The true story of brother and sister’s first time together

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Beth was the first to leave the pool, the cool waters getting too cold for her. She climbed out to the warm night, showing her sexy ass on her way out, and stood there on display, her sexy body dripping with water. She was soon followed by Kelly, and shortly after the boys.

Jimmy rushed back into the house and came back out a moment later with a bottle and shots. They drank some more, keeping their buzz, then went into the house.

“What do you guys wanna do now?” Tom asked once they were inside.

“How about we play truth or dare?” Beth suggested.

“Ooh, sounds fun.” Kelly piped. “I think the birthday boy should go first.” She added.

“Good idea.” Beth agreed. “So, Brian, truth or dare?” Beth asked her naked older brother.

“Um, you know, why not make things interesting. Dare!” Brian said and gave his sister a daring grin.

“Okay. Then I dare you…to suck Tom off.” Beth said with a devious grin. She knew her brother was bisexual, as were Tom and Jimmy.

Brian looked over at his sister, surprised at first, then nodded. He looked over at Tom, at his naked body, his limp cock, and moved over to him. He got on his knees in front of Tom, then reached over for Tom’s cock.

“Oh yeah, Bri!” Tom moaned as Brian grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly. His grip felt good, his fingers warm around the shaft, and as his hand moved along the shaft, Tom was quickly getting hard.

Jimmy, Kelly, and Beth all watched Brian jerking his friend off, getting Tom nice and hard. They watched his limp dick grow, slowly hardening until Brian was holding Tom’s big hard eight-inch dick in his hand. He kept stroking the hard shaft for a few more moments, then moved closer and took Tom’s cock into his mouth.

Jimmy was getting hard as he watched Brian suck off Tom. He looked sideways at Tom’s girlfriend, Kelly, then over at Brian’s sister, Beth, and noted they were both watching intently. He looked where their hands were and smiled at the sight of both girls touching themselves to Brian pleasuring Tom. Jimmy looked back to Brian and Tom and reached for his hard member. He started stroking himself to the hot sight, Brian taking more of Tom’s big cock into his mouth, then decided to join the fun.

Jimmy moved to the two guys, his cock already hard, and got behind Brian. He got on his knees, looking at Brian eagerly sucking Tom, then reached for him. He grabbed his ass, spreading it apart, then pushed his head in and started licking Brian’s ass hole.

“Oh fuck!” Brian moaned as Jimmy started licking his ass, getting him hard. He stopped sucking Tom for a moment and turned around to look. He moaned again as he saw Jimmy continue to eagerly eat his ass, then turned back to Tom and resumed sucking him.

Jimmy continued eating Brian’s ass, getting them both very aroused. It didn’t take long for Jimmy to be rock-hard, and he was so aroused he couldn’t hold back anymore. He stopped licking Brian, straightened up, then spit into his hand and started lubing up his cock. Jimmy spat into his hand again and rubbed it into his pulsing member as he watched Brian sucking Tom. He kept stroking his hard cock until it was nice and slick, then moved behind Brian.

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