My Mom, A Magnum Opus- Part 1

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Hello readers. This is your with a real experience of my friend. This story is 100% true. It happened between my friend and his mother. I wish you to like and support this story. I apologize all of you because this story is too lengthy and a bit boring too. But it’s a true story so I wrote it as happened. I have written this in English and used Tamil(mother tongue) for dialogue portion which may excite Tamil readers. Comments and critics are welcomed at [email protected] Horny girls and lonely aunties, housewives are warmly invited to the same mail id. Also, people who need related help and guidance can feel free to ask me. I have plans to write more if you people it. This story is a compilation of real life incidents of my friend. I am going to narrate it in his perspective. Before getting into the main story, please tolerate for the very long description of the background. It may be boring but it helps you to understand about the characters involved.
Note: This story is not for quicky guys and girls. This story is very lengthy. So take your own time, finish your work, get relax, shut all the doors and windows, switch on the fan/AC, get naked, feel comfortable and then start to read it. I am sure this story will excite you and give you hardcore orgasms.
So here it goes….
Hi everyone. I want to share my experience with you all. My name is Sidharth (a) sidhu. I am 20. I am studying MBBS. My family consists of three members, my father, mother and me. We live in Chennai. My father is a typical corporate business man. So mostly he will be busy with his work. On the other hand, my mother is working in one of the software company just to pass her time and my dad never opposed her doing the job. They never use to quarrel like other husband and wife. My parents really look as they are made for each other. They shared their love with each other. They married when my is 18 and dad is 26. I was born when my mom was 19. As I am the only I have all the freedom with my parents. As they both were educated, they gave me quality education. They never scold me or beat me even if I am stubborn at something. We belong to high class people of this society. We have our compact bungalow in ECR, Chennai with underground park bay, very big grass lawn, rooftop sightseeing view, home gym and swimming pool etc,.
I will say you about my mom. Her name is Vijayalakshmi. Everyone call her as ‘Viji’. Her age is 38, height 5’4 and her hair falls upto her waist. She is gifted with a great figure. Everyone gets mad just by seeing her figure. Her figure is 34B-26-36 and weighs 55kg. She is fair in complexion. She looks like actress Charmi Kaur. She looks so beautiful and young for her age because of her regular workout in gym. Her skin is so soft that whoever looks at her, they may feel to touch and caress that soft smooth skin. Mostly she wears salwar kameez or saree to office and some modern outfits to other purposes. Whatever she wears, she looks as the best and everyone used to stare at her and long to make love with her. In house, she wears night suits like swing tank, robes, Capri set, nighties etc,. Her face and body looks so cute and hot with flawless skin tone. She has big boobs and ass with flat tummy and deep navel. No one will believe that she is in her late 30’s. My mom is my best friend. She never gets angry on me. From my childhood, mom use to hug me and kiss me on my cheeks before she leaves to office. She used to spend the time with me on weekends. We use to go for shopping, movies, restaurants. But my dad won’t be spending his time with us as he will be busy travelling for his business purpose. Sometimes mom used to get angry on him for not showing interest in spending his time with us.
Usually my mom gets up at 5.30 am and also wakes me up for work out as we both are fitness freaks. We both get freshen up, I take some pre-workout and start my workout. Mom used to train with aerobics, crossfit and lifting workout. After the gym, we both go to get ready for our respective chores. When I finish getting ready, my mom will be preparing the breakfast whereas my dad also will be ready. We three used to have our breakfast. Dad drops mom in her office which is on the way and he leaves for his work. This is not usual it may get altered according to the schedule of dad. I go to college by my bike, sometimes car and return at 5. My mom usually returns home by 6.30pm. She hugs me when she returns from office. After that she goes to her room, takes bath and returns to kitchen to cook dinner. Dad mostly comes home by 10pm. He takes his dinner and goes to bed soon after finishing his dinner because of his tiredness. After having dinner me and mom used to talk about office things and college things and go to sleep.
When I was in my first year I was really wanting for . To satisfy my sexual urge I use to see all the adult sites. I was very much habituated to enjoy the content of adult sites. One day I found this sex stories site and I started to read the stories. As days passed I became regular reader of sex stories. One day I found a story called “Pari And Mathu- a loving ”. I found the title different and read the story. I was really surprised to see such a content. I was not in this world for next 40 minutes. That story was really good and drove me hot and crazy that I cummed three times while reading it. Thereby my eyes searched only for incest stories and especially mom son stuffs.
One Saturday I and mom planned to go for a movie and mom asked me to get ready and come to her room. I dressed and went to her room and opened her room door without knocking. She was still dressing. By the time I went she was with her jean and only bra on top. So I could see the size of her breasts with bra and her deep beautiful navel. Though I have seen her body with least clothes while working out and swimming, at that time I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. I said sorry and closed the door. She came out in 5 minutes. As soon as she came out,
Me: “Sorry maa..”
Mom: “Its ok da.. na thana room lock panama vitan, adhuku nee enna panna mudiyum?” (its ok. That’s my mistake because I have not locked the door from inside)
She waved my hair and we went out in our car. We went for a movie and returned home. Mom prepared dinner and we had it and I left to my room as soon as I finished dinner. I lied on the bed thinking about my mom. The scene which I saw in the evening was running in to my mind. I kept seeing my mom’s pics and selfies in my mobile that we took that evening. Without my knowledge, I removed my clothes and started masturbating by looking at my mom’s pics and ejaculated. After masturbating I felt bad because I masturbated imagining about my own mom. I felt it like a sin and decided not to repeat this anymore and slept. But that decision long lasted only upto the next morning that too until I saw my mom. When I saw her in the morning, again my lusty thoughts filled up my mind. Therefore I used to read only incest stories and really got excited so that my attitude had changed towards my mom. As days passed I was attracted to my mom and started to look at the beauty in her. As I was attracted to her I started to spend more time with her. I use to help her in the kitchen work so that I can move close to her. Whenever my mom is happy she uses to hug me and say I love you honey. Now a days, I feel the pleasure in her hug. As I was helping her more often she uses to shower her love with a hug. Whenever she hugs me I would be dying with pleasure as her beauties are pressed against my chest. Gradually she became the lady of my dreams. Though there were beautiful girls and milfs in my college, I was well aroused only by my mom’s beauty. I was unable to control my sexual urges towards my mom.
One day we both were having our dinner. Mom was dressed in most sexiest way. She was wearing sleeveless tank top and mini shorts. I could see her cleavage, armpit and thighs very well. This made me to stare at her continuously. Mom noted this and asked me,
Mom: “Sidhu unaku enna aachi? Yen nee ipolam romba stare panite iruka? Is everything alright baby?” (Sidhu what happened to you. Nowadays you are starting at me a lot. Is everything alright?)
Me: “Onnum illa maa. Chumma than. Nothing intentional. I just think that you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen” (nothing mom)
Mom: “Deiii.. indha dialogue ah nee ethana ponunga kita solirupa??” (Am wondering to how many girls you have thrown these words?)
Me: “Illa maa.. unga kita matum than. I think only you as beautiful, so ungala thavira vera yarkitayum ipadi pesunadhu illa” (with none mom. You are beautiful, so I only used it with you)
Mom: “Namba mudila.. nee edho enaku ice vakira mari iruku” (I can’t believe. Looks like you are talking like this for sake of something)
Me: “Okay I can explain, enga college la naraya azhagana, beautiful ladies pathuruken. Nalla make pannitu cute and hot ah irupanga but kalaila endhirichi make up podama gym la workout panrapo, eve office vitu tired ah varapo and night rough dress la veetla dinner panrapo, yarayum ivlo azhaga pathadhu illa. So you are something special.” (I have seen many cute and hot girls and ladies in my college but I haven’t seen anyone whose is so beautiful who wakes up in morning with no makeup, workouts at gym, comes back to home tiredly from office and doing household work in rough dress other than you)
Mom was blushing hearing this statement from my mouth and said that I have got a point. I hold her hand and said
Me: “I love you so much mom.. and believe me you look so beautiful and young for your age.”
Mom smiled and me and replied
Mom: “Love you too sweetheart, my love will always be with you but nee enna young nu solradhu than namba mudila, cozz am 38 now.” (Its fine but I am not am looking that much young because am 38 years old)
Me: “Unga biological age venuna 38 irukalam maa.. but unga appearance patha late 20’s or early 30’s nu than sollum. En friends oda amma ku lam hardy 40 irukum but avanga pakurapa andha age theriyum. Unga kita adhu therla. Even namma rendu perum sendhu velila pona ungala en akka or girlfriend nu ninaipangale thavira amma nu yaralayum solla mudiyadhu” (your age may be 38 but your appearance tells that you belong to late 20’s or early 30’s. Even some of my friend’s mom would be early or mid 40’s which can be seen from their appearance. Who knows if we go to an unknown place, everyone will think you as my elder sister or a girlfriend but no one will tell you as my mother. Am damn sure about this mom)
I made this bold statement and anticipated that she would scold me for such speech but she replied cool,
Mom: “Heyy.. chumma kadha vidadha.. na onnum avlo young ah lam illa. Kandipa amma paiyanu than soluvanga” (hey don’t just blabber, I am not that much young and I don’t look so. Surely they will conclude me as your mom)
Me: “Challange??”
Mom: “Haan.. challenge. Nalaiku na konjam shopping ponum, neeyum va. Apo pakalam yaru win panranu. Nee thothuta enna da panuva?” (hmm ok challenge accepted. Tomorrow I need to go for shopping. You also come, lets see then. What will you do if you loose?)
Me: “Neenga enna sonalum panren.. oru vela neenga thotuta enaku enna tharuvinga?” (Whatever you say. What will you give if you loose?)
Mom: “Unaku enna venumo kelu.. tharen..” (whatever you ask)
Next day was Saturday, so we both went for shopping as we planned the previous day. I was in my tees and jean, while mom was in a full sleeve folded shirt and a denim pencil fit as I requested her to wear that so that someone who see her can easily think that she belongs to young age. We went to Iraivi, as we thought no one there would know about us and we didn’t disclose our identity. A sales girl from that shop approached and asked,
S.G: “Yes mam… may I know about your today’s picks?”
Me: “I would like to have designer sarees for her”
She led us to the saree section and was showing some materials. We both were looking at their collection and suddenly I said,
Me: “Viji… indha black colur saree unaku nallarukum nu thonudhu. What do you say?” (Viji I think this black saree will suit you. What do you say?)
My mom saw me with a blank expression. I said in her ears,
Me: “Inga vandhu na ungala amma na kupda mudiyum?” (how can I tell you as my mom? The deal is on)
My mom smiled at me and nodded her head to try this saree. Meanwhile the sales girl said,
S.G: “Yes mam.. sir is correct. Unga fair skin tone ku indha black nalla suit aagum. Unga brother ku nalla dressing sense irukum pola” (yes mam what he said is right. This saree will suit you very well because of your fair skin tone. You brother must have some good dressing sense.)
We both laughd at eachother because she said me as brother to my mom. This statement almost claimed that I won the deal. The sales girl noticed our laugh and said,
S.G: “Sorry.. unga rendu perukum naraya resemblance irukra nala brother nu sonen. I don’t know whether am right or not” (sorry you both have more resemblance to eachother so I said you as brother and sister. I don’t whether am right or not)
Mom smiled and said by looking at me,
Mom: “He is my best friend.”
Even I was surprised at that time that mom didn’t disclose our identity. On the way to the trial room, mom stopped at a mirror and gazed at her own image which felt like she was feeling proud of her young appearance even at late 30’s. We were talking about the incidents which happened that day on the way back on our car to our home.
Me: “So mom… na sonna mari na win paniten indha deal la… neenga sonna mari na kekradha tharuvengala??” (so mom, I won as I said. Now will you get me what I want as you said?)
Mom: “Haan… sir ku enna venum sollunga” (what you want tell me)
Me: “None other than a tight hug and kiss from my lovely mom”
Mom: “You must be crazy sidhu..”
Me: “No mom.. am serious..”
Mom: “Haan cheri… veetuku ponadhum tharen..” (I will give you when we reach our home)
Me: “Noo.. enaku ipovey venum..” (no I need it now)
Mom: “Ipova?? Ipo epadi mudiyum? Nee vera drive panitu iruka..” (now?? How can I give it now when you are driving?)
Me: “Its ok maa… na manage panikiren..” (its ok mom I will manage)
My mom smiled at my craziness and put her arms around my neck and wrapped it. She drew me little closer while went near her more that she drew me. She again laughed for this and said,
Mom: “Hmmm… girlfriend kita keka vendiyadhu lam en pulla enkitaye kekudhu..” (my son is asking me some favours which are to be asked to his girlfriend)
Saying this, she hugged me and kissed on my cheek hard that too with her wet lips.
Me: “Neenga en girlfriend thaney… I mean, neenga enna ungaloda bestfriend nu sonenga, neenga young ah theriyura nala girl. Which means, you are my girlfriend” (you are my girlfriend. aren’t you? You told the salesgirl as am your bestfriend,. You look so young, thus you are a girl. Hence you are my girlfriend)
She patted my cheek with love for this comment. All the while I was driving the car with having concentration on my mom. The next day I got ready and came to kitchen to see my mom. She was preparing breakfast with yellow color sleeveless salwar top with red colored legging. I can’t control my urge so I went and hugged her from behind (as I read this in many stories). After our breakfast while she was going for office she came and hugged me and I kept my hands around her and said,
Me: “Innaiku neenga romba azhaga irukenga maa..” (You are very beautiful today mom)
And released her from hug. She thanked and kissed me on forehead. The same night, when she was preparing dinner I went in to kitchen
Me: “Na edhuvum unaku help panava maa??” (do you need any help mom?)
Mom: “Its ok sidhu.. na pathukuren..” (its ok no need)
I went and hugged her and she didn’t mind me hugging her. After I hugged her she asked me about my studies and friends. I talked for sometime by hugging her from behind. She always lets her hair loose when she was at home and she looks more beautiful when she lets her hair free. That day dad came so early that I cursed him for coming so early which spoiled my time with mom. We had our dinner and I went to my room to study while my parents went to their room to sleep. After completing my work, I thought to see my mom. So I went to their room to check if they were asleep. My mom was not there. I went in search of her. She was standing in the balcony with sleeveless nightie. She was feeling the chill breeze. I was topless and only wore my boxer. I went there and hugged her slightly from behind. I kept my hands on her waist. I could see her deep cleavage which made me hot. She slowly turned and saw me with questioning face.
Mom: “Konja naala unaku ennachi? Un behavior eh different ah iruku” (what happened to you now a days?)
Me: “Yen apadi enna difference pathenga en behavior la?” (what difference have you seen in my behavior?)
Mom: “Nee enna ipadi adikadi pinnala irundhu hug panradhu romba strange ah iruku” (the way you are hugging me from behind is so strange)
Me: “Ohh.. do I need permission?”
Mom: “Absolutely not… but unnoda indha behaviour romba pudhusa iruku” (no but this was not your behavior towards me)
I got little bit upset by her reply and started to withdraw my hands saying,
Me: “Sari.. inimel na ungala ipadi hug panna maten. Am sorry..” (ok sorry hereafter I wont repeat this anymore)
She caught my hands and wrapped it again around her waist pulling me closer towards her. She patted my cheeks and said,
Mom: “Sorry baby… nee epo venalum enna hug panalam.. no problem.. na un behavior different ah irukunu thaney sonen.. enaku idhelam pudikalanu sonana??” (sorry baby you can hug me whenever you want. I just told you its different but I like it.)
Now I hugged her tighter than before and said,
Me: “Neenga innaiku romba azhaga irukenga maa” (today you looks so beautiful mom)
My mom gave a lovely expression. She turned towards me, kissed on my forehead and hugged me in front tightly. We stood there like that for almost five minutes with cool wind hitting our body. She had her right hand around my waist and her face on my chest. I was having my hands on her back. We released from the hug and went to sleep. I cannot sleep because I was very happy that I can hug my mom and feel her body whenever I want.
The next morning as usual mom came to wake me up. I got fresh and met her at our home gym which is on the top floor of our house. Before warming up, I caught hold of her hand and dragged her towards me to hug her. My mom saw this and laughed at my craziness and kissed on my left cheek. Then my mom’s trainer came and we started our workout. We completed our daily routine before we go to our daily work. Dad was waiting in the car while mom came to me, hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. She was dressed in a black color transparent saree. I caught hold of her hand and said you look beautiful in this saree mom and she just smiled and patted on my cheek then went for her work. I made it a habit of hugging her when I was going for college. It was clear that me and my mom were becoming more closer day by day. I was free to feel her body through hugs and kisses. My mom was becoming friendlier to me but I was not sure about the love which is necessary to get my mom on bed.
That Saturday evening we planned to utilize the swimming pool. Usually most of the Saturdays we swim for a while during the evening time. On that day, dad was home early. So both dad and mom were sitting in the patio near the swimming pool. Mom was having green tea and dad was doing some stuff which I really didn’t care about. I entered the pool and walking inside it. After having her green tea, my mom came towards the pool to join me. She was in her top bottom swimsuit which is her regular outfit for swimming. Though I had seen her so many times in that dress, that day was very special for my eyes for no reason. I was amazed by the sight of my mom. She was completely stunning and magnificent in that top bottom suit which was revealing the upper half of her cleavage. It was a beautiful sight. Her whole waist was swaying to and fro as she walked towards the pool. Her bottom wear only covered her upper thighs so that her whole smooth shiny fair legs and thighs was purely a treat. As the material of her dress was nylon, it was stuck to her body that her full shape was clearly seen. All the while I was seeing this whole scene. First I felt awkward and then my dick began to grow. Although I had found my mom in this outfit previously, I never felt like this. I felt my mom extremely beautiful on that particular day. She came into the pool, immediately I turned my head to divert my attention. We both started swimming to and fro for some time. Then my dad went into our house that he felt to have some drinks. Now only me and my mom were left in that place. I was constantly enjoying my mom’s beauty as she was enjoying herself in the water. I took my mobile and started capturing selfies and pics of my mom. She was playing as well as posing for my mobile. She took some water in her hands and threw towards me.
Mom: “Podhum Sidhu maa.. come lets have fun” (enough, come lets have some fun)
So I placed the mobile entered into the pool. My mom came near me and joined her left hand with my right hand. With our hands joined, we were swimming together for a few minutes. Then suddenly my mom crept above me in water. I did not expect this move. As my mom was above me, I could feel her voluptuous boobs tightly pressed against my bare back. I started to feel the heat, and my dick stood firm as a rock. My ass was pressed against her clothed cunt. We both were swimming in the same position for some time. After sometime I went behind her and hugged her. I lifted her by holding her waist and we both fell inside the water together. It was all fun. I could feel that she was sensing something. Later I realized that it was my dick that she could feel it on her clothed ass crack. She could feel that I was gazing at her constantly and she was proud of her body which made me to gaze and erect my dick.
Me: “Neenga innaiku romba sepera irukenga maa..” (You were extremely beautiful today mom)
Mom: “Thanks baby..”
After a few minutes, we both came out of the pool. Next morning I got ready and went to gym for workout. I started my warm up while my mom completed her cardio alone and relaxing. I asked
Me: “Enna ma unga trainer varala? (have your trainer not come?)
Mom: “Illa da… avanga inimel vara matanga.. andha ponnuku marriage aga pogudhu. Abroad la settle aga poralam” (no she wont come hereafter. She gonna get married and get settled in abroad.)
Me: “So.. vera trainer yarum paka porengala?” (so you gonna seek for another trainer?)
Mom: “Illa sidhu ma… idhuku mela trainer vachikanum nu thonala. Moreover help edhachum venum na nee iruka. Aparam edhuku?” (no sidhu. I don’t feel like having a trainer hereafter. Moreover you will be there if I need any help in my workout session.)
Saying this, we both started our workout. I was doing my chest exercises and she trained for her legs. She was doing her squats in the smith machine. I completed my chest press and was relaxing. She called me for supporting for the second set as she did increase the weight pattern that day. I came up and stood behind her to hold. She took the bar and started to go on with the reps. After 5 reps, she asked me to hold, I held her upper waist as that region should be hold for support. She anyhow managed to complete the reps. I know I should be proper to support her for the next set. So I stood close to her. My upper body was touching her back and my crotch area was hitting her ass. She took the bar from the lock and beared it on her shoulder being ready for the reps. Now I took my hands and hold her tight below her breast to support her. I went downwards with the count along my mom. For the first four reps I didn’t get any intention then while seeing the mirror that me and mom going up and down, it felt like we are doing something crazy with eachother. I sensed that mom felt little bit uncomfortable because her bottom boobs were held tight in my palms. She was constantly seeing in my eyes in the mirror without concentrating on the reps. We both felt something unsual at that time. I shouted,
Me: “Maa… concentrate… concentrate…”
So after completing the set, we didn’t talk to eachother. We both looked after our own exercises. When I was doing inclined chest press, she was doing lying leg curls. I could see her shapely butts. Now I was constantly looking at her bums, thighs and her muscle contracting. She saw that am staring at her. Now she shouted,
Mom: “Concentrate… concentrate…”
I came back to sense and concentrated on my workout. When I finished my workout I saw my mom and showed my teeth out of shame. She simply smiled at my behavior and we left the gym in while. That evening she came home very late and tired when I was watching tv.
Me: “Ennachi maa? Romba tired ah irukenga?” (what happened mom? You look so tired)
Mom: “Innaiku office la romba vela da, so romba neram computer la work irundhuchi. So kaluthu pin odambu lam valikidhu” (today there was more work to do in office. I was infront of the monitor for very long and that my neck and back is paining)
I asked her to sit on the couch near the armrest and went behind her and started to massage her neck. She was sitting in front of me and I was pressing her neck and shoulders, meanwhile I was taking with her. While I was pressing her neck and shoulders. They are very soft. After some time I asked her to lie on the couch. She kept the bag and stole away and lied with her stomach. I climbed on her and started pressing her back. I moved my hands till her butts. After some time she was fine and thanked me for the massage. The same night after having our dinner, me and mom were watching a Tamil movie till late night. Mom slept in half way due to her tiredness, she was holding my hand and leaning on my shoulder while watching the movie but don’t know when she slept. It felt it like a heavenly moment for me. On Saturday, we both got up late because of watching movie the previous night. As usual dad went to office early. We both felt bored being inside the house, so that evening we went to besant nagar Elliot’s beach. I was dressed in t-shirt and jean while my mom was in her pink colored sleeveless casual top and dark blue jean. I could see her smooth arms and clean shaved armpits then and there. It was late evening. We both got thickshake and went near the shoreline to enjoy the breeze. I could see some young couples and lovers spread there, talking and doing some naughty stuffs. We were talking about many things.
Me: “Amma.. neenga china vayasula school or college padikirapa love panirukengala?” (Have you loved anyone during your school or college days?)
Mom: “Hmmm solikalam.. college padikirapa.. enga class la padicha oru paiyana pudikum. Love ah ennanu therla but avan mela mattum oru attraction..” (I think it’s a yes. It was during my college days. There was a boy in our class. I just had an attraction only on him.)
Me: “Aparam yen maa neenga avangala kalyanam panikala?” (then why didn’t you marry him mom?)
Mom: “Hmmmm apo en feelings express panna enaku dhairiyam illa. Veetula enna soluvanga, enna aagumonu bayam vera. Also na college padikirapave unga appa va pathu enaku marriage panni vachitanga.. so apadiye poiduchi…” (at that time I was not bold enough to express my feelings. Then I was made to marry your father during my college days itself)
Me: “Appa ku indha matter theriyuma maa?” (do dad knows about this matter)
Mom: “Theriyadhu na sonadhu illa, enaku andha paiayan pudikum avlothan, vera edhuvum nadakala. So idha solra alavuku periya vishiyama therla” (no its just like an attraction or one side love. So I didn’t think this as a valuable thing to tell)
Me: “Paavam avaru oru azhagana wife ah miss panitaru..” (he missed a beautiful wife)
My mom smiled for this comment and patted my right hand with her left hand. During the whole time I looked at her armpits and side boobs then and there. Now I again started the conversation,
Me: “Sari.. ipo neenga yarayachum love panrengala?” (so do you love anyone now?)
Mom:[angry tone] “No”
Me: “Apo appa va?” (you don’t love dad?)
Mom: “Yeah.. I love him”
I was bit worried by this statement so I tried to confuse mom.
Me: “Ohh apo neenga appa va love panrenagala?” (that means you love dad?)
I asked this in an exclaiming way.
Mom was confused by my question and asked me,
Mom: “Aama yen?” (yeah why?)
Me: “Illa maa.. general ah ladies ku avangala nalla pathukira husband ah than pudikum nu padichiruken. Adhan ketan” (I had read that ladies love their husband who take care of them most. That’s why I asked)
Mom: “Apo unga appa enna olunga gavanichikala nu solla variya?” (are you telling that your dad is not taking care of me)
Me: “Hmmm aama maa.. avaru unga kita nalla pasama pesi na pathadhu illa.. epayachum sirichi pesitu iruparu but adhula love irundha mari enaku therla. Romba rare ah than namma kuda time spend pannuvaru but apovum fulla namma kuda daddy occupy aagiruka matanga… so idhelam vachi pakrapa appa ku unga mela endha care um illa nu thonichi..” (yes mom I haven’t seen that he talked to you with affection. Sometimes I saw him laughing with you but there was no love in it. Rarely he did spend time with us but he was not fully occupied to ourselves. So I guessed that he did not take good care of you)
Her face became sad and silent by hearing my words. I tried to cheer her up. So I went close to her and put my right hand around her shoulder.
Me: “Its okay maa… cheer up.. ungala love pannavum care pannikavum na iruken la.. aparam yen maa feel panrenga?? I love you so much mom…” (its ok mom. Am here to love you and take care of you. Then why should you worry? I love you so much mom)
Mom: “Hmmm pointtt… but na unaku amma, nee ennoda son. So unga appa kita irundhu kidaikira love na unkita epadi expect panna mudiyum?” (you have a point besides you are my son and am your mother. Then how can I expect such a love from my son?)
Me: “Hmm… suppose na unga paiyana illama unga kita ipadi propose panirundha enna panirupenga?” (what will you do if and not your son and proposed you?)
Mom: “Hmmm… enaku marriage agi, en husband enna idhe mari care panikama irundhu, nee en paiyana illama enkita propose panirundha, na unkuda secret relationship la irundhurupen.. extra marital affair…” (if you are not my son and I am married by the time with a careless husband like your dad. I would have maintained an affair with you, if you proposed me.)
By hearing her words I was flying above the sky mentally. Eventhough its not gonna happen, I felt happy somewhere inside my heart. Mom was little bit dull and seemed to be confused after her statement. She was silent. We got into our car and went to home. When we reach our home back, I was not feeling sleepy but mom went inside her room soon to sleep. Next morning when I went to wake up mom, she told that she did not sleep well that night thus she was feeling tired. So I left her to sleep and I continued to work.
One day after having dinner, we three were watching tv. Dad went to his room as he was feeling drowsy. In a while, when I started to retire to my room for sleep, my mom caught hold of my hand and asked me to stay there as she was not feeling sleepy. So I stayed with her and watched tv by placing my head on her lap. After 10 minutes she switched off the tv and we started to talk. After sometime she wished me good night by kissing me on my forehead. As I was lying on her lap I could feel her breasts on my face. I was waiting for this opportunity those days. After that we went to our respective rooms and went to sleep.
Next day after having breakfast, mom told me to drop her in office. Dad already left to his work as he had a meeting that day. I accepted to drop her in office. She was coming with me in bike for first time as she is not used it. We both sat on my Benelli 302R. At starting she held my shoulders casually. Later on when we got into main road, she hugged me from back very tightly as she was scared of my ride. She was constantly shouting me to go slow but I was not obeying because with this only she was hugging me tightly by which I could feel her soft and marvelous boobs on my back. Atlast I dropped her at the office,
Mom: “Ayyoo.. inimel na unkuda bike la varave matan paa…” (hereafter I wont come with you by bike)
I smiled and said,
Me: “Don’t worry maa.. na ungala epovum safe ah pathupen” (don’t worry mom. You will be safe with me always)
Mom: “Venam… neenga safe ah pathukuradhu lam veetu ullaye irukatum indha bike la venam..” (I don’t need your safety on especially with this bike)
Saying this we said bye to eachother and left to our respective places. In the afternoon I received a call from my mom.
Me: “Mummy??”
Mom: “Saptiya sidhu maa?” (had your lunch?)
Me: “No mom.. inimel than sapdanum.. neenga?” (no mom not yet, what about you?)
Mom: “Illa sidhu maa. Nee ipo freeya? Nama engayachum velila poi sapdalama?” (are you free now? Can we have lunch outside together?)
I said okay and went to pickup her. We both went to dindigul thalappakatti restaurant as my mom felt to have briyani. After having lunch, we got out of the restaurant. When I was about sit on my bike, she kissed me on my cheeks and thanked me for spending time with me. I replied I love to spend time with you mom. Then we departed to our respective chores. That evening we both were watching tv. She came with the snack plate and with a glass of grape juice. She had a sip of juice and gave the glass to me. I placed my lips where my mom placed her lips and felt as if I was kissing her. My mom saw this and smiled simply without saying anything. I drank that and gave it back to her and she had the remaining.
Dad came at 8 pm with great joy and full of josh. As soon as he came inside, we asked the reason for his happiness.
Dad: “Namma company ku oru contract okay agiruku… Kolkata la start pananum. 12 leading companies compete panni kadasila namma company ku than kadaichiruku. Idhu mattum olunga vandhuta India laye one of the leading contractors nanum vandhuruven…” (our company has got a new contract. The workplace for this project is Kolkata. 12 leading companies were competing for this contract but we got that. If this work gets completed well, then I will get into the list of India’s leading contractors)
He was telling this full energy and happiness. Mom also jumped in joy and hugged him. Dad kissed her on the cheeks and said,
Dad: “Na innum one week la Kolkata pora madhiri irukum… So how about we all celebrating this tonight?” (I should go to Kolkata after a week. How about we all celebrating this tonight?)
Mom asked him to take us to a disco as she had never been there. Dad readily accepted for my mom’s request. So we all went to get ready. Mom asked me which dress you want me to wear to disco. I said the designer saree that we bought on the day of challenge. Me and dad got ready and waiting for mom. After some time mom came out the room in the balck designer saree with sleeveless blouse. My mouth was wide open at that time by looking at my mom. Both me and dad praised at her beauty, but I kept on admiring at her for which she signaled me to turn as dad was there with us. Dad went to the car. On the way to car, I whispered in mom’s ears,
Me: “Romba azhaga irukenga maa indha saree la, anga ungala pakuravanga ellaarum saga poranga…” (you look so beautiful in this saree mom. Everyone will die for you in the pub)
Mom simply patted on my back and went to disco. We went to Gatsby 2000. As it was the first time, mom was nervous. So she held dad’s hand tightly. I was watching it with some strange feeling. After 10 minutes she was okay. Mom and dad were dancing with mild booze. I was watching all this by sitting near the bartender table. Dad was looking at mom while dancing. He was kissing her then and there. I was feeling jealousy for my dad for getting such a beautiful and sexy wife. I was constantly staring at my mom’s body which is so sexy. My mom saw me and asked what by sign. I replied back nothing. She sensed that something in me was wrong by looking at my expression. Then they started to dance again. Eventhough mom and dad were dancing, my mom’s attention was at me because she knew I was worried about something. Within few minutes my dad completed the dance and sank into drinks. Mom was sitting with him. A mid aged lady came near me and asked out for a drink to the bartender. She got her drink and completed it in one sip. We both looked at eachother and she asked me to dance with her. I immediately agreed as she was more hot and sexy than my mom. I was dancing and talking to her. We both hold our hands and she kissed me on my cheeks. Within five minutes, my mom came to me and said,
Mom: “Honey… come on.. its enough.. va vandhu enkuda dance pannu” (its enough honey. Come and dance with me)
Without waiting for my reply she pulled me towards her and dragged me to another place. That unknown lady thanked me by giving me a fly kiss. Mom was angry for this. She kept her hands around my neck and we were moving to the music. I placed my hands around her waist and pulled her more closely. Her breasts are touching my chest. As the atmosphere is romantic I kissed on her ear and said,
Me; “You look so gorgeous mummy..”
Mom: “Pesadhaaa..” (don’t talk to me)
Me: “Yen maa? Ennachi?” (what happened mom?)
Mom: “Na mattum than unna kiss pananum… but inga vera yevalo unna kiss panra. Adhukum nee sirichitu flirt panitu iruka ava kuda. Adhu enaku pudikala” (I should be the one supposed to kiss you. But here, some unknown lady is kissing you and you are smiling and flirting with her for that)
Me: “Hmmmm… apo nanum than unga mela kovama irukanum?” (then I also should get angry on you)
Mom: “Edhuku?” (why?)
Me: “Appa ungala hug pananga kiss pananga, ennavo enaku oru mari irundhuchi jealous ah adha pakrapa. Enaku kuda than adhu pudikala” (dad hugged you and kissed you. I felt jealous by seeing that. I also didn’t like that)
Mom laughed for this and asked me sorry by pinching my cheeks. She hugged me tightly by saying,
Mom: “Hmmm am sorry sidhu maa… inimel na unaku matum than,.. appa va enna hug panna, kiss panna allow pana maten… okay va baby??” (am sorry and am all yours from now sidhu. Hereafter I belong only to you. I won’t let dad to hug me or kiss me anymore. Okay? Satisfied?)
Me: “Unmaya va??” (really?)
Mom: “Aama… nee thana sonna annaiku night beach la, enna love panavum care panavum nee irukanu. So inimel enaku unnoda hugs and kisses mattum podhum, unga appavoda edhuku??” (yess you only said me not to worry as you are here to shower all your love and care on me. So i can have hugs and kisses from you alone then why from your dad?)
I replied by kissing on her ear,
Me: “I love you so much mom”
Mom: “I love you too baby…”
After dancing for some time we all moved to home as it was 11pm already. Next day while getting ready to office, we all were having breakfast. Dad called mom to drop mom in her office.
Mom: “Venamgaa… inimel daily enna sidhu drop paniduvan office la” (no need hereafter sidhu will drop me daily in office)
For the next one week we all were busy in shopping and packing up of things for dad. The day has come for dad to leave to Kolkata. All went to airport to send him. Mom was little upset as dad was leaving her and me eventhough it was not a new thing, but I was happy as my mom is going to spend the next one month only with me. Next day mom woke me up with a kiss on my forehead. We both got ready for our workout. On that day mom came with a black sport bra and a grey sport legging. That was very new to me, to my knowledge mom hadn’t been like that to gym. I warmed up and went on treadmill to jog while my mom started her cycling. After finishing this, I started to do my abs workout while my mom switched to treadmill. She started her jog. I put a mat and in a way I can see her. I started with crunches and I was enjoying her boobs juggling up and down along with her pony. It gave me more energy and somewhat made my cock semi solid. Even she knew that am staring at her. She was looking at me every now and then but when I see her she acted like she didn’t look at me. Then she finished her jog and sat close to me to relax. She saw me and said me to remove my t-shirt. I asked the reason, she simply told me to do so. I removed my t-shirt and my mom stared at my body for few seconds. She then put a mat near me to do crunches. So we both were doing crunches. After that we were supposed to do back crunches. I can do it alone but my mom cant. So after completing my set, I stood behind her to give support. I was constantly staring at her belly flesh and navel which is so sexy for any woman. My eyes could not stop seeing there. Suddenly mom completed her reps and said,
Mom: “Can’t you stop your stare?”
Me: “Sorry mom… actually na adha paka kudadhunu try panren” (sorry mom actually am trying not to look at it)
I said this boldly and we both laughed at eachother. It was clear that my mom is taking these stuffs in a friendly manner that the mom-son barrier is getting broken gradually. She is seeing me as a good friend more than a son. We completed our workout soon and we both were fully drenched with sweat. My mom’s face was glowing with sweat. As I was topless, I went and stood infront of the mirror to look at my progress of my physique. I was showing poses to the mirror and I could see the stare of my mom at me which was visible through the mirror. Now mom came near the mirror with a towel wiping her sweat on her face and arms. I was standing a few feet away from her, looking at her hip, armpits and shape of her boobs, thighs and butts. My cock was gradually getting hard which can be visible while seeing my pants. This time I was staring at her then went behind her. I caught her hip and dragged towards me and hugged her tight. My cock was hard and I knew that my mom could sense it with her ass cheeks but I didn’t mind about that even she also didn’t mind about my erections. My mom placed her hands backward on my neck. We both were standing like this infront of the mirror. The scene was lovely that I took my mobile and clicked pics of us. We took few mirror clicks and selfies together. My mom took my mobile and kept it aside and wrapped her arms around my neck again. All these time I didn’t leave her from my hug. I could see her boobs imprints, her sweaty armpits and sexy navel on the mirror. I couldn’t control that I kissed her shoulder and neck which were covered with her sweat. Mom closed her eyes and enjoying my kisses with slight moans. Her grip on my neck and hairs is getting stronger. I again saw at her and whispered in her ears,
Me: “You are so sexy mom…”
Mom now opened her eyes and turned around to me and looked in my eyes and said,
Mom: “Petha amma ve sight adikiriya? Adhu matum illa ammava pathu unaku mood yerudhu??” (you staring at your own mother? And also you get excited by seeing me?)
I know mom is not angry for this, so I simply smiled and said,
Me: “Adhanala than sonen… neenga romba sexya irukenga nu” (that’s why I told you that you looks so sexy)
She looked down at my crotch area and laughed at me. We were looking at eachother deeply into our eyes. I downed my eyes to lips, she simply smiled for this. I slowly took my face near her face and closed my eyes to kiss her. I know very well even she was also very eager to kiss me on my lips. Suddenly she kept her palm on my lips and nodded in a negative way. I kept my face sad. Now she dragged me more close to her and kissed on my forehead and cheeks by shutting my mouth still. Anyways I was happy that my mom came to know my intention and also she was not getting angry for that. Then my mom said me to get ready for the routine. I finished getting ready, mom was still preparing breakfast. She was looking beautiful with the pink color sari and she let her hair loose. Her ear rings were hanging and she was looking radiant. So I went behind her, moved her hair to one side and kissed her on the back.
Mom: “Innum 5 minutes la breakfast ready aagidum. Nee dining table la wait pannu. Na senji kondu varen.” (breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes. You go and wait in the dining table. I will bring it there.)
Me: “Its ok maa.. anga na chumma irukradhuku, inga na ungala ipadi hug panitu irukradhe nallaruku” (its better to hug you than to sit idle)
She laughed for my act and after 5 minutes she served the breakfast. We both had our breakfast and went to our work. She behaved like nothing unusual happened in the gym.
One morning I was just out of my shower with only towel around my waist. I applied deodorant over my body and I was drying my hair. Suddenly mom came into my room. She was wearing a violet sleeveless nightie. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. I asked the reason for her visit
Mom: “Yen?? En paiyana na paaka vara kudadha?” (why shouldn’t I come to visit my son?)
I smiled for that and started combing my hair. Mom came behind me and hugged me from back. She kept her palm on my chest and she rubbed my body from chest to lower belly. I could feel her boobs and even her erection of nipples on my bare back. Then she left me to get ready. I dropped her at office and when I was about to go, she asked me for a kiss infront of everyone in her office campus. I kissed on her cheek for which she asked again. This time I kissed on her forehead and left to my college.
One evening I came home after finishing my college works. While I entering into our compound wall, an e-kart delivery many was making his way out. I saw some parcel in hall. I just ignored it and went into my room to get fresh. My mom called me for a movie and on the way back we stopped at one of the restaurant to have dinner. She was in her violet color cotton saree and tied below her navel. She knew very well that I was staring at her navel then and there, but she didn’t mind that. We went in and sat side by side and ordered our dinner then kept talking. The place was lit with mild lights and only few tables were occupied that too mostly with couples. Some of them were holding their hands and sharing their love with their partner. We both were looking at them. While talking I said
Me: “Amma… neenga sareeya navel ku keela eraki katrapa romba sexya irukenga..” (you look very sexy if you tie your sari below your navel)
And pinched her hip. She pushed me back and said,
Mom: “Ssshhhhh…… ipadi public la edhuvum pannadha sidhu.. edhuva irundhalum veetuku poi vachikalam..” (don’t do anything stupid in public. Do whatever you want when we go home)
This statement itself triggered me. Now I moved little closer to her and said
Me: “Enaku oru kiss venum..” (I need a kiss)
Mom: “Okay.. car ku ponadhuku aparam tharen…” (ok I will give you when we step into our car)
I whispered in her ears,
Me: “Ipo… Inga…” (I need it now and here itself)
Mom: “Don’t behave stupid…”
Me: “Come on maa.. inga yarum paka matanga.. yarukum theriyadhu. Ellarum avanga pair kuda enjoy panitu irukanga parunga…” (No one will see us in this dim light mom. Everyone is busy with their partners)
She looked around and turned her head towards me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked,
Mom: “Podhuma?? Ipo sandhoshama??… Idiot..!!” (Happy?)
I smiled and said,
Me: “Once more please..”
She again kissed me on my cheeks. Then we had our dinner and went back to home. Entering into the house, I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her cheeks. She didn’t object me. I said she looks very hot and sexy and again kissed on her ears and slowly came to her neck. She closed her eyes and getting high. She placed her palm on my face backwards. I smelled her body which was coated with lotion and perfume and kissed on her shoulder. Suddenly a phone call came to mom and we parted by the sudden ring. Coming back to senses we both felt embarrassed and staring eachother for few seconds. I signaled her mobile ring. She took her mobile out from her wallet and it was dad. We talked and that night came to an end. Morning we both were as usual behaved like nothing happened.
That Saturday, we both were at home. I called my mom for swimming. She said me to swim and she would join after finishing her work. The time was about 7pm. I got my shower and wore my trunks. I went to the pool. Mom wasn’t there yet. So I got into the pool and started to wander around the pool by swimming. Suddenly I heard the opening sound of the glass door. My mom stepped out and I was awestruck seeing my mom in new swimwear. It was a two piece bandeau swimsuit. The color was black which suited well to my mom’s fair skin tone. The brazier was extremely revealing that it showcased most of her beautiful tits. As it was of very minimum size and thin fabric, it could not hold her massive boobs in place. It did just enough to cover her nipples. My mom’s boobs were juggling as she walked towards me with just her bra and panties. I was excited to the core as I had not seen anything like that before. She was looking like angel. I got an instant erection and it formed a tent in my new swim trunk. While coming towards the pool, she raised both her hands and tied her hair for swimming. I could see her clean armpits and her juggling boobs. My mouth was wide open and was staring at her. My mom saw this and smiled.
Mom: “Sidhu… na indha swimsuit la epadi iruken??” (how am I looking in this new swimsuit?)
Me: “Epadi irukengala?? Ennala mudiyala. Romba hot and sexy ah irukenga maa..” (you look so hot and sexy mom)
Hearing this, my mom smiled again but she already knew that she was looking extremely revealing and sexy.
Me: “Maa… konjam pinnala turn panrengala??” (can you turn back?)
Mom knew that I wanted to look at her whole body so that she turned back. Her new panty was just like a fine piece of thread. It was just enough to cover her ass crack. But it did nothing to cover her huge and wide ass. It was completely open and her bareback was a pure treat to the eyes.
Me: “Indha panty romba nallaruku and ungaukum romba nalla suit aagadhu” (This panty is superb and fits you perfectly mom)
Hearing this, my mom turned back again. My eyes were embedded to my mom’s nipples as it was protruding through her bra. Gradually my dick erected as I was seeing my mom almost naked in her new extremely revealing swimwear. One thing for sure, our intimacy and affection for one another had increased more than ever, that too in the absence of dad.
My mom entered the pool and we started to swim. We both started to play by splashing water on eachother. As my mom saw my fit ass, she became naughty. So, she swam towards me and slapped on my ass smoothly with a naughty smile and went away from me. Immediately, I ventured to slap my mom’s ass. I drove swiftly in the water, as my mom was getting away from me. I went near her and slapped her ass hard and squeezed it firm. It was the first time I was touching my mom’s bare ass. It was smooth and beautiful and it was very handy. I was completely enjoying that moment. This started as a game and both of us were taking turns and were touching eachother’s ass. Once I was trying to catch her but she swam very swiftly and was trying to get away from me. But I did not give up my speed. I hurried towards her and tried to catch her by her waist as she was trying to get away from me. Due to the force and impact of me on her, she couldn’t stand and tried to sit. So accidentally I caught her boobs over her bra instead of her waist. It was by mistake, I did not do that intentionally. Her massive boobs felt awesome as her soft flesh was in my palms. Immediately I took my hands away from her tits. I became frightened, that my mom gonna become angry, instead she became naughtier after this. She started to chase me in water again. I swam away very fast, as I was much relaxed that my mom did not mistake me. This time, my mom thought of getting back to me. She swam towards me and grabbed my cock over my trunk. I was completely caught off guard, as I did not expect this from my mom.
It was clear that she was eager to touch my rock hard cock. She knew that it was her body which made me to get erect. It was very good feeling that my own mom holding my cock over the trunk. We were looking into each other eyes with love and lust. Now our lips are just few inches away from each other. She moved forward and kissed me on my lips and moved back within seconds. Now I moved forward and kissed her on lips. I took her lower lip between my lips and keeping sucking. After sometime our tongues touched and tasted our saliva. We parted our kiss in 5 minutes. This time I pulled her close and again kept our lips attached. I lost my control and grabbed her boobs with both my hands. My mom pressed my dick hard. We were no more son and mom. We became lovers. After a few minutes of cuddling and smooching, we heard a car horn sound. We saw that and it was my dad. We were confused and my mom told me to behave usual and ran into the bed room.
We asked dad the reason for his early and unexpected visit as he said he would take a month to complete his work but he returned back within three weeks. He just said that his work got over soon and he thought to spend time with us for two days. He also said that he going to utilize this time for his other work. This said me something like, why ladies and housewives of these days are looking for extra marital affair because of such non-loving and non-caring husbands like my dad. We all went out for dinner. After coming home, while going to sleep, mom came to my room and asked,
Mom: “Epo enna pub ku kutitu pova?” (when will you take me to pub?)
Me: “Therlaye… appa kita ketu pakalam maa..” (not sure mom. Lets ask dad)
Mom: “Na namma rendu per matum poradhuku ketan” (I asked only for both of us)
I kinda excited for this said,
Me: “Whenever you want…”
Mom: “Next Saturday??”
I agreed and we both greeted eachother and she went to her bedroom. I was unable to sleep well that night as the incident took place in the swimming pool kept running in my mind. I was also thinking about the next Saturday to go to disco with mom and do whatever I want.
Finally the day came to go to disco with mom. As usual dad was busy with his work on that day. So its not a problem for us to go. At 8pm mom called me and asked me to get ready for disco. I got ready and waiting for my mom. She came out of the room. I was very much surprised by her dress. It was a black sleeveless halter top and a denim divided mini skirt. I had not seen my mom before like this. She was looking like an absolute night babe. She simply raised her hands on either sides of her body signaling how she looks. I went to her and hugged her saying she looks stunning and kissed on her cheeks. I kept my hand on her waist and moved towards the car. We went to Illusion, Mylapore. We went there about 9.30pm and gave my car to wallet parking. We got the couple tag and entered into the hall. We both took a table for us and ordered our drink. All men over there were staring at my mom as she looked so hot and sexier when compared to their girls and other chicks over there. I felt so proud for that and caught her hand closed with mine. We took some pics on my mobile, talked for sometime and after 30 minutes, I took mom to the dance floor. We are very close to each other and moving to the music. I said in her ear,
Me: “Mom you are looking sexy…”
Mom: “Is it??”
Me: “Ya mom… and I need you..”
She smiled and said,
Mom: “Am always yours my baby…”
and continued dancing. I moved my hands from her waist towards her butts. I placed my both hands on her butts and pulled her more closely. When I pulled her closer she said,
Mom: “Yarachum paaka poranga..” (someone might see us)
Me: “Aama.. kandipa papanga.. but namma rendu perum amma paiyanu inga yarukume theriya poradhe illaye.. so no worries mom.” (ya people will definitely see us but no one can know that we both are mom and son)
Mom: “Hmmmmm… that’s ok..”
Me: “Unga butts semaya iruku maa…” (your butts are so good mom)
This time she just smiled. I kept roaming my hands from her neck to her butts.
I kept the hands above her butts and she placed her hands around my neck and started to move to the music. In just few seconds she took my hands which are around her waist and placed them on her butts and said keep them here. I pulled her closely to me by holding her butts. After completing our dance, we came back to our seat and ordered another round of drinks. After having couple more rounds of drinks, we started from there to home. When we reached there, dad’s car was not there. The time was about 12.40am. So I called dad and asked. He said that he had come to meet some government higher official for a small meet and party so it may take some time for him to come home. I said ok and cut the call then said this to my mom.
As soon as we entered the house I hugged her and lifted her in my arms. I straight away went inside her bedroom and dropped her down. This time without hesitating, I took her face close to mine and locked my lips with hers. We started kissing passionately and touched eachother tongue, thereby exploring our mouths. There was no trace of guilt or hesitation within us. I pressed her boobs over her dress and said in her ear,
Me: “Its firm”
I made her to lie on bed and I came over her. I removed my shirt and vest and I kissed her on the neck and moved towards her juicy lips. After that I kissed her beautiful navel and licked it hundred times and moved towards her breasts. I kissed and bite her breasts over the dress. All these time she was pressing my pennies over the jeans pant. After sometime she removed the zip and slid her hand into my jeans and said,
Mom: “I need this…”
Me: “Its all yours…”
Slowly she raised her hands in air. I removed her halter top. As she didn’t wear any brazier for that, I could see her fair, smooth, soft and fleshy naked breasts. I threw her halter top on floor. Mom was only with her bottom and was looking sexy being topless infront of her own son. I again made her to lie on bed and I came on top of her. I squeezed her breasts with my both hands and mom was moaning with pleasure. After squeezing and playing with her breasts and nipples she said
Mom: “Aaahhhhhh…. Idhuku mela ennala wait panna mudiyadhu…” (I can no longer wait anymore)
She said this and took my head and pressed it on her boobs forcibly. I took one of her nipple and started sucking it. I sucked her breasts like a child sucking an icecream. After sucking for 5 minutes I moved towards her navel button. I kissed and bit her there. She touched my penis over my jean and pressed it. Then she rose and removed my pant and simultaneously I removed her skirt. Now both of us were being topless only with under wear infront of eachother. She made me to lie and climbed on top of me. She touched and caressed my chest by giving a sexy expression and pinched my nipples. She kissed me from my face to abs several times. Seeing my mom in panty has made me mad. So now I got on top of her and started biting her neck and upper boobs. She was enjoying my love bites.
Me: “I wanna see you naked mom”
Mom: “Noo… ipo kadayadhu.. epo venunalum appa varalam…” (no your dad may arrive at any time)
Me: “I wanna fuck you… please…”
She pulled me and hugged me tightly. She again touched and pressed my cock over my brief. Then she let her hand inside my brief and caressed it for few minutes. I was unable to control my excitation. We both were looking at eachother without blinking. It was clear that we both need sex badly and our levels of lust towards eachother were hitting its peak. Gradually she stroked my cock by holding it which was at its full length. To each stoke I was getting higher by mood. I can’t control and kept moaning. It was a great feeling which I couldn’t share in words. She shook my cock with vigor. At one point, I couldn’t control and let out my cum. I didn’t close my eyes and we both kept looking into eachother eyes. My mom was giving some slutty expression with biting her lips. She showed her palm to me which was completely filled with my semen. When I let out all my semen, we heard the car horn sound. We found that dad had arrived and I ran to my room and mom into her bathroom. When dad came inside, everything was normal and nothing suspicious. Then I slept soon due to the booze and loss of stamina du to the hand job given by my mom.
For the next two days we didn’t find any private time to spend. One day I received a call from my mom in the afternoon. I attended the call.
Mom: “Hii sidhu.. enna panitu iruka?” (what are you doing?)
Me: Chuma than mummy..” (simply mom)
Mom: “hmm saptiya??’ (had your lunch?)
Me: “illa mummy, inimel than” (not yet mom)
Mom: “Ok apo sendhu sapdalama?” (shall we have together?)
Me: “Sari ok maa.. na anga varen unga office ku” (ok mom I will come to your office)
Mom: “Venam adhuku avasiyam illa. Na unga college campus la than iruken.” (no need to come to my office. Am here in your campus.)
I came out of OP ward and ran towards the parking place. I went near her and asked
Me: “Inga enna mummy panrenga?” (what are doing in my college?)
Mom: “Unna paka than vandhen. Enaku inga vera enna work iruka pogudhu?” (I came to see you. What else I gonna do here?)
I got into the car and went to A2B near my college. I took her hands in mine and entered into the restaurant. We had our lunch and returned back to my college. We talked for sometime and moved towards the car. She sat inside the car and asked,
Mom: “Sari.. apo na kelambava?” (ok shall I go?)
Me: “Hmmm ok maa.. evening pakalam” (ok mom. See you in the evening)
Mom: “Avlothana?? Na kelambava?” (that’s it? shall I go?)
Now I understood and went inside the car to the passenger seat. After sitting inside the car, I took her face and kissed her on lips. We kissed for few minutes and got apart as it was college and said,
Me: “I love you mom”
Mom: “Love you too baby”
Then I got down from the car and my mom left to home. While we were being in the class, the college had announced holidays of two weeks for us due to the sudden visit of some committee. So my friends planned to go for a trip. I wasn’t really interested with going for a tour with them as I would miss my mom in those days. Anyways they are my best friends, so I should accompany them. Evening I reached home and went inside. Dad was sitting there which is a surprise to me, more than a surprise it was a shock that it ruined the private time that I wanted to spend with my lovely mom.
Me: “Enna dad… innaiku romba sekrama veetla irukenga? Adhuvum weekdays la?” (how come you come so early dad that too in weekdays?)
Dad: “Just got some free time, so veetuku vandhu unga kuda relax panalam nu vandhutan” (came to relax and spend my free time with you guys)
Me: “Hmmm ok dad.. amma enga?” (where is mom)
Dad: “In kitchen… preparing some snacks”
I went to my room disappointed. I got fresh and slept on the bed. Dad came and woke me up at about 7pm. I got up and while he was leaving the room,
Me: “Dad..”
Dad: “Yes my son..”
Me: “Coming Friday ku aparam enaku two week holidays iruku.. so nanga friends lam engayachum tour polam nu plan panirukome. Shall I??” (dad our college has announced two weeks holidays. My friends are planning to go for a tour. Shall i join them?)
Dad: “Ohh is it?? edhuku two weeks holidays?” (what’s the reason for holidays of two weeks?)
Me: “College inspection kaga edho committee varangalam. So staffs ku naraya work irukum and campus maintaining work irukum. Adhan engaluku holidays declare panitanga.” (some committee is coming to visit our college dad. during those days, staffs will have more office and department works. So they cannot concentrate for taking classes. Also small renovation and maintenance work will be going in our labs and campus. That’s why they declared us holidays of two weeks
Dad: “Okay.. friends kuda poradhu not adviceable” (its not adviceable to go with friends)
Me: “Apo namma familya engayachum tour polama?” (then shall we all go?)
Dad: “Ohh sorry sidhu.. am not sure whether can I come or not. If you want take your mom with you. If possible I will join you guys but am not sure about it”
I jumped in joy that me and my mom can go alone for tour.
Me: “Hmmm ok dad.. apo nanum ammavum porome. Mudinja neengalum join panikonga” (then me and mom shall go. If possible, join with us dad)
Dad: “Hmmm ok but unga amma idhuku accept panuvala? Avaluku office la work irukum la” (ok but will she accept for this? She may have some work in her office)
Me: “Dad… ellarume unagala mari work work nu iruka matanga… amma ku family than romba mukiyam. Its my duty to make her come” (not everyone is workaholic like you dad. mom gives her first priority only to family. Its my duty to make her come)
Dad just smiled for this and left. He said me to come to office to get money and other necessary activities like ticket booking etc,. I asked him not to tell this matter to mom as it would be a surprise for her. He also accepted that he won’t. Now I was happy as I got the proposal from dad to go to the tour. There are 3 days left to go for the tour and I decided not to say about this tour to mom till the last time. Next day after completing my college, I went to dad’s office and asked his manager to book tickets and transfer necessary money to my account. So everything is done. I booked the flight for Saturday morning to depart from Chennai to reach Port Blair which is situated in Andaman and Nicobar islands. I also booked a luxurious cottage in coral reef resort in Havelock island for 9 nights and 10 days. The total amounted around 60K which was only for travel and boarding. It was a nice experience and its a must place to visit especially with partner for a romantic trip.
So coming into the story, I started avoiding mom to tease her. I neither spend enough time with her nor talked much with her. Thursday morning I dropped her in office and when I was about to go, she asked me
Mom: “Sidhu nee yen munala mari ipo enkita pesuradhu illa?? En mela edhuvum kovama?” (Why are you not behaving with me like usual? Are you angry on me?)
I simply smiled and said,
Me: “Nothing mom..”
After reaching college, I went to attend the class. During the break time, i called my mom she picked up the phone and asked me what in a sad tone. I smiled and said everything about this tour. She became very happy. I asked her about applying leave. She said me not worry about that. So that evening we started to pack necessary things. I asked her to have hot and sexy outfits as people over there won’t be knowing us as mom and son. She said okay. So Saturday morning is our flight. Dad came to airport to send us. During the journey I casually touched my mom’s right boob and pressed it. She caught my hand and said,
Mom: “Sidhu… chumma iru, anga poi serura varaikum nee edhuvum panna kudadhu” (stop this sidhu. You should not doing anything till we reach Andaman)
We departed at 08:35am and reached Port Blair at 10:40am. After getting out from the airport, we needed to go the port hub to travel to Havelock island as it is possible only through sea ways. Then it was journey of 3 hours that we reached Havelock. The resort sent a car to pickup us. We checked in the cottage and I called my dad to inform us that we reached. We both got freshened up and went out to have lunch and went to nearby places. We came to cottage at evening. We both were tired and sweaty. So first mom went to take bath and came out. She was with a towel wrapped around her breasts. In our home, I did not had these kind of sight and it was a new one to me. I know sure that this is to tease me but mom seemed to be casual with only a towel in front of her son. By the time I came back from my bath, she was standing in front of the mirror with the same towel. Now I can’t control and went behind her and hugged my mom. I could see her upper boobs and cleavage clearly. She knew that am looking at her boobs over the towel. She turned to my side and saw me. Her thaali is hanging between her boobs.
Me: “Is this necessary??”
I asked by pointing at her thaali
Mom: “Yen adhu iruka kudadha?” (Shouldn’t it be there?)
Me: “Venam maa” (no need mom)
Mom: “Apo neeye un kaiyala adha eduthuru” (then you remove it by yourself)
I gladly removed her thaali and kept it on the table.
Mom: “Yen adhu unaku pudikalaya?” (Don’t you like it?)
Me: “Apadi illa maa.. adhu unga kaluthula irukurapa neenga innoru orutharoda property madhiri enaku feel varudhu, neenga epovum enaku matumey nu irukanum. Neenga enaku mattum than. Adhanala adha venam nu sonen” (when I see that around your neck, I feel that you belong to someone else which I never wanted you to be. You should be mine, always mine. So I asked you to remove that)
Mom had gone into melting for this statement of mine. She hugged me so tight by which we both lost into love. Her boobs were getting crushed with our tight hug. I raised her chin and placed and placed my lips over hers. Gradually it turned out to be a hot smooch. Then my mom pushed me on bed and came over me. After some minutes of cuddling, I came on top of her. Now my mom took her boobs out without removing the towel
Mom: “Suck these baby”
I kept her right boob in my mouth and pressed the left one. After some minutes of sucking, she removed my towel and took my cock in her hand. She peeled the foreskin and started to shake it up and down. She gave a nice hand job. I was getting excited for each stroke. As I couldn’t control, I kept my hand on her body to remove her towel. But she patted my hand to take it away. I moaned,
Me: “Thisss iss totallyyyy unnfairr maaa……..”
By hearing this, mom pulled me and locked my lips with hers making me not to speak anything. As the time goes, I reached my peak and ejaculated my load on my mom. She was spilled with all my semen over her face, neck and towel. After draining all my cum over her, I lied near her on the bed. We both smiled at each other and kissed again on her lips. I took a tissue paper and wiped those cum on my mom’s face and neck. Again I tried to take off her towel but she got up went into bathroom to take bath again. She asked me order food which I did. After having dinner, we both slept hugging eachother.
The next day we both got ready and went to radha nagar beach and nearby places. She was wearing a sleeveless long frock which was so sexy. I occasionally held her shoulders and waist while walking. We had our lunch and had some pints of beer at the beach. People over there were mostly couples who kept on enjoying with their partners. As the sun sets down we headed to our cottage. By the time we get in, mom got into the bathroom to get fresh. She came out of the bathroom just like the previous day. I went near her and lifted then placed her on bed. In no time we started a French kiss.
Me: “Oru oru second um neenga enaku venum maa” (I need you every second)
Mom: “Chumma pesi time waste pannadha sidhuu…” (don’t waste the time by just talking)
Me: “Aama ipo ipadi than soluvenga, unga keela kaiya kondu pona odaney eduthu vitruvenga” (you will say like this but if I take my hand near your cunt then you will take it off)
Mom smiled and said,
Mom: “Adhelam thappu baby… na unnoda amma la” (that’s totally wrong baby am your mom)
Saying this she held my face on her boobs. Suddenly we heard a calling bell sound. I sent my mom into bathroom and opened the door. It was the room service who came to take off trash bin for maintenance.
So after he went out, we had our dinner and slept. Next day we started early from our cottage as we had to visit few far away places that we need to reach only through cruise. Firstly we visited Mahatma Gandhi marine national park. We spent half of the day there and again headed to North bay island afternoon. It was a lovely place to see which consists of foreigners mostly. They all were taking sun bath. Me and my mom were sitting under an umbrella sun shade. After sometime I removed my dress and went into water to enjoy the atmosphere. I called my mom to join me. Even though she was interested to take a bath in beach, she hesitated to join me because of the public place and also her dresses would be drenched as she did not take any spare dress. Within some time, I took off my t-shirt and pant and ran into the beach only with my boxer. She was admiring both my body and my enjoyment. So later spending some quality time there, we came back to our cottage. Nothing happened great that day {except kissing and hugging} between me and mom because we both were tired and slept soon after reaching our cottage.
The next day we went to saddle peak and came back soon to our cottage. We came and ordered some snacks and were watching tv. Mom was in her bra and panty and tied a bathrobe over her body. I was simply sitting with only my boxer. Suddenly mom asked me to take her to the beach. The time was nearly 10pm and it was dark outside. People won’t be there much, as its a private beach that belongs to the cottage, only the people who stay in the cottage might be there. I wore a t-shirt and my mom took a towel as I would be taking bath in the beach. Mom went to change her dress but I asked her to come with her inners and robe as no crowd will be there in the beach. First my mom hesitated but later she accepted to come with those because of my pleasing.
Me and my mom got out of the cottage and started walking on the beach. Its a walk about 5 mins from our cottage to the shore. To our surprise, no one was there so we were set alone and free. Ours was the last cottage and the beach was absolutely empty. We started walking along the beach. We were having a casual talk and my mother was in a very happy mood. She was enjoying the sea view under the influence of moonlight with me. We were very close to each other and were like lovers instead of mother and son. After walking for some distance I wanted to go into the sea and swim. So I removed my t-shirt and gave it to her. Thus I was only in the boxer. Mom was standing near me and watching my body. I gently asked her.
Me: “Maa na kadal la kulika poren.. neengalum vanga. Namma sendhu kulikalam.” (Mom I am going to have bath. Why don’t you also come and join?)
She hesitated a bit but I knew she was interested to join me.
Me: “Enna maa?? Namma rendu peru matum inga tour vandhurukome. Neenga than beach ku polam nu enna kuptenga. Ipo neengaley enkuda kulika varalana epadi?? Nethi than crowd konjam irundhuchinu venam solitenga. Ipo inga nama rendu per thavira vera yar iruka??” (What’s this mom? We both came to Andaman to enjoy. You called me to beach at this time, but you are not willing to join me for a bath. Yesterday you were feeling shy because of the crowd but today only we both are here. So what’s there to hesitate? This is unfair maa)
She was triggered on by my pleading. So she stood up and removed her robe exposing her semi nude appearance with bra and panty. My cock began to grow because of the sight that my own mom standing only with inners that too in an outdoor area. She came towards me. I gave her my hand and got hers. She came near me and told me to hold her tightly as she may fall due to the impact of waves. I hold her by her waist. I was holding her bare waist which is smooth and soft. I went into the sea along with my mom. She was also holding me by my waist with her arm around it. She was standing very close to me. We both were standing like lovers also I was enjoying the feelings. The waves were coming and touching our legs. She was very joyous of the water like a child and enjoying the feel of water on her legs and thighs. Slowly I was going step by step into the sea. She chanted,
Mom: “Podhum Sidhu maa.. idhuku mela poga venam” (Enough Sidhu don’t go further)
Me: “Come on mom.. bayapadadhenga… na pathukuren.. you just hold me tight” (don’t worry mom. I will manage)
Saying this I took her into sea where the water was almost up to our knees. Suddenly one big wave came and pushed us both of us were out of balance and fell. We both fell into the water fully and the wave receded. I was lying beneath her and her boobs were pressing on my chest. My hands circled automatically around her waist. I was enjoying the sensation of her body when she got up from me.
Mom: “Inga par nee enna panni vachirukanu, na apovey romba ulla poga venam nu sonen. Ketiya nee??” (See what you have done to me. I already said you not to go beyond the limit)
Me: “That’s okay maa.. beach la kulikiradhuku vandhuta odambellam wet aga thana seyum” (what can we do mom? How can we swim and bath without getting our bodies drenched in water?)
She came out of the water and squeezed her hair to get rid of the salt water from her head but it is of no use. I was constantly admiring at her body that too in open beach under the moonlight. I was terribly aroused
My God! It was a fantastic sight. Suddenly mom saw me staring at her and signaled me ‘what’. I smiled and nodded my head saying nothing. She smiled and asked,
Mom: “Enna ipadi pakura?? Idha vida dress kammiya nee enna pathadhey illaya??” (Why are you staring at me like this? Have you not seen me topless so far?)
She felt tired and sat down. My boxer was straining with the pressure of my dick standing erect. Perhaps mom was also getting aroused with all these as she was sitting seminude on a beach and her own young son was standing and staring her.
I suddenly got an idea and removed my boxer in front of her revealing my hard erect cock to her. She was shocked by my action.
Me: “Enna maa ipadi pakurenga?? Idhuku munnala neenga ennodadha pathadhey illya??” (why are you staring at it like this? Have you not seen mine so far?)
Now mom don’t know what to say and managed,
Mom: “Enna da panra???” (Hey what are you doing?)
Me: “Inga yarum illadha nalla, na nude ah beach la kulika poren. Greece, Florida la ulla nude beaches mari na ipo inga enjoy pananum. Ipo inga yarume illa namala thavira, so indha chance vituta vera kidaikadhu..” (Since there is nobody around here, I want to bath nude in the sea. Some places like Greece and Florida have nude beaches. I wanna feel the same sensation now. Now only we both are left here. So this is the only chance I could have.)
Shouting this I ran into the water. Mom was laughing and shouting at me.
Mom: “You shameless idiot..!!!”
Me: “Thank youuu….”
And gave a fly kiss to her. Perhaps she was also enjoying all this and watched my hard and throbbing cock, which was dangling up and down while me going to sea.
I was enjoying the waves touching my naked body. Mom was sitting on the sand and was admiring my naked body from there. When I found that mother was also enjoying the show and seeing her like that I shouted,
Me: “Mom… yen angaye ukandhu irukeenga?? Neengalum enkuda vandhu enjoy panunga. Come on maa.. ungaluku idhu mari lam fantasies illaya??” (Why are you sitting there still mom? Come and enjoy with me. Don’t have such fantasies in life?)
Probably by that time, mom was also slightly aroused as she was seeing me naked with the beautiful long prick, dangling between my legs which by now has started getting a bit hard due to the situation that my own mother was there to see it completely this time.
I think mother also wanted to enjoy bathing in the sea and since there was nobody around and probably she thought she was safe with me. She got up and slowly walked towards me, wearing only her bra and panty. Trust me guys, she was looking damn sexy in that outfit and her skin was glowing in moonlight.
Mom: “Sidhu… nee than enna batharama pudichikanum. Pona time mari enna thanni la vitra kudadhu” (You should hold me carefully)
Me: “Maa neenga enna tight ah hug panni pudichikonga.. adhu podhum” (you just hold me tight, that’s enough)
Saying this I held her by her waist and pulled her near to me. There I was absolutely naked and my mom was close to me. She held me by my neck. She was in her bra and panty only. I lifted my mom in my arms and went deep into the sea. Suddenly a big wave approached us. It hit us and both of us fell down into the water. Mother gave a muffled scream but I started laughing on her scream and hugged her tightly to stop her from return motion of waves. Mom’s boobs were almost naked in her small bra. Her big boobs were poking in my chest. Mom was also getting aroused with all this. Now the situation was getting more and more hot. My cock was getting hard as a steel rod now. It was poking in her waist. Mom bent down and saw my cock touching her lower abdomen. Mom came close to me that my cock was getting pressurised by our hug. She was also moaning slightly. She was getting hot and her nipples were getting erect and I could feel them poking in my chest. Now I pulled her to me with one hand and put other hand on her bra clad boob and squeezed it softly. We both we looking into our eyes.
Me: “Ammaaa….”
Mom: “Hmmmmmmm”
Me: “Indha night time la, inga yarume illa namala thavira. Na dress eh podama nude ah iruken. Why don’t you remove your bra and panty and enjoy like me? Ungaluku idhu mari fantasy lam illaya??” (No one is here except us. Am standing here stark naked in front of my own mom. So why don’t you remove your bra and panty and enjoy with me? Don’t you have any such fantasies?)
Mom: “Sidhu enaku puriyudhu, na othukuren pala varshathuku munala enakum idhu mari lam aasai irundhuchi but adhelam en husband kuda than. Unfortunately unga appa ku enna kandukavey time illa. Then everything got vanished.” (I admit that I did have fantasies but such fantasies were to be with your dad. Unfortunately your dad don’t have time or capacity to understand my feelings. So everything vanished then.)
Me: Okay maa.. adhan ipo appa illa nu aachila, nama rendu perukum naduvula appa vara matanganu neenga thana sonenga annaiku pub la. Ungala love panavum care panikanvum na iruken la. Then why can’t you give me a chance to relive your life with me maa??” (Ok everything is finished and dad not gonna come between us. On that day you said in pub, that you have me to love you and take care of you. Then why can’t you give me a chance to relive your life with me?)
Mom kept silent for few seconds and shyly said,
Mom: “Undress me sidhuu..”
I was extremely happy that am gonna see my own lovely mom naked for the first to my knowledge. I slowly put my hands on her back and opened her bra clips. She was also getting horny and also wanted to enjoy the nude bath. I removed her bra and threw it on the sand. Her big boobs were now fully nude. I put my fingers in her waistband and slowly pulled her panty down. I bent down on removing her panty and took it completely from her and threw that too. Now she was standing fully nude near me. She was clinging to me in shame. Her naked body was shining in moon light. She was looking like a goddess of sex. She was not so lean or not so chubby but very very sexy. She was clean shaved at her cunt region. I took her in my tight embrace and started fondling her boobs. She was moaning,
Mom: “Ssshhhhhhhh Aaahhhhhhhhhh… SIIDDHHUUUUUU….”
Gradually I sent my hand towards her cunt. She was very shy that she didn’t open her legs. I forcibly inserted my palm between her legs to feel her pussy. I covered her whole pussy by my palm and pressed it. Suddenly mom jerked for a second but didn’t try to remove my hand from her cunt. Mom slightly protested by saying,
Mom: “Sidhuuu.. youu arree my own sonn.. please.. kaiya eduthuru. This is wrong, this is sin. Am your mother..!!” (Am your mother and you are my son. These cannot and should not happen between a mom and son. Please remove your hand. This is wrong. This is sin)
I kept my hand on her pussy, caressing it and said in a lovely tone,
Me: “Maa… don’t be so conservative. Indha edam yevlo azhaga iruku? Inga namma rendu perum nude ah irukome adhuvum thaniya yarume illama. Neenga appa kuda ipadilam enjoy paniruka matenga. Inimel adhu nadaka poradhum illa. So inimel na irukan ungalukaga, yen neenga ungaluku pudicha mari enkuda enjoy panna kudadhu?? Na unga paiyangradha marandhudunga. Just treat this relationship like an extra marital affair which is like a gift for you to counteract the absence of your uncaring and unloving husband. Neenga velila yaru kudayachum affair vachikita naraya problems varum. But namma rendu peru kulla idhu irukura nala endha problem um vara poradhu illa. Nama amma paiyangradha vida ivlo naal nalla friends mari than irundhurukome. So see me as your boyfriend. Enjoy this moment, am here with and for you. So why can’t you enjoy with me??” (Mom don’t be so conservative. See the place, how beautiful it is? Here we both are standing nude and alone. You haven’t enjoyed anything like this with dad. Also you won’t in future. Then why are you wasting this precious life of your considering the shitty rules of this society? Am here with you then why can’t you enjoy with me? Just forget me that am your son. Take me as a young man and not as your son. We both have always been friendly with each other. So treat me as your boyfriend. Just treat this relationship like a extra marital affair which is like a gift for your uncaring and unloving husband. Enjoy the moment mom.)Saying this I took her hand and put it on my erect cock. I was caressing her cunt with my right hand. I took my left hand and hugged her pulling here closer to me. All the while, mom kept silent and kept stroking my cock slightly with her right hand. She was standing hugging me. Suddenly I squeezed her cunt with my fist. As I did it, she gave a squeal and pushed her cunt in my hand to give me better access to cup her cunt. I squeezed it repeatedly. So she was getting hot and pushing her pelvis in my hand so that I may have better access to her cunt. I kept my lips on hers and started kissing her. She then pushed her tongue in my mouth and took mine, starting a passionate French kiss. Then we both started to suck each other’s lips and tongue. I thought to go further and inserted one finger in her cunt. She was so wet there. My finger went straight inside till end and I started finger fucking her. Now with one hand I was finger fucking her and with other hand I was fondling her boobs. Also I was kissing her on lips. As I started finger fucking her, her fist tightened around my cock and she started moving her hand on the length on my cock faster. We both were standing naked in knee high water and doing all these sex acts. We both were panting heavily and getting horny. We were not like mother and son, but as crazy sexual lovers filled with lusty thoughts. Now I inserted another finger in her cunt and was moving it in and out with great speed. Mother was moaning loudly and moving her hand fast as if giving me a hand job. I put my mouth near to her ear and said,
Me: “Ammaaa…”
Mom: “Hmmmmm….”
Me: “Unga kaal rendayum spread panrengala?? Please??? Ne en cock unga vagina ulla vidalama?? Please mommy, I wanna fuck you so badly” (Can you spread your legs mom? Can I insert my cock into your vagina? Please mom I wanna fuck you so badly)
Suddenly mom stopped moving her hand and said,
Mom: “No sidhuu.. this is not good. Namma rendu perum amma paiyan. Enna than namma love panalum, na unna en boyfriend ah treat panalum, ennala idha 100% yethuka mudiyala. So don’t ask such demands. You can’t have sex with me.” (no sidhu, its not good. We both are mom and son. Though we love eachother and I treat you as my boyfriend, am not good to have sexual intercourse. So don’t ask such demands. You cant have sex with me.)
I again took her hand and put it on my cock. She resumed moving her hand on it. Then I inserted my fingers again in her cunt and said.
Me: “Maaa… My cock is so hard for you and it needs a release. Adhu ungalala matum than panna mudiyum. Neenga matum than pananum. Please maa purinjikonga..” (Mom my cock is so hard for you and it needs a release which could be done only with you not by myself or with others. Please try to understand me mom)
Mom didn’t stop me from finger fucking her pussy or fondling boobs. She kept caressing my cock and said,
Mom: “Sidhu baby… enaku puriyudhu unnoda mood and thirst. But namakulla sex romba complicated ahna vidhiyam. Unaku ipo release thana pananum. Na panren, let me masturbate you.” (Baby I can understand you feelings and thirst. But sex between us is quite complicated. You need to release now. I will do it for you. Let me masturbate you.)
Saying this she started masturbating me fast and I also started finger fucking her in the same speed. Mom was cooperating well and at the same time, she started to moan heavily as I was finger fucking her. Her cunt was running like a water pipe and she was oozing so much cunt juices that she wet my hand completely. I don’t know what to do with my wet and that too with full of my mom’s cunt juice. I took my hand and licked her juices completely tasting it. Mom saw this with a surprise and staring at me. I could sense that she was feeling something strange. My mom stopped masturbating me. After about one minute, she told
Mom: “Sidhu vaa room ku polam..” (come lets go to the room)
Me: “Yen maa?? Ennachi ungakuku pudikalaya??” (Why mom didn’t you like what I had done?)
Mom: “Adhelam illa Sidhu.. room ku poidalam. Inga venam.” (Nothing sidhu, let’s go to our cottage)
I made sure that she said this with normal mood not with anger. She started to wear her bra and panty also her robe, as while nearing our cottage lights will be kept on so we might me visible to anyone who sees us. So I also wore my boxer. We started to walk towards our cottage. After some distance, I lifted her in my arms and walked to our cottage.
After reaching our cottage, she told me to take bath as the salt water may create itching sensation on our skin. I went and took bath and came back quickly. Then mom went to take bath. I was resting on the bed nude. Mom came back with a towel wrapped around her body. She was standing in front of the dressing table and drying her hair. I went behind her. My dick was touching her ass crack over the towel and asked for the necessity of towel as I already saw her nude at the beach. I started to take off her towel from her body. She suddenly got hold of my hand, not allowing me to remove the towel. We both were staring at each other’s eyes on the mirror. I slowly kissed on her neck and shoulder and was continuously giving pecks there. Mom closed her eyes and started to enjoy my pecks. Gradually she loosened her grip and rested her body on me. I turned her to my side and removed the towel completely and threw it on the floor. Now we both were standing nude again. Her nipples were stiff and erect. We started to kiss passionately. I lead my hands over her body. I pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples. I let my right hand to her cunt area and touched there. It was all wet.
Me: “Enna maa ipo than kulichitu vandhenga.. Adhukulla wet agiduchi?” (You have taken bath just a few minutes ago. But its wet now within no time.)
Mom put her face down in why and said smilingly,
Mom: “Nammala pathiye yosichitu irundhan. So munnala irundhey adhu wet ah then iruku. Adhu mattum illa, unna pathi ninaichaley, illa unna pathaley enaku anga wet agidudhu Sidhu” (I was thinking about us and our acts for this whole time. So its being wet. Not only that, now a days i become wet soon when I start to think about you or see you)
I became very happy beamed my face with self proud. I hugged my mom and rolled over her on bed. We started to kiss again. She kept her palm on my cock and peeled my foreskin and started shaking it. I was caressing her pussy. I thought to try once more and asked,
Me: “Maaa please maa… unga kaala spread virika matengala?? Kaila panadhu podhum. Na unga ulla vidren maa plss… pleaseee let me fuck you maaaa…” (Mom please won’t you spread your legs for me? Enough for this masturbation. Lets go deeper. Please let me fuck on your pussy.)
Mom: “Sidhu… masturbation pudikalana sollu, na vera edhachum try panren. But IC lam venam Sidhu…” (Sidhu if you didn’t like masturbation, tell me I will do something else. But let’s don’t go for intercourse)
I was surprised by the word ‘vera edhachum’ (something else) and asked her,
Me: “Vera edhachum na enna maa?” (What do you mean by something else?)
Mom smiled out of shy and told me,
Mom: “Na venuna…. adha en vaila vachi….” (I can even take that in my mouth)
I was stunned with this unexpected offer from her. How could I refuse such a generous offer from my own mom to suck my cock? So I opened my mouth hurriedly to accept her offer but mom was more eager to suck my cock than me to let her do it, so even before my answer, mother sat near my legs and held my erect cock in her hand. As she was close to my bulge, the tip of my erect and hard cock touched her lips. She gulped it fully and licked my whole shaft like a professional cock sucker. I was in cloud nine. Now my hands were free as she was sitting near my legs so I could neither fondle her breasts nor I could finger her cunt. So I kept my hands on her back of her head and pushing her head, tried to push the maximum of my cock in her mouth. Mom opened her mouth wide to accommodate my pulsating hard and big cock and she was sucking me by taking the maximum of my cock in her mouth. I was enjoying it like anything. Also I was nearing my orgasm so I decided to take a step ahead. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and putting my hands on her armpits to lift her and said,
Me [pointing at her pussy]: “Mom.. na unga keela, andha edathula lick pananum… plsss..” (mom I wanna lick you down there)
Perhaps my mom also wants to enjoy my tongue in her pussy. Her cunt and boobs were unattended now. So mom also willingly got up and looking towards me as if pleading me to eat her pussy with eagerness. Again I took het cunt in my palm and fondle her boobs. As she was a lady and also my mother so she could not directly ask me to lick her cunt. So this time without asking her for permission, I turned her lower body to my face leaving her upper body to my crotch area. I lifted her up on my face, hugged her tightly and putting my hands on her butts pressing and spreading them to explore her ass hole. Mom also placed her hands around my thighs to balance herself. I could see her pussy very close to my face. As she kept her knees at either sides of my face, her cunt automatically widened open. I smelled her pussy deeply through my nostrils. The smell was strange which intoxicated me and gave me josh. Her cunt was open wide and my tongue started rubbing inside the slit of her cunt. Her cunt was so wet that I could taste her juice. On the other side my tight cock was getting inside her mouth. I was rubbing inside the pink flesh of her cunt. My cock was exploring her mouth and I just could not be stopped by any force on the earth. I held her butts and kissed her strongly on her pussy. I was in no position to stop. My whole body is feeling like being vibrated. Both my lips and lower body are working under some pleasure. We both reached our peak and couldn’t control our orgasms. Both me and my mom came in same time. I discharged my load in her mouth, while she flowed like an broken tap which I licked completely. We both didn’t even leave a single drop of our love juices. My dick was completely empty and her pussy was also clean. We both got relieved from our closed moan. Mom got up from my crotch and turned back and saw me. I could see a relief and satisfaction in her eyes. She came and kissed my lips hugging me tightly.
Mom: “I love you soooo much Sidhuuu…”
Me: “I love you too mom “
And kissed her back.
Mom: “Ithana varshathula unga appa enaku idhu mari pleasures lam kuduthadhey illa theriyuma. First time na idhelam anubavikiren.. Ipo than first time anga keela oru tongue touch aagiruku. thank you so much babyyy” (In these much years, I haven’t gotten any such pleasures from your dad. For the first time amI feeling a tongue on my pussy. Thank you so much baby.)
Me: “Mom.. apo neenga ipo enaku paninadha patha, first time panra mari illaye. Nalla oru expert panina mari avlo nalla irundhuchi.” (But what you have just done doesn’t seem to be a beginner’s act. It just felt like the action of a pro)
Mom smiled with a sad face and said,
Mom: “Unga appa thana idhelam panna matarunu sonen.. na panadhu illa nu solalaye. Avaru enaku idhu mari lam panna mataranu romba feel paniruken but avaruku, avaroda satisfaction matum than mukiyam. Avaru satisfy aanadhum paduthu thoongiduvaru. Enna pathi avaru kavala patadhu illa. Na satisfy aanena illaya nu avaru yosichi kuda pathadhu illa. Naraya time naney directa ketruken avaru kita, enaku keela unga vai vachi panrengala nu. Adhuku avaru ‘chi chi angalam poi vai vachi epadi panradhu’ nu solitu thoongiduvar.” (I said that your dad only doesn’t do these, not me. I had craved a lot for these pleasures from your dad. For him, only his own satisfaction is important, not mine. Once he got satisfied, he used to go to sleep immediately. He had not thought about my condition. I have even asked him openly about such oral actions but he felt these acts as rubbish and left me.)
I was listening to all these and didn’t know what to speak. She continued,
Mom: “Aparam poga poga na en feelings lam control panikiten. Gym aparam office then unna pathukuradhu nu apadiye distract panikiten ennoda emotions ah. Later on I fell in love with you. Ipo namma beach irundhapa, nee en keela kai vachitu adha un vai la vachi lick panapa enaku thirumba andha asai vandhuduchi. Neeyachum enna purinjikitu enna satisfy panuvenu nambunen. Thank god… En nambikkai veen pogala.” (I controlled my feelings and emotions by getting distracted with my gym workouts and office. Gradually I fell in love with you. Just now in beach, you licked your fingers which was full of my pussy juice. I sensed that I could get such pleasures by you hereafter. I hoped that you will give me those heavenly pleasures. And hence my hope didn’t get wasted.)
She said I love you and hugged me tightly. We had a nice smooch and slept naked hugging each other.
The next morning we both woke up and were getting ready. We got fresh and were having our morning beverages. I was applying oil and came and sat on the bed. Suddenly mom lifted her nightgown and lied on the bed spreading her legs. I could see her pussy. She took my hand and dragged my face near her pussy and said,
Mom: “Lick me”
I touched her pussy and rubbed my fingers on it. She was holding my head with both her palms. Then I planted a kiss on her pussy. I took my tongue and touched it. Suddenly she became hyper when my tongue touched her pussy. She held my head and buried it into her pussy.
Mom: “Sidhuuuuu pleaseeee da.. adha lick pannuuu.. don’t tease me you lovely bastard..!!!” (Sidhu please lick that. Don’t tease me you lovely bastard.)
I started licking her pussy hole vigorously. She was getting high with every licks and thrusts. I inserted my tongue into her hole and started to fuck her using my tongue.
Mom: “Aahhhh…. sidhuuu…. hmmmmmm…. superbbbb babyyyyy… comeee onnn.. lickk meeee…..”
She was getting to peak which was clearly known by her loud moans. Then suddenly she held my head tight and locked it with her legs. I couldn’t even breathe and her body shivered like anything. Her juice began pouring out on my face and I drank it. Few amount were on my face as I was held close to her vagina. I was licking each and every drop of her pussy juice and drinking it. Gradually Mom’s grip became loose and left my head. She was relaxed and opened her legs to release my head which was under her custody. I took my head out and saw her by licking her juice which was all over my face. She was completely satisfied by my treatment and was very happy that I loved her pussy juice. She dragged me to her and kissed my lips. We kissed for few minutes and slept till 1pm. We went to a restaurant to have lunch. There I saw a post advertising for a candle light dinner in elephant beach. I called the number and booked the table. We came back to our room and passed the time by hugging, kissing and sleeping. At 8pm we got ready and went to elephant beach for the dinner. I was in my t-shirt and jean whereas my mom in her full sleeve shirt and jean.
We got our table and sat opposite to eachother. She was looking in the warm candle light atmosphere. The place was filled with couples. We both were staring at eachother with love and lust. I got her palm in mine. Both our eyes and hands got locked with eachothers. We got our order and started having our food. After having our food, we were just walking along the shore line by holding our hands tightly. The sea water is touching our feet. I took my hand and kept it along her waist and she did the same with me. After walking for sometime, she took my other hand and kept on her boobs. I saw her suddenly.
Mom: “Enaku nee anga suck pananum..” (I need you to suck my boobs)
Me: “Okk maa.. room ku ponadhum panalam..” (ok mom. Lets go to our room and do it.)
Mom: “Andha alavuku porumai irundha, na yen unkita ipovey keka poren??” (if I have that much patience, then why am gonna ask you now?)
Me: “Yarachum pathuda poranga..” (someone may see us)
Mom: “Adhelam yarum paka matanga.. ellarum avanga partner kuda velai la busya irukanga.” (no one will see us. All of them are busy with their patners.)
I watched around our place. Like mom said, many of those couples were busy romancing with their partners. We saw some rocks a few distance apart. We walked there and went to a secluded place. Mom sat leaning on a rock and had my head on her lap. I eagerly removed her shirt button. Mom spread her shirt and pulled her bra to revealed her boobs. She took my face and inserted her left boob into my mouth. I started sucking her nipples and bit it. She started getting aroused and held my face closer to her boobs. She started fondling my hairs. My mom was really looking sexy in the moonlight with eyes closed in mood and moaning also her shirt buttons were open which showed her bare boobs. I inserted my hand at the backside of my mom and opened her bra hooks. This set free of my mom’s boobs. Now I took a whole breast and started sucking it. I used my tongue to play with my nipple. After that I switched to another nipple and did the same. Then I took a nipple and bite it slightly.
Mom: “SShhhhhhhhhh…….. AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….!!!!!!!!!!”
Suddenly we heard some noise. I saw to know what it was. There were few cops who were sending people off out of beach as the time was very late. So we got and mom corrected her dress. On the way back to our cottage, mom was having her hand on my cock over my jean. Then she removed my zip and kept her hand inside. She kept rubbing it over my brief. She was pressing and said that she needs it. Somehow I controlled myself and reached our cottage.
After getting back into our cottage, I locked the door and hugged my mom from the back and kissed. She pushed me on bed and said me to get fresh. So I took my bath and came out naked. Then it was her turn. She went into the bathroom and took bath. When she was coming out, she tied the towel over body. Generally women look so sexy with towel wrapped around their body. She stood infront the mirror and drying her hair. I was admiring her body by sitting on the bed and said,
Me: “Ammaaa…”
Mom: “Hmmmm…”
Me: “Ipadi towel la ungala pakurpa, epadiirukenga theriyuma?? Neenga epovum idhey mari towel oda irukanum pola iruku..” (you look so sexy with the towel wrapped on your body. Please stay with me like this when we are alone.)
Suddenly mom removed her towel and threw it on my face and said,
Mom: “Idiot… enaku epovum unkuda irukrapa ipadi towel kuda illama nude ah irukanum pola iruku..” (you idiot, I just want to be naked when we are being alone.)
I jumped in joy. I went near her and hugged her from back and kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulder. Mom closed her eyes and moaned slightly for kisses and bites. She turned to my side and kissed me on the lips. My cock was in ever ready position. She saw that and took it in her hand and said,
Mom: “I love thisss soooooo mucchhhhhhhh….”
And again kissed on my lips. I caught both her boobs and was kissing her neck with complete lust. I then pushed his mom on the bed. I got on top of her and started kissing her from the forehead. Then I kissed her nose, lips, neck and placed my mouth on her waist and started kissing it wildly. In meantime, my hands were fondling both her boobs. Then gradually I went down and planted a smooth kiss on her pussy lips. Then slowly progressed towards her legs and kissed each and every part and explored it with my lips. Mom was enjoying me on her, as she felt it as our honeymoon. I then bit my mom’s nipples softly thus she was moaning with pleasure. Then I sucked h her voluptuous beauties. I kept my mouth on her boobs and was sucking it wildly like an animal. I sucked both her tits hardly, as my hands were wrapped around her ass. I continued sucking her boobs unstoppably, as I was enjoying every bit of it. mom started moaning in pleasure.
Mom: “Hhmmmmmmmmm… Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…”
I enjoyed that and kept on playing with her boobs. Then I turned her back and made her to lie with her stomach. I kissed and licked her whole back while my hands were squeezing her ass cheeks. Then I came to her ass and started kissing her as and legs. I bit and sucked her back, ass and back thighs. All thw while mom was enjoying my actions very deeply. She was not even in this world. After sometime mom turned back and lied. She hugged me tightly and pressed me on her. She kissed me wildly on face, lips, chest and abs. she was enjoying my body. She hold my cock and squeezed it out of eagerness. We were looking into eachother’s eyes. I held her hips with both my hands and dragged her close to me.
Mom: “Siidddhhhuuuuu…. Plssss fucckkk meee…”
My cock was fully erect by the time. Even my mom also was fully wet by then. Her love juice was flowing through her pussy that was dripping wet. Mom caught my cock and slowly guided it to her entrance. I did not much resistance as she was already wet. I gave little pressure that my cock entered into my mom’s pussy. Mom slowly moaned.
Mom: “Aahhhhhhh…”
Gradually my cock was fully inside my mom’s pussy. I again took it out and inserted back and started the to and fro motion. Mom’s moans were getting stronger.
Mom: “Ssshhhhhh… aahhhhhhhhh… hhhmmmmmmmmmm…
I gradually increased my speed as by pumping harder in and out of her vagina while my hands were massaging her voluptuous boobs all the time. I was exploring all the parts of her clitoris with every pump. Also my mom’s moaning grew louder with every push,
Mom: “aaahhh… aahhhh… aahhhh… aahhhhh…”
I gradually gathered pace and reached my maximum speed and pumped harder than before. Mom’s moans of pleasure turned into moans of pain as her son was fucking her really hard. She moaned harder as well as louder,
Mom: “Ooohhhhhhhhh……. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…. Hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm…”
It just looked to be a scream. Both of us were reaching our climax. I can’t hold my ejaculation and with a strong final pump, I hit her pussy walls with my dick and slapping crotch with my thighs, I ejaculated all my cum into my mom’s vaginal canal. We both screamed louder than ever. Mom closed her eyes and shouted,
Mom: “Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh…… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ssssiiiidddhhhuuuuuuuuu…..”
It was a sticky high load of semen that I shot into my mom’s vagina. After getting filled, the white fluid overflowed out of her pussy. Both of us were sweating like hell. After getting every drop of my dick in her pussy, I simply lied like a dead man on her. She hugged me and we remained still for a very long time. We closed our eyes and simply remained hugging on bed. It was a lovely session with my mom.
After sometime, my mom opened her eyes and took my face in her hands. I opened her eyes and saw her. We both were looking into eachother’s eyes. Her eyes expressed the content feeling of her body and soul. We kissed gently with all our love, affection and satisfaction. Withing few minutes, my cock had been shrinked to small and came of her pussy. It was completely exhausted with the semen. Then we cuddled eachother and lied naked on bed. Mom was constantly looking at the ceiling. I noted it and asked her,
Me: “Enna mam,, edho think panitu irukenga?? Ennachi maa??” (what happened mom? What are you thinking about?)
Mom: “Na unna ivlo varshama miss paniten. Yen idhelam munnalaye nadakam, ivlo late ah nadakanum nu thonudhu.” (I have missed you all these years. These things should have happened before itself.)
Me: “Enaku romba naalavey unga mela desire irundhuchi maa. But ahda epadi unga kita express panradhu, en wish ah neenga epadi accept panuveenga nu romba confused ah irundhan.’ (I was loging for you since a very long time. But I don’t know how to express my desire to you and how ill you accept my love? I was confused about it.)
Mom: “Enaku incest pathi lam onnum theriyadhu. Unga appa kita irundhu perusa enaku onnum love and care lam kidaikala. Nee enmela konjam attentive ah konjam noticing ah irundha mari therinjidhu. Un behavior la naraya changes pathen. Ahdelam oru paiya avanga amma kita nadandhukura mari therla. Poga poga unnoda intentions enaku purinjidhu. Even enakum adhelam pudichidhu, but idhelam thappu num thonichi. Nama besant nagar beach ponapo sonnala, appa illana enna, inimel na ungala pathukurenu sonala. Apovey nanum unna love panna start paniten. Irundhalum enaku edho nama thappu panromo nu thonichi. Veetuku vandhadhum, room ku poi net la idha pathi search panen. Apo naraya cases pathen, amma ku paiyan mela love, paiyanuku amma mela, akka thangachi mela love. Apo than incest nu onnu irukunu therinjikitan. Adhu matum illama naraya pics, stories and videos naraya irundhuchi. Adhelam pathadhuku aparam romba relieving ah irundhuchi. Sari idhelam onnum thappu illa, naraya nadandhutu than iruku nu purinjidhu but enamo enaku idha mulusa accept panna mudiyala. Poga poga nee enmela katura interest, unga appa kita irundhu enaku kidaikadha onnu. Adhu enaku romba pudichidhu. Unga appa panadha onna, yarukitayachum irundhu vandha nalarukum nu thonichi and adhu unkita irundhu kadachalum thappu illa nu thonichi. Moreover unkita relationship vachikiradhu than safe nu purinjidhu. Then ennalayum control panna mudila. You won me sidhu. Epo venunalum nee enna edhu venalum panikalam. From now, am completely yours sidhu.. I love you so much baby. Idhey mari nee enkuda epovum irukanum.” (I don’t know much about incest. I didn’t get much love and care from your dad. I could see that you eyeing me and being attentive on me. Also I saw some changes in your behavior towards me which were not meant to shown by a son to his mom. Gradually I understood your intention and I liked it. But at the same time, I felt it bad that a mom and son shouldn’t be involving in these kinds of activities. Once when we went to besant nagar beach, you assured me that hereafter you will be there to love me and care afyer me. At that instant, I fell in love with you. Even after my decision, I was confused about it. after getting back to home, I browsed about this kind of feeling in internet. There I could see a number of similar cases like mom-son, bro-sis. Then I came to know about the term ‘incest’ and it happens in the world. This gave a boost and confidence to move close with you. Also I saw few pics, stories and videos of mom son incest which tempted me to get you. Also I was eagerly longing for such love and care which your dad didn’t shower on me. It will be fine and safe, if I get such things from you. I couldn’t control my desire for you. Atlast you won me. You won my heart, my love. You can do anything with me anytime. Am all yours sidhu. Please don’t leave me. I love you so much. I need this love and care from you forever.)
I don’t know what to say for her words. I simply felt happy and managed to reply her,
Me: “I love you too mom. Am so happy that I got a wonderful lover who is my mom. Idhey mari nama epovum irukalam.” We can stay like this for the rest of our lives.
Saying this, we kissed passionately and slept naked hugging eachother. The remaining days of the tour went happy and sexy withing our cottage. We did not visit any place therafter. We just spent our time inside our room by sleeping, eating, making love and repeating it.
To be continued….
Dear friends thanks for your patience to read this full story. It’s a real life which does not end here. The sequel of this story will be submitted later. Incest is not a crime. It’s just a forbidden pleasure which became an unknown treasure to the world because of the foolish society. Hope you all love the story.
Dedicated to all mom-son incest couples….
Written by: Dcoolbuddy
I would like to thank my team for working hard and getting me the appreciation. They have their share of credits for my stories. Without them, I cannot fetch this quality and these good comments. We are planning to get into film making process in the porn industry, let’s see whether it happens or not. Apart from that, thanks for your (readers) unconditional love and support since my first story. Comments and critics are welcomed at [email protected] Lonely and horny girls and aunties are invited to the same mail id. Also, people who need incest related help and guidance can feel free to ask me.

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