First time experience with girlfriend

Hello all, how are you guys? This is the first story I am submitting here. So, please excuse me if there are any mistakes.

My name is raj and I am from hyderabad. I work in a small it company and the story I am about to tell happened with my girlfriend.

I met her in my btech college and in the initial days. We used to be friends I don’t have feelings for her but around 3rd year, I got feelings for here and liked her very much. One day I proposed her and as she also likes me she accepted.

After that we used to hang out more and one day at the sunset time while we are sitting in one of the benches in college, I asked her for a kiss. Initially she resisted but she aggreed once I asked again. I placed my hand on her waist and moved her closely to me and started kissing her on lips. It was my first kiss and the best experience I had. We passionately kissed for 10 minutes and left as someone is passing by us.

After that day we used to kiss wherever we get some private space. We got good jobs in the college placements and my company has provided a hotel accommodation for 10 days as relocation.

I went to the hotel and made my check in day before the joining date. On the joining day, I had finished my training and reached hotel. I called my girlfriend to come over to the hotel. She came to the hotel after her shift is completed. She called me from the lobby of the hotel and I had taken her to my room.

Once we reached the room, I hugged her and gave her a lip to lip kiss and we passionately kissed for 20 minutes. After that she went to washroom to fresh up and meanwhile I switched on the tv and started playing romantic songs.

She came out after 20 minutes and sat beside me in the bed. I pulled her towards me and started kissing again and she also responded very well and we are kissing very passionately. I started pressing her boobs over the top and started removing buttons of the shirt and also removed the bra. This is when I saw her boobs for the first time and it is a treat to see those.

I broke the kiss and started licking one of the boobs and pressing the other with hand. After sometime switched to other boob and started licking. She is moaning very slowly and she is in full food.

While sucking the boobs, I moved my hand inside her pant and starting rubbing her pussy over the panties. Then I went up and starting kissing her again and slowly inserted my finger in her pussy. She started moaning and I started fingering and I can see her pussy is very wet. Then I inserted 2 fingers and started fingering a little faster. She is moaning heavily and in deep mood.

After fingering for sometime, I went down and spread her legs, she resisted initially but not for long as she was in good mood. I started licking her pussy and she is moaning very heavily and pressed my head towards her pussy.

I could feel juiced coming out of her pussy as I started licking her. I spread her legs wider and licked the pussy harder and she is moaning heavily and she is shivering.
I put my finger inside her while licking and she is not in this world. She is shouting ‘please don’t stop’ and pressing my head harder to her pussy. Within sometime she released her juices and I looked at her while tasting it. She is very shy when I looked at her.

I went up and started kissing her again. While kissing she put her hands in my pant and started giving jerks to my dick and then she removed my pants and went down. She gave a kiss to the tip of my dick and teasig me. Then she started giving blowjob. She got a vomiting sensation intially but then after sometime she got used to it and started giving a very good blow job and I was enjoying it whole.

I was about to cum and I told her the same. She came up and started kissing me while giving the stokes with her hand and I released my cum in her hand. She took the tissue and cleaned herself.

We kind of little bit exhausted, so we took some rest. She started rubbing her hand over my dick and in sometime, I got hard again and we went into missionary position. I put my dick over her pussy and teasing her by the dick moving up and down. Then I slowly started inserting my dick in her pussy. It is very tight and she asked to remove as she is feeling lot of pain.

I told her, initially it will be like that and asked her to bear for sometime. I spit on her pussy and on my dick and inserted again. Almost 50 percent of the dick went inside and she is shouting very hard to remove it due to pain. I stopped pushing and started kissing her. I can see tears in her eyes. While kissing slowly I started moving my dick inside her pussy. With the wetness inside her pussy my dick is slowly becoming free and I started giving strokes and she kind of started enjoying.

After few minutes she started enjoying and giving reverse stokes. Once she started enjoying I pushed very hard and now my whole dick went inaider her pussy and she gave a huge shout. I stopped giving stokes and kissed again. Once she is okay I started giving stokes again. She is enjoying whole heartedly now and shouting to push harder.

I started giving the strokes harder and we both are in different transe. We both cum at the same time and we laid down on the bed. For the next 10 days we have tried different sex positions at different places.

Thank you for reading the story. I will share my other experiences in next story. Please provide feedback to the email [email protected]. Girls/aunties if anyone wants to have a romantic relationship or sex drop a message in hangouts. Secrecy is guaranteed. We will talk first and proceed only when you get 100% trust

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