My Wife and Her Randy Old Uncle

We had been married for 5 years.

I had just licked her to orgasm, so we were resting to allow her a few minutes to ‘come back down to earth’!

I wanted to keep her ‘simmering’, so began to talk about sexual things…

I knew she wasn’t a virgin when we got together, and she had already told me some minor details about previous guys she had ‘encountered’. So I asked her how she had lost her virginity and who was the lucky guy?

(I had asked her on a couple of occasions previously but I could tell she was reluctant to discuss further, and so on both occasions I let it go).

I was hoping that this time, post-orgasmic, she might be more open…

She went quiet for a few moments, obviously considering things, then she started to talk…

She said it was just after her 18th birthday and she was on her way home from school.

She decided to call at her Uncle’s house (she had to walk past his house on her way home). She said she had begun to drop-in quite often recently, mainly because he would give her cigarettes, and smoking was something which both her parents were totally opposed to.

On this occasion, however, when she asked him for “a ciggie, please, Uncle” he paused for a moment, smiled, and said he would give her one, but only if she undid the top-two buttons on her blouse first!!

She looked at him, in the eyes, and could see he was quite serious…she felt a tightness in her tummy…slowly, her hand moved upwards, towards the top button of her blouse, and started to unfasten…

She slowly undid all the buttons, and her blouse gapped open, revealing the top half of her brassiere-encased breasts.

Uncle Albert opened her blouse further and placed his hands inside, cupping her breasts, one in each hand. He fondled her for a moment, then told her to take her blouse off. She complied. He turned her round and unfastened her bra.

Now he could work his hands freely over each breast. He was now beginning to breathe heavily; he pulled on her nipples and told her she had ‘a beautiful pair’.

Her response was that she “wished they were bigger”.

He said he knew “of a way to encourage female breast growth”, and immediately started to unfasten his black-leather trouser-belt.

He unfastened the buttons on his fly, and eased his fattening cock out in front of her.

Now, she had seen 4 cocks previously, all on boys in her school. One was a boy who had ‘flashed’ her, put-up to it by his mates. One was her older brother, who she had accidentally caught masturbating in the bathroom. The other two were boyfriends, and only one of them had she had any really intimate contact with – she had ‘worked-him-off’ on two occasions. Then he wanted to take it further and she refused. They finished.

She said that these other ‘boy’s cocks’ were nothing compared to the appendage that Uncle Albert was holding in front of her…and she could see it visibly stiffening-up!!

Uncle Albert told her to put her hand on it, and ‘feel him’. Again, she complied. She could feel it throbbing. She automatically pulled the foreskin backwards, revealing his bulbous bell-end. A drop of clear liquid appeared at the tip. With the thumb of her other hand she spread the liquid all-over his cockhead. She could feel her own excitement building now, and knew that she might even orgasm just from playing with this older man’s cock.

She asked him about what he said about making her tits bigger. He put his arms round her pulling her closer, and told her to ‘jack’ him.

He placed one hand over hers and showed her the pace to work his cock. He was quite a bit taller than her 5′ 3″, and his cockhead was just below her chin as he hugged her closer. He tilted her head downwards, and after making initial contact with her tongue, his cockhead disappeared inside her mouth to be coated in female saliva.

At this point, having her nipples sensually pulled, and a cock leaking pre-cum inside her mouth, my wife climaxed.

This caused Uncle Albert to need to ejaculate. After one huge spurt inside her mouth, he pulled out and managed to shoot the rest all over her tits.

He shot, she said “far more” than her previous boyfriend, and her tits were coated in his spunk. He started to caress her tits, rubbing the spunk into them at the same time…”This”, he said, “spunk is what will make your titties grow”. They both rubbed it into her tits together.

He asked her if she had enjoyed herself. She told him that she had “very much”. He then told her he hadn’t even given her a ‘ciggie’; he picked up the packet, and said “come on upstairs, to bed, we can have a smoke upstairs.”

She followed him, braless, and her tits still glistening with his drying spunk, upstairs to her Uncle’s bed…

And that’s when she REALLY lost her virginity!!

(Will tell more of this encounter when I find the time to type)

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