I Love My Family, Family love is the best

I Love My Family, Family taboo, Family love is the best, My name is Steve and I love my family. To explain, here’s what happened today, a typical day at my house.

“Hi mom, I’m home.”

I don’t hear anything. I go into the kitchen and see my mother washing the dishes. Wearing loose grey sweats and a white tank top, her athletic figure looks good in anything she wears. She didn’t hear me, so I sneak up behind her and do what every son wants to do to their mom. I squeeze her ass, startling her and making her jump.

“You scared me!”

“Sorry mom.”


I quickly place my hands back on her ass. Only this time, I slowly feel the full curvature of her wonderful bottom. I trace my middle finger along her crack and slowly follow it down to that wonderful forbidden place. I cup my fingers firmly into her ass as she spreads her legs a little wider to allow me more access. I’m giving her a wedgie of sorts, but she doesn’t say a word.

I then stand directly behind her and grind my now hard cock into her. She responds by pushing her ass back into me. I hug her from behind with my hands at her belly button and slowly move underneath her shirt. My hands quickly find their target, cupping her beautifully shaped 34C breasts with no bra, just the way I like it. Her delicious brown nipples harden at the touch, as I lightly pinch each one as she has to momentarily stop the dishes from the sensations.

“Hi mom.” I say gently into her ear.

I let go of her as she slowly turns around. She reaches down and feels the fullness of my cock through my jeans with her wet hands.

“How was school today?”

“It was fine. College is a lot tougher than high school.”

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“Oh does my baby need a little pick me up?” she says with puckered lips as if I were a baby.

“Mom, I’m 18 years old. Don’t talk to me that way.” I say with a smile.

As I say this, I lift up her shirt and expose my favorite part of my mom’s body, those voluptuous breasts. They have a slight sag but are undoubtedly firm, and they don’t quit. I lower my head and give her right tit a good ten second suck, and then go to the left. All this time, she just has a beautiful, loving expression on her face, holding my head as I kiss her awesome tits. After I’m done, I give her a kiss on the lips.

“Do you have practice today or are you staying for dinner?”

“No practice today, so I’m all yours.”

“We’ll have time for that later. You better let me get cooking, ’cause your dad will be home soon.”

“OK mom.”

I go upstairs and find my sister studying at her desk. Stephanie is the younger of my older sisters and looks like a young version of Courtney Cox. I walk in to say hi, but the first thing she notices is the huge bulge in my wet jeans.

“Hi Steph.”

“Do all guys have a constant hard on like you?”

“No, but not all guys have a sister as sweet and pretty as you.”

I don’t know where I come up with these lines, but it’s not just a line when you’re telling the truth. She looks into my eyes, then looks down at my hard on, and contemplates for a few seconds.

“It has to be quick. I have three finals next week and a sorority party tomorrow, so I gotta study.”


“But you gotta get me wet first.”

As she said that, she went over to the bed, took off her white panties, and laid on her back with her knees bent and shoulder width apart.

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I love her panties, so I picked them up off the floor and gave it a good sniff and licked the crotch. After I inhaled her wonderful aroma, I lay down between her legs as she opened them wider for me.

Stephanie keeps herself groomed immaculately, with just a thin landing strip of black leading to her cleanly shaven pussy.

I start with a tease, licking all around her pussy, but not hitting the target. As I hear her start to moan slightly, she grabs my head and lifts her cunt to my mouth. I get the point and waste no time in flicking my tongue at her anxious clit. Her body shakes with the attention I give to her sensitive spot.

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I put my hands underneath her ass to support her as my face starts to get wet from a combination of my spit and her juices. After eating her for several minutes, she lowers her hip and relaxes in the pleasures of my still twirling tongue.

I take two fingers and enter her slick canal with my palm facing up. I curl my fingers upward and start to stroke at the same time.

“Uuhh, that feels so good.”

She is definitely wet now as I see her white love juices accumulating on my fingers. She’s breathing a lot heavier now but suddenly tells me to stop. She doesn’t want to come yet, out of fear that she won’t get out of bed again. I take my fingers out and taste her amazing wetness.

“How do you want it Steve?”

Without saying anything, I direct her hip, signaling I want her doggie style. She flips over, arches her back, and her pussy is pointing straight at me, simply inviting. With ease, I enter my seven inch cock into her shiny cunt and it immediately glistens with her wetness. Her warmth and slickness are simply intoxicating.

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I stroke her slowly for a few minutes and then pick up the pace. Very quickly, I’m pounding her hard and almost at the point.


“Steph, I’m gonna come soon.”

“Uh-uh-uh..Tell me when…uh-uh”

“I’m coming!”

As soon as I said that, Stephanie took my cock out, turned around, and swallowed the tip of my bulging head with her mouth. In no time, I was coming an avalanche of cum into her. It was a lot and she couldn’t keep it all in, as come started to drip out of her mouth. After my last shot, she swallowed all of it and licked the rest off of my cock and her lips. Whatever fell away was scooped up as she licked her fingers clean.

“Thanks Steph, you are the best.”

“You know I love you little bro and you can fuck me any time you want.”

“And me too.”

As I said this, I heard the door open and my dad and oldest sister Samantha walked in. For some reason, I felt I had to sneak out of Steph’s room and tip-toed to my room. I turn on the computer and I start writing this.

I don’t have a normal family, but I love the family that I have. We have few barriers and know everything about each other. Each day, my dad, mom and two older sisters love and support each other in all ways emotional and physical. Sure, I’ll get into squabbles with my sisters and get into trouble with my parents, but I think you’d agree that I have a pretty cool set up at home.

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