Taboo, She finds sexual comfort and longing in her son

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Taboo, She finds sexual comfort and longing in her son, OUR story begins with Celeste, devoted wife and mother of one …. a son named Jeff. Celeste is a stay at home mom, and just turning forty. She’s married to a just as devoted husband… Terrence. Terrence seems to be more devoted to his job these days. She knew it might be this way when they were married. When they were both at college, he told her that he was out for a business degree and hoped he might receive one soon. Terrence was quite a determined man. She liked that in him. He always went after what he wanted. He also wanted a family, and that meant a wife. He liked that Celeste was young, open to ideas, and a very giving person. He hoped that she was open to all that he wanted to give her…. a life, a home, and a family. His family.

Celeste had been open to all these things, especially the sex! Terrence was a wild sexual beast. She had only been with one other man before him, and found that there was to be more to this new thing called sex. When he was free mostly on weekends after class, they would have mad, passionate sex, mostly with her on bottom. Celeste had been open to everything… everything.

One night like so many others, they’d talked for a long while… just sitting naked and talking. Then Terrence started in on her, He asked her to crawl over him and do what came natural to her. The first thing she did was suckle and kiss on his penis. Celeste was intrigued by his penis, and wanted to know everything she could about it. Playing with the head, gave Terrence small orgasms. He knew what she wanted to do. She’d told him about a fantasy she’d had the night before. As she moved all over him sucking his balls and his nipples, she went back down, licking and sucking on his penis. He loved it, stroking her hair as she did so. After sucking, squeezing his balls, and trying to finger his ass, Celeste figured there were no negative thoughts in his head to hinder his orgasm… so she mounted him. She rode him and it felt sooo good to do that in the wee hours of the night! As she did so, Celeste felt Terrence pumping back faster. She matched his rhythm…. kissing him now and then and stroking his face, nibbling his ear, all the things she knew that aroused him . When she could hear him about to come, there was a low moan and gurgle. Hot juices gushed deep inside of her, the rest running down the sides of their thighs. As Celeste lay faintly upon Terrence’s chest, he seemed so wasted and yet invigorated! It made her so happy to hear how much stress she had relieved from his busy day. Later, they cuddled, and enveloped each other in a full body hug. That night she first rode him was the night Celeste became with child.

Now twenty years later, it was going to be her birthday, and Terrence had promised to be home… soon. Now pushing midnight, now one… Celeste sensed he might not be home tonite. She had been saddened, but it was expected. Jeff, her son, was there tho, and he soothed her to the fact that dad was a busy man. Working for a higher position. Terrence always reminded them he was doing it for her. That didn’t make Celeste feel any better.

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