The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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“You wanna switch?” Brian asked after having his sister blissfully ride him for a few minutes. He looked up at her, at her gorgeous naked body, at her beautiful face, and she nodded slowly.

Beth climbed off Brian’s hard cock, leaving it glistening with her juices, and moved to the side. She laid down, spreading her legs, and started rubbing her clit as she watched her brother move.

Brian got on his knees, his cock harder than he ever remembered it being, and moved between his sister’s legs. He noticed the hungry look his younger sister was giving his throbbing member and it turned him on even more. “God, you’re so hot!” Brian said, looking down at his sexy sister, and reached between her legs, Beth moving her hand away. He cupped her pussy, caressing it, then moved his thumb to her clit and rubbed it. He listened to his sister moan as he played with her sensitive nib for a few seconds, then pulled away and grabbed her legs with both hands.

Beth watched her brother as he raised both her legs up into the air. He lifted them high, then started pushing them towards her. He pushed her legs back, her lithe body bending easily, and pinned them down. She looked so sexy under him, her pink pussy wet and inviting. He moved his gaze to her face, seeing how much she wanted this, then Brian moved forward. He got on top of her, his hard cock between her spread legs, and pressed it to her lips. Her pussy was radiating heat like an oven, and as brother and sister looked into each other’s eyes, Brian shoved his cock back into his sister’s cunt in a single motion.

“Fuck Brian!” Beth called out in ecstasy as her big brother breached her with a single powerful thrust, opening her pussy again. She looked at the way her pussy hugged his cock, then looked up at his grinning face. He paused for a moment, then started fucking her again.

Brother and sister continued with a wild passion. They were so turned on, and Brian quickened the pace until he was pounding her pussy hard. He thrust his hips back and forth, soon finding a rhythm and the both of them just moaned and groaned in shameless pleasure as their bodies merged in taboo bliss.

“You like my cock in your pussy?” Brian asked kinkily as he continued to plow her cunt.

“Yes!” Beth called out in a whiny voice.

“Yeah? You like being fucked by your brother’s hard cock? Like the way your big brother is pounding your tight little pussy?” Brian asked, overwhelmed with lust and pleasure.

“Oh god yes!” Beth called out, moaning, and Brian started fucking her even harder.

Brian hammered his little sister’s amazing pussy with force, moaning louder and louder as he thrust himself in and out. He looked at her face as they continued their incestuous sex and noted the pleasure on it. He moved his eyes down to her boobs, watching the way they wiggled with each thrust. He moved his eyes down more and watched her pink pussy as he continued to penetrate it. It was such a hot sight, his little sister’s pink pussy under him, eagerly taking his cock in, her lips closing around his hard shaft and bringing such divine pleasure to them both.

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