Sex Encounter with my old school crush – Part 1

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My encounter with my old crush after a long time

Part 1
Hi, my name is Sunaina. I’m from Bengaluru, and I’m a 22-year-old single, straight female. I work in an IT firm as a Cloud Architect. I have dusky skin, am 5 feet 1 inch tall, and my body measurements are 36-34-40. Due to short-sightedness, I wear glasses. I also have long, thick, black hair that extends to my low waist.

This is my first time sharing an experience on a platform, so bear with me. A year ago, I attended a friend’s wedding, reluctantly. Little did I know, it would lead to an unexpected encounter with my first crush, Arjun, sparking a series of intriguing events.

The incident I’m about to share occurred a year ago when I was invited to a wedding by one of my school friends. Initially, I wasn’t interested in attending. However, another school friend had already created a WhatsApp group, added most of us, and flooded it with messages about gifts, attire, dance songs, and more. Despite my disinterest, I decided to observe how everyone had changed. As I browsed through the display pictures (DPs) of my “grown-up friends,” I came across the picture of my first crush. After school, I had lost contact with many of them due to my relocation within Bengaluru. Moving within the city often feels like moving to an entirely different city itself.

He still looked as attractive as ever (and so did I). However, I’m that person in the group who radiates a significant charm as I had a glow up after my school days. Some guys in the group started texting me after getting my number, but I chose to ignore them.
Eventually, due to persistent persuasion from my school bestie, Rachana, I reluctantly agreed to attend. I got ready in a black transparent saree paired with a half-sleeved blouse. I applied some subtle makeup, darkening the Kajal slightly and adding a black bindi. I adorned a few accessories, with Jhumka being the highlight. Yes, I ensured I looked attractive and hot (as I intended to stand out). The scorpion tattoo on my waist added an extra touch of allure. Spritzing on some Chanel perfume, I was all set. When Rachana arrived, she couldn’t help but be instantly jealous, as I appeared better than her. Nonetheless, I put on my heels, hopped into my car (just for your information, I own a Renault Kwid and drive proficiently), and headed to the wedding hall with her. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my glasses, but I managed to reach the venue by driving cautiously. Due to a full parking area, I had to park my car outside. Rachana got out of the car, informed me she would be inside, and left.

The entire conventional hall was beautifully decorated. Upon entering, I noticed a significant crowd (it’s an Indian Gowda’s wedding, so what else can I expect?). I also observed random guys, uncles, and even aunts staring at me. I was a little overwhelmed, but I enjoy that attention. Rachana then called my name and waved at me from one of the corners where all my old friends had gathered. As I walked towards them, I saw him—my old crush, Arjun. He was the hottest guy in the room, and I feel like he still is. Standing at 5’10”, he had a dusky skin tone, looked muscular (probably hitting the gym regularly), and was dressed in a black shirt with two unbuttoned buttons, grey pants, and polished, shiny shoes. He wore a silver chain, a black wristwatch (not sure about the brand), and had a nice haircut that suited his face, along with a well-grown beard. I knew he would wear black, as it was his favorite color.

Apologies, let me continue. I could sense from everyone’s eyes that they were shocked to see my glow. I shook hands with everyone, including Arjun. His handshake was very firm. We made eye contact for more than necessary, and I became nervous, intentionally looking somewhere else. Then, we all chit-chatted, and Arjun and I spoke normally. We reminisced about events that were nostalgic. During this phase, I could somehow tell that Arjun was checking me out, as were many of our guy friends. Yes, I loved that attention a lot.
Then we went to the stage where the groom and bride were, congratulated them, took photos, and proceeded to the dining hall.

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