Dad & daughter stand up to demanding Mom

Family taboo, Dad & daughter stand up to demanding Mom, Growing up was a total nightmare for me. My mother was an extremely strict disciplinarian. My mother controlled my entire life classes, clothes, chores, church, friends, etc… I did nothing without her approval absolutely nothing. In my early years this wasn’t a huge problem I didn’t really know any better, but as I got older I knew it started to get in the way.

I think it started coming to a head just after my 18th birthday. Mom and I had gone out clothes shopping which really meant she was going to pick out and make me try on clothes. I was in the dressing room trying on what she had laid out for me in the tiniest of dressing rooms which was why she wasn’t in there with me.

“Okay dear let me see them.” Mom demanded figuring I had enough time to put on the panties and bra she picked out.

I wasn’t used to leaving the dressing room to show her anything so it took me a few seconds to get the courage to walk out into the hallway where she was standing. Mom walked up to me and frowned…

“This doesn’t fit at all.” these are no good. Let me get someone to get a smaller size.

Standing there in a plain white bra which was too big and panties that sagged down enough that you could see the top of the hair on my vagina I felt totally uncomfortable. My Mother rounded the corner with a salesman in tow… Not a woman – a man and I immediately tried to cover myself. Mom walked up and pulled my hands down giving me the look.

“See these are just too big. Can you get this in a smaller size.” My Mom said as she poked around the fabric that was barely hanging on my body. “The salesman will get you the right size dear go in the room and take those off.”

I was so embarrassed there was no way the guy didn’t get a few peeks at my tits and bush and to that point in my life the only one that had ever seen me naked was my father.

“I said go take that off and wait for the salesman to bring you the right size!” My mom said a second time losing her patience.

I did as she instructed and stood there nude in the dressing room until I heard the man return. The door to my room swung open and there was my Mom handing me the smaller plain white bra and panties with the man standing right beside her.

“Try these on.” Mom said totally ignoring the fact that I was nude standing in front of a strange man.

She waited and held the door open to watch to make sure they fit. The salesman leered at me, but I guess this didn’t bother my Mother and not wanting to get her mad I proceeded to try on the garments. They fit much better. My nipples where erect as I did feel a bit aroused trying on these clothes.

“Hmmm I don’t know this fabric is a bit sheer.” Mother said reaching in my bra fingering the fabric between her fingers. She grazed my nipple and her finger crossed back and forth across my nipple a few times as she inspected the fabric still in front of the salesman. Mother now inspected the panties pulling out the band at the top to make sure they were not too snug. Embarrassing me further as she checked the fit on my ass. The Salesman was looking at me and gave me a smug little smile.

“I guess these will do.” My mother said and with that she closed the door leaving me to replay my humiliation alone in the room.

My Mother treated me like I was invisible and anything I said or wanted didn’t have even the slightest effect on her. I was like a doll or something that needed total care including being dressed.

On my 19th birthday they gave me a beautiful dress. It was red which was totally out of character for my parents as everything I had was plain as plain could be. My Mother had to take it in a bit in the back to make it fit properly so she made me put on the dress for a fitting. Standing in the living room I gave her and my father a twirl and she went to work making me stand on a little stool so she could work on the lower half of the dress.

“Okay take it off.” My mother instructed.

I turned and was going back toward my bedroom.

“No dear take it off here I need to pin some more then you have to try it again.” Mother said like I was completely stupid for not having considered it.

The dress had built in chest support so I was not wearing a bra so I didn’t want to take it off in front of my father. My breast were a full C cup as I had really filled that year which were at least a cup size bigger now then my Mother’s. All my Mother had to do was frown and I knew I had to take it off immediately or suffer. Slowly I lifted the dress over my head with my back to my father wearing only my panties.

“Okay give me a second.” My mother said leaving the room quickly to get something.

I looked back over my shoulder at my Father and his eyes where all over me. I could tell from his look he was not looking at his sweet young Daughter.

“Dad.” I said to break his stare and then I proceeded to twist back and forth a few times looking back over my shoulder as if to tease him.

Father stared at my almost naked frame until her my mother coming back down the hall.

“Got it.” Mom stated “Put this back on dear.”

Feeling a bit more bold I turned and took it from her totally exposing my breasts to my Father and then made a show of slipping it on over my head. I could see his face, but I am sure he got a good look at my body.

The same summer shortly after I got the red dress which I loved I was out on the sun deck getting some rays. My parents had gone to a church function so I tucked the T Shirt I had on under my bra to tan my tummy. I rolled the legs of my shorts up as high as I could to get more of a tan on my legs. Some girls worried about tan lines from their swimsuits… not me I wasn’t allowed to own one. My tan line started mid thigh which I hated. I then fell asleep under the hot sun.

“Get inside now!!!” My mother had grabbed my arm and had lifted me off the sun chair and was dragging me inside the house. “What are you doing out there showing yourself like that to the whole neighborhood?” My mother yelled at me a lot and I knew better then to try to answer or make an excuse. “Are you trying to be a slut?” My Mother continued.

I looked down at myself and I was covered thinking maybe while I was sleeping something happened, but my shirt was still tucked up under my bra and my shorts were still rolled up on my leg.

“What am I going to do with you?” Mom said as she searched in my eyes. “I think you need to be punished.”

I had endured years of spankings and harsh disciplinary treatment that ranged from scrubbing floors to standing in the corner for an entire day. I never ever wanted to get my mother upset.

“I know better Mother I am sorry I will accept my punishment I have behaved badly.” I said as it was well rehearsed as I had been saying it since I was 5.

“Get those clothes off since you think they are too restrictive to be worn properly.” My mother yelled at me angrily.

I did as she said remembering I had not put on panties, because I had none that were clean. I stood before her in just my bra after taking the clothes off.

“Oh I see we don’t need to wear underwear now since we are being such a little slut. I guess we have forgotten something about being a lady?” Mother spewed at me her face now turning red.

I know this to be an extremely bad sign. The worst type of punishments follow the look she now had in her eyes. I was very afraid wanting to beg my mother for forgiveness, but I knew from past experiences she wouldn’t be giving me any type of forgiveness until my punishment was complete.

“Take off that bra dear you don’t need to wear any underwear from now on.” Mom said in a smug tone and I knew she had just thought of what the punishment would be for me. “You are not going to wear any clothes not one stitch as your punishment.”

Just as she said it I saw my Father peering into the kitchen checking me out. He was out of my Mothers line of site and even though he knew I could see him he still looked all over my naked body. I certainly could cover myself up with my Mother there so I just let him.

“Take these clothes to your room now.” My Mother said as if dropping the gavel on my sentence.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon in my room. I stayed naked the entire time and started to feel kind of good about it. I stood in the mirror and looked at myself admiring my body slowly caressing my nipples and pussy allowing my fingers to linger on my clit. I was a real woman I thought to myself and for the first time I thought that my mother might be a bit jealous of me because I looked nothing like her. I had big breasts hanging from my thin frame. I was definitely petite a size 4, but under the conservative clothes my Mother made me wear I probably looked much bigger. I started to wonder if I was even related to her because we are so different. At 4’10 my mother was a foot shorter then I was and she had little if any tits that I could tell. My hair was jet black and her hair was brown my complexion was pale and her’s was much darker with some freckles. I pondered these thoughts as I slowly fingered myself in front of the mirror to my very first orgasm.

That was definitely wrong. I am a good Christian and Mother would kill me. I scrambled around my room trying to clean myself up…

“Dinner.” my Mother yelled down the hall.

I became very nervous the instant she said it. What if she can tell I made myself cum?

I made my way to the table my nervousness was not enough to chance another punishment.

My Dad took a long hard look at me when I came to the table “Honey do you think this is necessary?”

“She has to learn. I don’t want to hear another word about it.” my Mother said putting and end to the dinner conversation.

I cleaned up after dinner then went back up to my room. All of my mother’s punishments always made me feel like I was 4 inches tall.

My Mother stood at my door and told me she had to go her ladies group. She insisted on telling me to mind myself around my Father or there would be a much worse punishments in store for me. In an effort to pretend that this was all normal I went downstairs to see if my Father needed anything after I heard my Mother leave. In truth I probably wanted to show him my tits a bit more and maybe tease him a little.

“Dad do you need anything? I said as he looked up taking in my naked body.

“No, but can you come over here I want to explain some things to you about your mother.” My Father said in a sympathetic tone.

I usually sat on his lap when we actually did talk when Mother was out so I went over and sat on his knees looking back at him. There was so little conversation between us when my Mother was around I could have added up the number of words without thinking about it too much.

“Oh…” My Father said as he adjusted me onto his lap “You are getting a bit to old for this.”

I could feel something in his pants that pressed hard against me at the time I was too innocent to know it was his erection.

He started stroking my leg slowly “I want to understand your Mother is a good woman and she means to do the best for you. Your Mother might go a bit too far with the punishments, but she thinks she is making you into a better person.” Father started to say as he stroked my thigh now.

I was fairly focused on his hand going up and down as it send shocks up my leg to my pussy which was now becoming wet. I squirmed on his lap as he talked.

“You have developed into a beautiful woman and as you get older you are going to want to rebel more and more against your Mom. I don’t want to see either of you hurt or upset.” Dad said as he was now stroking the inside of my thighs.

“I know Daddy it is harder and harder for me.” I said validating his thinking.

“Honey we have to find a way for you to quietly rebel against your Mom so you can feel like you are satisfied and she won’t get hurt.” Daddy said as he had reached within a few inches of my pussy.

“What can we do?” I said moving forward to try to make the strokes touch my bare pussy.

“We have to do this as secret.” He said as he was now touching the outside of my pussy lips. “Your mom cannot know anything or we will all be hurt. Do you understand?”

My Father was now running his hand up and down feeling my wetness with his finger. I nodded my head to him and then turned to hug him. My breasts touched his chest as he inserted a finger into my hole and I quivered under his touch.

“Mmmmm… oh… Daddy…” I whispered in his ear as he played with my pussy.

Slowly he pulled down his zipper and took out his cock watching my face. He took my hand and placed it on his cock while he continued to finger me with the other hand. I was rubbing his cock up and down when he decided to slide out from under me placing me on the chair legs openly facing him. Daddy leaned down and put his face against my pussy. His tongue went up and down a few times across it and then he stuck a finger back in my wet hole. Daddy licked me bringing me to my second orgasm of the day. I was on fire!

I leaned back against the back of the chair and my Father was on his knees in-between my legs with his stiff cock in his hand. Without any warning he placed it at the entrance to my pussy and started to rock back and forth. I wanted him desperately to get inside me, but I was tight and it hurt.

“Daddy slow.. please it hurts.” I said warning him.

I think he went to slow now making painfully slow progress. When he came up against what I found out later was my hymen it hurt a lot, but he went slow eventually breaking it. I wanted to take him all the way inside me and eventually did.

“Oh my honey do you feel like you are rebelling now?” Father said with a smile as he rammed his cock in and out of me.

“Yes Daddy… Oh my… Keep doing that!” Getting all I could say out as my Daddy gave me pleasure like I had never known.

The hurting was over and the thought that I was fucking my Father in my Mother’s living room made me have another orgasm. I cried out and I think that is what made my Father cum.

“Oh dam.” My Father said pulling his cock out of my pussy spraying his cum all over my belly.

We just sat there a second in the glory of what we had done…

“Honey we can do this whenever you are mad at your Mom.” Dad said as he pulled up his pants “You best get cleaned up before your Mom gets home I will take care of the mess in here.”

I went upstairs and got in the shower…

Two days later and I was still without clothes. My Father was enjoying touching me when my Mother was out of the room or out of sight. It became a game to us and he was right it did feel like we were rebelling against her.

That night I was so wet between my legs due to my Fathers constant attention. My Mother went down to do some laundry and I was bent over the sink and my Father walked up right behind me and sunk his dick in me. I let out a yelp and then my Father’s hand went over my mouth. He started hammering in and out of my tight pussy right there in the kitchen with my Mother just down the steps. It didn’t take me long to cum and he quickly followed removing his cock from me spraying his seed all over my ass and into the hollow of my back.

I quickly went upstairs to clean myself up just as I heard my Mother’s foot hit the first step.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson came over on Thursday and I was still not allowed in my clothes. I was locked away in my room for hours before they arrived.

I decided to put on a show to show my Mother how wrong she was. I waited until they were settled down in the living room and I walked right into the room naked like everything was normal and sat down greeting our guests.

My Mother chimed in “She is being punished for being a slut.” As a calm explanation for my nudity.

Mr. Anderson’s chin was on the floor. My Father really enjoyed what I had done and he secretly smiled at me a few times when no one was looking. Mr. Anderson didn’t say a word the whole visit. A visit that was cut short when his wife realized her husband had a large erection in his pants from looking at me.

I went up to my room as they left very happy for what I was so bold to do. My Mother cut that feeling short…

“You really are a slut!!!” She yelled at me running into my room. “You are going to hell in a hurry little missy!!” Then she slapped me hard across the face.

My Father heard the slap and ran into my room.

“This little slut is going to be punished!” Mom screamed at my Dad as he got in-between us “Do you have a problem with that?”

“You are going way to far here you don’t hit our Daughter…” My Father said as if he needed convincing himself.

“I do anything I want to teach little sluts how not to wind up in hell it is my Christian duty!” Mom said trying to push him out of the way.

“Don’t you strike her again!” Daddy’s voice sounded angry now and my Mother back away a bit.

“Oh… I see you like this little slut walking around our house with her big tits hanging out for you. You like her showing her pussy to our friends from the church like a whore we brought in off the street?” Mom said now turning on my Father for protecting me for the first time in my life.

“Yes…” He said “I love it.”

My Mother turned and walked out of my bedroom.

I started to cry. Not because my Mother was mad or the fact that she hit me. I started to cry because my Father loved me enough he felt he had to protect me. It was the first time anyone ever showed concern.

That night my Father stayed in my room. I think both of us were too afraid to go out and face my Mother again. During the night I woke up still naked as required and started to rub my Fathers cock. Slowly he woke up and we made love for an hour before failing back to sleep.

When we got up the next morning all of my Mother’s things were gone… My Father fucked me right on his own bed and then again in the shower… things were good now Mom was gone.

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