Brother-Sister discover more than the joys of sex together

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In the days before streaming porn, scoring a VHS tape loaded with grainy, thrice copied porn felt like winning a jackpot. If it was recorded at SLP speeds, that could mean anywhere from four to six hours of hot, steamy porn for your jerking pleasure. Best of all? When the person making the copy took the time to cut out the ads and title screens.

In a rare instance, Mom and Dad had to drive across the state to attend a wedding, leaving Austin home alone. At eighteen, with the house to himself for the entire day and night, Austin’s plan had been as simple as spending the entire time naked and jerking off.

His aching cock throbbed and led the way as he wandered from one room to the next as he simply enjoyed his freedom. Mom and Dad had left at eight in the morning. At ten that morning, he had his first orgasm in the living room with porn playing on the big TV. While he could have worked toward another orgasm right away, he had worked out a plan – one orgasm every two hours until he couldn’t do it anymore.

As he waited until it was time for his next orgasm, he switched over to regular TV. It felt really good being naked in the living room. It felt even better being naked and hard in the living room. He idly stroked his cock while forcing himself to wait until noon for his next orgasm.

Glancing at the clock on the VCR, he saw that it was only 11:30. Switching back to the VCR, he picked up the remote and hit PLAY, giving him thirty minutes of playing time until his next orgasm. Could he do it? Could he last that long? He doubted it, but he loved the idea of trying.

Unable to sit still, he paced behind the two overstuffed chairs that faced the big twenty-seven-inch TV. The two chairs where Mom and Dad typically sat every night watching “ER,” “Seinfeld,” or “NYPD Blue.” When a hot lesbian scene started, he moved to sprawl out on the couch. He stroked his rock hard a couple of times, but not too much. Not yet. He still had another twenty-three minutes before he could get off.

Fuck, this was hard. His cock ached for more attention. He understood the law of diminishing returns. If he did it too much, his later orgasms would take too long. Was it better to get off too soon and leave more time between his orgasms or best to stick to his plan?

Tugging on his hard cock, he brought himself close to an orgasm and then stopped. His throbbing cock leaked pre-cum into a puddle on his stomach, filling his navel. Yeah, that felt good, really good. How much pre-cum could he leak before it was time to shoot off for real?

He gave his cock a chance to rest as he watched the girls taking turns eating each other out. He ignored his need for an orgasm. His balls felt tight and hard, ready for him to blast off if he would only give himself that extra bit of attention. It felt good being this hard.

He wanted to eat pussy. Fuck, he loved eating pussy. He loved everything about pussy. The one chick had shaved her pussy and that looked so damn good. Did real girls ever do that? Fuck, that would be so hot to see, wouldn’t it? He thought about his girlfriend and wished Suzanne had gone to college closer than halfway across the state. He missed her. He missed her pussy. He missed her tits and just kissing her. He needed to call her later, but not now.

Nearing another orgasm, he quickly pulled his hand away and watched as his hard cock pump out more pre-cum. It’s too bad Suzanne never did this to him. He needed to teach her to do this. He needed to show her how he could almost orgasm without really doing it. Would she like that? Would she like to see him this kind of hard?

Suzanne could be so funny at times. She liked sex, but she always felt so guilty about doing it, too. It took her so long to get turned on. He wished she would stop worrying about it. At least she had gotten comfortable with letting him go down on her. She liked that, a lot. She had even said that was her favorite part. That and seeing him hard. She did like seeing him hard and needy. She thought his dick was fun.

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