My Wife My Life – 6

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts My Wife My Life-5 so you can enjoy this better…

I woke up at 10am when the sunlight was hitting my face directly thru the windows, I went to the bathroom and freshened up. I saw Ramesh was still sleeping and shook him to wake him up, he woke up with a bad headache and hangover.

He saw me fully naked and asked what happened. I said “I will tell you everything later, now go and freshen up so we can order coffee”. He freshened up and sat on the couch.

He saw the open box of condoms and another new one next to it. He asked “where did you get these”? I said “I went to the medial store with David last night and bought them”.

With wide eyes he asked “you went with David alone in the night to buy these? Did he do anything to you”? I said “yes, I went with him and before dropping me back he drove me to heaven in his car”.

Holding his head, he asked “did he have sex with you”? I said “of course, how else would he show me heaven”? He looked at the dustbin and saw 5 used condoms, he asked “are all these yours”?

I said “yes, three more are disposed outside. Can we talk about this later because I want to enjoy my coffee first”, he nodded ok. I called the reception and John answered, I asked “what time will you be leaving”?

He said his colleague has still not reached so he is not sure. I asked him to send two extra strong coffees to my room. I quickly took out a baby doll nightie and put it on just in time when Vicky rang the doorbell.

This nighty was mid-thigh and semi-transparent so it showed my assets under the bright sunshine coming in thru the windows. I let him inside closing the door. Vicky kept the tray on the table while I sat on the bed with my legs folded and my nightie raised to my waist.

Vicky could not help stare at my exposed pussy, I told Vicky to serve the coffee, he poured two cups and gave one to Ramesh. I stood up before Vicky turned towards me and kissed his lips.

I placed both his hands on my boobs pressing them. My one hand was below rubbing his crotch but he was not getting hard. After a few minutes of trying I gave up.

I said “get your cock ready, I will call you soon after Ramesh finishes”. Vicky smooched me and left closing the door. I took my coffee and sat on the bed sipping it, Ramesh asked “what in the hell did you just do with Vicky”.

I said “I was checking if he was hard enough to fuck me again or not. I remember you saying that watching me fuck someone else would excite you so I tried”. Ramesh asked “again”?

I said “see he is one of my best fuck buddies now and three of the condoms in that dustbin are his. He fucked me right here on this bed three times while you were sleeping”.

Ramesh could not believe his ears, he asked “how”? I said “you passed out at the bar last night after getting drunk and me & Vicky carried you to the room. After that I decided to drink here only so Vicky brought me beer”.

“I was very horny and wanted sex but you had passed out, I was thinking of my options and remembered what Vicky did to me while unloading the bags. So I called him and gave him some encouragement and he fucked my brains out”.

“I finished my beer and was not enjoying it here with you sleeping. Vicky had fucked me using a condom and I realised you did not get any so I decided to go out and buy some myself”.

“I went to reception asking John where could I buy condoms at this time of the night? He called David to take me to a store. I went with David and he bought me the condoms”.

“Then he gave me a full demonstration of how good they were by driving me crazy with his cock in the back seat before dropping me back. I kept the condoms in the room and remembered I had enjoyed the bar since it was my first time so I got ready and went there”.

“There I met Charles again, who gave me private dancing lessons and I let him dance in my pussy because I was still horny and wanted to pay him back in kind. I left from there with Vicky carrying food and beer and had one more round with him”.

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