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I came home early from work and found my wife in bed having sex with a black man.I came home from work unusually early, made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. I heard some noise coming from up stairs on the second floor where the bedrooms are and decided to go up and find out what it was. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear sounds coming from our bedroom. Quietly I approached our bedroom door that was left slightly open and peeked inside to see what was going on. I was totally taken off guard when low and behold I saw my wife on our bed having sex with a stranger, a black guy no less. I was shocked to say the least! I watched them fucking one another for at about ten minutes hoping I wouldn’t be noticed.
He was fucking my wife doggy style, his big black dick slapping into Annie’s pussy, his balls pressing against her engorged clit as he buried his shaft deep inside her with each stroke. Annie was lost in ecstasy, her face flushing read as she gasped for breath and moaned encouragement.

“Oh god that’s it, fuck me harder. Hmmm yes, fuck me with that big cock” She hissed as his strokes grew faster, until he was banging her like a piston. “Oh fuck! Yes!” Annie screamed and I knew she was cuming hard. As her body quaked he began to cum, holding his dick deep in my wife’s pussy as he filled her with his seed.

As he began to withdraw his softening penis I backed out of the doorway, afraid of being seen. The last thing I saw was his dick slip out of Annie’s gaping pussy, followed by a trickle of his cum. He had been fucking, riding my wife bareback.

As I crept out of the house I reflected on what I had just witnessed and my reaction to it. Our relationship had been founded on love more than sex, and recently, I admit, we had got out of the routine of intercourse. My reaction to this lack of sex was prolific masturbation. I never once considered that Annie would react by fucking around while I was at work. And my reaction? Why hadn’t I stormed in and demanded retribution when I came home from work early to find my wife cuckolding me with a black stud? Well I am ashamed to say it turned me on. My cock was throbbing hard as I watched and the image of that big black cock sliding into Annie’s pussy, wet with a mixture of their cum played through my mind, both tormenting and teasing me.

I drove around for a couple of hours, fantasizing about what I had just witnessed before eventually pulling up on the drive as normal. My hand shook as I opened the front door for the second time that afternoon. But this time I was not greeted by groaning noises from upstairs but by my wife Annie with her normal warm hug, and casual conversation.

Over the next few days life was shockingly normal. Despite what I had witnessed I still love Annie and wanted to be with her. The only negative was I felt my secret discovery, and my fantasies of her with other men could grow between us if I didn’t find a way of sharing them with her.

That weekend Annie had planned a day shopping, a haircut and to get her nails done. I kissed her good buy and, as she pulled off the drive I booted up the PC and started searching the web. The stories & pictures I found of cuckolding were a real turn on and, with my dick in my hand, I began to understand more about the sub culture of wives and their willing cuckold husbands. The more I read the more I wanted to be part of this, and share Annie’s need to fuck other guys. I found myself reading stories of husbands sharing their wives, and personals for wives seeking afternoon fun.

I began exploring the personals under the category married woman seeking afternoon casual sex. Each had their own headline in their ads. I came upon one that seemed rather interesting and clicked on it. I did not recognize her picture at first. ‘Married, looking for big cocks for weekday afternoons” was the headline to the ad. I clicked through before I realized that the headless body pictured in a provocative pose with legs splayed and pussy held open was definitely my wife Annie. ’30 something good looking wife needs a little extra while husband at work’, the ad went on, ‘big black cocks preferred, but a picture guarantees a response’. Below the ad there was an email address and a link to another website.

My mind was racing as I clicked the link and ‘OK’d the adult content warning.

The screen filled with an image of my wife, naked with her legs open and a huge black dildo penetrating her pussy. Her face was obscured by a pair of dark sunglasses (my own Forster Grant wrap arounds!) She was smiling to the camera. ‘Welcum to my site!’ the headline proclaimed. I looked down the side navigation bar and found options, A biography, Gallery, Blog, Guestbook and a Contact Me link. First thing I clicked on was my wife’s Blog page.

Another picture of Annie filled the screen. In this one she is straddling a black guy with an enormous cock buried in her pussy to the hilt. From the perspective I guess he had taken the picture, and from the red flushes across Annie’s chest and neck I presumed they had been fucking for some time.

Some text overlaid the image. ‘I love my husband’, it read, ‘but I need that something extra. It went on to describe Annie’s physical characteristics before listing her desires.

‘I love big black cocks and very well endowed men’, it read, ‘I want to be treated well but fucked hard. I am into most things except water sports and pain. I love oral, anal and, with special friends, riding bareback’.

My heart raced as I clicked on the Gallery link.

Gradually the screen filled with pictures of my beloved wife Annie being fucked by so many other men, mostly black guys.

My dick throbbed in my hand as I clicked through the images of my wife cheating on me. Pictures of black guys Cumming all over her face, pictures of their seed dripping from her pussy. On the next page I saw so many photos of big black cocks penetrating her shaved pussy, her ass and finally, photos of two black guys fucking her at once, one in her pussy and one in her ass. The last picture, taken from between her legs showed thick white sperm dripping from her pussy and ass as she smiled down to the camera. This photo tipped me over the edge and my cock exploded, sending hot streams of cum cascading over the keyboard and screen.

I cursed and reached into my pocket for my handkerchief but a gentle cough from behind me made me freeze in my tracks. I spun round on my chair, my now flaccid cock still hanging out of my pants, and saw my wife Annie just standing there in the doorway.

“So now you know then?” she said as I stood up. Then she just ran towards me and hugged me, bursting into tears as she did. I held her close to me as she sobbed on my shoulder. She just kept on whispering, “I love you” and “I’m so sorry” over and over. “It’s Ok”, I whispered as she began to calm, “I don’t mind”. She sniffed a little and looked up at me, her face smeared with tears. “What did you just say?” she sobbed. “I said I don’t mind” “So you’re not going to leave me?” she sobbed. “No, I would never leave you!” I held her close, “you saw me playing with myself, those pictures turned me on” “Really?” She looked at me quizzically. “Yes”, I said, really” and holding her tight I explained how I had watched her and how turned on I was at the thought of watching her again. “Are you serious?” She asked when I had finished by saying I wanted to watch her fuck other men. “Yes I’m serious” I replied.
Then I reached down between her legs, slipping my hand up the flimsy dress she was wearing. Instinctively she opened them a little and I began to massage her pussy beneath the material of her panties. “I want to watch you take big cocks in here”, I whispered, pulling her panties to one side and running my finger along her now sopping wet slit. “I want to watch another guy slip his cock in you and fuck you hard”, I continued as I slipped two fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit with my thumb, “I want to see you cum again and again as you are fucked by one, no make it two or more, huge black cocks”. “God I love you”, Annie whispered as we collapsed onto the floor, fucking right there and then, still fully clothed.

We were both so exited we wasted no time fulfilling our newly discovered fantasy. With my cum still dripping from her pussy Annie logged onto her secret email account and showed me her list of contacts. She played with my cock, and I with her pussy, as she explained she had fucked fifteen or more guys over the past six months.
I got her to describe the guys she had on her contacts list and explain who was who in the pictures. She showed me her secret gallery of hundreds of images taken of her fucking and sucking black guys.
She looked at me with some sympathy and said “Look Wayne you’re a wonderful husband and partner but I need more then a just a partner, I love you and I really do not want to cheat on you and if you love me then you will accept it, will you”? I had never thought of it like that and somehow it made me feel better and I shook my head….yes I accept it. “Good, thank you so much” she replied, “I can’t wait to get started.
My wife now in a much happier mood said, “Now that we have sorted things out, I just want to be clear about all this, you’re seriously ok with me fucking black guys?” “Yes I’m very serious and I’m looking forward to watching you” I replied. Then she said, “So it’s ok with you, I can start making arrangements?” Yes, you can” I said confidently.
Finally she showed me her contacts list and without even asking me she picked up the phone and dialed one of the numbers. I asked my wife who she just called on the phone. Without saying a word she just smiled at me, got up from the chair and went upstairs. Moments later I went up to where she was and found her in our bedroom freshening herself up and changing her cloths. A few hours later, as the sun began to set, the doorbell rang.

“Are you sure you want this?” Annie asked. “Yes”, I replied, although my heart was beginning to race.
“Good, I’m sure you can’t wait to be seated in the corner with only your eyes to use on me because you know you will not be needed tonight. The black guy I called earlier will be the only one sucking my tits, licking my pussy and fucking me. All you’ll be able to do is smell, smell the sex in the air and watch me with a massive, ok small hard on. You will not be allowed to jerk off, you will have to sit in the corner with cum filled balls with your throbbing little dick and watch your Goddess be serviced the way she should be. Tonight you are going to watch me being fucked by a real true man” She said as she hurried off to open the door.

Annie was dressed in a tight black dress that showed her figure to the max. I heard the door open and a muffled conversation before the door shut and she lead a tall black guy into the living room. He raised his eyebrows a little seeing me but didn’t say anything. Annie introduced me as Wayne the black guy as Z. She had him sit on the sofa opposite where I was sitting. He had no idea who I was.

He accepted her offer of a beer and his eyes followed her out of the room as she went to fetch them, leaving me alone with her black lover. It was a strange feeling knowing this guy was here for one reason only, to fuck my wife.

“So have you fucked Annie before?” I asked casually.

“Yeah”, he replied, “many times man”

“Is she hot?”

“Best pussy I’ve had in a long time”, he replied, “You fucked her before?” He asked.

“Yeah”, I replied smiling as Annie returned to the room.

“He sure has”, Annie interjected, “but obviously not enough and not satisfying enough!” Not at all actually!

“Sorry Z, I should have told you”, she continued, “Wayne is my husband”

“What? What the fuck!!” Z said, jumping to his feet looking frightened.

“It’s Ok, it’s Ok” I said.

“Yes, don’t worry Z”, Annie said soothingly, “Wayne knows and he’s totally ok with it”.

She moved real close to him and, with her body pushed against his and her hand on the bulge in his pants, Annie said, “He wants to watch us fucking”.

“No shit? Z said looking at me. I just nodded.

Annie began to gyrate against him and rubbed his bulging cock through his pants. She pushed him back on the sofa and kissed him passionately as she unhooked his belt and began to release his fly zipper. Z soon forgot about me and leaned back on the sofa as my wife eased his big black cock out of his pants. I was stunned how big it was. I know my dick is quite small but seeing his monster cock in Annie’s hand made me realize there were some things I could never give her.

Annie looked over to me and I nodded my approval. Annie started at the tip of Z’s cock and slowly sucked on it. She then licked from his balls all the way up to the tip before reinserting it back in her mouth. Even with both hands wrapped around his member, there was plenty exposed. She managed to get half of his cock into her mouth with ease. Z’s eyes were closed and he laid his head back and started breathing heavily.
He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. She started moaning loudly while still working on Z’s shaft. Annie then started increasing her pace by removing her hands and taking in more and more of Z’s big cock down to his balls. His hands were now on top of her head and he was pushing down in order to jam it down her throat. She opened her mouth wide for him and slowly took Z’s huge black cock deep into her throat. I could hear her gag but just then the entire cock disappeared from sight. She repeated the full length deep throat a couple more times before stopping for a second to moan, “Ohhhh, yesss, fuck my mouth!”
My cock throbbed at the sight of my beautiful wife going down on his huge black cock. I had expected to feel pangs of jealousy, but I did not, I just felt an intense sense of love and desire for Annie. As she sucked his cock Z slipped his hand up Annie’s tight little dress pulling it up over her ass. He began to finger her pussy, first running his fingers along the length of her slit before plunging his index finger into her tight pussy. Annie groaned with delight and, still sucking his big cock, she began to pull Z’s pants off as he took off his t-shirt. When he was finally naked she stood up and pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor beside me.

“Wayne, are you sure you’re ready for this?” She asked me once again. “God yes Annie”, I replied, “Fuck him good and hard while I watch you” She replied smiling, “Oh I will”

That was all the encouragement she needed. She knelt on the sofa facing me and guided Z’s huge black cock towards her pussy. I could no longer bear the throbbing in my pants and released my cock into my hand as my wife impaled herself on Z’s manhood. Then, as I stroked my cock, my wife began to fuck her black lover, smiling at me as she slid up and down his pole.

Annie fucked him in a number of positions while I watched. She was looking directly at me most of the time and my presence seemed to increase her pleasure, driving her to increasingly violent orgasms. After a while I could not hold back any longer and went over to the sofa to get a closer look. Z was laying along the sofa now with Annie riding him cowgirl. As she fucked her black lover I gave her a passionate kiss, before kneeling near her and watching close up as Z’s big cock pounded into her pussy. As he fucked her I put my hand on Annie’s tummy and felt his big cock moving within her. I knew I was about to cum and sensing this Annie grabbed my dick and took me into her mouth.

As soon as I felt her hot lips on my dick I began to cum, pumping my cum into her mouth as Z fucked her. As Annie was swallowing the last of my cum Z grunted that he was cuming. I watched closely as he filled my wife with his cum, his seed oozing out of Annie’s pussy as they continued to fuck.

My face was only inches from Annie’s pussy as she lifted herself off Z’s shrinking member. She sat on the edge of the sofa and motioned me closer. Her pussy was still gaping from Z’s big cock it had taken and I could see his cum deep in her cunt hole. As I watched a drip of his cum trickled out of Annie’s pussy and she reached down and scooped it on her fingers then licked it off greedily. Then she scooped up some more cum on her fingers, but this time she held it towards me.

“Smell it”, she suggested. I took a deep sniff of the scent, the smell of his cum mixed with her pussy juices. I surprised myself by sticking out my tongue and tasting it. Annie gasped at what she saw and looked down with such lust in her eyes it spurred me on. Ever since I had started looking at the cuckold websites I wondered what it would be like to taste another mans cum on my wife’s pussy. Now was my chance.

Annie held her knees back, her cum filled pussy wide open with her fingers. Clean my cunt cucky boy, suck all my black lovers cum out of my pussy she said. I began to lick her out, scooping Z’s cum up with my tongue and swallowing it down. Annie began to play with her clit and was soon cumming hard as I licked her out. Her orgasm drove me on and I licked her hard and deep, trying to reach deep into her pussy with my tongue.

Finally, inspired by a picture I had seen on the net, I scooped the last of Z’s cum on my tongue and pulled Annie’s face towards mine. We kissed passionately sharing the taste of Z’s cum, knowing our life would never be the same again.
The following Saturday night the phone rang at about seven, I answered it. It was her black lover Z. He told me to tell my wife he’s coming over with another one of her black friends, Carl. He said they’ll be over in about an hour, tell the whore to be naked with her pussy and ass shaved for us, understand?” “Yes,” I replied, shocked by his words. “That’s yes sir little dick, if you know what’s good for you.” “Yes sir,” I responded. I felt like a total wimp as he hung the phone up on me.

I was just replacing the receiver when Annie came in and asked me “who was that on the Phone?” I told her it was Z and that he said he’s coming over in about an hour. What else did he say she asked me as if she already knew? He said he’s bringing Carl with him. He also told me to make sure your pussy and ass is completely shaved for them. Oh how exciting I better get ready she said.

Then Annie added, wait til you see the size of Carl’s enormous black cock. But two guys? I said?, Z and Carl coming over? She said I already saw the photos on her web page getting double penetrated by the both of them. She reminded me that I said how I told her the photos turned me on being fucked by two guys didn’t you say that? Yes I replied but I didn’t think you would do something like this so soon. Why not? She said. Well because? Because what? She said. You saw how much I enjoyed being fucked by two black guys at once and double penetrated, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I thought it would be something you would like to see in person. Actually it would I replied.

But there is one little detail I didn’t tell you about, the real reason why their both coming over tonight. Oh? What’s that, I replied. Well do you remember when we would have sex and we talked about me fucking a black guy? How it turned us on, yeah I remember but you finally got your way didn’t you, I replied. Then she said, you’re right but do you remember how much it would to turn us both on when we talked about the risk of me getting black pregnant, having a black baby? Sure I remember but that was just a fantasy of ours wasn’t it? She said yes it was a fantasy for you Wayne not for me, the more I thought about it, getting pregnant and having a black baby turned me on so much I really want to make this fantasy come true for me, for us Wayne.

Then my wife went on to say doesn’t the thought of me getting pregnant by a black guy turn you on, excite you Wayne? Be honest with me. Wouldn’t you like to see me with my belly growing knowing I’ll be having a black baby?

I was about to reply when she grabbed the bulge that was evident in my pants. I see you’re getting turned on by the thought of me getting pregnant by a black guy isn’t that right Wayne. What else could I say, I had to admit it. Yes it does turn me on you getting pregnant by a black guy. So it’s OK with you if I do? Yes and if that’s what you want, it’s Ok with me. I’d like that and you know it. Good, she replied because the reason Z and Carl are coming over tonight is to impregnate me. I’m ovulating today, I’m very fertile right now so I should have no problem getting black pregnant tonight. And having two black guys fucking me, seeding me over and over again tonight makes it even more exciting don’t you think? Yes, I’m so turned on right now by your intentions to get black pregnant tonight and I love that you’re a whore for black cocks. I can’t wait to see you pregnant with a black baby. Thank you so much for this Wayne, I love you so much for letting me do this, then she kissed me on the cheek and said, I would have don’t this whether you liked it or not. I’m glad you do my little cuckold.

About an hour later, we were waiting in the den for their arrival. Annie was sitting naked on the sofa so anxious she was playing with her wet freshly shaved pussy. Dipping her fingers inside her pussy she gave me a taste, you taste delicious I said. I could also smell her arousal in the air. The doorbell rang, and Annie sent me to answer it.

Z & Carl walked in and went straight towards our den. When I walked in just moments later Z & Carl were already fondling her naked body. Annie was sandwiched between Z & Carl as they continued man handling her. Z and Annie began kissing passionately as Carl was finger fucking my wife’s bald pussy. What a site to behold, my naked wife together with her two black lovers. Watching these two black men having their way with my wife was strangely weird, confusing, and yet exciting for me.

The kissing, sucking and fingering went on for about five more minutes before Z, Carl and my wife turned towards me. “You got the message cuckold?” Z said. “Your whore slut wife belongs to us now. Yes I know, I responded. Annie just smiled back at me only to make sure I got the message. I completely understand how things will be from now on making it clear to both of them. I could see the fire in her eyes in anticipation of what would come next for her. To be bred by her black lover and his friend Carl as I watch it happen from the shadows.

Z ordered everyone upstairs. I led Annie by the hand as we followed Z to the bedroom, with Carl bringing up the rear. Annie went and sat on the end of the bed, while I moved to the side and got my camera out of the pouch so I could record all the action for the record.

As Carl and Z approached the bed Annie stood up to greet them with open arms, she had an arm wrapped around each of them as they gently caressed her nakedness sucking on her tits and playing with her bald pussy and ass.

I could see the guys liked this as they gave a knowing smile to each other. I could see Annie rubbing their by now hard cocks through their pants. It was as I had thought it would be, extremely humiliating to watch.

Annie sat back down on the bed and unzipped Carl and out popped a thick 10” cock, the head was glistening ever so slightly, she soon had it in her mouth, gently licking his shaft, then sucking his black knob, with her other hand she was undoing Z’s pants. Then he pulled them down to his ankles to reveal his cock, slightly shorter than Carl, but thicker. Annie turned and took him in her mouth while still stroking Carl. My own cock was rock hard as I videoed her sucking these magnificent black cocks. Carl pulled of his shirt and took of his pants, she returned to sucking his cock while Z stripped out of his cloths.

Annie repositioned herself in the middle of the bed spreading her legs as wide as she could. I knew what she wanted as she raised her pussy off the bed, HEAD, and lots of it. The guys obviously knew what they were doing as Carl’s head was soon down there, his tongue probing her wet pussy and clit, Z maneuvered so that Annie had access to his hard cock, she didn’t need asking twice as she took it between her lips, after several minutes they swapped places.

It was Z who entered her first, Annie didn’t bat an eyelid as she sucked Carl, Z moved her legs upward as he climbed on top as she moved to give him the perfect entry point. Z placed the head of his cock against her waiting pussy, slowly sliding into her. Z had about half of his cock inside my wife when she screamed, “OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” She looked at me for about a second, I gave her a little wink of approval. Once Z let her get used to the size of his cock, he started fucking her faster, harder.

Watching Annie get fucked in person by such a big cock was a huge turn on for me; I started stroking my cock as I watched Z’s ass rise and fall. Annie was moaning loudly soaking his cock with her juices. Her pussy lips were stretched wrapping around his cock as he pounded into her. I repositioned myself so I could get a good close up of this black cock pounding deep inside my sexy wife. I continued to tape it.

Z’s breathing was speeding up, Annie knew that he was close to cuming so she said, “That’s it fuck my pussy with your big black cock, I want to feel your cum explode inside my cunt, cum in me now, fill me up with your cum you know what I want.” Z was fucking her fast, and then he pushed his cock in as deep as he could and exploded inside her pussy. Streams and streams of baby making seed hit my wife’s cervix. Depths I have never reached when ever we had sex.

It took Z little time to recover after cuming inside her, giving my wife her first orgasm as well. With his big black cock still inside her Z was rocking her underneath him bringing her to the point of mind blowing multiple orgasms. Her loud cries from the intense pounding he was giving my wife again had her shuttering in orgasms from all the fucking.

I could hear my wife whispering in Zs ear, cum in me, please come inside me with your black baby seed, fill this whore with your cum. Please make me pregnant; I want to have your black baby. Z groaned and did exactly what she had asked for. He filled her up again with his black baby making seed deep inside her well-fucked stretched pussy.

Z slowly pulled out of her pussy and she screamed loudly, “OH MY GOD, That felt so good two times in a row!” Z collapsed on top of Annie and kissed her again saying, “That was awesome, your pussy felt so good, that was the best fuck we ever had.” Annie kissed him again and thanked him. Z slowly slid his cock out of Annie’s pussy; it was slimy with their combined juices.

Z got up off the bed and wiped the sweat from his forehead, Annie moved onto all fours, this was their queue to change ends, Carl moved up behind her, I had a really good view of his cock pushing at her wet pussy lips before finally slipping it in, I watched him pound her hard and deep for at least ten minutes, maybe more. I moved back around to the opposite side of the bed. Annie had Z’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it furiously as Carl continued pounding deep inside her pussy. Her scent was filling the room and strong enough for me to smell my wife’s musky pussy scent from a distance. What a sight to see, a big black cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. I could have watched all night.

After about ten more minutes pounding my wife’s pussy and without even cuming inside her, Carl had to withdraw his cock to wipe the sweat off his forehead. That left Annie and Z on the bed. Z laid down on his back and Annie climbed on top, gently easing his cock inside her at first, and then just dropping onto his cock. She rode him hard, he was massaging her tits, every now and then popping one in his mouth to suck on, I knew Annie enjoys this. She leaned forward and started kissing Z as she proceeded to ride him up and down faster and harder.

Carl stood next to me, and commented how good it was to watch these two going at it, I had to agree, and also why he wasn’t up there fucking her asshole. With a slight nod of his head to agree he moved to the bed, and then said he would have to “lube her up”, he smeared his cock in KY jelly and moved onto the bed. The pair of them knew what was coming and started shuffling legs to make room for Carl, Annie was motionless as Carl gently pressed his cock against her asshole, the first inch or so went in but he withdrew, he tried again, more went in this time, I looked at Annie to see her face, a little scrunched up with pain I think, but she turned to Carl and said more, shove it in. All that remained was about two inches of Carl’s cock to go, this was as deep as anyone had gone in her ass before, Carl pushed harder and hey presto, he was now balls deep. Ten inches was gone up my wife’s ass. Carl began slowly sliding his big cock deep inside her ass an inch or two backwards then buried balls deep again up inside her ass. Carl was now fucking Annie’s tight little ass a little at a time, stretching her slowly only to get her use to having his big cock in her ass.

Now, Z started to move as well, picking up on Carl’s rhythm they both began fucking my wife’s pussy and ass picking up the pace. Together now they were both sliding in and out of both of her holes. That’s it, it feels so fucking good said my wife, fuck me with your big black cocks, don’t stop, please don’t stop, I want to feel you’re balls cum in me.

I maneuvered closer to get a good look at her getting DP’d, what a sight, a real turn on, if you’ve never seen your wife getting fucked like this – DO IT, anyway, they continued to pound away at her, both holes getting hammered, and me watching.

Carl withdrew his big cock from her asshole without cummng inside her, and went to the bathroom. Z moved behind, without hesitation the full length was up her ass, Annie was really enjoying this, pushing herself back to meet his forward thrusts, she leaned forward onto her tits, her hand moved to her clit and she began getting herself off while he fucked her in the ass. It didn’t take long for her to come, she always tightens up, hand moves then stops, moves then stops again, and a look of total fulfillment on her face, Z held my wife by her hips, pulling her right up against him, holding her there while he jerked his body cuming in waves deep inside her ass. Z removed his cock from Annie’s well fucked asshole and it was his turn to visit the bathroom.

As Z got off of the bed, Annie called me over and said “I want you to eat Z’s cum out of my pussy and my asshole, clean me up cuckold.”
With pleasure I said. My wife spread her legs wide as I lowered my face to her pussy. Cum was running out of her, flowing down the crack of her ass. As I leaned down I began by licking the cum that was running out of her pussy causing her to moan loudly. Slowly, with the tip of my tongue I ran along the side of her swollen pussy lips, up to her clit where I circled it a few times, and then down the other side of her pussy then down to her gaping asshole.

That’s it little dick boy she said, suck all of Z’s cum out of my stretched asshole, swallow every last drop loser. Clean me up from top to bottom and you better do a good job. I sucked her clit into my mouth nibbling on it as I did, this caused my wife to grab my head with both hands and push it into her pussy. I drove my tongue into her messy cunt as far as I could tasting her and Z’s mixed cum. Annie was bucking her hips faster and faster as I continued to eat her messy cunt. She once again grabbed my head pulling it down into her asshole and flooded my face with Z’s cum. Like a good cuckold I cleaned her up from top to bottom. After I was done she pushed me away but not before telling me I was a good cleanup boy. I thanked her.

Annie lay on her back and beckoned Carl over, like a flash he was there, she tilted her head to take his cock, cupped his balls, Z had just returned, he moved to the her other side, again Annie was going from one cock to the other. Carl took command and started to jerk his cock off in her mouth, it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load down her throat, Annie swallowed every last drop of Carl’s cum. Then I realized, wondering why Carl didn’t cum inside Annie’s pussy tonight, only her in her mouth.

My wife wiggled herself over to the edge of the bed. She sat up, turned my way and said “enjoying the show” Yes, You’re amazing I said. Z moved around to where my wife was now sitting. He was standing right in front of her, he pulled her closer to him, lifted her legs up on his shoulders and began fucking her again right there off the edge of the bed. She held on to him by his arms and he began pounding into her pussy over and over again. Then Z lifted my wife off the bed holding her up by her legs. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her legs around his back fucking her as she remained mounted on his big cock. She was riding his big cock up and down wrapped tightly together, kissing one another while they were fucking one another like that.

Carl came over to me and asked me if I noticed that he didn’t cum in my wife’s pussy tonight. Yes, what’s up with that? I asked, he told me Z told him on the way over that I could fuck my wife in her pussy and in her ass, but not to cum inside her pussy. Why is that I asked. He told me because tonight he was told she’s very fertile, Yes, I know I said. Then I added my wife told me she wanted to be bred tonight fucking two black guys. Hell yeah but bred by only one of us, Z. She told Z she wants to have his baby, no one else’s and that’s why I only came in your wife’s mouth. Hey man don’t get me wrong fucking your wife tonight in all her holes, I had me a good time doing what I did with your wife tonight and if you don’t mind me saying, I love fucking your wife up her tight little ass, she does too. That’s cool, and from what I saw, she loved having you fucking her in the ass. (Something I never did)

Our attention went back to watching Z and my wife still fucking as he held her up on his cock. I over heard him telling her he was about to cum in her pussy. My wife must have been caught up in the moment as if we weren’t even there watching them fucking one another, like they were the only two in the room. My wife was also telling him to cum in her, she was saying how she wants him to get her pregnant tonight and have his baby, me too he said to myself. Then he stopped fucking her, held her real tight, his cock buried all the way inside her to his balls, her legs wrapped real tight around his back, he exploded deep inside her womb. He laid her back down on the bed still holding his cock deep inside her pussy, her legs still wrapped around his back, Kissing, licking one another on the mouth face and neck. My wife turned towards me for a second with a look on her face as though she didn’t even know who I was. Then as if I thought I heard it all, she told Z she loves him, he replied I love you to as he held on to her with his cock buried inside her.

They remained embraced like that for who knows how long, I left the room ten minutes ago, Carl had left on his own soon after our conversation ended, and that was about a half hour ago.

I was in our kitchen having something to drink when my wife finally walked in. Still naked not bothering to put any cloths, cum dripping out of her pussy between her thighs, not saying a word she came up to me and hugged me. What the fuck was that I just witnessed and over heard you saying to Z, you love him? Am I not your cuckold or soon to be your x husband I said. I don’t know, I’m so confused can we please talk about this in the morning I need to think about this she said. What is there to think about you’re obviously pregnant after tonight and in nine months having his black baby, I said.

She looked up at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes and said, possibly? But isn’t that what you wanted? What we talked about and agreed on? My wife said? Before I got to reply Z walked into the kitchen. Hey what’s up, he said. My wife replied “just getting something to drink” as she walked over to him rubbing herself up against his naked body”

When Z caught sight of my small cock he laughed out loud, and my wife joined in with him. Isn’t that the most pathetic little dick you have ever seen? I measured it” my wife exclaimed! “It’s less than 4” when hard!” He shook his head as they laughed together.

Z didn’t stay the night, and after he had gone I spoke to my wife. “You have changed,” I told her. “I didn’t think it was going to be like this, with you laughing at me and letting me be humiliated this much. “Well now that I belong to Z and hopefully impregnated tonight, I have changed my attitude towards you. You deserve all you get for having such a pathetic little dick and being such a useless husband in bed. It will only affect us by not having sex anymore; our marriage will be the same in other ways.” At least you still get to eat my pussy, even though your purpose is to clean me after I fuck my lover Z. Do this and I might jerk your little dick off every once in a while, you’d like that wouldn’t you little dick, she said. I smiled back at my wife and said yes, I would like that very much. I knew you would she said!

“Now get over here and clean my cunt you useless fuck!” she told me, as she came down from her high. Over the next couple of months my wife became increasingly cruel. She made my frustration worse by wearing little or nothing around the house. Worst of all making us sleep naked together after fucking Z all day without taking a shower. The scent of her sex mixed with his knowing this fucks my mind up makes it impossible for me to sleep.

The worse was to come though. After nearly four months in her relationship with Z, my wife came to me with a smile on her face. “You will never guess what has happened,” she said. Z has made me pregnant my wife said!” “What! You’re pregnant?!!” I said in panic. “I know,” she smiled. It means I’ll have a black baby, and our families and all of our friends will find out that you’re my cuckold. And I will have to explain to everyone about the size of your pathetic little unsatisfying dick. I’m sure most will understand. And I don’t really care what anyone will think or has to say about it, fuck them!

Oh and there’s a couple of other things you should know. I’m sure Z will continue to fuck me for as long as he can, and when he can’t your mouth will have to replace my pussy until I’m ready once again for his huge black cock inside my pussy!” What’s the second thing I asked my wife? I signed you up for classes to learn proper child care. I won’t have the time to raise his babies as Z uses me, his married white whore for big black cock!


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