Secretly Sharing Wife

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Doug pulled the straps off of her shoulders allowing her nightgown to drop down, exposing both her naked breasts to both our anxious eyes. Doug sat up and took some pics from various angles as I followed his lead and did the same. “Make sure not to get me in the pictures” Doug said, as he leaned toward her and shook her breasts… tweaking her nipples so that they were firm and erect. He didn’t seem even slightly nervous about getting caught, which helped calmed my nerves as well… and of course watching Doug play with my wife’s tits for the first time had my cock jumping. He looked at me with a smile, and I realized I was probably acting awkward as he hovered over her taking pictures with his phone. I started rubbing her legs and said “I can’t believe we’re going to see her pussy… do you want to take off her panties, or should I? Doug smiled at me as he got off the bed and stood next to me… he then said “why don’t you take them off… you want to show me her pussy, right?… so show me, I want to see all of her”… that was all I needed to hear, as I leaned forward and grabbed the waist band of her exposed panties.

Doug stopped me as he said “wait… let’s remove this nightgown first… I want to explore every inch of her body… every time she’s a bitch in the future, I’m going to know I saw all of her… every mole, every wrinkle, every crevice”. I simply nodded as I pulled it down off of her body, leaving her in nothing but her panties left on her body, and Doug followed by grabbing her ankles and pulling her down so that she was lying on her back before he started taking more pictures. I picked up my phone and did the same when Doug asked me “I know you fantasized about watching her get fucked… but are you sure you’re OK with me touching her… I don’t want to cross any lines with you”. Honestly, watching him fondle her had made me feel uneasy and a bit jealous… but it also turned me on a lot… so I just lied and said “I’m sure… do whatever you want”. I didn’t know why I said that, but Doug just smiled and said “ok… I’m not going to fuck her, but if seeing me play with her turns you on, I’m happy to help” as he laid down next to her and began rubbing her tits again.

He quickly escalated to kissing her neck and sucking her tits, then I watched his hand slowly rub down her body towards her crotch… he started rubbing her pussy over her panties, and then glanced over at me as he slid his hand under the seam. I knew he was exploring her bare pussy with his fingers, and I quickly pulled down her panties so I could watch. I watched as her hairy bush came into view, with his fingers running through it as I dropped her panties on the floor… she now was completely naked and being licked and molested by the guy she probably hated most. I started to take a picture, but Doug reminded me to make sure I don’t get any pictures with him in it as he sat up and started to take more pictures of her. Doug smiled and said “It’s time… spread her legs so I can get a good look at her cunt”. I realized I suddenly felt a warm flash across my face and my heart up in my throat as I slowly pulled her right knee toward him, and then her left knee toward myself… her pussy now exposed to us both, and I realized it had been years since I had seen her lips as well.

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