Weekend With Dad

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My name is Emily and I am twenty years old. I was home from college and I was to spend a weekend with my dad. My parents divorced a couple of years ago and I normally stay with my mother when I am home from school. This was my weekend to be with my father. My dad greeted me with a hug and he took my bags to the spare bedroom. We ate some dinner that evening and talked some before my dad turned in for the night.

I normally stay up late and I went to use the bathroom before heading to bed when I saw the light underneath the closed door to my dad’s bedroom. I knocked gently, but I didn’t get a reply. I opened the door slightly and looked in. There was my dad sound asleep on top of the bed. He was also asleep naked. I was looking at my father’s erection as he slept soundly on top of the sheets. I couldn’t take my eyes off his erect cock. It was huge and standing straight up. I slowly went in to turn off the light when my father stirred.

“Emily,” I heard my father say my name.

“I just wanted to turn off your light Dad,” I told him.

“Stay with me,” as he opened his eyes to look at me.

I turned to go, but my dad got to the edge of the bed and took hold of my hand. I couldn’t help myself, I was looking down at his erection still. I know my Dad was looking at where my eyes were gazing. He stood up and came close to me. I was wearing a nightie and he pulled it up over my head. I was naked before my father. Dad pulled me into his arms and he kissed me hard on the lips. I tried to tell him we shouldn’t be doing this, but he wasn’t listening.

He brought me over to the bed and he had me lie down. Dad then got onto the bed and right over top of me. He lowered his face and took a nipple into his mouth. My Dad started to alternate kissing and sucking on my hard nipples. I thought I would go crazy as he was getting me so worked up with his mouth. I could also feel my Dad’s erect dick rubbing against my slit. I hate to admit it now, but it was getting me so turned on.

I couldn’t take it another minute and I reached down and guided his stiff member to my opening. My Dad pulled off of my breasts and looked down at my naked body. I slowly felt him enter me. His cock felt so big. I was seeing a guy at college, but we broke up at the end of the school year. His cock wasn’t anywhere near as big as my father’s cock. Dad ended up burying his thick cock all the way inside my belly. I just ended up losing my self-control.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I practically screamed out loud.

Dad started to feed me his stiff pole and I ended up placing my legs around his back. My Dad fed me every hard inch of his dick. My pussy had him in a tight grip and I could feel my muscles contracting around his swollen member. My Dad must have given me his cock for a good hour or more. I lost control of my urges and I sprayed my Dad’s cock with my juices. It must have startled him as my Dad pulled out momentarily. I kept gushing all over my Dad’s chest.

Dad then inserted his cock into me again and we fucked some more. It ended up with the same result. I squirted all over my Dad’s thick prick and he pulled out once more. We must have done this four times. I lost control of myself each time and shot my juices all over my Dad. I was nearly spent after this last time. I saw my Dad arch his back and he flooded me with his seed.

My pussy muscles went into overdrive and I milked my father of every drop he had in him. My pussy would clamp down hard and Dad would send another blast of his hot semen into my body. By the time he finished my body was shaking uncontrollably. Dad ended up pulling his cock from my body and he took me in his arms. We ended up tongue kissing and the next thing I remember was waking up in bed the next morning. My Dad wasn’t next to me so I pulled my nightie back on and walked into the kitchen.

My Dad was busy making coffee and he heard me walk into the room.

“I’m sorry about last night Emily, I couldn’t control my urges.”

“I wanted that as much as you did Daddy,” and I kissed him on the cheek.

“If you stay the rest of the weekend I will want you again,” he told me.

My pussy was full of my Dad’s seed and all I could think about right then was having his cock inside my pussy one more time. My Dad turned off the coffee pot and we went into the bathroom. We shed our clothes once more and my Dad turned on the shower head. Hot water came spraying out and we climbed into the tub. I put my arms around my Dad’s neck and he pushed my back against the shower wall. I felt his hands under my legs and he lifted me up. The head of his dick was fitted right at my opening. Dad lowered me onto his mushroom and he took me one more time.

I was screaming in the shower for my Dad to fuck me. I just had to have him now, there was no turning back. Dad pumped his erect dick deep in my belly and we made love there in the shower. My pussy was so full of Dad’s cream from the night before. He easily filled my love tunnel up with his cock. I think the hot water must have pushed us over the edge. I felt my Dad’s body stiffen and he gave me another load of his loving. I squeezed his cock again and he flooded me with all his warm cum.

Dad pulled out and I brought my legs to the tub floor. I could barely stand up after the fucking my Dad gave me there in the shower. I pushed out as much of my Dad’s seed as I could and we got out of the shower and dried off. It ended up we spent most of that weekend in bed. I couldn’t believe how virile my Dad was in the sack. He seemed to have an endless amount of cum to give me.

I ended up going back to my Mom’s place. It was just a few days away from going back to school. I can’t think of anything but my Dad’s cock and how we made love the whole weekend long. I can’t admit it to myself even now, but I want my Dad to be my lover. I am not even back to school yet and I am thinking of the next school break and being back in my Dad’s bed.

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