Secretly Sharing Wife

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I glanced toward Doug as I vigorously fucked Tammy, and asked him “Do you want a turn at her… it’ll be our secret, no cameras”. Doug was silent for a few seconds, as I’m sure he was contemplating his next move, and then asked me “so you really want me to? Are you sure you could handle seeing me fuck her”. I knew the answer to the question, because I had already seen him fuck her… but he didn’t know that. I continued stroking into Tammy’s unconscious body as I told Todd “she’s always treated you like shit, like your lesser than her… you should take this one opportunity to get one over on her… something you can always remember”. We both looked down at her chest, watching her tits as they swung up and down with each of my thrusts inside of her, and Doug started undressing… first removing his shirt, and then his shorts and underwear in one swoop, and he quickly placed his cock into her mouth.

It was a beautiful image, Tammy getting cock from both ends, being used like a drunk frat girl… Doug shocked me when he asked for a pic of his cock in her mouth… he was quick to add “just make sure my face isn’t in it so I couldn’t be identified if someone were to see it. I was happy to take the pictures, of course, and then I asked if he wanted a picture of his cock inside her pussy… he hesitated for a minute, and then said “I’ll put my dick in her, and you can take one picture… but I won’t fuck her, and my face can’t be in the picture… deal?”. I wasn’t going to say no to that, and quickly nodded my head in agreement, before I pulled my cock out and stepped aside to make room for Doug… he walked around me, and pulled her toward him by her hips, and once again spread her knees wide, leaving her gaping cunt within inches of his dick. He placed his cock up against her pussy and I took a picture, and I watched as he slid inside of her, and stopped halfway to allow me to take a picture. I told him “go ahead, go all the way inside her”. Doug looked hesitant, but said “just once”, as he slid all the way inside her pussy, grinding his hips against her.

I waited with baited breath to see what his next move would be, and I started to encourage him by saying “go ahead… fuck the bitch…. it’s your one chance”. I knew he would do it if he was alone, he had already proved that much… but I wanted him to do it right in front of me. I took a picture, but he then quickly pulled out and said “I’m sorry, I can’t go further than that… I shouldn’t have went that far”… and honestly, I found it upset me… I knew he had already fucked her a little, but he wasn’t going to tell me or do it in front of me, and I didn’t know if he didn’t fully trust me, or what the deal was… but after everything we had done that night, and he still acted hesitant around me. Apparently, it was obvious I was disappointed, because Doug said “I let you down, man, I’m sorry”. I tried to play it off and responded “no, it’s OK… I’m sure you have your reasons”… and with that, Doug started snapping more pics of Tammy’s uncounconscious naked body. I knew things wouldn’t go further at this point, and I knew time was limited, so I had to think of something fast.

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