My Wife & Her Brother

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She wasn’t my wife at the time, but I helped her get out of an abusive marriage, so she was moving into a different apartment just across the street from me. She was living to close to her ex and he wouldn’t leave her alone. It was just her and I loading the U-haul on a very hot day. To our surprise, her brother drove down from another state to help her. He arrived just in time to help us unload. They hadn’t seen each other for sometime and I had never met him. The extra hand was a pleasure.

Robyn was wearing a very loose top and high-cut, very baggy shorts. She always thinks of the top end but never thinks that, if she bends over and you’re behind her, you can see from the underside of her top exposing her tits. Sometimes you can see more that way then the other. She is always braless, not big tits, about 34b, but she has very long dark nipples that always seem to be hard, but really get hard and longer when she is excited.

So, we say our hellos and show Mike the apartment and where things are to go. The plan was that I would unload, Mike would carry in, and Robyn would unpack. So we began. I was moving everything out of the truck and was half-way done when I looked around and didn’t see Mike. I walked up to the door and just peeked my head around the corner to see Mike standing there with his head peeking around the kitchen corner. I watched for a few seconds and he was just standing, not talking or anything, just staring. I went back out to the truck and got a few things and made some noise coming in this time. Mike met me at the door going out to the truck. So, I put my stuff down and walked over to see what he was looking at. I couldn’t believe it, but there was Robyn unloading boxes, bending at the hips and, as she bent down, you could look right up the bottom side of her shirt and see her tits, nipples and all. What a turn on and I thought that Mike got a good look.

Robyn had told me as they were growing up in their later teens that they were at home a lot by themselves do to their Mom working nights. Robyn told me they did the peeking at each other during and after showers, or she would catch a glimpse of Mike looking into her window while she got ready for bed and every once in a while she would just take her time so he could watch. Sometimes, after she heard Mike go to bed, she would sneak out into the living room hallway down where there was a return air vent that was on Mike’s bedroom wall and, when all the lights were out except Mike’s room, you could get down on the floor and look up into his bedroom. She would watch him look at girlie magazines while he masturbated. She always enjoyed watching him do that and of course she would play with herself while watching. It seemed to her it was something she could always use against him if he was going to get her in trouble with her Mom, so she never said anything to him. When she started dating, she would never let a boy fuck her, but she would give them a blowjob or handjob. She always enjoyed seeing cum spurt out of a cock.

One night when she got home all the lights in the house were out, so she assumed Mike was not home yet. She went to her room after giving her date a handjob in her driveway. She was so excited because he just kept cumin and shot it all over his car. As she got ready for bed, she didn’t put anything on. She jumped in bed with her table lamp on and started playing with herself. She pulled and squeezed her nipples. The harder she pulled the better it felt. She started to rub and play with her wet pussy. Soon she climaxed. After shutting her light off, she thought she saw a figure move outside her window. A few seconds later she heard the front door shut then Mike’s bedroom door shut. She wondered if he had seen what she had done. She felt her wetness running down her leg and her tits and pussy tingling. She started to drift off to sleep when she heard the doorknob turn and the door slowly begin to open. She rolled over on her side pretending to be asleep. Mike came in and whispered her name. “Robyn,” he said in a whisper…no answer, he did it again and there was still no answer.

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