My Wife And Her Sexy Sister

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I always had a thing for my wife’s sister, Cindy. My wife Amy knew this, and never really objected to it. Cindy was a shy, sweet, innocent girl. We were sure that she was a virgin, and probably had never even been kissed.

Amy was about 5’4″, with long, straight jet-black hair, 95 pounds, dark skin, and 32c boobs. She has a perfect, jet black triangle of pubic hair that looks stunning against her brown skin. Cindy is much lighter-skinned than Amy, and is tiny-about 4’11”, no more than 80 pounds. Although she’s in her mid-20’s, people assume she is much younger. She has a cute, girlish personality that absolutely drives me crazy.

Amy and Cindy came from a typical, conservative Vietnamese family, where everybody was expected to be a virgin when they got married. To relieve some of their pent-up sexual frustrations, before we got married, Amy and Cindy used to masturbate together in their big bed, and used to teach each other different ways to make themselves have an orgasm. Amy used to tell me about the times that Cindy would grind her pussy, covered by her panties, against the corner of the bed, and how her small titties would get a reddish tinge to them, tighten up, and her nipples would harden right before her orgasm began. She’d tell me about how she’d have to rush over and put a pillow over Cindy’s mouth when she screamed during her orgasm so that her parents didn’t hear, and how tears would stream down from Cindys eyes as she came because her orgasm was so strong. Amy and I used to masturbate together as she described their old jilling sessions, and she fantasized about me someday fucking Cindy while she watched. The idea of her watching the two people she loved the most giving each other pleasure turned her on to no end, and me, too.

Finally, one day Amy approached Cindy with the idea, and to her surprise Cindy immediately said yes. They set up a date and time for us all to get together. Amy told me later in the day that Cindy was game, and I was nervously looking forward to the next night, when they had made our date to get together.

The next night, Cindy knocked on our door, and Amy let her in. We had the bedroom prepared with soft light and candles, which set a very romantic and exotic mood. We all walked into the bedroom, and Amy broke the ice by immediately stripping off all of her clothes. I followed by taking off mine, and I was already rock-hard from seeing my wife’s gorgeous, naked body. I was also honestly turned on quite a bit by her boldness. Cindy took off her clothes, but seemed to be reluctant to remove her bra and panties. Amy walked over to her, and said, ‘don’t be shy’, and unhooked Cindy’s bra-as it fell to the floor I was shocked at how beautiful her breasts were-firm and perky and small, and just perfectly shaped. Amy then knelt down in front of her sister, and pulled her panties down and then off. Cindy’s tummy actually looked just slightly chubby, and her thick black pubic bush against her light skin was just stunning. I was amazed at how gorgeous she looked.

Cindy was standing against the wall, and I walked over and cupped her pretty face in my hands and began to deep kiss her. As I ran my fingers through her black, thick hair, cut in its cute, pixie style, Amy gently put her fingers in our mouths to feel the connection of my tongue with her sister’s, and lightly stroked my butt with her other hand…Cindy and I both sighed from the sweetness of the connection of our tongues, and hungrily kissed each other….

After a while I opened my eyes to take a breath, and Amy took her sister’s right breast in her hand and cupped it, pushing it up. I bent down some and began to gently suck on Cindy’s erect nipple and then to gently chew it-I was right-she liked having her hard nipples chewed on as much as her sister did, and Cindy closed her eyes tight and moaned as I chewed. Amy prompted me by cupping her sister’s left breast with her free hand-I then began to give Cindy’s left boob my undivided attention, and Amy then took both hands, and cupped Cindy’s right tit with one, and scratched at her hard nipple with the thumbnail of the other-just like Amy loved me to do to her-and when she started to do that, Cindy groaned with pleasure as both of her nipples were getiing stimulated at once. “Ahhh, good….UNGHHH” she groaned as the pleasure hit her. Cindy stroked my hair with one hand and her pretty sister’s with the other….

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