sleeper, you don’t think you could take them while she’s sleeping?”. I knew it was a bad idea, but I enjoyed that Doug was working hard on figuring out how to see more of Tammy. “It’s to risky” I said.. “if the lights are on it might wake her, and if the flash goes off it might wake her also”.

This is where things took a dark turn…Doug is a veterinarian, and has access to different anesthesia. Doug hesitantly said “so… hypothetically… if Tammy was given an anesthetic that kept her sleep… We’d have plenty of time to get all the pictures we wanted”. I was taken back, and not sure what to think as I asked him “are you suggesting drugging her?”. Doug shrugged and said “I’m just throwing out ideas… but we use the same anesthesia on our dogs as they do on people… just a lesser amount… it’s safe”. My first reaction was horrified at the idea… but my next reaction was getting extremely turned on at the idea, and the possibilities it would present. It was now my turn to speak hesitantly, as i asked “you’re sure it’s safe? She wouldn’t get hurt, and she wouldn’t know”. Doug smiled and said “I’m absolutely sure… but it’s up to you… I don’t want to push you to do anything you’re not ok with”. I wasn’t sure what to think… honestly I loved the idea, but I also knew it was wrong. I told him I’d think about it, and get back to him.

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